Chapter 14

The Nazi’s Boy

By Rob Loveboy

Chapter Fourteen

In the colonel’s opinion, all the pieces were falling into place. He no longer had use for the ten whore-boys and ordered the duty sergeant to arrange a troop carrier to take the boys back to the orphanage. In the meantime, while we awaited the transport to arrive from the base, Claus and I were told to take the boys, who were still loitering naked in the hallway, and feed them lunch and allow them use of the swimming pool.

Both Claus and I knew what the man’s motive was, he wanted time alone with Franz. To say that I wasn’t jealous would be a lie. Claus, on the other hand, was furious. He moped and sulked, frequently gazing up at the window that we were both sure the colonel wasn’t taking a nap in, as he so claimed. Franz had gone to get him some lunch, his beautiful cock would be dessert before any nap, rest assured.

The Inn was eerily quiet, the dining room empty, save for few perimeter security soldiers on their lunch break. The remaining officers were obviously in their rooms as ordered, awaiting their fate. Many would have been base residents spending the night after hooking up for sex with the privileged ones with rooms. To my knowledge, the colonel, whether an oversight or on purpose, had not dealt with them as yet. I felt sorry for them, especially the men I spent the night with and had to fight off the urge to go to them and put their minds at ease.

Two of the diners came outside to while away the remainder of their lunch break to sit and watch the nude boys playing in the pool. They were both in their late twenties, fairly handsome, and began making lewd comments to me and Claus, who were dressed and supervising the others. Claus laughed and told them that we were not whore-boys, but should the men wish, he would send two over to give them each a blowjob.

The soldiers trousers were open in an instant and Claus lived up to his word. At least the men left he and I alone to continue to dwell in our sorrows after that, although the one man had a very appealing array of manhood leisurely suspended from his trousers, and a bit envious of the boy who knelt down before the seated man and obediently serviced him, the scene and its effects on his full endowment blocked and left to my imagination.

Perhaps it was my sour mood that caused me to take stock of myself and reevaluate my fixation for the male genitalia, especially my preference for masculine men. It wasn’t normal. I realized then that I had come a long way from the philosophy of only doing what I had to do to survive. Truth was, I loved cock, and shamefully, it really didn’t matter what man, I would be willing and eager to give him a blowjob.

The desire to suck my own father’s cock was not too farfetched from my imagination. Where that sudden sick thought came from scared the fuck out of me. But truth is, I would! I would want to blow my own father, show him how good it was, a pleasure that surely mom wasn’t giving him. Other than whores, I doubted wives did that. I would even go as far to admit that I would like him to fuck me, make love to me like the colonel does. I found myself erect, visualizing my dad coming into my room at night like he used to rarely do in order to kiss me goodnight. Instead, he would take off all his clothes, I would smell his manly cologne as he got into bed beside me, finally, he would have reason to pay attention to me instead of locking himself in his office all night….

Claus nudged me and brought me out of my semi-conscious state. The troop carrier had arrived and the boys were being herded aboard. I was happy to see the end of their nightmare leaving the Inn in a cloud of dust. The many men assigned to the simple task made me laugh. The boys were in for one last sexual adventure before their journey home was complete. I had gotten cold hearted, another fault that I had to reckon with.

Claus and I bypassed the pool and continued on to the gazebo, each feeling the need for each other’s company without words being spoken. Inside, we undressed and in a standing position, held each other crushingly tight to grind our crotches together. We didn’t kiss, however our mouths bit and sucked each other’s neck. Hands joined as one that we fucked in heated mutual mastubation. How we remained standing defied gravity, dizzy from an erotric kind of spinning waltz, we bounced off the rounded walls or rolled along them. Neither had the need to suck or fuck, what we were doing was uniquely between us, a much different sex than we were accustomed to. One body, one mind and one terrific orgasm that oozed between fingers to a sloping wet final few weakening fist fucks.

Some other place, in some other life, we may have had to explain the red and purple hickies applied to each other in passion, however there was no fear of that embarrassment in the company we kept. Nor was there shame at the obvious fact that we had given them to each other in some sort of sexual contact. Never in my wildest imagination would the boys at school put two and two together and then slap our backs in unbiased good humored support. Yes. I had been transported to another world, another way of life far removed from the values and standards once known to me. I wondered if I could ever go back to it.

