05-Duped by a pedophile ring


Surrogate Sexual Awakening

Chapter Five

Duped by a pedophile ring!

 Anton was miffed. He had believed one man’s word on the direction the military was taking. Was he being made a fool of? He sat thinking in his car a long time before the babysitter entered the garage asking if she could go home.

Damon was already asleep in Anton’s bed wearing his Spider Man jammies. He undressed and got into bed pulling the covers over him. His boy, feeling his presence, then snuggled up to him. Damon had had a bath that night, Anton could smell the Ivory Soap emanating off the cherub boy. His cock grew hard when his hand entered the boy’s bottoms feeling him ever so gently.

Damon stirred. “Papa?”

“Shush, little one… yes it’s me.” Anton pulled the rear of the boy’s PJ’s down to let his hard cock nestle in the crack of the warm cheeks. He began gently rocking, his dick started leaking profusely easing his glide between the warmth. “Did you miss me tonight?” he whispered.

“Yes, papa,”

Anton found his mark. He reached down and smeared his precum over his cock-head adding a little saliva to thin-out the natural lubricant and basted his shaft. He held Damon tight and pushed himself into the gateway of the tight confines. He threw a leg over the boy’s hip and drove deeper. Damon bit his lip trying not to cry or complain.

*  *  *

That evening, Boris relieved the night shift dorm supervisor of his duties. No longer needed, the man was charged with general base patrol. Word as to the internal structural change travelled quickly among the academy’s inhabitants. Axel spread the word to a few of his confidants who, in turn, spread the word to others. Many boys were gang raped that very night while Boris, and Axel and another boy spent the night together in Boris’ quarters.

*  *  *

Boris walked through the long hall of wall-less, semi private dorm rooms at 6am as usual. He was amazed at the sight of many boys bunked together sound asleep. One couple were in a sixty-nine, he silently moved on to let them be. He came across rooms with empty beds, happy that the units were mingling and not in constant animosity as the new military doctrine was subtly promoted. He would let the boys sleep an extra hour this morning.

Anton agreed with his subordinate’s decision. Reveille was sounded by the bugler at 7am. After the usual morning grumbling and the inevitable threats to the health and life of the poor bugler, the 120 boys lined up to be inspected.

“Men, you were granted a measure of freedom.” Anton said walking the line of cadets. “Freedom to do as you chose.” He had learned about the rape complaints from Boris through Axel.. “Many of you took it upon yourselves to abuse that freedom… letting your sexual urges be taken out on the younger, weaker cadets.”

“I want all those who were abused last night to step forward two paces.” As Anton suspected, not one boy did. He snickered, “I guess my information is wrong then.” Anton paused for a few moments waiting for possible cadet second-thoughts to surface and when none did, then ordered, “Dismissed… hit the showers!”

Anton told Boris to stay away from the showers. “I want them unsupervised from now on. Other than training; let nature take its course. Axel will report back to us.”

*  *  *

Axel was reporting progress, or lack of it in some cases, on a daily basis. Over the next few weeks Anton transferred four unit corporals and 10 privates to other academies. These transfers were all signed off by his dear friend, the General. Everything considered, the collateral damage was minimal, he mused.

He and Philippe also agreed to an exchange program. For two week stints, 20 cadets were rotated for “liaison training”. When the commanders presented the plan to the General, he thought it a marvelous idea based on the premise that cadets should learn interaction beyond the comfort zone of their own platoons. In explaining their plan, they had pointed out that it was essential that they prepare their cadets for later military life of sudden transfers that the military was well known for. His hidden agenda of course, was that cadets would learn that homosexual activity existed elsewhere, and Philippe’s more seasoned troops brought with them the culture already drilled into them. It was a perfect win win situation.  Philippe was a genius

*  *  *

As the plan matured among the cadets, Anton broke his own rule. One night he invited Boris and Axel to his home for dinner to celebrate their progress. According to Axel and Boris, ‘Operation Teutonic’ was moving forward very well and Anton was well satisfied that the plan had taken hold in so short a time. His son Damon had met Axel many times on the base and was ecstatic showing the visitor his room and video games which they played for hours.

