Chapter 20

The Nazi’s Boy

By Rob Loveboy

Chapter Twenty

I hold it true, whate’er befall;

I feel it, when I sorrow most;

‘Tis better to have loved and lost

Than never to have loved at all.

                 Alfred Lord Tennyson, 1850:

My bedroom was just the way I left it. Model airplanes hung from the ceiling as others sat on shelves among classic children’s books that hadn’t been opened in years. Miniature tin-soldiers were still battling in suspended animation on my chest-of-drawers and poster-size cartoon characters plastered the walls. A little boys room, I thought, somewhat embarrassed in front of Claus who was looking around in amusement as he shed his clothing, Seth had not yet joined us because he was first making a stop at the bathroom.

Claus was nonchalant walking around my room naked picking up my paraphernalia to look at, or to study the wall posters and finally gaze up at the numerous flying machines in a giant perpetual dogfight that I spent hours on a ladder using fishing-line and tacks to arrange just perfectly. For the first time knowing him, I saw the young boy in him jumping on the bed and stretching to make the dozen or so models sway in imaginative battle with a brimming smile and delightful giggles as he stared up at his handiwork.

Seth entered the bedroom closing the door behind him just in time to see the naked boy clapping his hands and bouncing up and down on the bed in glee, his erection in plain sight bouncing around haphazardly as he enjoyed the toys. I was brave enough to have only removed my shirt before Seth arrived despite Claus urging me to fully undress.

Seth beamed ear to ear watching Claus and began to undress in a frenzy. Once naked, he joined the childish antics on the bed being as immodest as Claus about his excited circumcised state of arousal. Seth wasn’t large, but neither was he small. He was average in my experienced outlook. His plump testicles were worn tight to his groin. A tuft of blond hair centered his chest and trailed down into a flourish at his groin.

I needed no more assurance that Uncle Seth was into a little fun. Claus was dead-on nailing the man’s vulnerability of being had. I dropped my trousers and with my cock proudly leading the way, hopped onto the bed to join in the play with my airplanes that immediately resulted in a circle jerk with the planes and their invisible pilots left to guide themselves out of spins and prevent flying into each other. We fell onto the bed uncaring of the war above or the reality of it outside our home.

I was the first to suck my uncle’s cock. Claus was preoccupied sitting on the man’s chest and fucking his mouth. I loved his strong manly aroma. His modest manhood was easily consumed so I was able to enjoy shoving my nose into the creases where his balls met his uppermost thigh. He blasted all too soon most probably sexually overwhelmed but I was relentless in my letting him know that I was willing to take him to the end. When he shot off, it was thick and voluminous and quite bitter.

I heard Seth choke only to assume that Claus had fed my uncle an unsuspecting assault of rapid-fire shots to his throat. I could have warned him of the boy’s considerable capability to produce an abundance of semen had I been given the chance. Shaking my head to rid myself of the unthinkable possibility of him getting my aunt pregnant, the sister of the man from whom I was now coercing the last few reluctant driblets of his own ‘baby-makers’. I was struggling with both realizing and reminding myself that he was a blood relative, not paternal where we would share the same genes, but maternal, nonetheless, blood kin.

Everyone was spent and satisfied except me, as usual. I wouldn’t even say that I was unsatisfied; I received great satisfaction pleasing others. The pleasure was when their hips gyrated in their selfish desire to force their cock deeper whether it was oral or anal sex knowing that I was the instrument of their sexual gratification to be used however they wanted it.  That was my own satisfaction.

The three of us lay down with Seth in the middle. An awkward silence ensued, quite ironic I thought, in that this awkwardness should have preceded the sex with the uncertainty factor of who was or wasn’t interested in doing what to whom. Claus managed to eliminate the grey area giving Seth the green light by means of his nudity and silly antics. Seth could simply have laughed off the whole charade, undressed and climbed into bed. I contributed to the easing of the tension by exposing my own erection and whoever made the first play on the others genitals was a blur. It just happened in a permissible convergence of mutual desire.

Claus broke the silence as I knew he would eventually. He blatantly asked Seth if he was a queer and where he learned to suck cock so well. Coming from tactless Claus, it was meant as a compliment and Seth didn’t seem offended in the least. Actually, he chuckled.

