Chapter 16

The Nazi’s Boy

By Rob Loveboy

Chapter Sixteen

When I awoke after a much needed deep sleep. The colonel was missing, I gathered that he had gone to the base. Claus was lying on Franz and giving it to him which might have been the reason I’d stirred. I thought it very callous of him taking advantage of Frank’s boyfriend in his absence recuperating at the base hospital. But what the fuck.

Zane slept soundly beside me. I had a rock hard cock and lying on his tummy, his ass was much too inviting. I lubricated and crawled over him. He awoke, squealed and squirmed, his small bony frame I easily held down as I entered him. I met Claus’s eye, we exchanged a devious smile and commenced to fuck our sobbing bottoms without care or concern for their wellbeing.

I was changing not in a good way, and I knew it! Ashamed of myself, I faked orgasm to complete the charade in front of Claus and rolled off Zane and watched as Claus took excessive liberties upon Franz, as if he had something to prove. Frank would beat the snot out of him if he found out, a chance Claus was willing to take having the protection of the colonel who would vouch for the unselfish sharing of each other’s bodies as well as anyone we brought home to play with.

I wondered how many times Claus was physically abused by men in his years of being a whore boy in a clandestine brothel, then followed by becoming an agent of the colonel’s quest for dirt on powerful men, that according to all accounts, he had excelled at, an asset the colonel could never sever ties with.

Zane certainly wasn’t pleased with me. I offered him my ass although he was rather small. He surprised me when he countered the offer for a blowjob instead. Without a doubt, the colonel would have sucked him off the night before giving him a taste for it, when he rolled over onto his back he was erect. Approximately three slender pink inches stood not much longer or thicker than a man’s index finger. The foreskin had been completely stretched exposing his purple-red knob giving the appearance that he was circumcised.

Cute, was the only way to describe the fifteen year-olds immature display. His balls were decently arrayed and were like velvet to the touch, both fit in my mouth with plenty of room to roll them with my tongue. His boner was exactly that, lean and solid, fragile looking as if one isn’t careful it would snap in half. Upon close inspection, a few blond pubes were barely surfacing from pores along the base of his cock. Easily taken to the base, it had a hint of a metallic taste.

I had to wonder what the colonel found so exciting about premature boys. There was no fatty tissue to sink your lips into, and certainly no length to masturbate. Also absent was the musty manly smell that I enjoyed so much, as well, lacking the pubic hair that tickled my nose and those loose pesky ones that stuck to the tongue or roof of my mouth.

Regardless, I did my best to please Zane who was very eager to be pleased. He rocked his hips and held my head in both hands sometimes grasping my hair and purred like a kitten. Claus let out a barrage of obscenities cumming, he must have taken a final plunge that caused Franz to yelp in pain. I looked over to see Franz’s head and neck contorted at an angle against the headboard that must have been awfully painful. He must have tried to scurry ahead at some point which Claus used to his advantage in pinning the teen that prevented him from escape.

Zane might have been under developed genitally, but he surprised me by releasing a hefty helping of jism as thick and creamy as any mans and sweet as honey. Not much casing surrounding the interior duct, I felt his bony shaft spasm violently several times forcing the ejaculate the short distance from his balls to his crown and splatter my mouth with its warmth. I found a new respect for Zane and would suck him off anytime he wanted.

It was noon hour by then, I could smell a barbecue from below. The aroma  was intoxicating, I was starving as were the three other teens. Pulling on our trousers we made our way poolside to find a chef cooking hamburgers and an assortment of cold salads on a buffet table. It appeared that we weren’t the only ones to sleep in, only a couple of dozen men feasted on lunch all modestly covered in trousers or underpants except for a few in the swimming pool doing laps, their bare white asses glimmering in the overhead sun.

The bar was open, however only three young soldiers made the sickly looking bartender work. It was easily established that almost everyone present was suffering a hangover and those missing souls were still sleeping it off. One by one they left the tent naked, took a piss or vomited in a bush and then searched through the mounds of clothing for their own, most giving up in the futile effort and succumbing to a quick dip in the pool to refresh themselves, the heavenly odour of food, all modesty was forgotten.

I couldn’t help but again admire the German men in all their splendor. Some didn’t have nice facial features, but their bodies were well toned and proportioned. I was horny not having my usual morning release, any one of them would have sufficed having their cocks in my mouth or my bum, preferably both.