The two men were on the second bottle of wine well after dinner and Anton had even allowed the boys to consume a glass or two each. The boys had retired back to Damon’s bedroom to play Xbox

Boris said, “Thank you for an enjoyable evening , Sir. I guess we should be getting back to base now.”

Anton stared the man down and asked, “You want to fuck my boy?… it’s okay with me.” He said. “After all, if I’m willing to sacrifice my cadets… I am also willing to sacrifice my own son in good faith.” he shockingly revealed, leaning into Boris’s face adding, “For the good of the cause, of course!”

Boris was dumbfounded. “Sir, I, I, don’t know what to say! I really don’t…”

Anton cut the man short. “I’ve seen you look at him when he visits the base, Boris.” Anton paused for effect. “And I see him look at you, too. Especially when you are naked in the locker room where you seem to spend a great deal of time chatting with him.”

“Sssir, I would never betray you in such a manner!” he stammered, insulted by the suggestion.

“You mean to tell me that you have not looked at my son with desire?” Anton laughed, “Don’t lie to me, Boris. I know you better than that!”

Boris was embarrassed, said, “Yes, I’ve always liked the boy from a distance though… but I can assure you that I would never take advantage of him, my Colonel!”

“My son will be entering the cadet academy in one year, Boris. –He already has an idea of a man’s body.”  Anton said without divulging too much personal information,  . “I want him fully groomed for the day he enters an academy; be it this one or any other.”

Nothing more needed to be said after Anton talked to his son in private. “Uncle Boris and Axel will be staying overnight.” he informed his son. At first, Damon was excited, logically concluding the his new older friend, Axel, would be sharing his room just like a few of his cousins had in the past. He was confused, and somewhat jealous, when he learned Axel would be sleeping in his father’s bed and Boris in his

*  *  *

As he slowly took off his uniform, Boris asked the boy about his models displayed on shelves around the room and the various airplanes hung at precarious angles from the ceiling as if they were in combat. Damon had long before stripped down to his ‘Spider Man’ underpants holding the man’s hand as he explained his menagerie with pride.

Damon was still rambling on about the intricacies of each model he had built when Boris stepped out of his underwear. His cock was half erect and certainly  noticed by the boy who was the cause of his excitement. The young officer had never had a boy that young –ten, going on eleven. The kid would be ripe for the picking in another couple of years by his standards or so he thought before having one handed to him for early grooming. Boris admired the commander’s willingness to include his own son in belief and support of ‘Operation Teutonic’.

*  *  *

Anton was already between Axel’s legs, his mouth and tongue exploring the boy’s genitals while his hands caressed the torso and chest. Axel was learning to love men, they were so much more into giving him pleasure than receiving it themselves. He loved their bigger cocks securely positioned up his bum over the the smaller poking ones that kept falling out. He even denied the small boys their pleasure in favor of the more well endowed older ones.

Since the freedom from adult supervision, Axel spent many nights in many beds; he also enjoyed threesomes, and even, foursomes. He especially liked the exchange cadets. THESE guys knew what they were doing. They weren’t a bunch of  amateurs fumbling about. They knew what to do and how to give a good facefuck or a thunderous ass pounding and they did it well. During their 14 day rotation, Axel had been bedding them all, sometimes in groups and sometimes one-on-one situations. There was no hiding in closets or sneaking around bathrooms; sex became a favorite pastime among the general populace of cadets. While some measure of decorum was maintained among the cadets, it was quite possible that at any given time in the later hours of the day and early evening one could walk into the latrine and see a cadet on his knees happily being facefucked.

