Chapter 13

The Nazi’s Boy

By Rob Loveboy

Chapter Thirteen

The three young soldiers seemed relieved when the colonel intervened and told them to use the lad’s mouth but not to fuck him. Perhaps they had no more need to rape to get their rocks off. Technically, they had been raped themselves from the moment they stepped into the room and then all night long, but in a different obligatory kind of way. Survival!

I was apprehensive. I did want to fuck him, Franz was gorgeous, but not under duress seeing his pleading eyes communicating with mine, not sure if the tears forming were out of fear of me, or the large-cocked-teen suffocating him soon after choking and spitting the result of Frank’s orgasm onto the floor in angered, bitter disgust. Perhaps he was over emphasizing his distaste for affect hopeful for sympathy and reprieve. He’d cooperated with Frank and thought that should have been enough and wanted no more part of it. He thought wrong.

Franz was sucking his third cock when a polite rap was heard at the door; an unobtrusive type knock, perhaps sounded with a key, like the chambermaids did whenever I occasionally stayed at the finest hotels with my father while on his business trips. Mostly, if they received no answer, the maids would let themselves into the room.

The colonel looked at Frank and gestured silently with a head motion toward the door for him to see who was interrupting, returning his attention to the scene. Frank got out of bed, opened the door cautiously to partially block his nudity. The voice that sounded from behind the door was none other than the Inn’s proprietor looking for his nephew who hadn’t been seen in over an hour after he was charged by the kitchen with delivering room service to the colonel’s suite.

Frank lied and said the boy had left long ago after setting out breakfast, elaborating the sham by complementing the young waiter’s astute service shown the colonel and his room guests. I saw the man’s head squeeze between the door and frame, a sudden look of horror on his fat face registering first the naked bodies lying on the beds and then the bare rear-end of his nephew on his knees in front of an older teenager.

Frank, thinking quickly, opened the door a few inches and then slammed the man’s head with it. Stunned by the impact his face turned ghostly white his eyes rolled back in his head. He lost his balance falling forward, his large frame, more forceful than Frank could prevent with the door, landed sprawled on the floor inside the room.

The man’s obesity didn’t hinder his getting back on his feet quickly. First staggering, regaining his senses, then lunging toward the seated colonel. Peter and Horst wasted not a second jumping off the bed and tackling the man to the ground a second before he made physical contact with their commander. The fat man had guts; I had to give him credit. I thought back and only could wish that myown uncle had had the balls to protect me, not to mention his own wife.

The colonel was amused. He laughed out loud. Suddenly, I could only grimace. He took on an evil look that I had seen before. Grasping the sparse hair of the subdued man at his feet, he forced his head upward, spit in his face and turned him viciously to look toward his nephew’s, rear view, but what was obviously what the man suspected before busting through the door.

I felt horrible. The man had done nothing wrong other than try to protect his nephew. He struggled once more to get at the colonel. Peter punched his head repeatedly, hitting the man’s face only once causing his nose to deform and explode in a bloodied mess.

With a simple nod toward the door, Peter, and Horst, with the aid of Frank, dragged the mass of blubber out into the hallway with his trousers seemingly wanting to stay behind, I last saw them riding past his underwear free thighs revealing gross hairy testicles but no visible cock. The door slammed behind them. The boys returned and Franz started calling for his uncle until someone told him to shut up or the next cock he would be sucking would be the fat mans

Peter and Horst had certainly earned themselves a place in the colonel’s good books, although the lank and muscular man could easily have overpowered the threat in his midst. Right then and there the colonel promoted both foot soldiers to ‘Private – First Class,’ earning them a slight edge of superiority over their peers.

That same minor edge of power might even come in handy should either completely cede their morals to become loyal disciples of the colonel’s agenda, and should they, would only enhance their opportunities for further promotions. Why wouldn’t they?

