Power of a BJ


What Men Want

By Rob Loveboy

(copyrights reserved)

Chapter Two:

The power of the almighty blowjob!

Uncle Jim should have been more careful what he planted in my brain. Monday, at school I offered my gym teacher a blowjob turned on seeing his cock flop around in his tight shorts that I thought his looks at me indicated he would like that. Mr. Adams looked at me strangely.

After class, he pulled into his office, sat me down as he sat on the corner of his desk and asked, “Where did you hear such terms, Bobby?”

I remembered the secret pact I had with Uncle Jim and said, “Around.”

“Do you know what that word means, Bobby?” he asked, his hand fondling his basket.

“Yes, sir. Boy’s do that for men they like.” The words came out of my innocent mouth.

“And you like me that much?” he asked

“Yes, sir… I guess.”

Mr. Adams got up and closed the door. I noticed his erection on the left side of his shorts. He then stood in front of my chair, lowered his shorts. His cock sprung free. Smaller than Uncle Jim, I didn’t know about foreskins, his purple head peaked in and out what I thought looked like a turtle. He had a thick bush of blond curly hair that matched his head, his balls hung lower than Jim’s and were matted in a golden fleece where Jim’s were smooth and hairless.

I didn’t need an invitation and reached for his cock fascinated by the skin that so easily glided back and forth in my hand. I fondled his hairy sack, leaned ahead and took him in my mouth. The taste and texture was very different, but not unpleasant. I jerked and mouthed him amazed at how easily everything flowed over his boner. Smaller than Jim, I could get most of it in my mouth without choking.

“Jesus fucking Christ, kid… who ever taught you how to suck cock…” he never finished with the question and nor would I have revealed my secret. He then asked, “You take it up the bum?”

I didn’t tell him that it was only three times the past weekend. It still hurt a lot. However, I knew it was a man’s prerogative to fuck a boy and replied, “Yes, sir… you can fuck me if you want.”

“How about we leave that for another time.” and began to fuck my face.

Mr. Adams’ cum tasted very different to Uncle Jim’s. His was sweeter, tangy, nonetheless as creamy and plentiful. I had to wonder if all men’s baby-makers had a distinct flavour of their own.

Mr. Adams was quick to pull up his shorts, wrote me a late excuse note for my teacher, Mrs. Appleton, fluffed my hair and smiled, saying, “I live just around the corner, maybe you can come to my house tomorrow?”

*  *  *

Uncle Jim was frantic when I told him that night. “For Christ sake, Bobby, you can’t be going around offering blowjobs to just any man!” He slapped the back of my head.”Next time you ask me first!” he screamed, the added, “Do you not realize how close you may have come to sending me to prison?”

I did not know that and started to cry. Jim hugged me. “Buddy, yer my boy-toy… I own you now, you don’t need another man besides me. I love you… Mr. Adams doesn’t! He will fuck you, not make love to you like I do!”

That night I was ostracized and spent the night alone in my own bed. I felt terrible Jim showed up later and fucked me hard and rough. I was like a ragdoll, fucked in every position. I told him I loved it and begged him for more. My racing-car bed collapsed under the strain. His cock was poopy, but I took it and sucked the cum from the depth of his balls. Still, he left me alone to dwell on the errors of my ways. I cried myself to sleep in my dilapidated bed, another reason to cry, I loved that bed I begged for Christmas last.

I woke up early and went to his room. He was lying on his side, his cock hard to reach with my mouth. Suddenly he rolled over on his back. When I felt his hand stroking my head welcoming me, I made an assertive effort to take him down my throat, his pubes tickling my nostrils. It was what he always wanted but I had difficulty performing. Very slowly and carefully I bobbed my head over the entire length, even a tongue swirl over his fat crown that he always liked. Down I went time and again fighting my gag reflexes.

I heard Jim mutter calling me a slut, and then he said, “My slut, no one else’s –got it?”

