Chapter 7

The Nazi’s Boy

By Rob Loveboy

Chapter Seven

No one doubted that Claus was in charge. I for one suspected that he had a great deal of previous experience befriending, propositioning and coercing boys into his master’s bed. Alex and Damon would be relatively easy, I surmised, they had already been with men and not much of a challenge for dear old Claus and his arbitrary threats to convince what was clearly their best interest to comply.

Personally, I wished there were three less boys in the room and have had the man for myself to be made love to, and make love to. I was truly jealous with having to share him with others. The man who proved his love to me in the most extreme ways; yes, the gruesome rape and beating of another comrade was most definitely dealt with as a capital offense and justified according to military protocol; however I preferred my starry-eyed belief that the colonel merely used the unfortunate secondary event as an excuse to avenge me.

Thinking about it, I would rather have seen him sodomize the bastards with the same metal pipe that they used on Jon and then shot them dead. I might have even suggested the same in hindsight. I had convinced myself that the younger soldier was equally responsible in the beating and sadistic mutilation. The thought appeased my guilt laden conscience for falsely implicating him in my own rape. I would never forget the look of terror on his face when he saw me for the second time in his life and in the company of the colonel, no less. I was the link to what may very well have been an unsolved crime. His futile attempt to escape convinced me of his guilt.

The colonel stripped quickly and lay on the bed; I wasted no time in placing myself between his muscular thighs before anyone else could. He was already erect and I realized that I was the one unwittingly setting the precedent of expectations had traumatized Alex and Damon needed validation of Claus’ blunt edict as being no prankish antic.

Claus lay the boys side by side and gave each one’s flaccid cock equal attention. Who could resist Claus’ oral ability, soon bringing Alex and Damon to erection whether they wanted to or not. I was already aware seeing him naked at the beach that Alex was behind in pubescent development, having only a slight growth of pubes just sprouting along the base of his smallish circumcised cock. Damon had a full crop of hair.

However his testicles, thighs and legs were void of fur. His dick was thick and meaty looking, not overly long, but in a manly proportion in every way. Despite his erection, the foreskin slightly covered his dark pink knob, coddling it in some absurd, protective way.

The colonel’s cock grew stiffer in my mouth, his scrotum tightened in my palm, the excess skin which needed to allow a few more millimeters of inflation of his shaft. He stopped my hand from masturbating him and held my head down not wanting any stimulation other than the stationary sucking of two-thirds of his cock. True to Claus’ word, the man was indeed an ‘obserwator:’—Polish for voyeur. He sat up with his back against the wall to observe the eroticy, twirling my hair in his fingers.

Claus moved the boys into a three way haphazard circular formation. Alex was sucking Claus; who was sucking Damon; sucking Alex. A wet, sloppy gurgle resonated not unlike a crèche of toddlers dozing and imbibing on their bottles or thumbs. Perhaps not overly keen participants, nonetheless, but I was pleased that the two orphans were at least submissive and cooperative. I hated to ponder the alternative measures that Claus surely had in his arsenal of persuasive tactics.

I strained my eyes to look up at the man and saw his smugness. He appeared satisfied that Claus was competently directing and staging the sex show for his one-man audience. I wondered if the boy had ever put on such boy-orgy performances center floor for multiple viewers at parties hosted by the colonel. Rational thought soon prevailed and I laughed at myself for even weighing the foolish odds of that as not a fictional scenario. I don’t think that anyone can literally take a boy’s innocence, his own logic of mind is sharper than thought once he tunes into life. Claus was a whore-boy with a survival mission and nothing he could do would shock me any longer. I understood that I was really no different than he was. My life depended on it.

It was my first introduction into anal sex, me on the other end, that is. Claus squatted above Alex’s head and held the boys legs up and spread wide. A devilish grin, he looked at me, his eyes beckoning. The colonel shielded me from him. I was expected to fuck Alex who looked at me with sad puppy eyes, even he knew what fate lay ahead.

I had flashbacks of earlier that day on the beach where we were innocent boys playing innocent boy games and making insolent, disrespectful fun of our guardian that would have earned me a severe belt whipping by my father like the one time I called my mother a bitch for not allowing me to go out and play because my homework couldn’t somehow wait while an important championship game of street soccer was scheduled for that same, inopportune time. My bare bum was raw for days.

I wanted to prove myself worthy in the eyes of the colonel as well as Claus. I looked away from Alex’s disquieted face staring back at me between the vee of his secured legs as I vantaged myself peering down at my pink, puckered target. Claus straddled Alex so as he was almost face to face with me. His right hand aimed his cock and was without hesitation, accepted by the boy’s mouth.

Taking his time, Claus sensuously applied the petroleum gel caressing my cock, his hand giving me that added stimulative incentive, the grin on his face malicious, and with a wink of encouragement, his fingers guided me to the rim and didn’t let go until I was deep-rooted enough to take matters under my own volition.