Axel didn’t particularly like ratting out to the Colonel those boys who didn’t take advantage in one way or another. Some of the cadets liked their cocks sucked while others liked giving a blowjob. Some would jerkoff a partner and still others would experiment and get into a good fucking with an agreeable partner. The few that did not take advantage of the new program were soon revealed and transferred out to another academy by the Colonel. Axel, whose sexual appetite was being well satisfied by the new program felt a certain power, a control over his peers which he tried not to abuse. In short order he had earned the reputation as one not to be fucked with because he had the Colonel’s ear.

Anton, the man now laying between his legs, was soon spreading his cheeks. Axel loved men mostly for their lack of inhibitions about licking his ass. He loved it when Boris would do it for long periods of time before fucking him. He would definitely be begging Anton to fuck him before long

*  *  *

Boris was nervous. He didn’t even know what the Colonel meant about the boy already being familiar with a man’s body… unless… no, it was unthinkable. The Colonel would never… not his own son!

He often saw the boy staring at his manhood in the base locker room, as well as, some of the older cadets. Damon was free to roam the base at will and always managed to find his way into the shower area during the late afternoons. Most of the exhausted, physically worked boys ignored his presence and his gawking knowing that he was the Boss’ kid. No-one would dare approach him although a few of them wouldn’t have objected to having his lips wrapped around their swollen cocks

Standing on his bed, Damon was explaining a B-52 Bomber and telling Boris about how long it had taken him to build it to perfection. The pouch of his briefs were tight surrounding the expanding goods inside. Boris was rock-hard by then secreting heavily and somewhat intimidated, unsure of taking advantage of the boy, although he thought he had Anton’s blessing.

“That is the coolest airplane of all!” he said with enthusiasm. “Took me forever!” the proud boy exclaimed.

Boris moved toward the kid atop the bed and slid his underpants down his thighs and over his calves and ankles. He admired the boy and was rather impressed at the hairless sight hanging low. Damon had certainly inherited his father’s endowment, Boris could not wait to get his mouth around it and feel it come to full hardness. Fuck the kid’s age, he thought as he lowered himself to lick the boy’s balls, he had the genitals of a thirteen year-old that needed attention.

*  *  *

Anton now had Axel’s legs on his shoulders and he was pounding the boy’s delicious ass merciless. He was not being as gentle with Axel as he was with his son. He used to fuck his late wife hard and furious. She liked it and never complained just as Axel didn’t complain, although his face did show a little discomfort. Anton thought of the boy’s pompous old bastard of a grandfather and that was incentive enough to fuck him all the harder.

*  *  *

It was very obvious to Boris what was happening in the next room. The headboard of Anton’s double bed banged against the wall and he could hear young Axel crying out as Anton ravaged his ass. Damon was now laying between his legs willingly sucking cock. Not bad for his age, thought the young soldier as Damon’s lips moved slowly up and down his very hard cock. Daddy is certainly teaching  him well. There was no denying facts any longer; Anton was definitely having sex with his son.

Boris thought it cool. Father and son getting it on. He wished he had a son instead of a daughter. Sadly, he recalled  impregnating  a 16 year-old village girl when he was only seventeen. Both of them had been virgins until he emptied his balls into her receptive cunt. But, being a daddy at seventeen scared the hell out of him. After making his father privy to his indiscretion and receiving his parental consent, he left home to join the army,. Boris often thought about his daughter as he  lay awake at night in his bed. Maybe one day he would meet her and explain his cowardice.

Fucking the kid in his small race-car bed was exciting as hell. After having shot his first load down the kid’s throat and, now, with the boy’s ass raised atop several pillows, Boris slammed the kid’s ass with all the enthusiasm he heard Anton ravishing on Axel in the other room. The two headboards sounded an offbeat drumming of the common wall.

Damon’s bum was on fire. The man atop him had a much bigger cock than his father. Thankfully, he used a lubricant, nonetheless, entry had been difficult and painful. Through the wall, he could hear Axel’s faint murmurs begging his father for more. As Boris slammed home and filled his insides with his offering, he was determined that one day he, too, would learn to enjoy it as much Axel did.