Jim knew that I was struggling, and said, “Just suck it like you normally do, buddy. no need for acrobatics to please me.”

Relieved, I gave another blockbuster blowjob and Jim was soon filling my mouth. After he cuddled me tight until we had to get up for breakfast. He drove me to school, hugged me and said, “I want you to go home with your gym teacher after school. Having a teacher in the palm of our hand can always be useful at some point.”

I had no idea what Jim meant by that and didn’t ask. I was more baffled by his sudden change of mind concerning Mr. Adams after he had been so angry about it. Uncle Jim gave me a kiss on the forehead and drove off.

I heard a familiar voice. “That your father?” Mr. Adams asked. He must saw me get out of Jim’s car and get a kiss.

“Hi Mr. Adams!” I greeted, “No, that’s my uncle… well not really an uncle but that’s what I call him. He lives at our house.”

Mr. Adams got down on one knee to face me and asked, “So… are you coming to my house after school? I have some pretty cool video games I think you’ll like. And my sons, Danny, he’s fourteen, and David is 13. Both are really good at games.” he relayed, then whispered in my ear, “And you’ll like their cocks, too!”

Cool, I thought. Just like Uncle Jim said about fathers and sons. Mr. Adams gave me his address and made me repeat it, I already knew the street, it was the one with the McDonald’s on it. Just before I rang the bell, Mr. Adams was pulling into the driveway.

He led me into the house and yelled out, “Danny, David… I have a present for you!”

Both boys came running down the stairs and stopped dead in their tracts. The eldest asked, “Who’s this little cutie?”

Mr. Adams replied, “A new fuck buddy for us. His name is Bobby, he’s eight.”

“Almost nine!” I qualified.

“The other kid said, “Fuck… he sure is young, dad. Most of the kids you bring home from school are eleven or twelve!

“Are you complaining?”

“Hell no! I always wanted to rape a little kid.” Danny said.

“Sweet!” said David, then asked, “Is he a virgin?”

“Nope.” I answered. “Lost my cherry to my… to a man already.”

“Why don’t you guys take Bobby upstairs and show him your war-zone room? I’m going to have a shower and then we’ll have a little orgy with him in my bed.”

The boy’s room was really cool. Superhero posters hung everywhere, even on the ceiling. Dirty clothes and dishes littered the floor. The double bed they shared was unmade. My mother would have a fit if I was that messy. I couldn’t help but notice a bottle of lubricant the same as Jim bought lying on its side on the nightstand.

A television hung in a corner suspended by chains and a stereo system on a shelf with the speakers mounted in every corner. Sitting on the floor, David showed me a video game played on the internet; the monitor was larger than Uncle Jim had in the den. I wished that I lived there and had them for brothers.

Danny pulled my white school shirt tucked in my trousers and caressed my bare back as I played. His hand then slid under the waistband and a finger lightly rubbed up and down the base of my crack. It felt exciting. Moments later, he used his other hand to unbutton my shirt. Locating my tiny nipples, he pinched each one rather painfully. Uncle Jim nibbled on them once and showed me how they became perky. Danny had made them perky and I felt aroused when he stopped pinching and just ran his hand over them.

Mr. Adams entered the boys’ room, stopped and joked, “I’m not going any further into this place… don’t know what diseases a guy could catch!” Danny and David groaned, probably used to hearing it.

I admired his muscular body seen completely naked for the first time. I had certainly seen his cock erect, however, flaccid, the foreskin amused me all the more, his bulb was completely hidden inside at least two-inches that tapered into bullet shape. His balls hung lower by several inches, so did Uncle Jim’s nuts when he was soft.

Mr. Adams looked at his eldest son and snickered, “Looks like you couldn’t wait to start undressing him. –C’mon guys… let’s finish peeling the wrapper from our new candy-boy!”