Tightness smothered my cock as I literally strained to worm deeper, slightly painful was the spreading of his resistance until I slid forth with only moderate muscle constriction thereafter. I was somewhat gratified that Claus’ body prevented me from seeing Alex’s face. I didn’t think that I would be able to bear looking him in the eye. Little did I know at the time, that Alex was a virgin, no man had taken him the night before as I had assumed. The only activities he performed for the man was to polish his boots and give him a blowjob.

Claus went down on Alex’s small limp cock. However, futile was his effort to inspire any apparent stimulus and he quickly gave up and moved across the bed and climbed onto Damon who’s man-size cock needed no urging nor did he require any instruction on what to do with the goods dangling over his face. Damon was wise to his role and showed no adversity proving his willingness, but I detected a certain fear of Claus about him. I knew that fear well.

Alex had been crying. Tears stains tracked down his face from his puffy, red eyes. He lay like a rag doll; his legs that I held up by his calves were like rubber. The colonel watched like a hawk stone-faced and stroking his cock, I sensed that he was judging me; waiting amused to see if I would follow through with abusing the whimpering boy. Our eyes met for only a second or two, during which, a single nod so faint that I might have missed it, implied his will on me.

No longer caring for his well being only to impress the colonel, Alex screamed when I impaled him. A sense of power overwhelmed me. I would never have even squashed a bug only a few days ago and here I found myself hurting a boy and had sentenced two men to death by a simple point of my finger. I hardly cared when Claus screamed at Alex to shut up and muzzled the boy’s mouth with his hand and returned his attention to fellate Damon.

Unable to look at Alex, I watched the erotic scene beside me as I fucked away like a dog on a bitch in heat rocking the entire bed; the frame and springs complaining loudly over the muffled whimpers of Alex. The colonel leaned across Alex’s torso to graze momentarily on the boy’s genitals before lifting his head and opening his mouth, a sultry gesture that needed no clarification. My cock spiked and balls churned at the thought that his focus was to finish and taste me when he could have easily joined Claus and Damon whose genitals held much more of a masculine beauty than my own.

I didn’t dare look down when I uncoupled from Alex, staring at the ceiling instead with my eyes closed fearing the possibility of filth might sway my man’s amorous desire. The moist warmth of his mouth soon moved from the heat of Alex’s snug cocoon. Unable to endure much more stimuli, I succumbed to a full body orgasm felt from head to toe and howling like a wolf at the moon. Embarrassing, but ignored, was Claus and Alex gawking at me, their cocks slick and not too distant from their jaws and lips in awe of the cries of a lunatic with both hands clawing the colonels blond head, his nose mashed against my pubes and the day’s growth from his whiskers on his chin scratching my scrotum.

Satisfied that I was tapped dry, the man rolled over the top of Alex to examine Damon’s unique meat. Amused, he unsheathed the purple knob of its foreskin and brought it back up well over the crown to envelop a good portion of his outstretched tongue. It was truly fascinating how at fully erect, excess skin remained ample by a couple of inches.

I could only imagine that the foreskin phenomena must have happened on other occasions with other boys since Claus began a vigorous pumping of Damon’s shaft whilst the colonel held fast on the head and tongue-fucked the sheath. Together, they brought Damon to heights that the lad had surely never experienced before. I envied him the attention and his blissful comportment until he could take no more of the agony.

Semen spilled from around the colonel’s cork-like, seated tongue, white as ivory it flowed like lava the short distance to where it was plugged by the circumference of the man’s thumb and index-finger just below where I thought the base of the knob would lay hidden. I found it peculiar that the colonel didn’t devour and feed from the offerings, only content to observe the boy’s orgasm instead. His lips did make contact with his fingers giving him the frothy white and drooling appearance of a rabid dog. I was very impressed by the amount of jism that Damon produced, catching myself in wonder of what it tasted like.

I hadn’t moved an inch from kneeling between Alex’s legs, who, with his arm draped over his eyes, was still sobbing. The weakest of the herd would soon be preyed upon, Claus easily manhandled the smaller boy onto his stomach and shooed me away. He wasn’t in the least bit gentle, reminding me of the sergeant ramming his large pole into me over and over until he had bottomed out. Alex was a sissy, and Claus apparently hated sissies. I was pleased that he wasn’t physically violent any more than a few slaps to the back of Alex’s head telling him to stop crying.

The colonel now had Damon’s rear end in the air. I wished it was me that was getting rimmed in preparation. I was green with envy at that display of affection. The colonel’s face buried, his eyes strained to the left to look at me as if he knew my state of mind, winked and resumed eating Damon’s ass. To make matters worse, he made me apply petroleum jelly to his cock, which I did sparingly out of spite for Damon since the Nazi wasn’t really watching, being humped over the boy and sucking the nape of his neck and all. I knew what hickies were, the older boys back home sported them as a badge of honor.

