Chapter 12

The Nazi’s Boy

By Rob Loveboy

Chapter Twelve

Even with the two beds pushed together, nine bodies sprawled every which way left little room for comfort. The air was strong with body odor. Peter and one of the new boys were giving each other a blowjob, everyone else was asleep. It still amazed me how the three had been seduced and so easily complied with having group sex. They were reserved participants, no less, but not as relaxed about it as Boris and Peter who adapted rather quickly to the newly discovered benefits of same sex. Of course, the colonel’s presence and active participation was a great influence, not to mention his position of power and the psychological impact of that in and by itself.

Considering that men like him order reluctant troops into perilous frontline war situations of life and death; well, I guessed that encouraging them into samesex would be small potatoes in comparison.

Sleep was impossible. It didn’t take much effort getting out of the bed, I would have fallen out in the blink of an eye. The colonel’s limp cock had long since slipped out leaving an empty feeling. Males get erections in their sleep. I had hopes that his would come back to life and that I would feel it grow inside me.

I needed to piss. Short of falling out of bed, I simply stepped out. Frank was awake laying at the foot of the bed and together we made our way down the hall to the toilet. I don’t remember ever sharing a toilet to pee. We might not have bothered with toilet etiquette, a sword fight ensued and we pissed all over each other and the bathroom floor. The chambermaid, the fat owner’s wife, would certainly be horrified.

The allurement of the deep, claw-footed bathtub that I had little respect for back home in the city was suddenly very desirable. However, Frank’s suggestion that we first go downstairs for an early morning swim was also intriguing. The bath could wait.

We went back to the room for towels to wrap our waists. We giggled when we saw that Peter was then laying prone atop the teen and giving it to him fast and furious. Both were oblivious to our gawking and our humorous exchange of words before we let them be and hit the stairs in a race for the pool.

I won when Frank had to backtrack for his towel that had slipped from his hips. Unfettered, he ran through the lobby nude stripping me of my own towel and whipping my ass with it while in hot pursuit. A few security soldiers mingled over coffee while on their break. They laughed at the sudden, but welcomed, break in their five-thirty in the morning monotony.

Once we arrived at the pool, we stopped dead in our tracks. The sergeant who led the room raids was sitting on the edge of the pool naked as the day he was born with his legs dangling in the water, a  bottle of vodka planted between his thighs, obviously stolen from the bar. The man was obviously very drunk, singing and laughing to his own amusement.

No one else was visible, the only sounds heard was the clanging pots and dishes by the kitchen staff preparing for breakfast. The man saw us, focused on me in his drunken stupor and called me a ‘junge hure’, a boy whore, grabbed his cock, laughed, and told me to come over and suck it for him.

He became quite irate as Frank and I ignored him to use the pool. Frank had had enough of the man’s drunken belligerence insisting that I suck his cock and told him to fuck off more than once. He even told the man that he wasn’t permitted to be where he was, that he was not an officer, was truant, and should have returned to base after his shift. I didn’t know if Frank’s status as an officer held clout over an infantry sergeant, regardless, out of uniform, the man wouldn’t have identified the young man as a superior anyway.

The sergeant eventually succumbed to the alcohol and laid back on the pool deck sound asleep. His cock was small, shrivelled up and only peeking a pinkness from his thick mat of groin hair. Even his balls were tiny, his genitalia certainly ill proportioned in accordance to his large, muscular body. Frank and I gathered at either side of the sergeant’s knees and got a great kick out of watching his cock, like a turtle’s head, expand an inch and recede back into his cavity with every deep snoring breath.

Frank took on a sinister look, hoisted himself out of the pool beckoning me to follow. We gathered up the man’s uniform, boots and gun belt and tossed them into the pool. His trousers and shirt floated on the surface, the rest settled at the bottom.

I didn’t know until then, however it did make sense, that a soldier was to respect his uniform, any desecration of it an insult to military protocol, and even greater was his disregard for his weaponry.

I understood the ploy immediately when Frank went running back into the Inn and returned with a duty sergeant to witness the insubordination of the passed out man. Regardless that he was naked, he had managed to pull rank screaming for the man to take action or else he would awaken the colonel himself, who would be none too pleased at the interruption due to the sergeant’s ineptness should he even try and protect his drunken counterpart’s blatant insubordination.

