Chapter 19

The Nazi’s Boy

By Rob Loveboy

Chapter Nineteen

It was during the wee hours, Claus and I slept on either side of the colonel, when a huge deafening explosion went off somewhere outside the hotel jolting the three of us awake. We were suddenly very alert. The flash lit up the room brighter than day, followed by subsequent blasts near and far. I was so frightened that I peed the bed.

The colonel scrambled from the bed snatching his gunbelt and bolted naked through the door shoving aside panic stricken soldiers entering from the parlour-converted command centre to rouse and advise their commander and chief officer. My hysterical needs at the time were to never lose sight of the man in charge who would somehow make things right and protect me. Claus was on my heels looking just as scared. I don’t think for a moment that the thirty-odd men in the room even noticed or cared we were nude as many more modesty-unencumbered people filtered into the room.

The colonel barked orders at harried radio communications officers who appeared as scared as anyone else in the room. Although they were screaming out intel findings to each other, the seasoned officer calmly digested every single piece of logistics relayed and shouted to each what I could only assume were coded counter offences to the three battalions. The other two colonels clad in only their underwear stood by like whipped puppies, seemingly having had no time to confer with the late arrivals. The colonel assumed the leadership over the other two, he was in charge.

I stood at the large window overlooking the city. After a few moments, I even ventured outside onto the patio to watch the travesty unfold over the city once again. My eyes were focussed on the quadrant where my family resided. Where there hadn’t been a glow of fires earlier, I could only fear the worst had happened. Tears poured from my eyes, then sobs, then followed by a complete breakdown. Not knowing he was behind me, Claus prevented me from collapsing by securing my underarms and dragging me back inside to the bedroom where he lifted me onto the bed and lay beside me holding me tight.  We just lay there listening. No more bombs exploded near the hotel; however the mortar fire over the city continued to be unnerving until I relented and fell into to a deep sleep.

I thought it was a dream, or maybe just a continuation of the nightmare of events I’d endured when suddenly someone was shaking and slapping my face. At first, I saw a reincarnation of Jon staring down at me. His eyes, his smile. Then I realized it was Frank, how similar they looked. Claus came into focus leaning over to face me while my foggy brain began adjusting to the surroundings of where I was. I had no idea why I was so hallucinogenic.

Their expressions turned from happy to serious, my clothes were being pulled onto me as if I were a baby. And then, there was the sensation of Frank carrying me. I detected a sense of urgency. My dry mouth and the desire for water brought back a vague memory of a doctor telling me to drink. Had I had been given a sedative? I saw Claus toss my duffel bag over his shoulder. I immediately knew we were moving out, but where?

It was almost daybreak, I noticed. Birds were chirping when I was loaded into the back of a jeep with Claus supporting my body holding me tight. Frank was at the wheel grinding gears and soon had us mobile and speeding from the hotel parking lot. With a sharp right turn the city came into view from above the mountain. Fires burned everywhere; however, if gunfire was commencing or ongoing, its sound was drowned out over the drone of the jeep’s engine, at least no bombing could be heard.

I tried to talk to Claus who either didn’t hear me or was ignoring me. There was a very frightened look about him; his eyes darting every which way. He held me so tight it hurt, as if he were afraid I was going to bounce out of the jeep which was really not out of the realm of possibilities considering the lack of suspension supporting the old jeep.

We came up to a heavily manned checkpoint a mile or so before the city. Frank shoved papers in front of the guard. His arrogance was very unbecoming of his nature, but I’d learned that most Germans appeared rude at the best of times. The guard scrutinized the document and made a bored, lame attempt to salute Frank before ordering the barricade opened for us to pass down the winding highway as the visibility deteriorated and the stench of smoke became more prevalent. My eyes burned and I choked. Claus held an oily rag to my face as he did to his own. Frank had pulled his uniform shirt above his nose.

I was relentless in asking where we were going and scared shitless at the guns pointed at us from everywhere. The four Nazi flags attached to each corner of the jeep did give us some comfort that we wouldn’t be shot at immediately.

Close gunfire still rang out and I shuddered at every shot. Claus buried my head in his crotch and cowered over me. We were in dangerous territory. Frank sped only to be stopped at another checkpoint for another interrogation and then we sped on to the next city block. Frank must have shown at least twenty soldiers the mysterious documents in his possession justifying the transportation of two civilians. The Germans had certainly seized the city in very short order.

