01: Impossibly Bi

What’s Good for the Goose

01: Self-Discovery: Impossibly Bi


Jason Briggs, 26, had a gut feeling that his wife, Marcie, 23, was fucking around on him while he was at work. Marcie was a looker, five-foot nothing, slender with nice firm tits, and a natural blonde. He’d had many girls in his day but none came close to Marcie’s insatiable sexual appetite. They had been married two years and never a day went by when they didn’t screw each other, sometimes several times a day. She worshipped cock, and Jason had a nice sleek seven inches of meaty manhood that she loved to suck, even eat his cum, unlike most women he had slept with in his younger days.

It was little things that the handsome blonde Jason discovered. A black pubic hair on a wet white towel hanging over the shower curtain rod, another time, a brown one in the bed. Minute traces of cum blemished the white satin sheets on his side of the bed, and it didn’t belong to him, he had seen Marcie change the bedding that one morning.

Marcie would have to be screwing around between 3:30 and 6pm when she usually got home from her job as a secretary at a junior high school and Jason came home from work. But who? And obviously not just one man. It was time to get to the bottom of it and catch her red-handed.

He left work early and parked his car several blocks from home and hid in the guest bedroom across the hall from his. Sure enough, at 3:40, he heard her enter the house, and she wasn’t alone, Jason heard voices of several people as they made their way upstairs and into the bedroom. Sneaking a peek around the corner, he couldn’t believe what he saw.

Three boys of around thirteen were taking their clothes off along with his wife who didn’t waste any time dropping to her knees giving one kid a blowjob. The other two were boned up standing around her watching pawing their dicks, one of the kids didn’t even have pubic hair yet and his cock looked to be only about 3 inches long, rosy red cheeks gave the impression that he was probably only twelve. The other two sported 4 and five inches and as thick as a hotdog weiner.

Marcie didn’t keep the boys waiting and jumped from one to the other feeling and licking their balls as well as sucking. She then rose and gathered the boys into bed where they were obviously going to take turns fucking her.

Jason found he was excited, opening his pants he freed his cock. He had never been turned on by other guys, but the thought of the fresh young dicks fucking Marcie appealed to him for some strange reason. He moved out into the hall and from his angle, could see the action on the bed through the mirrored closet doors. The youngest positioning himself on top of Marcie who made the comment that he was going to lose his virginity as the other two clapped and cheered him on.

What happened next made Jason’s heart race. The other boys knelt at each side of Marcie’s head, he fully expected her to take a dick in her mouth, but he heard her tell the young kid fucking her to suck one and she downed the other.

Jason remembered he and Marcie watching an orgy porn flick where two guys went down on each other as did the women. She became extremely aroused at the scene asking Jay if he had ever got it on with another guy, of course he hadn’t and was damn glad when she dropped the subject. Was Marcie fulfilling her fantasy through the boys from her school? Getting them to do stuff with each other in order to fuck her?

Jason had to admit to himself that when he was that age he probably would have done anything a woman asked in order to get laid. The memory of Mrs. Dickson next door came back to him. If he had known at thirteen what he knew later, Jason would have recognized the woman’s flirtation with him. A divorcee, Magie Dickson was a beauty, a knockout in her bikini sunning herself in the yard. His mom often scolded his dad for gawking a little too long for her liking.

It was the turning point in Jason’s life, discovering the virtues and mysteries of the fairer sex. He did yard work for the lady whose two sons, 6 and four, were too young for such chores. She would make a point of tanning on a poolside lounge chair whenever he was mowing the backyard. Jason often only wore a red Speedo bathing suit and old pair of sneakers. The skimpy suit to swim in after he’d finished, the shoes to keep his feet from grass stains.

Mrs Dickson would often comment on how he was growing up to be a man so quickly, always said with her eyes fixed on his groin, and how he was going to be a woman pleaser one day. He stopped wearing the Speedo opting for a pair of cut-offs because of those comments, and a less revealing erection that he fought off as time and curiosity got the better of his hormones. He suddenly began thinking of her while jerking off after one time she lay on her stomach and lifted from her lounger to put on the little bra giving Jason a full peek at his first pair of titties complete with perky brown nipples. She didn’t even appear embarrassed that he was standing just feet away telling her he was finished. Matter of fact, Jason would later conclude that she took her bloody time about, too! She invited him into the house for some lemonade; however, he had other more urgent matters to take care of in the bathroom at home.

