Chapter 4

The Fine Art of Seduction

By Rob Loveboy

Chapter Four

I woke up early as I always did, daylight seen in the small window of the loft. My cheek was against Doug’s shoulder, my stomach and chest against his back with my arm around his waist, the other arm numb with pins and needles under his side, but not wanting to disturb his slumber, I endured it. I then felt the arm around my chest, without looking, I knew it was Davey. He had found me at some time in his sleepy daze and staked his claim as I had done with Doug. How gay was that!

I had a strange sense that there was an entity missing to complete the foursome. I raised my head to scan the bed first, then the close confines of the clubhouse. The bathroom door was ajar and clearly vacant. Danny was nowhere to be seen. I craned my neck to look on the floor, his hightops were by the door where he shucked them and his pride and joy ‘501’ black jeans lay in a heap amongst the array of other garments that had been haphazardly discarded around the clubhouse floor.

I began to worry, wracking my brain to recall if he ever mentioned being a sleep-walker. I had a vision of him aimlessly walking the streets of the quiet neighbourhood in the nude, a destination only known in his dreamland psyche. Worry changed to panic and the need to look for him became overwhelming.

With the least amount of disruption I extracted myself from between Doug and Davey, muffling pain as I got out of bed and stepped on an empty beer can, one of many that littered the floor along with crumpled chip bags and chocolate bar wrappers. The eight scattered white socks would be a challenge to discern ownership of at some point later, I thought.

A peek up and down the deserted street, hiding my nudity behind a garbage can. I darted back up the driveway stopping at Rick’s Kenworth to check the door finding it locked. The inside of the house was quiet, No sign of a body in my bed, I made my way down the hall stopping for a piss at the bathroom. That’s when I heard the giggling coming from farther down the hall. Most kids would cringe at the thought of their parents fooling around, let alone tiptoeing to peek in their bedroom to see what they were up to.

I found Danny. He was on top of my mother. Rick had his hand between their legs to keep his little cock from slipping out of what must have been an abyss for him, even my own thicker cock barely spread the lips. Rick also had two fingers in Danny’s ass.

Rick noticed me standing in the doorway. “Hope ya don’t mind, but I borrowed Danny for a while. You guys were all passed out when I snuck up to see if you had scored. –Congratulations, by the way.”

“Are you going to come join us, honey?”

“Nah. I better be there when Doug and Davey wake up sober and start to have shame attacks regretting what they did. They’ll need some more liquid courage, so I’m taking a six-pack from the fridge, okay?”

“Sure. –There’s a bag of weed on the dresser if you want.” offered Rick.

Back to the clubhouse I went with the beer and weed and sat rolling a couple of joints while the guys slept. I lit one, cracked a beer and sat back admiring their bodies. Davey would start to fill out soon putting some meat on his bones, nonetheless, he also looked just fine the way he was. Doug was perfect in every way.

An energetic good morning blowjob may scare off those pesky guilt demons that I was sure would surface. It was one thing to have solo sex with me, he was okay with that, but his dignity might be tarnished at having two other guys witness him being less than masculine, even though those same other guys participated. You just had to know how Doug’s mind worked sometimes.

He was hard very quickly, probably a piss-woody. Doug woke with a startled, looked around confused while his mind sorted out where he was and why his cock was warm and wet. I reached down and retrieved the joint and lighter and passed them up to him. When he sat up against the wall I followed the short distance without ever losing momentum. Davey stirred from beside us, and when the cobwebs cleared, he rested his head on his hand and watched me blow Doug. Doug passed him the joint, Davey wasn’t used to smoking and coughed a bit, but otherwise he was soon toking reasonably well.

I felt like being a slut. Not only that, but having my friends use me in tandem, my own willingness to degrade myself could very well have a positive overall effect easing the demons. I tucked my knees under my belly and told Davey to grab the lube and fuck me.

It was my first time taking it both ways and incredibly erotic. I let my emotions go with ums and ahs and throaty purrs. I treated Doug to a wild, animalistic-like, wonton BJ with my lustful resolve also shown to his balls. My tongue could barely reach and graze where no guy should ever go if he wanted to maintain any self-respect. I didn’t care. I would have done anything imaginable to please Doug.


Later in our relationship, I was eating his hole regularly. He loved it! Once, I drank his piss down without spilling a drop, a kinky whim of his I obliged without scruples. I became his slut-boy ready to service anyplace, anytime. I got fucked in bathrooms at house parties where dozens of our friends were a closed door away. I gave him a hand job in a synagogue sitting through a friends bar mitzvah, and a blowjob in a movie theatre watching a matinee of ‘Blue Lagoon’ that had turned him on terribly.

One day he was babysitting his 2 year old baby brother and fucked me while I sucked the kid’s little dick, which, to my amazement, got hard! I didn’t mind that, after all, a cock is a cock, and I was turned on by it. We had several more three-ways with little Mikey. I even sat on his cocklet and fucked it once.

