Chapter 5

The Fine Art of Seduction

By Rob Loveboy

Chapter Five

I knew it would happen, just not sure when. Doug wanted me to fuck Jarod. It was all he talked about spending the long weekend at the clubhouse. He was fucking me twice a day, even gave me a blowjob. I was in love with him all over again, he appeared to be the handsome, caring boy that I once knew well.

“You do want to fuck the kid, right?” asked Doug as he held my legs and slow fucked me. “You don’t seem overly keen on the idea.”

“I just think he’s too young, Dougy. I don’t want to hurt him.”

“He’s plenty old enough. You weren’t much older when Rick started fucking ya!” he reasoned. “He’s already turned out to be a pretty good little cock sucker.”

“How come you never get him to blow ya, too?” It was a question I had wanted to ask for a few days, but was afraid of riling him. Doug had a short fuse and the least little innocent thing could set him off.

“Because that’s what yer for after I watch the show. Got a problem with that?”

Exactly what I was scared of, his tone of voice became defensive, I had to settle him down. “No, Dougy. I love sucking yer cock and eating yer cum. I’m happy that I get to do that and not HIM!” I said with conviction.

“So now I want to watch you fuck his little ass and then cum in his mouth! –But if ya don’t want to please me . . .”

The guilt trip was laid. “I do WANT to please you, Dougy! Okay, I’ll fuck Jarod if it means that much to ya. I never said I didn’t want to, and if ya don’t think I’ll hurt him much, then why not? As ya said, I was taking Rick’s huge cock like a trooper near that age. –Jarod will learn to love it, too! Right?”

I swear that I could feel Doug’s erection twitch and thicken just a little more. He didn’t answer me, he didn’t have to, he fucked me into oblivion and fed me a grand load. I was quite used to sucking his dirty cock by then. Thanks to my mother’s suggestion, a high fiber diet kept me fairly clean and Doug from getting angry.

Sex with Rick and mom became almost non existent. Doug told me that he was all I needed to be satisfied. I never told my parents why I suddenly wanted to sleep in my own bed, Rick claimed it was a phase I was going through, however, the “phase” didn’t stop him from occasionally coming into my room late at night, I just never told Doug about it. Nor did Doug want me to jerk off, although I seldom ever did that anyway, I would do it in front of him, or sometimes he would treat me to a handjob while he fucked me.

When his mother decided that he could do his own laundry now on. Once a week, the one afternoon when his mom went to play cards with her friends, I would go over and do it, fold it and put it away for him. I cleaned his room, mowed and raked the lawn while he watched ‘Much Music’ on TV as loud as he wanted. I didn’t mind, after all, as he said, he didn’t get to kick-back and enjoy that stuff much like I did with my mother wrapped around my little finger. He deserved it.

That’s when we would have little Mikey join us for sex. I had visions of sucking off Mikey well into his teen years, eventually, him fucking me while I sucked his older brother. Doug loved his little bro, and Mikey idolized him in return. They would lay on the floor and play GI-Joe together, all the voice and sound effects of combat mouthed. It was cute.

At the onset, and incest not being a moral issue for me, I did make the mistake of asking Doug why he didn’t teach Mikey to suck his cock. After all, they shared a room together and if he was horny, –Doug went ballistic and beat me up. I had a black eye, a split lip, and multiple bruises on my upper body. What an idiot I had been. I deserved it. I told my parents that I got into a fight at school, no big deal. Rick was satisfied when I lied and told him other than being worse for the wear, I won! My mother nursed my wounds, no broken bones. The next day at school, Doug acted like nothing had happened, I even blew him in the bathroom at lunch time.

After school that fateful Tuesday after the long weekend, we had little Jarod naked in the clubhouse bent over the round pedestal table, the kind you see in restaurants and bars, a perfect height. I had taken it atop the same table many times, and that’s where Doug wanted it to happen and watch from the bed playing with his junk. I thought that he would at least help secure the kid, maybe muffle his screams that were sure to be deafening.

I had the advantage of surprise, Jarod didn’t have the foggiest idea of what was going to happen as I greased up my dick with margarine from the house refrigerator; Doug’s idea, we were out of baby oil and vaseline.

I spread his cheeks wide with the fingers of one hand until his pink puckered, chewed-bubblegum looking hole made my hard cock twitch and my heart pound in final anticipation of deflowering him, if not for the ultimate reason, –to please Doug!

Jarod howled like a wolf at the moon, his head reared back completing the analogy. I had gained a good two inches in seconds before he reacted and I wasn’t letting that advantage go to waste and plunged forward, retracting only a quarter inch and forge ahead to gain another inch or so while completely blacking out Jarod’s complaints. My attention was on Doug, who was all smiles, a thumbs up and a wink of the eye, playing with his beautiful cock that he promised to make love to me with after Jarod  had been taken; not giving him a blowjob as usual, an intimate coupling, maybe even a handjob and a kiss as he was so capable of at times when I was good.

Good was completely submissive, a subconscious roll of my eyes when I wasn’t quite up to his desires could set him off. One day I was sick at school, vomiting and diarrhea. I was sent home by the nurse,but before I could leave, he took me into the bathroom and fucked my already red-eye sore ass hole, and then came over after school to do it again.

The wonderful feeling of a pending orgasm just short of a few more pumps in the confines of Jarod’s colon, I pulled out, flipped him over like a ragdoll and forced by cock into his mouth. He seemed to welcome the reprieve from his bum only too happy to suck me dry. I looked over disappointed to see a fountain of ivory cum spewing from Doug’s cock. There would be no just reward for me.