No doubt, the colonel’s power to arbitrarily reward titles sent a message to the other three lowly infantrymen. The fat man barged into the room again, however never making it three feet before those naked teens pounced on the man and began to beat on him. Again, I had to admire the man’s protective instinct and felt very sorry for him, he was helpless to aide his nephew.

The colonel ordered the soldiers to bring the man into the room and keep him subdued. The Inn Keeper was going to witness the abuse of his nephew first hand. Boris and Peter tossed Franz onto the bed belly up wrestling the squirming boy to keep his legs against their chests. Everyone looked at me as if asking what I was waiting for.

The colonel shoved me from between his legs. The erection I had sustained while blowing him never subsided. He had kept it aroused with his hand even during the crisis’ dealing with the obese man. It was my time to perform, and I thought it best not to delay too long and risk losing my erection and not being sexually motivated enough to gain another.

Frank basted my cock in grease, at least Franz wasn’t going to get dry fucked. I was justifying Franz’s ordeal to appease my conscience in thinking that he was very fortunate to have my much smaller cock take him compared to others in the room. Nor would I be too rough, only hoping that he would soon settle down and cooperate, otherwise his rape would be his own doing, or so I absolved myself of any wrongdoing.

He was well restrained and muzzled. Frank was whispering something in his ear that seemed to calm him. It was apparent that the two knew each other. Logically, Frank’s work assignment behind the scenes of the Inn was the link between them. I didn’t doubt that Frank had designs on the beautiful boy and sawthis shrewd opportunity by exposing him to the colonel whom Frank knew would salivate over the Adonis. He would have had to pull some strings in the kitchen in order to have Franz deliver the breakfast.

The obese Innkeeper wasn’t blind. He would have kept the lad well out of sight of the homosexual perverts who had taken over his domain. When he learned that Franz had been sent upstairs to the room of the wolf himself, he knew it was a setup, his kitchen staff either none the wiser or more likely, pressured into it out of fear.

I didn’t have to worry about my erection. His legs being held up and spread wide, Franz’s prune-like hole and his respectable genitals displayed and vulnerable was enough to rush additional blood to my cock that secreted a dew-drop of fluid, the first ever, completing my self-image of pride and prowess having so many eyes on me. I had entered a new phase of puberty.

Franz was tight. His anal muscles struggled to prevent the one-way anatomical valve from being forced to conform from its intended design. My rod hurt from the pressure meeting the resistance. I had never heard of anyone sustaining a fractured cock. I pictured mine in a cast, all the guys signing it like my friends did the time I broke my arm.

I remembered the colonel fucking me the first time. I was relaxed, my ass in the air enjoying him tonguing me. I remembered the sharp pain when he rammed into me. I wasn’t expecting that, my anus was loose enough for him to gain precious inches before I knew what was happening. I needed Franz to let his guard down just for a second.

As I started to withdraw the laborious inch of ground, I cried out that I didn’t want to fuck him after all, that my cock hurt too much. That did it. I could feel his rim give up the pressure surrounding my cock. Not wasting a precious second, I plunged into him merciless gaining at least two inches, enough to make the rest of the journey, still difficult, but  forcing my way inside him inch by inch as his tunnel closed around me.

I had gambled by deceit risking all. That I would give up that precious inch of headway and that I would appear as a coward. Peter and Boris were certainly convinced and releasing Franz’s legs. Frank had uncupped uncovered his hand from the teen’s mouth only to hear a barrage of profanity, then a guttural scream followed when he realized that he’d been had. I think I gained a great deal of respect and admiration from all. The subdoers My participants scrambled to regain control of the teen who was flailing arms and legs. How I managed to stay imbedded during that brief interlude was beyond me, even suffering a random knee blow to my nose that smarted terribly.

No more Mr. Nice Guy, I fucked him hard. The more excited I became, the more adrenalin pumped into me, my breathing intensified spewing blobs of snot-slimy blood down to his groin and belly. His goods I fondled, so soft and fluid, he would never become erect under the circumstances, but that wasn’t my intent, I was somewhat envious of the slightly younger boy, I did admire his manly perfection.