I drew the line when he asked me to blow his dog, but I did jerk off the German Shepherd all the way to orgasm. Yuck!


It wasn’t until after the sex that anyone noticed the absence of Danny. I decided to lay some of my cards on the table and told them that Danny was getting it on with Rick in my bedroom. Being extremely brave, I told them that I had been having sex with Rick since I was ten years old. No big deal, why wouldn’t a man like to fool around with the boys just like us. That put things into perspective once they thought about it, but Doug was aghast at the thought of having sex with an adult.

Davey was cool with it. A week later we accompanied Rick on an overnight layover haul. We sucked and fucked in a three-way, easy to get Davey involved, all I had to do was say the word. The next day back home, Davey lost the last of his two virginities to my mother. He was my puppet not unlike Doug who would pull my strings.

Doug refused any of my attempts to have him have sex with Rick. No overnight truck rides or ecstasy could entice him. It wasn’t that he disliked Rick, on the contrary, he liked the man very much, just wasn’t turned on by him.

Doug did have one weakness that could be exploited, girls. Doug suddenly had an eye for the fairer sex and that was all he would ever talk about, even when he and I were getting it on. I knew it was his way of dealing with the same sex issue. He had to convince himself that he was straight and would go into tirades about the virtues of girls to anyone that happened to be within earshot..

Weeks went by, then months. Still no budging on the Rick issue. Matter of fact, he began to refuse to have group sex with the guys, he would watch, or let someone else do him, but he would not reciprocate. On many occasions, he thought that Davey or Danny were in the house having sex with Rick, which they were, but he was never aware that they were also fucking my mother. He hadn’t earned that privilege by first having sex with Rick.

One night we had a late night bonfire and Rick had joined us offering a few joints. Doug was in one of his wishful womanizing moods telling Rick about certain girls at school that he was hot for and what he wanted to do with them. He and Doug stayed up while Danny, Davey and I went to bed to fool around.

Rick turned the tables and began telling Doug how good sex with a woman was and that he didn’t know what he was missing. Doug was all ears hearing of Rick’s conquests over the years. He expounded on the various smells and taste of pussy, the pleasurable tightness or disappointing looseness he had experienced.

“Take my wife for instance. She’s got a fairly tight one even after giving birth. –Ain’t she a looker, Doug? Pretty, petite, knows how to please her man. Her little titties are just right, a mouthful, –anymore than that is a waste. It’s the nipples that ya really care about. Long and perky to nibble on. Have ya ever noticed her tits, Doug?”

“Oh, yeah!” he exclaimed. “She’s a pretty woman, a knock out. You’re a lucky man, Rick.”

“I thought you weren’t into adults, Dougy?” he laughed.

“Just not guy adults!” he blushed, getting Rick’s little dig. “Older women are different, though, ya know, probably better fucks than school girls, I imagine.”

“Would ya like to fuck my wife, Doug? Ya know, –help me make love to her. She has the hots for you, she told me that.”

“Wha?” the boy said in shock, not believing his ears.

“I mean it, buddy. I’ll share her with ya under one condition.”

“What’s that?” the pumped lad asked with enthusiasm.

“When Janet and I have three-ways, anything goes, ya know, guy-girl, guy-guy. She gets really turned on watching me get fucked by another guy, or giving each other blowjobs.”

“I’m willing to that!” Doug became excited, “I’ve sucked cock! You know that already, I’m sure.”

“Nah, it wouldn’t be fair asking you to do something that you don’t want to do. You don’t dig older men, Doug.” Rick toyed with Doug’s libido.

“I – I – I just didn’t want the other guys knowing about it, ya know?” he blushed, “I think yer hot, Rick, really!”

“Then what are we waiting for? Let’s lose yer virginity tonight!”

And that’s all it took for Rick to get into Doug’s pants and have sex with the thirteen year old stud that his stepson was doing with rave reviews. My mother loved Doug’s almost man-sized cock, besides mine, of course. Doug also had no problem putting on a sex show with Rick, his own ass eventually broken into and enjoyed not only by Rick, but me, as well, when later I joined in the sessions.

At first, Doug was really weirded out that I fucked my own mother, but he grew used to the idea. We would come home for lunch several times a week and have sex with her. That’s when he became controlling of me, and I let him.

I firmly believe that he took his own submissiveness to Rick out on me. Doug knew well that my continued access to my mother was assured if he pleased Rick. It was almost laughable how he threw himself at the man that he loathed the thought of ever having sex with.

Our first family orgy with all parties concerned happened on my 14th birthday. I could tell that Doug was put out. Until that night, he was never aware that Davey and Danny were also doing my mom. He was inhibited doing Rick while the others looked on. Rick made him have sex with Davey and Danny; however, Danny became the official bottom boy lying beside mother and taking cock’s one after the other as she did. he preferred it that way, not much into pussy as it turned out.

