Chapter 10

The Nazi’s Boy

By Rob Loveboy

Chapter Ten

The last face I wanted to see when the colonel released me from his bear hug was Claus’, expressionless, standing naked just outside the threshold of the room. The colonel suddenly began to berate me, talking so fast that I understood little of what he was saying, he went from loving and caring to a parent chastising a child, his finger pointed and poked my nose.

Taking the liberty, Claus moved closer and filled me in on any details that I missed. The colonel was very worried about me when I didn’t come back to the room. Claus, himself was sent to look for me several times. The colonel thought that some drunken soldiers had stowed me away with a few of the whore-boys back to camp to rape and ordered the camp be searched, he then sent a search party to scour the grounds of the Inn.

.Room searches were currently in progress after a lengthy delay in locating the Innkeeper for a passkey. The obese man was eventually found passed out drunk sitting on a toilet in a staff bathroom off the kitchen.

As if I needed proof, four soldiers burst through the fire exit door at the end of the hallway, machine guns not slung from shoulders, but held at the ready meaning serious business about to search the third floor rooms. The colonel called off his dogs just as a few doors began to open with heads peering out to investigate the commotion. The colonel apologized and ordered them back inside.

A proud looking middle aged sergeant, briefly scanned me with a slight grin and assured the colonel that he had now accounted for all the whore-boys all of whom were located within the safety of the Inn and in rooms with men. Many of the men were roommates along with perhaps a few invited guests, all legitimately using the boys for pleasure. None of the boys appeared to have been beaten except for one, although not severely, who all three men concurred was disrespectful and uncooperative and in need of discipline. The sergeant assured the colonel that he believed the men, he himself had witnessed the boy’s insolent disposition.

The sergeant then lost his proud demeanor of finding all the boys and appeared nervous and sullen. He hesitated finding the right words and relayed that the search party also came upon numerous other men in rooms who were engaged in homosexual group sex. In two other rooms they discovered the roommates sleeping in one bed, provocatively, naked. All twenty-one of the guilty men were detained and being held in the dining room awaiting the colonels orders.

The sergeant wasn’t finished. He looked down at his boots as if in shame, the bearer of further bad news, he conveyed that he received word that another forty-eight homosexuals had been arrested on the base, caught red-handed in barracks, latrines and vehicles engaged in lewd acts. Some claimed to be innocent bystanders, nonetheless, those individuals were also being held as guilty by association pending investigation. The base duty sergeant suspected that those men loitering around the latrines and in the motor-pool compound did, in fact have, premeditated designs of seeking other homosexuals for sex.

The colonel’s stone face fell and he turned ashen, collected himself and told the sergeant to record the names of all to be submitted to him. He told him that no written reports were to be made and to release all the detainees. He told the sergeant that he would personally deal with the situation in the morning. He sternly warned the sergeant that he and his three young subordinates were not to mention a word to anyone. He informed him that the investigation was a matter of utmost importance and for internal security to handle. He told the sergeant in no uncertain terms that he would hold the man personally responsible if rumours leaked. He was then instructed to contact the base and relay the same message to the commanding officer. With a look of fear the sergeant saluted his superior.

There was an awkward moment when I believe, the sergeant preoccupied with events, realized for the first time that his commander was stark naked as was one of the two boys, oddly enough, all standing in the hallway. The colonel ordered the soldiers to stand down on anymore searches and dismissed them.

I knew in my heart that the men I had been with one floor below were implicated. Even worse, Hans, Michel and Damon may have also been among those discovered back at base. Michel had mentioned the parked troop carriers as popular venues for sex, although risky. I thought how ironic the situation was. On the one hand, the twenty-one men staying at the Inn would have felt safe having sex behind closed doors while, on the other hand, those at the base had no choice but to gather in dangerously vulnerable locations that offered darkness and a semblance of privacy, always looking over their shoulders and keeping their ears alert.

What was supposed to be a search for a missing boy, namely me, as ill-ordered as it was, turned into a witch-hunt for homosexuals? The number of men within the battalion who had been exposed was a significant number; however, something told me that it was only the tip of the iceberg.

The colonel stood for a few moments digesting the information before surprisingly chuckling in private amusement and herded Claus and I back into his room, a venue where ironically another homosexual orgy had taken place that night.

My conspiracy theory surfaced in my mind again. If I was correct, the colonel was a very large cog in the machinery. A piece of machinery that must have been huge and powerful enough to either gain or influence various levels of power to support the carrying out of the clandestine agenda to create a modern day chapter of the Teutonic army. It was beginning to make sense to me; the same dumb naive Pollock who was protected all his young life and never had to think for himself, let alone make any decisions or form any conclusions who perhaps had an overactive imagination but….