Doug’s agenda next called for 9 year-old Jeremy to be molested, however that plan was thwarted when I happened past my bedroom to see Rick standing in front of my bed bare assed, his pants down to his knees. I couldn’t see Jeremy, but the small legs dangling from the edge of the bed between Rick’s legs left no doubt that Rick was getting a blowjob from the kid. I quietly retreated to the clubhouse and told Doug what I saw. He rose, went to the window and called out summoning Jarod who was playing with Tonka trucks in the back yard. The kid would suffice for Doug’s taste for voyeurism another day.

When  we were 14 and in grade eight we both made the middle school football team. One night while slow fucking me which always meant that Doug had something on his mind.

“Do you love me?” he asked out of the blue.

“I guess so, I dunno. You’re my best friend and all.”

“But you would do anything I asked, right?”

“Haven’t I so far?”

“I wanna see you blow me off in front of the whole team.” I felt his cock thicken a little as it always did when he was planning something horny for me to do.

“Wha? –You can’t be serious! I dunno bout that, Dougy.” I said apprehensively, “I don’t want everyone to know I suck your cock!

“Maybe even suck them off if anyone wants one. That would be so hot watching ya pull train on the whole team!” he said excitedly and commenced fucking me hard.

A month had gone by and he never mentioned it again. However, as fate would have it, the team got together for a piss-up in the woods one Friday night after a victory game and Doug made his move. He told the other 13 guys that I had lost a major bet with him and had to blow him as loser of the deal.

I fully expected that the macho guys would snub their noses at any guy sucking off another. Instead they seemed very interested in watching me humiliate myself when Doug stood before me sitting on a log and dropped his jeans.

“SUCK, SUCK, SUCK,” the team encouraged in a unified chanforming a  semicircle so everyone could see followed by catcalls, hoots and giggles as the bonfire illuminated the scene.

And suck I did, surprised at how turned on I was by it. My cock was straining my jeans begging for release. It wasn’t my imagination when at the corner of my eye I saw Tommy Jenkins’ trackpants jutting out. I wondered how many more of my teammates were turned on watching me make a spectacle of myself.

Doug made it very clear to the that he was cumming in my mouth with grunts and groans. I spiced it up with exaggerated slurping sounds and kept suckling him until he went soft. Seconds after I released him, he announced, “Actually the bet was for 15 blowjobs whenever I wanted to cash them in. I’m willing to share them with you guys if ya want and Robbie clean up his debt.”

I heard the distinct sound of snaps and zippers. Tommy was struggling with a knot in his draw string. Doug laughed and told them to slow down, that to be fair they would be serviced by team jersey numbers, the lowest,  07, was James Peterson, a fifteen year old who wasted no time stepping up to where Doug was and pulling down his jeans.

I had often seen my mates nude in the showers, I was getting a new perspective on their individual masculinity. They came in all shapes and sizes, the smallest was Peter Williams, another 15 year old who’s dick no longer or thicker than my middle finger. Others varied sized from smokies to ballpark franks and regular weinies.The largest was Tony Fontini, a fourteen year old Italian, that in every way resembled a plump Italian sausage right down to its curvature and those heavy golfballs produced one fuck of a load!

Early into being a team “player,” I had my own cock out and stroking it and somehow staving off orgasm until the last boy came in my mouth. I came all over Jimmy Miller’s left Adida runner, the pearly white gobs were highlighted atop his black shoe that Doug made me clean up with my tongue. Jimmy complained that now his other shoe didn’t match his left one, and without being told I obliged him with two equally polished shoes. My jaw ached and I was belching up the taste of cum long into the night.

I lost a few more bets to Doug over the following week until that ploy wore thin and wasn’t needed any longer. The showers after practise or the clubhouse had me on my knees, and not too long after, bent over the table with both orifices stuffed with boy meat. I was never shunned by my teammates, maybe a slight loss of respect. They knew they had a good thing going, why spoil it?

As it turned out, 14 year olds Timmy Oliver and Steven Marchuk didn’t have an issue with a little reciprocation when alone with me. Both gave great head and Timmy liked it up the ass as well. I separately introduced both teens to Rick who in turn introduced them to my mother. We had many orgies thereafter, neither Tim nor Steven knew about the other, not even Doug knew that I was fooling around with them behind his back.

Doug was fifteen when he got his first girlfriend, Callie. Doug was fucking her not two months later but she refused to blow him. Many times I smelt her pussy off his cock. Also, he still wanted his ass eaten out. However he no longer had use for my ass. They regularly fucked in the clubhouse that I was temporarily evicted from, later he would have me eat his jism from the condom. Two fingers scissored at the reservoir, I forced them and the goop up the rubber to where my tongue  awaited. Rick began to cut a hole in the end so that I could suck it out wasting little.

With 14 guys and Rick to service, I was giving 5 or 6 blowjobs a day, more on weekends. Eventually Doug and I drifted apart during first year senior high. Most of my ex-teammates still came around the clubhouse until the day they graduated.

Rick left my mom when I got too old for him and mom stopped minding kids. She never said  why, but I believe Rick was tasting the forbidden fruit a little too often for her liking. Last we heard he was living in the next town over shacked up with a woman and her nine year old son. I quit school in grade 11 and got a job at the factory to make ends meet. I became the man of the house in every sense of the phrase, I kept my mother safe and sexually satisfied. She had watched and felt her little boy grow into a man. They say that a cock doesn’t stop growing until around eighteen, and grow I did, tapping out the ruler at 8.5 inches, yes, mother did measure it once.

Mom was minding kids again after school and I got my homo appetite satisfied in the clubhouse with them. Occasionally I brought a guy home to bed but mother’s sharing days were over, I was enough for her and she never minded me playing around. I think she knew about the little boys too, but turned a blind eye.

The End

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