Sweaty and slimy, we had a dip in the pool. Returning to the room, the colonel was nowhere to be seen. I didn’t realize how tired I was, it had been a very long night, and an interesting day. It was going to be another long, but an even more than unusual night, I was certain of it. Claus and I laid down and slept for several hours.

I awoke startled. One of those few-second episodes where you don’t know where you are, or if it is morning or night. Seeing Claus beside me, my mind sorted itself back to reality. A voice emanated, resounding loudly. An angry voice, screaming his words that echoed from what had to be a public address system outside. I identified it seconds later; it was the scary man in Berlin that I had heard on my parents RCA Victor.

I dashed to the window and saw rows of soldiers below. All at attention, perfectly still as mannequins in department store. They were listening to an amplified radio broadcast address by their Fuhrer. The sound quality was so poor that I could not comprehend a word.

Claus stood at my side rubbing his eyes, turned away back toward the bed and said offhanded and carefree with a hint of sarcasm, ‘It must be Saturday; the lunatic is speaking to his looney-bin again!’ and with a yawn, got back into bed.

He added with a chuckle, for whatever reason, that the men hearing the speech live from outside the Berlin would clap loudly long after the man had left the podium; none wanting to be the first to stop applauding among their peers, it would be seen as disrespectful. The silliness went on for eons, according to Claus. Who was I to disbelieve him? More so, where had he learned the callus opinion of his country’s leader and his followers; perhaps the colonel himself was a Judas?

What happened immediately after the broadcast, I had to call Claus back to the window to witness. The smiling and waving colonel, wearing his dress uniform supported by an extremely attentive impeccably dressed Frank, made his way through the throng of at least one-hundred rather sedate almost humiliated men to a small riser stage where he was given a microphone.

The colonel addressed his men about the long, path they had travelled victoriously and now the treacherous road which lay ahead for all. He exemplified that men must do what they had to do to in order keep their sanity for the betterment of their units and survival of all; even if their thoughts strayed not only from old-fashioned military codes and doctrine, but also, in times of war and duress, nature’s own rules of decency and conduct could be bent with God’s blessing shining on his favourite military machine.

His words sent his command into a frenzy of cheers, and jubilation for he was exonerating his men for giving into the carnal needs that even he desired, in such lonely times, and found unrepentant comfort and solace in an alternative to fulfill man’s instinctive desires when normal options were so sadly unavailable! Raising his left hand he laid it on Frank’s shoulder who bashfully looked up at the man to meet his warm devil-be-damned smile.

These words were so carefully structured, never once did he blatantly cite that he was advocating homosexuality, his words were ambiguous enough that many men could be seen scratching their heads in confusion, whereas most others absorbed the full meaning of his speech.

The colonel had kept his cards close to his chest all day. The ‘guilty’ parties thought they were being assembled not only to hear their final throne speech, but for disciplinary measures that would surely follow, perhaps even firing squads. The euphoria that erupted was deafening. I could only imagine the relief felt by so many, their hours spent fretting what unknown fate awaited them. I learned later that two had already taken their own lives, and many more contemplated that tragic action to end their nightmare.

The colonel excused himself telling the soldiers to enjoy their evening, the Inn was theirs to enjoy. Tents had been set up on the lawn to sleep overnight as there would be no transports back to base that night. He chuckled mischievously adding that no military police would round up drunks and that the Inn was temporarily off limits to perimeter security forces. The message was clear, they were to police themselves, a cautious reminder that any man trying to leave the Inn would be shot, as per standard security orders. The colonel had ensured a very captive audience at his party.

Liquor flowed freely, music blared from the tinny sounding PA system diligently installed for the Fuhrer’s speech. Modern American swing tunes were sung and danced to despite the sound quality. Who cared? They were personal guests of the colonel’s gala to enjoy without the strict day to day supervision of superiors, a much needed social event to forget reality if only for a night.

The host mingled in the crowd, shaking hands, exchanging pleasantries with Frank close by his side keeping up the mystique of their true relationship. Frank had become somewhat of a celebrity himself, a minor officer and a very high ranking officer would certainly lend to speculation, however the illusion would also be that rank had no protocol when it came to forging interpersonal relationships.

Little did they know that they were guinea pigs in a Nazi experiment that could change military morality thereafter. That very night would reveal how well the colonel had orchestrated the agenda within his own battalion. All the colonel could do was sit back and hope that the stage was set that night, no holds barred.