Frank and me frolicked in the pool, doing handstands, racing ends, or simply laying on our backs treading water to gaze at the stars and point out the dippers and the north star oblivious while military police arrived from base and two officers, not so gently, dragged the inebriated man by the arms out of sight. A third officer asked us to gather the paraphernalia from within the pool.

Another game ensued; who could dive and gather the most. I won with two socks, underwear, a tunic and cap to Franks gathering of boots, gun belt and trousers. Unsuspectingly, he dunked me jokingly for outdoing him. I came to the surface choking having ingested a mouthful of water. I played drowning, splashing my arms wildly, submerging for affect until he came to my rescue and I caught him off guard and held his head under water while he flailed his arms and legs under my playful, but relentless grasp of his head. A sudden pain to my balls made me surrender.

We were both ecstatic although we didn’t gloat or even mention the episode to each other. The colonel would be most pleased learning that the sergeant would no longer be a threat. I learned later that with no provisions for imprisonment, the man was shot dead for treasonous acts against the Nazi regime. Frank and I had set the scene for the man to be sentenced to death. I live with this horrible, haunting fact to this very day.

The bathtub took forever to fill with hot water. Frank and I sprawled neck deep with our backs resting at either end of the tub. A foot found each other’s groin, toes acting like fingers stimulating us to erection, after which our feet began masturbating the other gently. The intimacy nice, not urgent, we talked about our homes and how much we missed loved ones.

Unable to resist, I asked him about his homosexuality. He venomously denied he was one, only practising the ‘alternative’ sex until after the war when he would marry his longtime sweetheart, Maria. Of course my interest into how he was initiated into the ‘alternative’ sex was piqued. I had already surmised in my mind what I had learned from the other teens.

It was at a Hitler Youth summer camp where his platoon of forty thirteen year old boys were sent the very day after school let out. From the first day of arrival at the basic training camp the agenda was introduced. The boys were told to strip their clothes and all activities of the day were to be carried out in the nude. The reason given was to shed any inhibitions they may have harbored about their bodies. Living in an all-male environment there was no room for modesty. They were informed that they would be sleeping in the nude as the military did not always issue underwear, one less piece of clothing in need of laundry. It was recommended that soldiers save the two pair of issued socks for cold weather climates.

The following night was an introduction into open masturbation. Each cadet laid upon his cot and jerked off for all to see. Masturbation was normal and healthy, the instructor advised, all males do it so why try to hide the fact. The young teens were assured that they would witness plenty of men masturbating during the morning showers at the advanced training bases.

That became a nightly ritual before lights out for a week, not but it only took a few nights for the teens to lose all inhibitions. The air in the small cramped barrack with cots spaced a mere foot apart took on a heavy odor of semen that, in itself, the boys were told was ninety-eight percent protein. They were told that in a survival situation, semen and urine could sustain their lives, so they should get used to the taste! Jerking off became a routine event during the morning showers. Their lessons had been well learned.

The abasement of women was soon planted in their minds. Women were beautiful and sexy, but their value was limited to sex, raising babies and housekeeping. A soldier needed his comrade during war more than he could ever rely on a woman for his wellbeing. Soldiers were married to each other. Men also needed sex in lieu of an available woman.

That’s when alternative sex was introduced and suggested. While never actually being forced into it, the commanders were relentless in their encouragement of it. At the morning revelry line ups for inspection, the commandant asked, with a show of hands, who enjoyed mutual masturbation or oral sex the previous night. Day after day the hands being raised increased, the teens were giving into the pressure. It became common to hear boys getting into each other’s cots, giggles and bedsprings along with the unmistakable sounds of wet slurping in the darkness. Some became brave using the showers for early morning mutual masturbation sessions.

That was where Frank met the colonel, a regular visitor to the preliminary training camp. He and three others spent many nights at the man’s residence and in his bed. Sometimes other boys were required to sleep with guests of the colonel, but never Frank. Claus filled the void once Frank became too old for the man’s tastes. However, he maintained a very good relation with the colonel ever since. So adept was he in seducing young boys within the Youth program, as well as civilian youth, that he became a pimp for the colonel’s needs.