Over the summer there were a few more subtle advances all of which the innocent boy foolishly didn’t recognize. He now wished she had blatantly dragged him by the arm to her bedroom and molested him. Now thirteen years later he was watching his wife do what Mrs. Dickson wanted from him, except Marcie had three virile young boys servicing her wanton needs, and only she knew how many others there had been before.

Jason furtively looked on as all three boys fucked his wife and sucked each other’s cock. Unable to stave off a powerful orgasm, Jason’s cum drooled down the red-painted wall and a few gobs pooled on the hardwood flooring. Was it his thoughts about what might have been with Mrs. Dickson, or was it the reflective orgy atop his bed that caused him to burst a nut so violently? Maybe it was a combination of both, he reasoned.

Jason was suddenly at a loss about what to do then after stuffing his wet cock back in his trousers. He could make his presence known and cause one hell of a commotion with the boys in fear of the large man beating the snot out of them as they scrambled for their clothes. The thought of that he found funny. Marcie would have a look of horror desperately searching for a reasonable explanation when there really wasn’t one to be had. She would assume that her marriage would be finished in a heartbeat.

Jason decided he needed some time to digest everything and quietly made his way out of the house. He stopped at a local pub for a couple of beer killing time before driving back home. At least it wasn’t another man that he would have to compete with. Young boys were no competition, were they? It was merely Marcie’s rather strange fetish for bi-sexual males and her discovering youth as a ways to her means.

Perhaps it was the alcohol, sitting off in a corner alone asking his conscience if he could bring himself to have sex with another guy. He did look at other guys in the showers at the gym, but not looking in sexual way, more of an admiration, an appreciation of their sculpted bodies. And yeah, pretty hard to miss their junk, it’s part of the overall package. He knew guys looked at him, too, he never took offence, sometimes he would smile back at the guy. He supposed all guys were basically exhibitionists and voyeurs in a harmless way, a guy thing.

Jason thought back to an hour ago standing in the hallway beating his meat watching three young boys getting it on. Why did he find that erotic enough to bust a nut over? And ever scarier, why was his cock again suddenly stirring at the memories?

Vince Saunders, a guy at work, was gay. You’d never know it to look at him. However, his partner, Calvin, was one of those flippant fags, a screaming queen. Jason liked Vince a lot. They worked out together three days a week during their lunch hour. He was never nervous showering with the queer afterward. He wondered if he could dare have sex with him just to see what it’s like, on the QT, he trusted the man enough. Jason doubted he could ever get fucked up the ass, especially not Vince, looks like he would have a monster cock when hard. However, he guessed that he could fuck another guy no problem, even try cock sucking if the guy was clean and didn’t cum in his mouth.

Damn –his cock was rock hard– what was happening to him? He didn’t dare get up to leave, he could see the wet spot forming in his trousers and the tent that the thin material would exhibit and nothing to hide it with. Jason ordered another beer vowing to take his mind away from the matter.

He began doodling on a paper napkin, quite the artist back in his school days, the television was tuned into a cartoon show and he was drawing miniatures of the characters to kill time, even the waitress commented on his talent.

He thought about the older boy who fucked his wife earlier and for whatever reason found he was sketching the kid from memory, erection and all. Jason portrayed the kid lying on his back being jerked off by a bodiless hand. To his astonishment, the ring finger bore an exact depiction of his own wedding ring; –it was Jason pounding the kid’s pug!

Jason had taken two years of psychology in university and learned that the subconscious existed in the part of the mind that a person is not aware of: existing in the mind but not consciously known or felt unless something triggers it.

The bewildered man smelled her strong perfume before he saw the waitress leaning over his shoulder to see his latest creation. She looked him right in the eye no less than a foot between their faces and said, “Honey I have a very open mind… but ain’t that a little young?” She never waited for a reply, not that Jason had one, and walked away. He wanted to crawl under the table and die; –at least his erection had deflated. Jason was going to prove to himself that he wasn’t attracted to other guys, one way or another.

Jason was sitting at a traffic light when he saw the neon sign up ahead, ‘XXX Adult Video.’ He often stopped on Friday and rented straight porn videos for the weekend to spice up their sex. Exactly what he needed to straighten his head, some raw, hardcore hetero sex and fuck Marcie silly the whole weekend; she’d soon forget about little boy dicks.

He picked out three that looked promising and was headed to cash register. However, he happened to look sideways at the rows of movies stopping dead in his tracks when the cover of one caught his eye. He knew full well that he was in the bisexual section, picked up the rental and perused the back sleeve which illustrated scene pics. All the actors appeared younger than their legal age of 18, the producer certainly wanted to keep a semblance of reality considering the film was about high school orgies. He also noted that the boys sported average sized dicks, regular Joes, probably crack heads willing to do anything for a few bucks to get high. He couldn’t resist adding it to the bottom of his pile… along with an irresistible strap-on dildo displayed at the till.