We came to another stop, however there was no conversation. Still afraid, I trusted Claus when he lifted my head from his crotch. The moment was surreal. I rubbed my sore eyes and then rubbed them again. I must have been hallucinating. Everything was very familiar. The butcher shop, the bakery, the shoemaker store, ice cream parlour, Danski’s Tailors, Jaffi’s book store … I was home again! This was the street I grew up on and I knew every inch even if I was blind folded.

I swivelled my head so hard to the right that I felt a sharp pain in my neck. Eyes wide, there stood my brownstone home. Mom had kept her flower garden as beautiful as ever, dad must have slaved to cut the lawn on his own without having me to argue with to get it done.

The symbolic friendship wreath my mother made to welcome guests hung on the door. I was positive that the welcome mat, also lovingly weaved by her, would lie sprawled at the front door stoop. We didn’t hide a key under it; there was no need back then. I would walk through the door, kick off my shoes in every which direction and shed my school bag off my shoulders wherever it happened to land and scream out that I was home. I would always ask my favourite question ‘what’s for supper’ as I peeled off my school uniform before I even reached my bedroom leaving a trail of discarded clothing along the way. I was forever getting shit from my mother. Suddenly, I could smell the cookies and cakes she baked for me despite the acrid scent of burning rubber and wood.

My escorts who both brought me home stared at me in happiness, yet I read a conflicting hint of sadness in their eyes. There was no time to waste, Claus jumped out of the jeep and hauled my duffle-bag onto his shoulder and dragged me by the hand in a trot to my doorstep. He hugged me and wept. I felt his tears streaming down my neck.  Mine own were soaking his hair.

Honestly? I wasn’t sure where I wanted to be anymore. I was in a total dilemma. I was torn between two families. It was either I run back to the jeep or I open my door to go back to a life I grew out of and doubted I could ever fit into again.

The decision, my decision, was made when the jeep exploded in a fiery ball. Claus and I both stood in shock and horror as we helplessly watched Frank perish in the flames. Together we made a slight advancement towards the burning jeep and then realized it was futile, Claus stopped us in our tracks.

Emotions overwhelmed me and I broke free of Claus and ran to the street looking from building to building. I was screaming and cursing at the phantom sniper that he’d made a huge, terrible mistake. Not caring if I was blown away, I cried and ranted at the top of my lungs that Frank was a good boy until I fell to my knees, my fists slamming the ground in utter devastation. I was still muttering he was a good boy when someone strong picked me up under his arm and ran.

I saw the bench placed over the blue ceramic tile where I rarely used to sit and take my shoes off and deposit them on the shoe-rack in the cloak vestibule. None of that mattered now as I was whisked deeper into known territory. Pictures, mostly of me, hung in the hallway. A large decorative ceramic vase from India accented the middle of an oak table with a mirror that hung above.

It was the reflection in the mirror that I recognized my dad as the one who frantically carried me in his arms into the safety of our home. My mother came into view in a frenzy, her hands smothering my face, her lips on mine until dad gently placed me on the settee.

Another adult appeared, it was my mother’s youngest brother, Seth. He looked exactly like my mother. Claus would later note that Seth was the spitting image of what I would look like at age twenty-seven -handsomely cute. I recalled my parents talking of him coming to Pranski from Sweden to learn my Father’s business and I had met him several times before.

Claus spared me explaining the details as to how I came to be back home from where I was supposed to be stowed away safely. He told them that I was abducted by a colonel to become one of his man-servants, as he, was himself, many years before. He confirmed for my mother’s sake that we had been looked after well by the man. Of course he left out the gory details that he had fucked Mother’s and Seth’s sister, almost fucked their young niece, and got a blowjob from my aunt’s husband. He mentioned no part of even knowing them. Nor did he mention how I had been sleeping with half the German army!

What he said next I didn’t even know. The colonel knew I lived in the city he was about to invade right down to my address. I believe in order to qualify his story, Claus pointed out the fact, and my sudden realization was, that our tiny section of the city had been spared the bombings being endured by the rest of Pranski, somehow, even the electricity remained.

Sadly, he relayed that Frank, a trusted assistant to the colonel and good friend of Claus and I, had been assigned to transport me home to my family. The man had drawn up documents to allow Frank and his entourage free access to the city’s checkpoints. I broke down crying again because Frank had died taking me home. My mother held me in her bosom like she did so many times before. If only she knew how many other men died because of me. I then cried sobbed all the more thinking about them.

