Chapter 18

The Nazi’s Boy

By Rob Loveboy

Chapter Eighteen

I had a love-hate relationship with Claus, nothing could be truer. One moment he was the enemy, the next, my ally. I swear that he sensed my sadness of being so close to home and was trying to humour me with his silly antics. I caught him looking at me several times, not a stare, just fleeting glances that his eyes seemed to show concern, a slight, warm smile formed whenever I caught his gaze.

Security inside the hotel had been established in short order after the pandemonium settled. Teams of armed soldiers were stationed at every entrance and fire exit stairway as others roamed about the ground floor. We were challenged when we entered from the terrace, and again several times afterward as we made our way to the lift.

Frank knew most of the guards and we passed through the security gauntlet easily until we got to the lift where senior officers secured access. After a long interrogation, Frank finally convinced the obstinate master sergeant to verify our permission with the top floor security to allow us access to the command post. Upon radio verification, I overheard the man relay to his men with a snicker that Claus and I were whore boys for the top brass and ordered the guards inside the lift to take us to the top floor. Even Claus kept his mouth shut at the insult.

The suite of rooms was still buzzing with activity. The parlour had been all but eradicated of its eloquent furnishings, men sat at a long table in front of large radio and wire transmitters. Maps of the city covered most of the ornate artworks hanging on the walls and spread over a large table where men gathered around discussing strategies while moving tiny armament replicas that reminded me of children’s toys.

It was as if we were invisible. Nobody paid any attention to the odd presence of two boys mingling about. The colonel was nowhere to be seen, however the guard standing outside our bedroom spoke volumes. Zane was in there.

I walked out onto the patio to view the city and fear struck me bone-dead. Repetitive gunshots echoed, explosions gave way to additional fires burning giving off an eerie glow to the dusk of nightfall’s horizon. My home city was under siege.

I couldn’t imagine the peaceful inhabitants taking up arms in retaliation, and surely the Polish military had more important political stakes in cities to protect, perhaps leaving only a small squadron in the unlikeliness of Nazi interest in the small city of less than three-hundred-thousand.

I peered to the north-west outskirts of where my parents resided elated to see a calmness, the focus of the Nazi attack appeared to be the city’s core. However, I feared that the carnage would branch out eventually, placing my mother and father in danger, I started to cry. Claus made his sudden presence known standing behind me in a strong embrace around my tummy, his chin rested on my left shoulder peering in the same direction that I was. Not a word was said between us as I sobbed.

Claus’ warmth soon went cold when he advised me that the other two battalion colonels had joined the command post and we were to sleep with them, colonel’s orders. I had noticed the two men immediately when we entered the suite, one obese with a jovial face, the other slender, almost skeletal reminding me of my uncle.

The day had finally come when I was expected to earn my keep as a spy for the colonel. Claus briefed me on what to do and what to say and not say. As far as the man was concerned, I was a simple Polish whore-boy with no ties to the colonel. Claus gave me a choice, I chose the weasel-like commander, not that my would-be abuser was the least bit attractive, but finding the fat man repulsive.

Frank introduced Claus and me to our respective playmates. The weasel seemed pleased with my looks, running a hand through my long blond hair as he scanned my body with a lurid grin, his baggy trousers bulging in anticipation of having me. The fat man appeared equally enthused scoring Claus posing as a Polish peasant boy.

The men took us to the dining room for dinner and all but ignored us as they conversed about war matters and the foothold they had gained in such a short time, neither knew that we understood German. They talked about their families; both men were married and had children about our age, the weasel boasted of a son enrolled in first year officer school. I had to wonder if the boy wasn’t being taught the things that his father was planning on doing to me.

Both men occupied smaller suites on the top floor as well. No sooner were we behind closed doors that the man was stripping me naked with his trembling hands muttering something about a life-long fantasy come true, literally drooling from the mouth and panting like a dog. He was on his knees when he pulled my pants down instantly taking my flaccid cock in his mouth, biting it, my balls painfully clamped in his hand while the other sought out my butt-hole forcing a dry finger inside me. His secret was divulged, the man was a homosexual paedophile in every sense of the word. The colonel would be pleased.