The sun was coming up and we were interrupted a few times by men entering to piss, however, never did we stray from each other’s cock. We got odd looks as the men held their dicks pissing and nodded and made small talk in polite acknowledgement at the strange sight of us, although it was doubtful any paid enough attention to see what we were doing hidden in the depths of the tub. Knowing there would be no more privacy, and as the sign on the wall clearly advised, we went to the room leaving the tub full for others to enjoy. Hot water was at a premium during the heavy usage of the early morning hours.

The colonel was sitting at the table along with Claus, both naked. The teens were all fast asleep. I regretted leaving the room. Claus had probably had sex with the man in my absence and had regained his place in the man’s heart. I beat myself up over that. My place should have been with the colonel when he awoke and needed his usual morning blowjob to start his day. What a fool I had been to allow Claus the privilege. Maybe it was my imagination but I thought I saw sprinkles of dried cum at the corners of his mouth.

Not angry in the least, the colonel was obviously curious where Frank and I had wandered off to. Hearing the highlights of our absence, he remained stone faced; however, I detected the slight form of his dimples at either side of his mouth suppressing a smile. Frank nor I told him that we were the ones that threw the sergeants clothes and utility belt into the pool. Frank was wise in keeping that fact away from the man, whereas I selfishly wanted to brag about how he and I had taken care of business on the colonel’s behalf. I followed Frank’s lead and shut up. I highly suspected that the man knew the truth but didn’t want to hear it.

The colonel ordered Claus to go down to the kitchen and arrange to have a few carafes of coffee, juice and a tray of Danish brought up to the room. No one was going anywhere any time soon, that was clear. He also told him to tell the staff to feed breakfast to any of the whore boys that may have been tossed from rooms, their usefulness having been served. I was glad that the colonel was showing compassion toward them. Maybe he would send them back to the orphanage before too long.

The room service waiter was young, perhaps fourteen but short for his age. Dressed in all white with shiny black shoes, the blond, blue eyed lad was Adonis like. I had not seen him around before and was shocked to learn that he was the obese proprietor’s nephew spending the summer working for his uncle. The colonel was all eyes on the boy who was scanning the room with his jaw and eyes agape. The boy was definitely taken by the scene of five naked boys sprawled on the joined beds and a man with three additional teens all sitting just as naked at the small round table.

Claus and Frank clearly read the colonels mind. Both being used to getting the man what he wanted, they were on their feet on either side of the dumb-struck lad who was nervously unloading his bussing cart atop the long dresser of drawers. His face turned a bright red when he realized he had two naked bodies standing so close to him.

Frank asked the boy if he knew who the man was. He was visibly in fear learning that it was the powerful colonel, who smiled broadly and waved when their eyes met. Claus suggested in a friendly manner that the boy join us for breakfast. Frank held the cart in place when the lad made excuses and prepared to exit the room. I was aghast fearing the young Adonis was about to be raped.

Frank somewhat soothed the worried waiter urging him to join us for breakfast as a guest of the man himself. He pointed out that it was an honor that his uncle would be very angry with if he found out such a privileged opportunity had been shunned. I could see his eyes lower and flutter. He knew that he had no choice but to stay and feigned a shy smile with a slight shrug of his shoulders ceding to the demands.

Claus suggested that he get comfortable and remove his clothes like the rest of us who were carefree and relaxed. Fear returned as Frank and Claus began undressing the young teen. His jacket was removed followed by the unbuttoning of his shirt which they pulled from his trousers and took off his torso. He was trembling but did not try to resist the removal of his clothes. He knew it would be pointless.

The colonel continued to sit and watch but had not said a word. However, his hard cock which he continued to stroke clearly indicated his approval at disrobing of the strikingly handsome young teen. He reached out for and poured himself a vodka almost overfilling the glass. His attention was preoccupied as he gazed at the beautiful young boy to his left. I took the liberty of relieving him of the bottle and took a swig myself.

The white trousers were unfastened and lowered to his knees. In his nervousness and fear, the boy had pissed himself and it flowed down his right thigh. As Frank and Claus were removing his shoes and socks, the wet underwear clung to his genitals revealing a long pinkish cock angled to the right straining the thin tight material. It was very clear that he was circumcised.