When Claus announced that he was leaving, I came to my full senses. Where would he go? How would he get back to the hotel? My father advised that it was well past curfew hour, if he wasn’t shot by the Germans, then the Polish snipers would do the deed. I begged him to stay the night. My mother insisted upon it telling him that we would figure things out in the morning. Besides, she told us she had just baked a fresh batch of ciasteczka orzeszki. These were absolutely scrumptious polish cookies with a cream filling that made my mouth drool at the very thought of biting into one. Uncle Seth bellyached good naturedly that he wasn’t prepared to share his cookies with a couple of vagabonds. All of us had a good laugh which was so very much needed.

Sleeping arrangements were established. We only had two bedrooms so there was no luxury of other accommodation. Since Seth was settled into my room, all of us guys could sleep in my large feather bed. I rebutted Seth’s cookie joke and hem-and-hawed about sharing my bed and suggested banishing him to the settee. Frankly, I was quite used to sharing a bed with many occupants.

I was happy to be home again. The love in the air had been sadly missed. Although I loved the colonel and my friends, nothing could ever replace the warmth of a family at home. Claus fitted in like a glove. Mother doted on him as if he was another long-lost son come home. Father talked business to him, now if that wasn’t dad’s way of expressing warmth, nothing was. Claus was also on his best behaviour, the perfect young gentleman, I was immensely proud of him for that. Maybe there was some couth in his blood after all.

Father had to have been stressed about the future of his factory. He lived for it and his loyal employees. Somehow Claus must have detected the man’s angst and humorously relayed the story of Nazi intelligence believing the warehouse to be an airplane-assembly plant and my convincing them otherwise. Perhaps the colonel had spared that entity belonging to my family as well. Dad brightened on learning that it earned me the rarity of a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

Seth played chess with the master himself, my father, as Claus and I enjoyed a game of cards. I knew that look in Claus’ eye, the random exchange of looks and smiles between him and Seth. When I went to the bathroom to pee, he was right on my heels with his cock out and stood there pissing beside me. He dropped the bombshell that he was certain my uncle was a queer and the man had the hots for him.

Claus had spent almost a lifetime seducing men. He could read them like a book after all; that’s how he managed to survive. He took my cock in his hand, shook off the dribbles and stroked it telling me that he was going to make a move on Seth in bed and if I wanted, a three-way was almost certainly guaranteed.

It had been a stressful day, Frank’s demise was still very much on my mind and I felt guilty as hell getting an erection at the thought of having sex with Seth, my own uncle, my mother’s brother. Yet the idea was appealing, doing so under my parents roof was downright wrong. I would have to change my ways and forget the past. However, Claus’ devilish look and my hard cock in his hand swayed my self-control. I wanted a man and that particular man appealed to me. Seth wasn’t muscular, a little chubby even, but he was very attractive nonetheless. I definitely wanted to see him naked.

When we returned to the parlour and our card game, I began playing the eye game with Seth. An amateur at best, I was unable to keep from blushing. A short while later, I sensed what Claus had so solemnly sworn to have some kind of connection. Mental-telepathy, today called ‘gaydar.’ I was sure of it when from the corner of my eye, I saw him discreetly adjust whatever he had hidden in his trousers. I was nervous and suffered through the agony of a bent woody in fear of him seeing me do so the same. There remained a shadow of doubt that we had misconstrued the man’s sexual interest. Perhaps he was simply trying to be friendly, amused at our gawking, innocently confused by our attraction to him? I suddenly felt silly.

Our cuckoo-clock announced twelve an obnoxiously loud cuckoo bird chirps. I hated that clock from the day my mother proudly hung it on the wall. In all the years it adorned the hallway, it never failed to startle and annoy me, especially in the later hours of the evening when it seemed to go on forever. I used to bend my elbows with my thumbs tucked under my pits and sarcastically mimic the bloody thing in scorn. I would lie in bed fantasizing about standing on a chair anxiously waiting for the little doors to open and choke the life out of the obnoxious little wee bird.

I was never nervous about going to bed with men or boys. I learned quickly to fully expect that sex was an inevitable expectation. However, the uncertainty about Uncle Seth’s true sentiments kept me ill at ease. Claus, on the other hand had nothing to lose exposing himself should Seth rebuke the sexual advances that Claus was intent on undertaking. He was a professional whore-boy who I was convinced enjoyed the challenge of bedding men while working for the colonel or not. What his motivation was for seducing Seth was, I could only sum up, the exploiting of the situation just because he could.

to be continued . . .

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