The sex fiend tossed me onto the bed and undressed himself. He was even scrawnier naked, skin and bones, his ribcage prominent that if I desired, I could count them. His cock head was saturated; he had cum in his pants but remained hard, thinly erect with an unusual curve near the crown that pointed downward.

The man lay between my legs and resumed sucking me. I closed my eyes and for some odd reason, thought about Jon’s beautiful body causing an erection for the boy-cock hungry man to excitedly devour with no less pain from his teeth scraping and biting my tender shaft or scooping my testicles into his mouth to chew on. I begged him to fuck me simply to stop the torture upon my genitals. He had other ideas and knelt in a foetal position telling me to fuck him. Oh yes! The colonel would be pleased indeed.

I gave it to him dry and so rough that I hurt driving into him inch by inch. He screamed but never told me to stop. He had waited a long time to be fucked at the control of a boy, unannounced to him, one that knew what he was doing. I fucked him hard mercilessly, his long hanging balls gripped tightly in my hand while the other milked his cock. I loved being in sexual control of a man for the first time. I made him beg me not to stop, pausing a few times to hear him grovel and beg like the slut that he was, mentioning that derisive remark several times.

When he came, I cupped my hand to let it gather in my palm and fed it to him. Like a hungry dog, he lapped it up. I was ready to cum as well and scurried over his back forcing his head upright to take my faeces speckled cock and unloaded in his meat-grinder mouth.

The man rolled over and was fast asleep. I took the advantage and left, no one insinuated that I had to spend the night. I had done my duty and couldn’t wait to tell the colonel that whatever his motives were, he had another influential man by the balls!

I was detained outside the colonel’s suite and control centre by two young guard officers. They knew full well who I was seeing me leave the room of another colonel. They negotiated entry with me on my knees. I was sick and tired of being a boy-whore by then, however I obliged both men.

The colonel was busy in the beehive reading wires and talking on a radio and giving orders to men around him. Claus was nowhere to be seen, still with the fat man I assumed. Zane was present and ran over in his drooping uniform and proudly informed me that he was officially one of the colonel’s aides. Frank was standing at the door and rolled his eyes, we both knew that Zane, like us, was merely one of the colonel’s boy-toys to keep close by.

The odd nearby explosions shook the hotel as Frank and I played chess in a quiet corner of the busy room. I had to force my eyes away from the floor-to-ceiling window that the night sky shone a crimson red that was often blotted out by grey-black smoke. Even the room began to take on the acrid smell of burning wood and sulphur.

It was Frank who casually interrogated me on the events with scrawny colonel. I was eagerly anticipating divulging all first-hand accounts to the colonel himself and winning his gratitude for a mission well done. All I got was a wink from across the room when Frank pulled the busy man aside and relayed my information. Claus returned about then and had the colonel’s ear. I was jealous.

Whatever advantage the colonel held over his counterparts was a mystery to me. Perhaps he threatened to expose them to the absentee General in charge. A man who sat in an office of the Kremlin safe from harm’s way. Clear as day, it would later be seen that the colonel had assumed power over all three battalions; the other two colonels would become puppets on a string. Power. That’s what motivated the colonel and through blackmail and coercing he had achieved his goals thus far. A promotion to general was very obtainable in the near future if he played his cards right.

Frank took the liberty of explaining the colonel’s complexities to me. I knew he was a close confidant to the man, as had been Jon. Even though it defied all military protocol of rank, the man confided his utmost trust in his young subordinates and valued their opinions over the seasoned war mongers at his disposal. His ranks were mostly young men, his choosing, who learned to respect and admire him. He had achieved his goal of a peaceful and harmonic environment of mass troops under his command. Young men that would look out for one another as brothers would. The Teutonic army philosophy had been successfully implemented.