Claus, Franz and I squeezed for a vantage point either side of the colonel and watched the festivities from our room window. Frank, Boris, Peter and the three, still unnamed infantrymen, partied with their peers, lost somewhere in the crowd. I searched for Hans, Michel and Damon, hoping so much that they were present to enjoy the colonel’s party.

Of course, in the sweltering heat, the allurement of the swimming pool was prone for stripping off clothing along with the horseplay that resulted in the shedding uniforms after being thrown into the water fully dressed. Unlike the night before, nudity took precedence as the booze flowed and the night progressed.

Frank came in the room bearing gifts for the colonel. A boy whose uniform hung from his smallish, slender body as if he was childishly masquerading in his father’s clothes. Of course, blond as blond could be, piercing blue eyes, red rosy cheeks that I was not sure was a natural boyish hue, or flushed from shyness.

He would have had to be at least fifteen years old to be enlisted, but didn’t look a day over twelve and a half. How he could possibly support a mauser rifle over his shoulder, let alone hold and point one at an enemy was beyond comprehension.

A new unit had arrived at the base that day to join the colonel’s battalion. All I could think of was that recruiting was getting pretty desperate, the Nazi’s were strengthening their forces in numbers, lowering the age of recruitment to supply demand. Even the colonel had to subdue a chuckle at the sight of one of his newly supplied infantrymen.

When the boy literally marched over to his grand superior, a stocking foot completely exited his ill-fitting boot as the overzealous lad performed the foot stomp in conjunction with the stretched arm salute and screamed, “Heil Hitler!”

The colonel couldn’t hold back his amusement, he looked at Frank as if he was up to a silly prank, Frank smiled smugly and shrugged his shoulders, his arms stretched and hands spread in an expression of utter loss of explanation, obviously bemused himself.

Zane was his name. None of us wanted to be indignant, but when Zane’s trousers fell down to his knees performing his respectful salute, even the colonel fought to suppress his laughter, a snide look from the colonel put us in our place. Zane’s shirt hung like a dress to his lower thighs, the full embarrassment of his nudity spared. Quickly pulling up his drawers, just a glimpse of genital exposure revealed that he was completely void of pubic hair. In his haste, a finger-like pink cock hung from his zip a few seconds before he noticed and tucked it away. I had suspenders in my duffel-bag that I never used, making a mental note to give them to him.

Frank advised the colonel of the second reason for his presence after delivering Zane, that the fat man refused to give him keys to the vacant rooms; his assignment to fill them of worthy guests at his own discretion.

He ordered Franz to go with Frank and gather the keys relaying to his uncle that if the colonel had to personally come down to have one of his orders carried out, that he would be truly annoyed at the inconvenience and wouldn’t hesitate to shoot the fat Polock just for the sport of it, whom also happened to be in season that year, no questions asked.

Franz turned ashen, visibly shaken taking the man at his word. Yes, the colonel might have been so inclined if he felt like it, after all, he was the purveyor of life and death in our small world. However, Frank, Claus and I knew when to take him seriously or not.

The overzealous soldier boy, Zane, turned to the colonel and with all sincerity offered to go down and set the man straight for him. There was no holding back laughter at the little wanna-be Nazi. Claus and I hung ourselves back out the window in hysterical laughter and tears. I knew that we both going to dread the boy’s inevitable overnight stay.

The colonel ordered me and Claus to attend the party and keep close tabs on events, reporting back to him later. No sooner had we closed the door behind us when Claus snickered. In his opinion the colonel wanted privacy to fuck Zane. Although he was apparently fifteen, he fit the physical profile of what Claus called the colonels ‘treats;’ young hairless preteen boys on the verge of puberty the likes of whom Claus claimed he had often procured for the man. He befriended victims where kids gathered and then lure them to the man’s residence where he ‘convinced’ them to have oral sex with him first, then introduce the awestruck boys to the prestigious colonel. Never was he permitted to join or watch what went on in the colonel’s bedroom.

Claus confided that the man never wanted the same boy twice. Once a month he would bring the colonel a fresh ‘treat.’ Claus had charisma, younger boys would take to him in an instant, that, I was sure of; and the colonel possessed a magnetism and charm about him, not to mention his powerful status. Without a doubt, the two would make a great team in the seduction of vulnerable children. I resolved to find a straight razor and remove my own sparse pubic hair. I would be one up on Claus. He was much further into puberty with hair on his legs, I didn’t. The colonel would find me irresistible!

to be continued . . .

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