Jason sat in his car a long time staring at the penis-replica complete with testicles that was guaranteed to feel like the real thing, opting for the “junior” model, five inches long and 3.5” in diameter. Removing the apparatus from its packaging, he found it incredibly realistic in skin-tone and feel, even the pee slit crafted in the circumcised head appeared authentic. The balls were fluid enough that he could roll the cherry-size orbs between his fingers. It had versatile uses, a screw-in handgrip was optional for solo pleasure, as well as a plunger that connected at the base to mount on hard surfaces.

The man barely remembered his impulsive purchase, there was no thought process whatsoever when he took it off the rack and tossed it on the counter. The embarrassment only came later; the pimply faced teen clerk had looked at the bisexual flick and the dildo and smiled at the handsome blond man. Jason couldn’t help but notice the kid give his body the once over, perhaps undressing him with his eyes in the process. He was flattered.

Jason was the type of man who took a challenge and ran with it, or got rid of whatever it was that was bothering him. Some people avoided facing their problems; they ran from it hoping they would just disappear. For the first time in his life, Jason was afraid of discovering the truth. Ashamed of himself, he tossed the cock on the passenger side floor and tried to ignore the stirring inside his trousers and drove home vowing to bury it in the trash and lock the movie in the glove box. Parking his car in the garage, second thoughts prevailed and he placed the items in his briefcase along with the straight films and continued into the house.

Facing Marcie was going to be difficult, it’s not every day a man catches his wife in bed with three boys. The betrayed man had the weekend to think things through, besides, he was horny as hell and wasn’t about to spoil that by confronting her.

They had a nice dinner, some wine. As usual, Marcie talked of her mundane, uneventful job at the school. Jason almost spat out his wine at her mention of it just as he was taking a long swig. Honey, your day was anything BUT boring! He chuckled to himself. He saw her in a different light, for obvious reasons, and his cynicism was detected after a while. The wine on top of the beer consumed at the pub made the whole lurid situation humorous. When she mentioned what a bunch of undisciplined brats the kids were, he lost it and broke into a fit of uncontrollable giggles.

Marcie knew her husband long enough to know that he wasn’t himself. She smelt it off him, he’d been drinking before he came home two hours later than usual and had not worked overtime as he claimed. Jason confessed that he had a few with the guys after work, apologized for his indiscretion, realizing the irony of that word, broke into another torrent of laughter.

He managed to contain himself and became amorous standing behind and hugging her as she washed the dishes. Marcie was pissed off with Jason’s rude behaviour. She refused to succumb to his hardness pressed against her spine and the invitation to view one of the movies he brought home in the comfort of their bed. The way to Marcie’s heart was through her vagina, and Jason knew it, however she was being obstinate.

She swivelled her head to look at him and scathed, “Go jerk off, cuz you’re not getting anything from me tonight, sweetie!”

“Oh, come on, hon. I’m sorry, okay? I’m just a little stressed lately so I went out and had a few and now I’m a little giddy.” he knew his effort would be futile, when Marcie was riled she stayed that way for a day or two. Jason grabbed the bottle of wine, his glass, and made his way to his den stopping at the vestibule to get his briefcase. The exceptionally horny man couldn’t remember the last time he masturbated, if he had to resort to Mrs. Thumb and her four daughters to get off, then so be it, a little visual stimulation wouldn’t hurt.

Jason ignored the dildo and avoided the bisexual video, selected a straight one to insert into the VCR. The large screen TV lit up with previews of other porn movies. He heard Marcie go upstairs, turned off the lamp, unfastened his pants and lay on the sofa. A hand slipped inside his pants to fondle himself relieved that the horse-dick guys did nothing for him, but neither were the women, at least the bisexual flick would have younger looking females, probably even going at it together.

One minute into the porn, Jason’s life would change forever. Eight boys who looked no older than 15 to seventeen were all jerking each other off in what must have been the school locker room showers. Obviously, the scene was intended to introduce the male cast; names appeared on the screen as the camera panned each one’s body. Jason was rock hard in a split second with his heart racing and eyes wide taking in the naked bodies with varying size erections. The largest was about 7 inches, the smallest perhaps no longer or fatter than his thumb. The video switched scenes to six girls in a similar shower scene kissing, feeling tits and pussies. Jason couldn’t wait to get back to the boys and fast-forwarded to the next scene.