It was going to be a long war, everybody said so. The Nazi occupation of Europe was a huge undertaking covering a huge territory. It would be years if, and when, they achieved total domination. Not unlike the Teutonic army, men would be away from home a very long time; away from wives and girlfriends, if they made it back home at all. Many of those young Teutonic soldiers may not have even had a girlfriend or experienced heterosexual sex.

I was a good example. Fourteen years old and had never kissed a girl. However, I was shown how to kiss another man. Obviously, I had never had sex with a girl, but I was taught how to pleasure a man sexually and enjoy his pleasure in return. It was all I knew about sex and I learned to adapt to it as a way of life, really a way of survival, at the time. Had circumstances never exposed me to homosexuality; if my comfortable life at home had gone on uninterrupted; I doubt very much I would ever have been subjected to it. I would have continued to think about the mysteries of girls and hetero sex and beat my cock for years to come in fantasy.

Uncountable committees of experts at all levels of their field had been hard at work for years planning this war of all wars. The military contingent was no different, charged with the strategic planning that was not any more important than the logistics committee whose planning was needed to house and feed thousands upon thousands of troops, or the transportation committee whose job it was to develop the plan needed to keep vast fleets of vehicles of many kinds fuelled and operational. There were various other departments needed; finance, procurement, engineering corps, intelligence and the list went on. However, beyond the humongous task of military strategy, the very wise and powerful men chosen to oversee the work of the committee had collectively agreed that a dramatic social reform of the military’s troops was crucial.

Blackmail, threats, and the sheer blind and unquestioned orders from superiors that the subordinates were obliged to follow fearfully, despite all logic or personal reservations, were all contributing factors for the success of the scheme once initiated. No doubt, promotions and transfers of the scheme’s supporters into positions of authority right down to the very core was essential. The eventual success of the scheme was to start at the beginning of the education of the recruits into any army. Therefore, the training instructors, who were very crucial in instilling the mental conditioning, were the implementers of the objective and, unquestionably, were at the root of this schemes ultimate success.

Evolving, parallel to the scheme, would be the internal politics to turn a blind eye to the increasing popularity of samesex being practised. If my theory was correct that the inception of homosexuality within the training institutions had begun a few years prior, the younger soldiers, those sixteen to twenty-one, comprised a great percentage of the troops now deployed. Even if it lay dormant, those soldiers were already conditioned to the idea and would easily and quickly resort back to it, as perhaps was happening in the colonel’s own battalion.

I recalled asking Michel why the academy authorities would turn a blind eye to boys having sex. Perhaps not far from the truth was his cynical reply that ‘they probably preferred boys fucking than fighting each other all the time.

By what I learned going to an all boy’s prep school for one year was that, for many, male aggression seemed to be a way of survival in a cohabitated all-male environment. The military would surely be the same. Harmony among the rank and file would be very desirable during the foreseeable years at war with one country or another. One and the same, sexually contented men would be good for morale.

I concluded that sex was very important to men; they liked it often, were promiscuous and even shared their bodies in group settings without inhibitions.

Another question occurred to me then. How did the Nazi’s gauge the success of their initiative after the training camps when the boys were dispersed and drafted into the military whose policy on homosexuality was clearly defined as negative? Even I knew from school that experiments had to have a measurable, conclusive result. I surmised it was more like planting acres of seeds, initially caring and nurturing the crop before letting Mother Nature take her course in hopes of a good harvest. The training institutions had planted their own seeds and could only wait and hope that those seeds germinated when the time was right.

Or had the sly man planned his party well. Free flowing alcohol, a rare commodity and privilege, in order to loosen inhibitions of the predominantly young officers, knowing that the men would hook-up in numbers, then used the room and base search results as his measuring stick. The man was no fool, assuredly he had his spies on base and had prior knowledge of the illicit meeting places and a premonition that a drunken bunch of horny soldiers would conceivably flock there that night.

Others from the base would be invited to stay the night at the Inn by those young officers that the colonel deemed worthy of such comfort, odd in itself that overall, very few senior officers occupied the Inn other than those in transit.

Albeit, the paramount question was how the colonel would handle the crisis. Would he somehow manage to cover it up, or would he sacrifice those individual’s lives to protect the greater cause.

Back in our room, the colonel turned on a bedside lamp. Strewn on the floor in a heap were two low level khaki infantry uniforms that obviously belonged to the two sixteen year olds whom had been disturbed and stirred looking groggy and bewildered. I thought I recognized one as being from the Inn’s perimeter security force, assuming the other was as well. Obviously, both were off duty and had not been transported back to base. I would learn later that Frank had, on the colonel’s orders, invited them to ‘party’ with the colonel. How could they refuse such an offer, the two were then plied with liquor and seduced into sex by Frank, Claus and the colonel.