I looked over my right shoulder to see the colonel beating his meat, a proud smile and a wink sent me into a euphoric state. I heard faint muffled complaints from the fat man; someone had silenced him with his own belt looped around his head and through his mouth like a bridle, still held down on his knees by the three infantry teens.

I came. Frank couldn’t wait to take my place, he’d probably dreamed of that moment for a few weeks. One of the infantry lads took his place holding Franz down by the shoulders. There was no need to gag him, he suddenly became quiet. Even when Frank entered him, he only flinched with a loud grunt. Peter then Boris took liberties. By then there was no restraint necessary, Franz held his own knees to his chest. I knew the feeling he was experiencing, numbness, his threshold for pain being maxed, his body finally fighting off the sense of pain and succumbing to some kind of oblivious state of mind.

The colonel rose, found his gun belt and extracted the luger. He ordered the belt removed from the fat man’s mouth and immediately replaced it with the gun barrel deep enough to cause him to choke. The Innkeeper began to sweat profusely, his bloodshot eyes bugged out of his head and he wheezed like an asthmatic. In no uncertain terms, he told him that Franz was now his personal footman during the remainder of his stay, finest compliments of the Inn, of course.

Asking the man if he had any reservations about the new arrangements, he violently shook his head no. The colonel smiled and thanked him for his respectful hospitality and released him. The weak kneed fat man was aided to his feet and stumbled to the door, turned and stuttered asking if the colonel would like lunch delivered to his room, Franz would be more than pleased to make those arrangements. My admiration of the man’s integrity was shattered; he was just as much the coward as my uncle was. I hoped that Franz would not endure the false shame as I had, as if we had a choice.

Franz was used three more times, even performing oral sex on the colonel afterward. Once again I feared the new competition in my midst. I had best get used to it; the man would have always have a fresh beautiful young boy at his disposal. Unlike Claus, I would accept that fact. There would be no sense in showing animosity toward them, and even if one could be shamed from the colonel’s graces by us adversaries, another would surely follow. As my father often said about his business ventures that I never understood until then, it is prudent to keep your friends close and your enemies even closer.

Claus walked in, a stack of files under each of his arms that he handed them over to the colonel. He looked strangely curious at the new face being cuddled in bed by Frank, the other soldiers lazing around looking dazed and satisfied in semi sleep. We were playing chess, the colonel asked me to retrieve my game from my duffel bag to teach him. I didn’t say it, but the colonel’s life was a chess game that he crafted so well, the actual game would be child’s play for the him.

The colonel breezed through the ten files separated from the other stack, his interest seemed to be centred on one particular identical page of each file. He would hint a smile at each one, stacking them in a single pile once he had perused them. I saw type printed names on the tabs, similar to those my father was often seen with. Claus had been sent to the base to collect personnel files surrendered to him by the colonel’s secretary under his written orders. He obviously wasn’t planning on going to the base that day.

Summoning Frank over, the teen had just gotten Franz’s cock hard and was no doubt, planning on going down on it, reluctantly, he obeyed his order and joined the colonel at his side. Frank was asked to look at the names on each file to see if he recognized any of them. He selected six, two were currently bunk mates, two he had worked base security with and the other two had spent time in the same training unit outside of Munich. He dropped the bombshell without being asked, he’d had had sex with four of the ten soldiers at some point.

The soldiers of interest to the colonel were all involved in the base searches the previous night. He commented that all ten young men had attended training and holding camps awaiting deployment where he knew for certain the same sex agenda was endorsed. Although he remained stone faced, I was learning to read his eyes. He was elated by his discovery.

The colonel had to have detected how smitten Frank was of Franz, he laughed and told him to get back in bed with his boyfriend and give him a blowjob, afterward, Frank would have an errand to run. The thicker stack of files he didn’t bother to sort through, I just knew in my heart that they were of the many men caught in the late night raids.