Taking the city and subduing its people with minimum German casualties and destruction of newly acquired German assets was the key. Almost immediately upon his self-appointed leadership, the bombings and gunfire ceased to only that of sniper fire from the enemy and the necessary retaliation to combat that. The silence was suddenly surreal, although fires still burned.

* * *

Over the course of a few days, the colonel held social parties at the hotel inviting off duty soldiers from the other two battalions to mingle with his own troops. Rooms were abundant in the large hotel, many got to practise what they were taught at military schools without need of discretion or fear. The colonel’s reputation as a fair, non-judgemental leader spread like wildfire. He was soon known to be strict about military protocol and performance of duty, however lenient with time spent off duty.

Rest assured that there were many men of high-ranking status who opposed the colonel’s outrageous tolerance of conduct unbecoming soldiers in his unofficial command of more than sixteen-hundred troops. Outspoken ones were discredited by loss of rank imposed for frivolous reasons, or eccentric officers became victims of unfortunate wartime casualties, executed by stray bullets from their own platoons.

I could not swear in court to overhearing proof of the anarchistic ways and means, or who gave the directives. I could only assume that the other two colonels were under pressure to keep their respective rank and file in line. Oppressors of the colonel’s new and improved military ideals of comradeship would obviously voice their concerns up the lines of command. Those at the highest level that didn’t turn a blind-eye and became persistent adversaries were harshly dealt with if they couldn’t be reasoned with. Without a doubt, my colonel oversaw and controlled matters when they reached that level. I firmly believe today that the colonel formed a ‘hit’ squad. Frank along with Peter and Horst, whom were suddenly assigned the colonel’s personal protection team, again, the colonel’s faith in the younger soldiers prevailed, might have been instruments in either conveying the colonel’s orders to others.

What was truly amazing was the fact that a man’s need for sex in any shape or form superseded all logical behaviour; men were willing to kill for the freedom of it. The colonel’s vision of a unified army could only have far exceeded his expectations.

* * *

That first night in the hotel, Frank ushered Claus, me and Zane into the colonel’s bedroom. We joined the two beds together as we had done at the inn. No instructions necessary, bedtime protocol warranted nudity. Except for Zane, the three of us stood unencumbered by our nudity.

The huge ensuite bathtub was much too alluring when I suggested it. Zane finally ceded and stripped from his ill-fitting uniform to join us after much prodding. I could understand his embarrassment of being fifteen and a late bloomer. It was an amusing sight, but never had any one of us commented on his immaturity. Zane covered his shame until he was seated deep in the tub.

Somehow, we ended up snuggled at the head of the bathtub. Faces in chests, chins resting on heads and wandering hands randomly exploring each other’s genitals where hands moved from one to the other, rubbing and sensually masturbating each other. There was no sense of urgency to get off, simply four boys quietly enjoying the harmonic pleasures of giving pleasure to each other. There was hardly even a ripple at the surface of the water. We just lay there neck deep peacefully and contented with the constant exchange of hands in an endless cycle of groping and light mutual hand jobs. Zane was nervous and telling silly jokes, but I could tell that he was somewhat smitten with Frank. I was quite surprised when Frank told the boy to join us in the bedroom. I guessed that the colonel had grown bored with him and he was no longer his personal fuck-boy, instead, just another one of us to be shared around.

I suppose that we were all feeling frisky soon after fooling around in the tub. Surprisingly, Zane had no reservations about sucking Frank’s beautiful cock as we fell into an oral four-way. I was pleased having Claus’ fat German-sausage stuffed in my mouth with his heavy balls in my palm as Frank graciously sucked me. Claus never even insulted Zane’s shortfall in genitalia as he went down on the boy soldier.