Seth claimed that he preferred guys since he was twelve. He looked directly at me and confided that my father was one of many older teens he had sex with. According to his story, my father, at nineteen, was courting my mother and slept in Seth’s bed when he frequently visited. He admitted to feeling-up my sleeping dad one night. However, Father was not asleep and encouraged the thirteen-year old brother of his fiancé. Seth attested that it was mutual sex and strictly oral at first, my father later being the one to take his virginity when he was fourteen.

What was even more shocking and disturbingly unbelievable was the knowledge that the two men were still getting it on together as recent as the previous night in my bed when mom was at her ladies auxiliary meeting. I was dumbfounded; Claus laughed emphatically saying he knew my father had that look about him and could be had. He was talking about my dad for God’s sake, so I ignored him.

Why Seth chose to reveal that dark secret to me I haven’t a clue. It may have been to ease my conscience about my own sexuality after Claus had spilled the beans as to exactly what my role was with the colonel and others. It was abstruse to realize that I had sucked the same cock that my father had been sucking in the same bed only last night. Nonetheless, I also felt a certain charge discovering my staunch father was a closeted cock sucker and sodomist. Absurd as it was, possibly my father and I could find a common ground and he could show me intimacy as he had for many years with Seth.

I remembered not so long ago having wondered what my old man’s cock would be like and giving him a blowjob. I felt as deranged and disgustingly dirty as I did back then. I was so deep in thought that I was only vaguely aware of movement. Seth’s ass was pointed due north while Claus’ cock pointed to the west. Seth howled, sputtered and spat as Claus drilled deep into him.

My thoughts had aroused me, and when Seth grabbed my arm and guided me to the head of the bed in order to give me a blowjob, I was sexually primed to enjoy the offer from my father’s secret lover. Uncle Seth was a very deliberate, adept master of fellacio. He knew how to use his fingers and tongue to tantalize and tease those many erogenous folds and crevices that male gentilalia secrets away knowing full well that only another male can relate to and appreciate the added value of male-male sex once he’s experienced it.

Spreading my legs wide, I thought I would cum the next time his brazen tongue worked its way around my crown, inside my slit, down my shaft, and over my balls ending the distance of sensation by toying at my rectum before returning by the same sensuous route back to engulf my cock and make love to it with his mouth. He repeated the process over and over. I had experienced some great blowjobs since my being introduced to homo-sex but, by far, Seth’s ministrations exceeded all others and had me wild with pleasure.

The bedroom resonated from a chorus of oohs-and-aahhs, slurping wetness, and skin slapping skin with Claus banging away. I wasn’t the least bit concerned that my parents could hear us. The thin wall separating our rooms gave a false sense of privacy through which I had often heard them in passionate coupling. Mother might not comprehend the sounds but, assuredly, my father would know what was going on. I envisioned him all-ears lying beside my mom discretely stroking himself fully cognisant of the happenings just meters away wishing that his wife’s presence wasn’t a deterrent in his being a part of our erotic orgy. It was that fantasy that brought me to a violent orgasm I pulled Seth’s hair and screamed out obscenities that my mother would definitely understand.

Seth became no less quiet after spitting out my spent cock and rearing his head back in heated passion crying out for Claus to fuck him harder. The bedsprings protested and if it wasn’t for the cushioning of my stomach, Seth’s head would have been repeatedly driven into the wall behind me from the force in which Claus had honoured the man’s request to show no mercy. The German boy was no longer kneeling behind my uncle; he was on his haunches using his full body mass in order to pile drive into my mother’s masochist-minded brother and my father’s long time secreted fuck-buddy.

Mother had made a fine hearty breakfast of waffles, bacon and eggs. Little did we know and appreciate then that it would be one of the last, that in only a matter of days, food would become scarce and rationed with whatever was left after feeding the German army. Our families above average standard of living would be reduced to that of common paupers.

Casual dress for breakfast, Claus found a pair of my long forgotten swim-shorts that no longer fitted me and were worn on him like a sausage casing. His privates left nothing to the imagination, accentuated by the bulge in the thin white material. Mother had prepared the feast and thankfully had to leave to her early morning volunteer work at the parish, otherwise, Claus’ choice of skimpy attire would have been inappropriate in the presence of a lady, however, somewhat tolerable in the company of males.