The colonel was a busy man. He ordered Claus to round up the ten whore boys. Once gathered outside, one by one they entered our room and he quizzed them as to who they spent the night with and what sexual activities transpired. Alex entered, he was still naked, as they all were, no one knew where the boys’ clothes had ended up during the party. Black and blue, his eyes swollen to narrow slits, his lips fat and scabbed, the colonel was on his feet demanding to know who had beaten him so badly.

Claus was dispatched again, this time to direct the three infantrymen along with Peter and Boris to room five. Telling them to dress, he ordered the men to kick down the door if necessary and rifle butt the officer occupants in a flash raid that they had been trained to carry out. I believe the five truly relished the thought of beating the snot out of officers, many of whom treated lowly infantrymen very poorly.

Frank was instructed to drive back to base and make quiet arrangements with the colonel’s next in command to have all the parties involved in the base’s search raids; search members as well as detainees alike, they were all to be delivered to the Inn later that afternoon.

Next, he ordered me to find a duty sergeant and have him report to him immediately. I returned to the room not ten minutes later and found the virile colonel on top of Franz fucking him vigorously. Leaving the duty sergeant to wait in the hall with the naked whore-boys, I sat at the table poured myself a vodka and watched until he drove the final thrust into the panting boy. It wasn’t the alcohol, I definitely heard Franz breathlessly mutter, “thank you, Sir!” His sincerity doubtful, but at least he was smart enough to know that his survival and perhaps that of his aunt and uncle was at stake.

The colonel didn’t wallow atop Franz, he was on his feet still semi-erect and dripping semen when he opened the door to usher the sergeant into the room. Doing up his trousers, the red-faced NCO had been getting a blowjob while biding his time. The colonel ignored the man on-duty’s indiscretion and got right down to business giving him a list of nine rooms to be vacated by the inhabitants and sent back to base accommodation. The excuse given was that the rooms were needed for unexpected high rankers arriving that evening.

It was the list he drew up while interviewing the whore-boys, a list of occupants who restricted themselves to using the boys, and not each other. Only one boy claimed that the two men he spent the night with engaged in sex with each other as well as enjoying their young guest. Their room was spared eviction.

Also on the ‘hit’ list, were rooms that the search party found no sexual activity, only the two occupants innocently sleeping in their respective beds. I was confused as to the colonel’s motives, he hadn’t mentioned the pending arrival of high-ranking men, but then again, why would he?

Franz was even tasked with notifying his uncle and the kitchen staff that the colonel would again be hosting a soiree that afternoon, a pool party, not for officers but for a few of his valued infantrymen.

The colonel’s squad of vigilantes returned laughing so hard they could hardly remain standing. The four officers had been dealt with. Two to a bed, sound asleep and naked, they never knew what, or who had hit them, only hearing that it was in retaliation for beating a little kid. The colonel would later have to deal with the four child beater’s complaints of being assaulted in their beds; he would assure them that the matter would be looked into. That would be that.

Their next mission was not as savoury, perhaps even demoralizing. The five were told to return to base, each was instructed to seek out peers whom they knew had been trained earlier in the year and then housed at remote camps awaiting deployment. They were to be invited to the colonel’s party.

Everything became clear to me then. The Inn was being cleared of hardliner military seniors to make room for younger homosexuals, as well as potential ‘alternative’ sex friendly troops in a blatant, cocksure, even risky master plan to push forward the secretive Nazi agenda.

I didn’t have to hope that colonel knew what he was doing, I was absolutely sure of the man’s capability to initiate his daring endeavour and seeing its success to the end. The colonel’s very own endorsement of ‘alternative’ sex would cause a ripple effect, then a tidal wave within the young battalion ranks secure in the knowledge knowing that there would be no severe repercussions any longer! However, I had a strong worry that the man would become a target of opposition forces within his own battalion. I feared for his life, and as a result, my own!

to be continued . . .

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