Four were on their knees blowing the four standing, sounds of sucking, oohs and aaaws were dubbed in for effect but sounded rather ridiculous. He tore off all his clothes and sat on the edge of the sofa stroking himself lightly to prolong orgasm. The dildo caught Jason’s eye, he reached for it and brought up to his chest to stare at it. He was amazed comparing the texture to the real one in his right palm, other than temperature, it was identical. Jason mashed it into his erection, closed his eyes and stroked himself and the smaller replica version. Lying down on his side, his imagination ran wild. It was the older boy that fucked his wife, they were lying side by side, cocks together with their hands joined in a unified masturbation session. Jason was half drunk, but he could swear he felt the shorter boy’s breath on his chest, it was actually a small oscillating fan resting on a shelf, but that and some heavy breathing from the TV set the stage for fantasy.

Jason was nearing orgasm and desisted from touching himself. He knelt in front of the sofa and placed the makeshift boy-cock ‘s hand grip between the seat cushion and went down on it with gusto groping the artificial balls. He wondered if the taste would be the same but thought not, the dick he was sucking was virtually tasteless assuring himself that the real thing would perhaps be salty, like sucking a thumb, something the man did as a child. Without touching his cock, he was jettisoning copious amounts of cum over the sofa skirt and on the carpet. He wished the dick in his mouth could cum, caught two blasts in his hand to smear over it in order to fulfil the wildest fantasy of his life.

Jason knew that he would regret his rather bizarre silliness once he sobered up, however, he didn’t plan on sobering up, the night was still young. He pitter-pattered to the kitchen naked and opened another bottle of wine. Thinking he was going to enjoy a night long sexual marathon with Marcie, he had taken a ‘Cialis’, “The little pill that’s always ready when you are!” And he was ready again soon after watching the events on the TV play out into one huge orgy with everyone doing anyone on some gym mats. A few of the guys were getting fucked, the looks on their faces showed anything but pleasure.

In for a penny, in for a pound, Jason was determined to experience a cock up his ass. Another trip to the kitchen, he secured the tub of Crisco. He lay on the floor with his legs spread wide on the sofa armrest, drove the cock deep into the tub then slowly inserted the phallus inside him. Maybe it was the wine that dulled the pain, the thick lubricant coating let it slide with minimal force and his slow tedious headway, that led to all five inches buried down to the dangling balls.

Jason let it rest there getting used to the girth, took a sip of his wine that ended up poured over his face and laughed aloud. What would Marcie say if she walked in to the sight of him? That caused him to laugh again. He rose his glass in a toast to her, “Congratulations, Marcie, your husband now loves boy-cock, too!”

The impaled man shut his eyes and once again let his own porno play out in his mind. “Come on, studly, fuck my brains out!” he screamed to his imaginary young lover whose name he didn’t know. Jason started with short retractions and gradually extended them until he was fucking his ass in a fury. He thought he had discovered all the pleasurable sensations his body had to offer. How absolutely astounded he was experiencing these new sensations that wracked his body like multiple orgasms of a different kind. He pretended his hand was studly’s giving him a hand job as an added bonus.

Jason’s hands tired after a while, he was a long way from a second orgasm so quickly after the first. A well deserved rest was in order; however, he didn’t want to remove the dildo and simply unscrewed the handgrip. Refreshing the wine glass, he sat down in his comfy chair and rewound to watch the segments he missed, playing with his cock and extra set of nuts.

A trip to the car was necessary for the next fucking; the attachable plunger was still in the box. Removing the dildo to affix the accessories left a lonely void that he hurried to correct. Fixed dead center of the narrow coffee table that Jason straddled, he lowered himself onto it with ease and began gyrating his hips getting such immense pleasure greater than previous; Jason reared his head and gave himself one hell of a ride cumming over the table-top fifteen minutes later that he licked clean of his own mess.

Another huge turn-on was sticking it to the wall, getting on his knees and blowing his imaginary boyfriend like the slut he was. That time he caught all him cum in hand and laced the thing with it. Overall, it was a great investment of $149, nonetheless, Jason wished the manufacturer had taken reality a step further, like a squeeze of the balls and it would squirt whatever tasty fluid is added.

Jason packed away the bi-video along with his new friend safely in his briefcase, gathered up his clothing and went upstairs. Marcie was sound asleep; he silently got into bed with her and was out cold in minutes.

to be continued …

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