The three, Frank included, were the most beautiful specimens of masculinity. Chiseled facial features, muscular, but in a softer body tone; with long flaccid cocks whose loose foreskins protectively sealed their glans. Slack, loose scrotums protected testicles proportionately weighted the masses to droop over, or hang between well shaped taut thighs, the spectacle ever changing as the lads stretched and rolled about complaining of their disturbed alcohol induced slumber.

As I fully expected would happen, the colonel’s third degree interrogation of my whereabouts began. He sat at the small table pouring himself a healthy vodka and I stood in front of him. I could tell that Claus, who joined the others lying on the bed intently watching, was relishing it. I would have liked to have had him interpret rather than me struggling to be sure that I spoke well enough German. But, in truth, I did not trust him. Somehow I knew that he had manipulated me into believing that the colonel had sanctioned my being tossed into the ring of whore-boys.

I told him the honest truth of where I spent the better part of the night. I admitted I went with men to their room for sex. Suddenly a brain storm struck me; I told him that I went with them in order to gather intelligence for him that that’s what I thought he would have wanted once I suspected that they were homosexuals. He was only mildly curious, more so, he saw through that lie and condescending asked if any of the men held significant enough rank to veto his orders of my returning to the room by midnight. I was dumbfounded, no such orders were given to me and I bluntly told the colonel that. He peered at Claus for only a second then asked me why I was attempting to run away. Tears rolled down my face and I replied that I no longer felt welcome and that I didn’t want to be a Polish whore-boy as he made me do that night and was set on finding my way home to my parents where I belonged, even if I had to walk the distance.

The colonel was aghast. His face went ashen. I could see the throbbing of the angry purple vein prominent in the middle of his forehead that I knew so well. He placed his hands on my shoulders and with all sincerity said that he only ordered me to mingle with the elite crowd at the bar for a short while; his pretty boy, perhaps give a blowjob or two if the men were worthy enough, and questioned how I could have possibly misread those instructions.

I heard Claus gasp. The self-satisfaction I felt on hearing that almost made me laugh aloud and to turn and gloat at him. Instead, I shed some more tears and sobbed a sad story explaining that I was abused by many men that night. Having nowhere to spend the night and fearing that other men would force me to their room and rape me, I saw refuge in the kind men that offered to take me back to their room. Yes, they had sex with me, but it was consensual and gentle, I added that they also had sex with each other. I fell asleep; and woke up and made my way upstairs to dress and gather my belongings, my clothes having been lost somewhere around the pool area.

Claus went from gasp to choking. I would have loved to have seen his face as the colonel grasped me into his arms and rocked me soothingly telling me how wrong my thoughts were. For dramatic effect, I let the floodgates of tears pour sobbing breathlessly. I had to wonder what the other three teens made of the scene being played out.

The colonel kissed me and then laughed. Jovial as if nothing had happened, he removed my clothes as I stood before him, caressing me from head to toe. I was like butter in his hands, erect, even before he focused on manipulating my genitals. I saw that he was also hard and I reached for his manhood. His tongue entered my mouth and I bit and sucked it. Of all the other beautiful boys present, I was his special one, never having lost his love after all.

The colonel was in a good mood and inspired another party passing around bottles of vodka. Claus met me eye to eye, he smiled holding the bottle to his lips, I smiled back. Some kind of truce had been forged; I was very much a part of the colonel’s life as he was. He had set me up earlier that night, naive as I was; I fell for it, shame on me!

The boys didn’t need much liquor to be feeling good again. I needed very little myself to feel the effects from the strong spirit. The colonel ensured that I was the centre of attention by lifting and placing me on the bed. Peter and Boris, as they were introduced, along with Frank swarmed me into an orgy as the colonel looked on from his chair content to be the voyeur for the time being while he stroked his long, fat cock that I so badly wanted to ravish with my mouth. I wanted to prove to him that I loved him and that I was such a fool for thinking of running away from him.

Claus attempted to sit on the colonel’s lap and was pushed away. He also refused the boys attempts to masturbate him. Instead, Claus sat on the floor between the man’s legs and sulked paying very little attention to the activity on the bed. He was in shit and he knew it.

I lay prone on my back. My cock and balls sucked and licked and manhandled roughly as my bum was fingered, painfully double fingered, yet it was sensuous. Frank even kissed me intimately when I didn’t have one of the infantrymen at either side of me filling my mouth, in which case he licked their balls or the base of their shafts that my mouth had travelled the length of and left exposed. I found that extremely arousing, my lips meeting his when I went downward, or feeling his tongue on my cheeks.

Both teens were beautiful. Their foreskins were impressive and ran fluid up and down their shafts in my tight mouth and hand that collected the mass of flesh at the tip. My tongue periodically explored the depths within and was rewarded each time with a hint of the sweet nectar. Especially so was the offering after each teen waited a few moments while I serviced the other. Their rich fluids built up in their shafts that I keenly squeezed forth to savour before going down on them.