Both Anton and Boris got a welcomed wake up blowjob the next morning, then showered together encouraging the boys to jerk each other off with their other hand wrapped around a man-cock. Damon was learning to be a real trooper and was all smiles jerking-off his daddy and the teenager. He even bent forward and took Boris’ cock in his mouth but for only a moment. The only reason he’d done it was to show off and be funny in front of Axel.

*  *

Back at base, cadets were being forced to their knees and face fucked –or bent over and taken anally. It was a simple case of the survival of the fittest where the weakest of the flock was used and abused as the natural order of things in the  animal kingdom.  It was a case of fuck or be fucked and many of the older boys just loved the opportunity of emptying their balls into any willing or unwilling mouth or ass. Not one complaint of abuse ever made its way to Anton’s desk. Boris and Axel became quite efficient and handled those long before issues got out of control and that their commander would hear about them.

Anton was taking young Axel home a few nights a week. Damon had a friend to play games with and Aton enjoyed both boys for games of his own design. His boy sucking another cock or being fucked by Axel was a huge turn on. Anton would sit back and watch the erotic scene while Damon sucked his cock. He started bringing other boys home that Axel arranged. There was no shortage in filling Anton’s growing appetite for boys and Damon, for his part, got to improve both his cocksucking and fucking skills

*  *  *

Then it began to happen. Anton never suspected as much and Philippe never mentioned it. High ranking officers suddenly began requesting his cadets “to help around the house” on weekends. He sent Axel first to confirm his suspicions that yard work had very little to do with the requests. Sure enough, the lad reported that he and another cadet, along with some young girls from an orphanage, were used sexually by at least twenty men over the course of the weekend. Military and civilian alike. Axel, for his first time, stuck his cock in a girl doggy-style admitting that had it not been for sucking a man at the time, whilst another fucked him, he would never have achieved erection.

“I much prefer a boy’s bum, Sir. She had been spread wide by many men before I was told to rape her. –But at least I can now say that I’m not a virgin anymore.” he laughed.

Anton believed in ‘Operation Teutonic’ and the original motive behind it. He believed in a strong, confident army, free of sexual frustration in the absence of women. He believed that in the end, it would lead to a reduction in rape of the enemy’s female population, and the reduction of syphilis and gonorrhea, so epidemic within the ranks, acquired from prostitutes. He once fought an internal battle to have condoms issued but had been rebuked by the powers-that-be on the basis of a lack of military funds. Ten years-ago when he was sergeant, he bought rubbers by the case-lot out of his own pocket and distributed them to those troops under his command during a peacekeeping mission that was anything but peaceful. Yes indeed, he believed in the Teutonic project with all his heart –but not the direction it was headed. He called his ally and friend, Philippe. The man who introduced him to ‘Operation Teutonic’.

“…they are testing you, Anton.” advised Phillipe.”They are judging you to see if you are a loyal member of the party willing to carry out the military and the Party agenda.”

The Party? Anton was naive and did not think politics had anything to do with the military. Besides, he was not a socialist member. He despised the governing body of his county but kept his mouth shut in order to protect his rank and his son’s future.

“…soon, more politicians will be asking favors of you, as well. –They will be indebted to you, Anton. Having allies in high places can only influence your career from now on!” Then he added, “I advise you to put a few rooms aside… some of the men have wives and families… your absolute discretion will be greatly appreciated, that, I can assure you!”

Anton realized the trap he had fallen into. He felt ashamed, disgusted. He became a ‘pimp’ of young boys to a widespread pedophile-ring of powerful men inside and outside of the military. Word had travelled fast, no thanks to Philippe. He was furious with himself at having been so easily duped. Limousines were picking up his cadets that he had put Boris in charge of while trying to wash his own hands of the scandalous affair. He knew full well that he was being somewhat hypocritical.