I had forgotten my homesick feelings and concentrated on my part in completing the erotic circle of friendship. Frank and Claus were like brothers, I decided. My family away from family, even Zane was suddenly growing on me since he lost his arrogant persona. The colonel had successfully broken the boy’s spirit, not that there was ever a doubt that he would.

Frank fucked the apprehensive Zane first. Claus and I held his legs to his chest as Frank smeared petroleum-jelly over his cock. I was envious that it wasn’t going inside me instead as I took the lurid liberty of guiding the slickened stealth beauty to its mark. I watched as Frank’s heavily loadedforeskin was forced halfway down his shaft. Zane screamed, although he had been well broken in by the colonel, Frank never paused. I was fascinated as his cock disappeared inch by inch while Zane’s small erection shrivelled to a caterpillar-like cocoon. I heard Claus snicker, but thankfully he reserved comment. I had never used the anatomical term of penis, casually referenced perhaps too little boys; however it suited the description of the fifteen-year olds goods. He would never be a woman pleaser, even less, a man pleaser. He was destined to be used as a bottom, in my humble opinion, and had best get used to that reality.

Frank was gentle, in keeping with his nature. I wondered if he and Zane would become boyfriends, perhaps Frank was getting over Franz and moving on. I wished that I could make him my boyfriend. I was jealous when he leaned over Zane and tried to kiss the shocked boy intimately. Zane soon obliged the handsome teen’s tongue and let it enter his mouth.  A wet, sloshing sounded, accompanied by muffled grunts and groans as they made love oblivious to the rest of us, Frank, picking up the pace, never losing mouth contact with the spasming boy that decided to let himself be taken to oblivion.

No need for us to secure Zane any longer, he planted both his large feet on the bed with wide spread knees, one arm around Frank’s neck and the other stretched with his hand grasping Frank’s ass. Zane was enjoying his fuck, but probably more so, Frank’s loving attention by that went along with it. Yes. Again, I was envious.

What surprised me was Frank rolling off Zane and Claus quick to fill the void as Frank watched  looked on, Claus not so gentle and loving as he fucked Zane. I was next and no less merciful, at least his rectum had been spread and the previous two loads of cum eased the way for me, my smaller cock literally floundered inside his chasm, barely scraping the sides. I didn’t cum and simply gave up pretending that I had. But At least I could say I had indeed fucked him, if that was any consolation to my ego in keeping up images.

He was officially public property, no longer the colonel’s private stock. Frank later took him to the adjacent room. A bedroom with an adjoining door supplied by the commander for his trusted assistant, Frank, and his handpicked personal security detail, Peter, Boris and several other overzealous young infantry unit pleased to be assigned the prestigious post and kept out of harms-way of the front, the colonel’s reward for loyalty. Zane would be well received in his new military role as bum-boy for the revolving two shifts.

* * *

It was well into the night by the time the colonel was able to retire after his long, stressful day of coordinating the initial phases of the invasion of Pranski. He looked haggard and tired as he undressed, a thin smile directed at the naked Claus and I lying on the floor playing chess was his only acknowledgement, saying not a word.

Without being told, Claus was on his feet in an instant to run a hot bath for his master. I felt the need to contribute and pulled off his boots and damp, sweaty socks as he sat on the bed. Removing his tie and unbuttoning his shirt, he stood and shed his uniform at his feet that I quickly gathered in order to hang in the closet. I placed his gun belt on the nightstand, sensing that that was the proximity he would want it. I earned a ruffle of my hair, and a broad smile for my efforts.

The colonel relaxed in the tub with his head against the wall. Claus was soon to join in the tub squatting on the man’s lap and with shaving-brush, soap and straight razor, and began to gingerly shave the man’s face as I rinsed out his socks in the basin and hung them on a towel-rack to dry.

The pampering only ended as he lay in the bed as Claus and I each straddled a muscular leg and worshiped the genitals of the most powerful man to ever to enter Pranski since the Polish Royals that  occupied the very same stone and vine covered structure they once ruled from.

to be continued . . .

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