When Doug started skipping classes in order to be alone with my mother, she cut him off. He didn’t want to share his piece of tail any longer, Doug had become selfish and then Rick inevitably cut him off completely. His nose was out of joint and I became his whipping boy. That’s when the indignities got worse.

At his house, whenever Doug asked, “How ‘bout a cucumber salad?” I knew that a large cucumber would be shoved up my ass, or I would sit on the handle of a toilet plunger stuck to the floor, or impale myself on it if he stuck it to the wall, but I always got to suck his cock while he was doing those things, a small price to pay to taste his delicious, sweet cum, my reward in the end –sometimes.

By then he had chased away Davey and Danny from the clubhouse. It was his domain after school to whip me, again, it was okay, because he would inevitably fuck me silly and when he told me to tell him how much I liked it, I did so from the bottom of my heart begging for more. Sometimes, nature just had it that his cock would be dirty. On those occasions he would pull out and make me suck it, my punishment for not being clean.

My mother had taken up minding two neighbourhood boys after school, 8 and nine. One day Doug asked me, –no, he told me, that I wanted to have sex with them seeing how much I enjoyed his little brother. The youngest, Jarod, was first. Doug lured him up to the clubhouse where we convinced him to take off his clothes, as we had done, and play ‘big-boy’ games with us.

When Jarod showed reluctance, Doug told him that he was a scaredy cat, after all, we were naked, no big deal! Not one liked to be called a scaredy cat, Jarod stripped off his things. Impressive because it wasn’t expected, his flaccid dick was the size of my pinky finger; it hung comfortably over his ball sac, its foreskin gave it a bullet shape. Then Doug told me to get it hard, I wanted to see that dick. My own cock was fully erect and the focus of Jarod’s attention. I got down on my knees and fondled him. Doug sat on the edge of the bed and stroked his hardening cock, another fascination of for Jarod smiling shyly at the opened legged display a few feet away.

I didn’t need to be told to use my mouth on the kid. Like Doug’s little brother, Jarod responded to the sensation. Incredibly, Jarod wasn’t all that smaller than Danny, I sucked him off, not because I had to, because I wanted to. His tiny balls were not impressive; two marble-sized orbs wrapped snugly in a pink sac close to his groin. Jarod was giggling, of course he wouldn’t be sexually inclined, he was simply humoured by the teenager with his dick in his mouth going ape shit over it.

Earlier, Doug had placed an ecstasy tablet in his piss slit and had me forge through his dense foreskin to retrieve it using only my tongue, no fingers to slide under the wafer thin sheath to get access to the treasure pill. That same buried treasure was beginning to take effect. The familiar warm, fuzzy feeling of brotherly love and horniness enveloped me. Jarod could have been any guy, young or old, sucking cock was all that mattered, where it was rooted didn’t mean a thing to me.

My neck hurt kneeling and straining down on the shorter boy was rectified when I simply sat with my legs stretched behind him and did him at face level. I used his ass as leverage to take him deeper, my nose pressed against his pubic bone.

I suppose I was having too much fun. Doug told me to get up off my ass and reached for Jarod placing the boy on the edge of the bed between his legs. He then told me to fuck Jarod’s face until I came in his mouth, my reward for a job well done, he said.

Jarod was reluctant to open his mouth to my cock pressed against his lips.. Doug pinched the boy’s nose telling him to open wide; it was his turn to play ‘hide the weenie.’ Jarod complied and I slid across his teeth to the back of his throat. I didn’t mean to choke him. I pulled out slightly until he caught his breath. Doug got impatient and told the boy to suck my cock. When he complied, I began to fuck his mouth, my hand on the back of his head prevented him from pulling away and Doug punching his back telling him to close his mouth and suck until the boy got it right.

Jarod was blowing snot bubbles trying to breathe as I pounded his mouth careful not to plunge to deep and choke him. I allowed him, or, nearer the truth, Doug allowed him to take a second or two to fill his lungs; however my cock never left his lips all the while, re-entry was gained with very little force after a while.

Doug began telling me how much Jarod was enjoying my cock, even getting the kid to acknowledge he like sucking cock. Doug told him that all little boy’s loved sucking teenager’s dicks and how lucky he was to have Robbie show him how. When I came, he gagged, my cum was running out his nose by the time I slowed and finally pulled out.

Doug looked at me and smiled, he waved his hard cock, a silent invitation to my just reward. In front of Jarod, who he told to watch and learn. I dropped to my knees and went down on Doug. I never kept my sexual activities a secret from Rick and mom. However, in bed with them that night, I never revealed that I had molested Jarod. Nor the next several days when the scenes were played out again over and over.

to be continued . . .

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