Anton felt the strong need to cover his own ass. It took all the courage he could muster and called General Walinski. The man may have not been privy to ‘Operation Teutonic’, nor was Anton going to apprise him of it. However, he may be useful in quelling the splintered goings-on of the plan unwittingly.

They met at a pub in the city center. The general, having a good idea that the well respected Anton had something of grave importance to relay, dismissed his personal body guards to linger elsewhere.

After Anton had relayed his sad news, the General turned ashen. He looked away from the bearer of bad news wishing he never heard a word. Anton reinforced his plea for help when he thought the man was seeking a way out of his responsibilities

“Your grandson, General… is also a victim in this web of criminal conspiracy, Sir!”

The man turned red. Sweat continuously poured off his bald head. He used a napkin to constantly wipe it away. In his anguish he stammered and stuttered, “Mmmy Axel?”

“I”m afraid so, General. That is why I called you immediately when I learned of the vile goings on. Your grandson had the guts to come to me and tell me what happened to him the weekend Senator Proski and others raped him and another boy.”

“Is Axel alright?” the man bolted upright with great concern.

“Yes, he and the other BOY are alright.” Anton loathed the man’s disregard of another victim and struggled to keep his cool. “I had the base doctor tend to their… injuries. Fortunately, boys are virtually invincible, General, you know that.” he laughed. “I suggest we immediately cease allowing government and military officials their free weekend labor privileges.”

“I cannot do that, Colonel. Surely not all the users of the program are abusing the boys. They are men of great influence, my dear Colonel… we would not be wanting to agitate them.”

Anton had expected that come-back. The program was popular and helped keep the academies in ongoing financing. Boys did chores for the elite… and other things as Anton learned.

“Sir, with all due respect, I believe the academies, –mine and one other that I know of– are being used as brothels! Sir, I strongly…”

“Colonel…” Wolenski interjected, “…certainly not all our dear supporters are pedophiles. Where is your proof? Certainly boys must have filed complaints of abuse… and I have seen nothing of the sort cross my desk.”

Anton got angry, his white knuckled fists on the table. “Or…” he continued, “maybe their commanding officers trashed those complaints? Shall I ignore your grandson’s complaint?”  asked Anton. He was furious at himself in not getting through to the General

The powerful man leaned over the table and said, “Keep my grandson out of the work-program from now on. Do you hear me, Colonel?” What the man said next infuriated Anton, “Seems the boy has been through enough trauma under your care and control.” The General said accusingly and rose, immediately his security entourage flocked to his side. Without shaking Anton’s hand, he bade Anton a good evening with a nod and exited the pub.

Anton sat stupefied. The old man knew exactly what was going on in the name of academy fundings and he was well aware of the elite political purse-holders stake in it. He laughed aloud; bar patrons looked at him strangely. Anton raised his beer mug in the air and made a  toast to the patrons. “Cheers to the morals of our fine government and its military!” He laughed all over again.

Anton had the old bastard over a barrel and by the balls. If anything surfaced he could, and would, offer up the old general as a sacrificial lamb. He knew the Party and the Military hierarchy would crucify the General rather than allow any information on the objectives of ‘Operation Teutonic’ to leak out. He took the mini recorder from his breast pocket and turned it off. He had this  conversation recorded for prosperity sake. He downed the rest of his beer and got up to leave

As he exited the pub, he called Boris on his cell and arranged a pizza party of as many of the cadets as Boris could gather for the most spectacular orgy the military had ever seen! And when it was all over, he would take Axel and a few others home for his and his son’s private weekend enjoyment.

Epilogue: Anton continued to promote ‘Operation Teutonic’ if for the only reason that his cadets go forward with open minds. He not only refused to set aside rooms for quickies, he refused to cooperate in the weekend labor program. The tiny cassette tapes in his bank-vault safety-deposit box ensured his immunity from a kangaroo military court should he ever need it! He smiled in self-satisfaction.

The End

to be continued …

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