Seth had risen moments earlier and was sitting at the table with my father in his robe drinking coffee. Dad, as usual, was absorbed in business documents and lifted his eyes to acknowledge us, giving Claus a second, and then a third longer appraisal staring at the youth’s prominently displayed crotch. It was probably the first time I could ever remember my old man break his morning routine and ignore his paperwork to socialize with anyone over breakfast, let alone being all smiles and cordial to invite Claus to help himself to the food warmers on the stove.

If I had not learned of his extracurricular sexual interests, I would have found his sudden sociability odd, joking and laughing with Claus. The night before he had been strangely friendly to his young guest as well; not realizing then that Claus had already begun to seduce the handsome man in subtle ways that only Claus was manipulatively competent at. He read men like a book, estimating their level of sexual weakness and exploited it. The colonel had taught him that most males had vulnerable libidos and could be coerced into almost any offer of sexual gratification.

My father mentioned that he was going to shower and since there were now four of us, we would have to take turns and wait for the limited hot water to replenish. Claus was quick to suggest doubling up and didn’t wait to hear anyone else’s opinion telling my father that he could join him first, then Seth and I could follow when water temperature made it convenient to do so. Problem solved, my father was all for the idea. I almost laughed out loud at his ulterior motives of getting Claus out of his sexy shorts and letting fate take its course. He may have just as easily taken Claus directly to bed for all anyone cared. Most boys would be shamed by their father’s behaviour, I had slept with enough men to know dad’s desire for young cock was not unique, nor did I associate it with screwing around on my mother, matter of fact, I considered the alternative and preferred it that way.

Alone, Seth and I smirked at each other knowing what was going on in the bathroom. When asked, Seth claimed that if my father heard or suspected anything, he never mentioned it. No doubt, after his carnal rendezvous with the very eager to please boy, he would assume that Claus and I had been sexual with each other. Therefore I wasn’t worried when Seth and I went back to bed for some oral fun, our prolonged absence behind the closed bedroom door should have been obvious, like father, like son!

Seth told me that he would show me a park and a public bathroom where men hooked up for sex. However I knew that German men were plentiful around the city for giving back-alley blowjobs, I had a fondness for German cock. I would also meet up with my cousin Henri and his best friend Joseph and show them what I learned while away. I never had sex with my father, he never took the bait and I respect him for that today.

Of course Seth and I would become regular fuck-buddies, my father having no choice but to turn a blind eye and share Seth as blatantly as them going to my father’s bedroom for sex whenever they could, or, if mom was home, Claus’ idea of water conservation, that unwittingly, she thought was a great idea to get the two men on their way to work quicker. Never in her wildest imagination was there anything wrong with two men showering together, even the odd time when I showered with Seth, it was perfectly normal back then.

Claus left us later that day confident that he would make it back to the hotel safely by dropping names and eventually finding an ally to take him home to the colonel. It was very emotional for me to watch him walk up the street and out of sight. I still miss the best friend I ever had and never fully appreciated it. I miss Jon and Frank, also my good friends, who watched over me like big brothers.

I miss the colonel who also kept me safe, and in some strange way, I know in my heart that he kept my family from harm’s way during the siege of the city. Even my father’s textile plant was left standing fully intact around bombed out ruins. My family would never understand their good fortune. Although we endured hardships and worry, it was minor compared to the atrocities others went through. My mother went to her grave praying to God in thanks of providing us a guardian angel in our time of need. That guardian angel was a very handsome German man, who in the end, as I always knew, had loved his NAZI’s BOY and set him free.


I would like to thank the overwhelming thousands of fans who inspired me with their loyalty to keep writing the story. To the sites that allowed me the privilege of posting even when understandably sceptical of the sensitive content. A dear and special thanks to editors Len Homber & James Fitzhugh for sharing their individual expertise and support. Taken under their wing, I can only hope they will stick by me in aide of future endeavours by this amateur writer.

Auf Wiedersehen Freunde, until we meet again!

Robert Colt

The End

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