I couldn’t seem to get enough of their secretions and the masculine scent where groins and scrotums merge and a slimy-sweat manifests itself over the working day. I found the pungent odour intoxicating in all men. Grazing my nose in the oily texture, it would always linger in my nostrils long afterwards like my father’s strong manly cologne would remain with me a long time after a hug sending me on my way to school.

Frank positioned himself behind me hoisting my legs to his shoulders. I interlocked my feet around his neck and prepared myself to take him, wanting it as badly as I wanted Peter and Boris to fuck me. Both boys were settling in happily as they took turns fucking my mouth while Frank worked his large cock inside of me. He wasn’t gentle. Pain, however, quickly turned to pleasure soon after he spread my anus wide and was lodged deep inside me. He was gyrating his hips as he slowly pumped gaining momentum until he was thrusting, sweat dripping off his head onto my groin, his face contorted as if he himself was in agony. He retracted his cock to the brink of exit but, at the last second, propelled his lower body forward with vigour. He kept that momentum going for a long time.

His own technique based on practice, I presumed. In any event, it was by far the greatest fuck I’d ever had so far in my young life. I was meeting him at every piston clenching my rectal muscles around his girth in reverse and releasing him to plunge forward adding to my delight, and surely his as well. He certainly didn’t hold back vocalizing his pleasure with obscenities and panting like a dog. With one last scream, he buried his cock that I was positive had increased in size deeper into me. Frank gave into exhaustion, his sweaty body collapsed upon me, his hot breath panting in my ear.

During my fuck frenzy I had lost track of who was sucking my cock and whose balls were slapping my chin and fucking my mouth, but his pleasure was never denied him. I was fully conscious of that obligation the entire time Frank was ram rodding me. If not carnal my excitement of our four-way was each knowing his role and performing in unison like a well-oiled machine.

It was Boris who came in my mouth. He gave no indication or warning.

His cream gushed over my tongue until I tasted it collecting in the pit of my lower jaw. Bitter sweet, I rolled it around in my mouth before I swallowed the mass, again amazed at how every man and boy tasted so slightly different.

The colonel clapped his hands. His drink then held high in salutation. Obviously, we had put on a good show for him. His true admiration was measured by his glistening cock and fingers of his right hand. At first glance I thought that he had cum until I noticed the clear fluid still bubbling from his slit and flowing down his shaft. I remembered that he was in fact a heavy secretor.

My view of the colonel between my legs that I continued to hold to my chest anticipating another sure fuck was suddenly blocked by Peter’s body. He was quick to take Frank’s position and plunge his shorter, but much thicker cock deep into my ass without much resistance. Frank had surely eased the way, but nonetheless, Peter’s girth was like fire spreading me open as it forged ahead and quickly bottomed out. He wasn’t quite content reaching his maximum potential and repeatedly attempted to drill deeper using my hips as leverage, his large testicles warm upon my cheeks as his bristly pubic hair tickled my balls.

Peter began in short strokes, his cock so fat that it seemed to remain stationary. I doubted anything more than his bone glided within the casing of his shaft being held snugly in the confines of my rectum. The feeling was not all that bad, quite different from Frank’s fuck, but his constant fullness was pleasurable. There was little I could do to contribute but lay there as he virtually masturbated himself inside me. Peter came without much fanfare and pulled out to lie on his back leaving a large void that I could feel the cooler room air invade.

I was hoping the colonel would make love to me next. Claus appeared between my legs with a look of scorn. Our eyes met for a moment, hatred burned in his. His turn to fuck me, he knelt between my legs and immediately slammed into me. Unfortunately for him and his motives, his cock, as nice as it was, barely had an impact in the well used, cum filled abyss and I lay there like a ragdoll and let him have his way. He was trying to hurt me. Getting no response from me, he became violent, slapping my face and punching my chest and stomach as he continued to try and fuck me hard. He became a mad man, squeezing my testicles until I screamed in horrific pain.

I saw the colonel through my watery eyes tower above Claus and grab his armpits to haul him off me. I saw the man drag the boy down off the bed to his knees and backhand his face several times. Blood shot out from Claus’ nose. Peter and Boris bravely intervened, holding the colonels arms to prevent further beating of Claus telling the man to calm down. He easily shoved them away, knowing better than to make another attempt to subdue the man, the two cowered in fear.

I jumped from the bed landing with my arms around the colonels neck, face to face I begged him to stop. He could very well have beaten me as well in his state of mind. Instead, he looked into my eyes and pulled me into an embrace, rocking me. As sure as the day I was born, I knew beyond a shadow of doubt that I WAS still the Nazi’s boy!


to be continued . . .

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