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw Damon leave the tent, I had to squint to be sure it was him pissing in the bush and when he turned around to watch the the luncheon crowd for a few seconds, my heart raced calling his name and running around the pool to greet him. Damon was just as excited to see me, a bear hug in his powerful arms drained the breath out of me. He was even better looking in daylight than I remembered from that night in the gazebo.

Taller than I remembered him, I felt his thick cock pressed against my sternum as we embraced, his body slick in sweet that smelled so powerfully masculine. When he suddenly scooped me up and over his shoulder like a caveman and headed to the tent, I had an aerial view of his half moon cheeks that rippled in muscle like the rest of his body. I couldn’t resist  reaching down and taking one in each hand, stretching even further  working my hand between his legs and cup his hefty scrotum in my hand.  Damon giggled, pulled my waistband down to partially expose my cheeks, leaned his head and painfully bit my ass splayed on his left shoulder.

The interior of the tent stunk of body odour and a hint of shit. It was darkish, however I could make out sleeping bodies as well as several occupants having sex. Slipping off his shoulder he lay me down gently and removed my trousers finding myself face to face with Michel who was equally happy to see me again. My wish had come true, the heat of the moment lent no time for idle chit-chat, Damon rolled me onto my belly and was working his meat into me as I sucked Michel’s flaccid cock to life.

My eyes adjusted just in time to see Hans squatted beside us between some guy’s legs finishing off a blowjob squeezing and pulling on the deflating cock savoring the last few drops. When he recognized me he was in my face kissing my cheek and licking the side of my full mouth and the shaft of Michel, the smell of fresh cum on his breath drove me wild.

Damon had bottomed out and began long slow strides picking up the pace gradually. He was a gentle lover, although I would have prefered if he had been a little rougher and fucked me silly like a crazed animal right then. However, a small crowd was gathering above us, all stroking their cocks watching the young pretty boy that had been carried in like a sack of potatoes, that the night before, no one seemed to take interest in, now waiting their turn to fuck me.

Michel gave up his seed deep inside me and Hans took his place in my mouth. The void in my rectum was quickly replaced after Damon was finally satisfied. Not as large, however the man showed no mercy and gave me exactly what I wanted and that was to be used like a slut as rough as any man wanted to be with me front or back.

My three friends had long gone to have lunch and I was still being fucked or fellating the awakening soldiers who were far greater in numbers than I bargained for. Many were doing each other, not that I could see or care beyond any given crotch in my face, the sounds of sex resonated, verbal and physical. My ass was raw and toward the end, I barely felt the cocks inside me until one extremely thick cock caused me excruciating pain.

It felt strange, not normal at all. Not only did it stretch my rectum to the point where I thought it would tear me, it scraped the walls of my passage. With shock and horror, I realized that it was a man shoving his fist inside me. I spat out the cock in my mouth and screamed bloody murder begging him to stop. He didn’t, nor did anyone come to my aid, as far as they were concerned, the whore boy had merely met his match getting fucked by someone of very large endowment, even the man I was sucking off  tried to force his cock back into my mouth that I let the head slide between my teeth and bit down on it. He screamed, cursed me, and where I expected a punch to the head, he simply rose and moved out of sight.

The man behind me was intent on shoving his arm up my ass, his fist had  since penetrated my sphincter, his other arm looped around my waist and held my squirming body in place. I was being raped in plain sight of oblivious people preoccupied in their own desires. I deserved it. I went too far in the midst of strangers.

Bawling, I craned my neck to look behind me and pleaded for mercy. He only grinned at me and his arm forged ahead, I swear he was as elbow deep  and began to fuck me. I puked up cum, I could taste it in my bile. Another sad reminder of what a slut I had been ingesting countess gobs of semen from so many men to remember. Thankfully, I passed out.

I awoke to a soldier cock fucking me in my comatose state. The only indication without feeling him inside me was his thrusts that registered and brought me to reality. I didn’t have the energy to resist him or the other two soldiers who took advantage of me after him. I was a ragdoll, unfeeling and uncaring.

Daylight was seen from under the canvas. Freedom three feet away that after the last cock laced my intestines, sheer adrenaline rolled me five times to slip under the tent and into the harshness of daylight. I lay there a long time in severe pain from my waist down. When I finally found an ounce of energy to stand, my bowel ceded to gravity and released a flood of faeces and cum down my legs. I collapsed.

Someone helped me up, a stranger, asking if I was okay. I smiled, trying to assure him. The pain in my lower insides was intense and I fell again, his strong arms reacted to prevent me from sprawling back on the ground. My filth soiling his trousers did not deter him from carrying me quickly to the pool area and screaming for a medic.