Danny and David each lifted me to my feet by the armpits and we followed the plump white cheeks down the hall to his bedroom. I was quite nervous as David and Danny took off my clothes as they removed their own, Mr. Adams jerked off watching, his back against the headboard as the three of us fondled and groped one another to erection. For dad’s viewing pleasure, we then stood on the bed exploring.

Like their father, both were uncut. David’s cock was longer and thicker than his slightly older brother. I thought of them as a ball-park smokie, and Danny, a regular Oscar-Mayer weiner. Both had dark-brown pubic hair arching the groin area above the base of their cock, Danny thick, David wispy that I might have been able to count close-up.

I couldn’t wait for the day I would have my own… and make sperm. I had to wonder why not only Uncle Jim, now father and sons were at all interested in wanting sex with me when they could surely find an older boy to play with.

Danny got on his knees and took me in his mouth, David behind rubbing his cock along my crack. He asked his father, “You wanna fuck him first dad?”

“Maybe later, I brought him home for you guys to play with.” He then tossed a bottle of lube to his youngest son. “Besides, I got a blowjob from him in my office yesterday… I’ll suck your cum out of his ass after both of you fuck him.”

Danny had moved between his father’s legs to suck his cock, I hugged the bedpost for support as David entered me. Still, it was painful on entry, but not as much as Jim’s bigger cock. Somehow, I was still erect; David discovered it and masturbated me. I began to enjoy the sensations; my body tingled from head to toe exactly as Jim described the onset of orgasm. I prayed it would happen… what Jim said would be dry orgasms at first, spasms trying to make my balls produce semen that didn’t exist yet, maybe the urge to pee… that’s exactly what I did to my embarrassment.

David let go of my cock and shouted, “He’s pissing, Daddy!

“Mr Adams laughed aloud, “You did the same thing in my mouth when you were nine… remember?”

“Shut up… you told me to piss in your mouth!”

Danny briefly removed his father’s cock from his mouth and said, “Ya did so, David… dad thought you were having an orgasm and told you to let it rip!”

David shrugged, “Whatever!” and commenced to fuck me harder.

Clearly, David was in orgasm. His cock pulsed in my bum, he gasped and swore like a sailor. He collapsed on the bed leaving me hugging the bedpost with a void in my bum.

Danny was next, however, he lay me down between his dads legs. The position was much more comfortable and I certainly didn’t mind sucking the man’s cock again.

David got out of bed and asked, “Anybody for popcorn? –I’m going to make some.”

I paused a moment, enthusiastic in saying, “I do… I love popcorn!” Everyone laughed.

Danny  had finished with me before David returned true to his word with a large bowl of Jiffy Pop hot out of the microwave. Mr. Adams had me sit on his cock, a first for me being in control. After his sons’ used me, the larger cock slid into me easily until I was sitting firmly on his groin and munching popcorn, Danny and David laughing their heads off, Mr Adams smirked at me and said, “Take your time, buddy, no rush… I’m on Viagra,” The apparent joke lost on me.

The boys ate popcorn while I rode their father like a horse. Another pun was David placing a cowboy hat on my head. In the end, it was me that was rolled over ridden hard and put away wet. The boys lifted and held me as their dad licked and sucked my bum.

*  *  *

I often visited the Adams home. Even began to spend weekends having sex with neighbourhood teens and Mr. Adams men-friends. My week nights were still spent in Uncle Jim’s bed until my mother walked in on me giving him a blowjob. Jim couldn’t talk his way out of that with mom, although he did try saying he was asleep and woke up with me between his legs exactly when she walked in and as shocked as she was.

Little did she know, I was having sex with most of her boyfriends over the years purposely waiting for their inevitable visit to the bathroom after fucking my mother who detested sucking cock. I learned very quickly that most men would allow anyone to blow them; I even got fucked over the bathroom vanity by a few of them.

I also finally realized what Jim was alluding to about having a teacher in the palm of my hand. I had a knack for seducing men… even married ones, mastering the knowledge of how laughably vulnerable their weakness is when you know how to push the right buttons!

The end

The End

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