It was a foregone conclusion that I was homeless, my family leaving me to fend for myself, and the thought scared the hell out of me should the colonel grow bored and leave me as well. I was no fool to think I could ever have him for myself. There would always be other boys in our bed; I would never alleviate that. The key was somehow making sure that he didn’t fancy one over me when all was said and done. Damon was exactly the type of threat that I had to be vigil about.

All I could do was sit on my haunches and watch as Alex’s head pummeled the wall and Damon’s face winced in pain, the bed nearly knocking me over as it rattled, rocked and shook like a mini earthquake had struck. I was the only boy in the room who wanted to be fucked and didn’t care by whom, preferably by the colonel, but Claus would have sufficed.

Alex had complained a few times on deaf ears that he had to pee. I watched as he sprayed the mattress and it steamed back and pooled in the indents formed by Claus’ knees. I giggled in smug satisfaction that five bodies were not going to share the bed that night. I decided to ensure at that juncture and let loose of my own pent up bladder. Everyone else too engrossed to notice, Alex would take the heat for the mess, no big deal.

Worked like a charm. After the fuck-fest settled, I mentioned the soiled bed and convinced the colonel to sleep with me in my small room with the curtained doorway; the three others shared Beth’s bed. Prouder than hell at myself when my plan came together, I snuggled into the man’s warm cuddly embrace and went to sleep confident that an early morning preliminary blowjob followed my sitting on his cock and riding him would deter any notions he may solicit for group sex.

Pee hard-ons were as sure as the devil himself. I woke early and waited and fondled. I licked and bit his nipples; where that idea was derived, I hadn’t a clue. Perhaps hearing that girls’ liked that, I suspected the same anatomy would be no different a sensuous area for a man. Each tit received equal attention as my hand stroked his cock gently then grasp onto his balls not so gently.

He awoke with a startle, then succumbed when he realized his whereabouts and who was obviously seducing him. I repeated my abuse of his nipples with my teeth, squeezed his balls just short of gelding him, he would flinch, but never a complaint from his lips. I chanced that he would like it a little rough, a gut feeling from somewhere. His weakness, if he possibly had any others, was boys, and I was more than eager to capitalize on it.

His cock that I grasped tight was noticeably firmer. I licked my way down his belly, lathered his navel, and followed the thin trail of hair to the expansive mother-load of soft, curly blonde pubes. He was impatient, his cock held in his left hand, the other on my head urging me forward. On my terms, I dallied about at the base, biting and licking my way up the shaft half-moon cradled in my mouth. Reaching the summit, I slowly took him down, gathering and applying a thick layer of spittle, his own man-made lube I squeezed forth and frequently made my way back up to muster and spread it thick half way down to the point where I thought would ease entry of my rectum, the petroleum jelly was not an oversight, just that Claus grabbed the tub first, having his own carnal plans formulated in the heat of the moment change to the sleeping arrangements.

I sucked him sensuously, licked his balls and even dared to wander below their mass to titillate his rectum with my tongue however brief it was, but perhaps enough to show him that I was an eager student to learn more man-pleasing techniques in order to endear myself to him. A fresh application of lubricant later, I was straddled atop him and inch by inch, forced it to spread me until I was seated with my balls resting in his pubes and rather pleased with myself despite the burning sensation I felt the whole length of his cock piercing me.

It was an awkward position, I soon discovered. Perhaps if I’d had more time I could have managed a steady rhythm. Although I knew the effort was gallantly appreciated, the colonel rolled us onto our sides into a rather painful half-nelson, jack knife position and took charge fucking me. I learned another valuable lesson, the man was always in control when it came to anal sex, and I was more than happy to let them have his way.

I was elated when the colonel told me to pack some clothing, it was apparent I wasn’t going to be coming back to the farm again. He watched patiently as I held and looked at, and tossed aside personal possessions, a yoyo, Chinese checkers game; baseball glove, and such. He picked all of them up and stuffed them into my duffel bag. In another heartwarming gesture, he took the picture of my parents off the wall, studied it for a moment, then gazing at me as if qualifying a family resemblance, stuffed it in my bag.

The boys were sitting patiently in the jeep when the colonel and I walked out of the house. He stooped and picked up the charred swastika again, his jaw clenched, face reddened in anger and stepped to the rear of the jeep to unclasp the jerry-can of gasoline. I thought about begging him not to, but it was easy to see his mind was set. We drove away from the crackles and pops that I couldn’t dare look back at. My uncle, in his wisdom, had managed to rile the man one last time and paid dearly for it in the end.


to be continued . . .

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