Two men ran over, both advising that they were medics and had the man lay me on a lounger where I immediately doubled up in pain and began to  vomit blood, hovering on the verge of consciousness.

One bystander noticed blood seeping from my bum, the medics then stretched me out on my back prodded my tummy causing me to scream in pain. The last person I saw before I passed out was Claus hovering over me, a look of concerned terror on his face. My last thought was that he did love me in his own strange way.

A bright light shone when I opened my eyes. I had no idea where I was  but was comforted by the colonels presence hovering above me with a wide smile as he wiped a cool cloth over my forehead. Claus stood on the other side of my bed, he laughed, moved his frame with a wave of his hand for me to see Frank in the next bed waving at me.

I was a patient in the base hospital, hooked up to tiny tubes, one I realized was irritably planted inside my cock. The colonel became serious and informed me that I had sustained a ruptured bowel and intestinal tearing that could have cost me my life. He demanded to know what happened to me, already concluding that I had been inside the tent and endured my injuries there. He asked who hurt me in such a vile way. I was ashamed that he knew exactly how the internal damage was done to me, the doctors would have easily concluded from the evidence.

I saw the man’s face clearly when I closed my eyes in shame. I could detail every minute detail of the single, brief glance I gave him. I could not be responsible for another man’s death. It was my own fault for the inane urge to be a slut.

I looked him in the eye and lied telling him that I didn’t know who shoved an arm up into me. The colonel was aghast, at a loss for words and stuttering in confusion. It dawned on me that everyone thought someone had impaled me with an object. The colonel became furious discovering the truth, but I was resolute in my silence to not give the man away.

We had plenty of visitors over the next few days, but most of all I enjoyed Frank’s company the most. Privacy was an issue having other sick men close by. When I was well enough to walk around, the colonel had brought me my chess set and I taught Frank the basics of the game. He was still convalescing having two broken ribs and a ruptured spleen.

The game board balanced on his belly, his legs bent at the knees and me sitting at his side, nobody would have been the wiser that my hand was under the covers jerking him off at least twice a day. If the orderly tending to him noticed the dried mess of Frank’s sheets, he never said a word, although most of it I had licked off my hand.

On the fourth day I was released by the doctor into the colonel’s care. Like old times, it was just the colonel me and Claus sharing a bed back at the Inn. The two pampered me, doctor’s orders to rest and take my penicillin to ward off the poisons of my intestines from infecting my blood. I still had occasional pain, and when Claus jokingly asked if perhaps the man had lost his wrist watch inside of me, I couldn’t restrain my belly laugh causing me to double over in agony.

He had taken it upon himself to me my caregiver. He went for my meals  and my medicine was given punctually, and to my surprise, handjobs and blowjobs were added just because. Claus even shaved the stubble growing back on my crotch to keep my sex appeal in the colonels eye. It was a soft side of him that I hadn’t seen in awhile. He loved me as much as he loved the colonel, and finally willing to share the man without animosity. I was no longer a threat to him, and he was no longer a threat to me.

My ass was off limits for some time, but I did enjoy our regular three-way oral sex interludes every night without outside involvement. The colonel had his private moments with Zane in the room behind his office on base, Claus and I both knew about it and respected that. Frank had returned to the Inn on light duties He had his Franz back; the colonel graciously assigned him a room to himself. The man rewarded loyalty.

I learned from Frank that the colonel had the large tent set up on base. It was named the ‘One-hundred-forty-ninth Division Social Club.’ A sign outside humorously read:


Unofficially endorsed by the colonel himself, no one asked questions. According to Frank, membership was increasing in leaps and bounds, although there was no official ‘membership’ required, … or dress code!


The inevitable day arrived. The colonel had received his top secret orders to advance his troops and secure the medium size city of Pranski, my home town! When you sleep with a colonel, you learn secrets.

The colonel moved Claus and I back to the base. I could literally feel the  aura of tension in the air. Men scurried about in preparation of folding up camp; the colonel barked orders to the many that filtered in and out of his office. A large map hung on the wall that he drew across with colored pencils. The city that I knew inside out and could easily have provided him and his intelligence officer with information on the many landmarks that they were trying to identify the significance of.

My final dilemma, a crossroad of uncertainty that I never thought about before; where my allegiance stood, my country or the colonel!

to be continued . . .

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