When he was finally asked by someone what his name was, the boy responded by saying that his name was ‘Franz’. He told them that he was the result of a Polish mother and Austrian father. With a pronounced stutter and a hint of pompousness, he claimed that his father was the Polish ambassador as if that information would somehow sway matters in his favor. It didn’t. Frank did the honors. Franz’s underwear came down in one swipe that, once they hit the floor, he stepped out of on his own volition. With just a hint of arrogance, Franz kicked them forward with his left foot.

Any male that denies he sees beauty in another male’s body is a liar. I couldn’t deny the fact any longer. The five awakening teen physiques displayed in all their splendor whether laying on their backs, or in full frontal observation, were each beautiful in their different ways. Claus and Frank held their own masculinity and were appealing to the naked eye.

To me, the colonel was still the epitome of rogue manliness. However, Franz’s body was so perfectly constructed with all the assets of being handsome, muscular, toned, and sun tanned except where a small fitting bathing suit might have covered his equipment. His beauty was not unlike that one might see in the pictures of Olympic swimmers I once saw so sparsely covered. I wondered if he wasn’t a swimming athlete.

I envied Claus and Frank on their knees sharing the beauty of Franz’s genitals, nonetheless, there was another tantalizing feature left open, inside the boy’s firm rounded butt! Why I, myself, found that area strangely intriguing, I didn’t quite understand. Frank’s pink rose bud had been alluring. Franz’s cherry plug was once again a curious fetish to me.

I scooted over and onto my knees to join in the seduction of Franz. His cheeks were soft as velvet with only a slight buoyancy. There was hardly a handful of meat to grasp as I spread them apart. The wrinkled pucker was much firmer and tighter than Frank’s fucked chasm. It reminded me of chewing gum. Only the tip of my tongue could enter between the metallic tasting folds no matter how resolute I was to gain entry.

A gasp resounded. One was Franz, the other was the colonel. I took a moment to look over my left shoulder at him. He was beaming from ear to ear with his juice flooding over his thumb. The voyeur was in his glory. A virgin boy was being had. I could not see what Claus and Frank were up to, but judging by the sound of the slobbering, smacking lips, a face felt at his balls when I reached under, and his rocking to and fro, I gathered that all was well up front.

Franz grew suddenly frigid. I felt his hole clench and his body become rigid. The five soldiers had all risen to stand around. They were focused on devouring the pastries and fixing themselves a coffee or juice. They mingled around us seemingly oblivious what was going on around them. All I saw was legs and their swaying genitals, a testicle festival from my vantage point as they scratched their balls and pulled at their cocks.

Apparently coming to terms with the sudden crowd, Franz resumed fucking someone’s mouth and enjoyed his balls and ass being licked. I heard the colonel give the five soldiers hell for blocking his view and while they moved off toward the window, they kept within reaching distance of the Danish pastries. I hoped there would be some left over for me.

For a second time, I felt Franz’s ass close tight by my licking and prodding tongue. He was cumming. His legs shook and his ass quivered. I peered upward and saw his head rear back into his shoulder blades.

The colonel summoned me over. He removed his hand from his cock and spread his legs wide. I knew what he wanted and I got on my knees again. I happily obliged the man. Frank came over and straddling me, he leaned over to share Franz’s jism with the colonel. I was soon tasting his offering which pelted the depths of my mouth from his spasming cock.

In the background I heard a commotion, Franz was refusing to get on his knees and service Claus. The ever diplomatic Frank had finished feeding the colonel like a mother bird feeding her hungry chick. Frank immediately took control of Claus who appeared ready to force the young civilian through violence if need be.

Observing the scene before him, the colonel called Claus to him and had a quiet discussion. The next thing I saw was Claus dressing and the man writing something on stationary. Obviously, Claus was being sent on another errand.

Frank had leaned in and spoke few soothing words that I could not hear into Franz’s ear but, from the corner of my eye, I saw the boy kneel in front of Frank. The other teens cheered the lad on and chanted, “Suck! Suck! Suck!”. Franz gave in and accepted the cock nudging his pursed lips.

The three infantrymen stroked their members fully prepared to rape the enemy civilian once Frank had had his way. After all, they had been taught and shown how by the very man seated in their presence. Surely he would expect nothing less. However the colonel had other ideas. He looked at me, then at the teens. Looking at them, he told them that I would be the one to do the nasty deed first. Was this yet another test of my loyalty to him? Except, the problem was that I didn’t think that I could do it!


to be continued . . .

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