What Men Want

By Rob Loveboy


Copyrights reserved

Chapter One:

Learning to suck man cock!

I was eight, almost nine years-old when I learned the facts of life. Seemed every other kid in the schoolyard knew the mysteries of life except me. That night at the dinner table I blurted out, “What is fucking and how does that make babies?”

My mother was appalled. Uncle Jim looked at her and said, “I think it’s time for the talk, Janet.”

“Well, yer the man of the house… teach him!”

Uncle Jim wasn’t really an uncle, he had been a boarder in our house for as long as I could remember. Forty-three years-old what my mom often referred to him as, “A career bachelor.”

“And am I supposed to give him the watered down theory –or the hands on, practical guy version my uncle taught me?” he laughed.

“Keep your hands off him, Jimmy. He’s not old enough for that lesson yet!” she snickered.

I retorted not having a clue what the adults were inferring, “I am too, mom. I’m not a baby anymore!”

Mom laughed, however I noticed Uncle Jim didn’t. Something about the way he looked at me suggested I shut my mouth.

Mom worked nights at a bar, 6pm until 2am. I was snuggled under Uncle Jim’s arm as usual watching television when he said, “I think you’re old enough to learn stuff, too, Bobby. –Only if you can keep it a secret from mom.”

I saw his hand rubbing the crotch of his grey sweat-pants that he wore most nights. Something was different about the appearance, not that I ever really looked down there, but I had noticed a bulge in the past knowing it was his man stuff. The flannel material was stretched almost to his waistband at a 45 degree angle; a wet spot was darkening the material where the length ended, an area that Uncle Jim rubbed with two fingers.

I looked him in the eye and said a tad insulted. “I can keep a secret!” I was a little confused and asked, “Anyway, fucking and babies is no secret… the older boys at school talk about it all the time.”

“No, that’s not a secret, sport. I will tell you all about that, too. –I want to show you what older boys and men do for fun together… but it’s a very big secret, sport!”

“Ten fingers up to God… swear I won’t tell anyone!” I had no idea what he meant, but I was intrigued to learn the dark secret.

Uncle Jim opened the draw-string of his pants, lifted his bum and pulled them down to his knees. My eyes were wide as saucers at the shocking sight. It was huge! The pink pee-slit very wide and was leaking. I got boners every morning having to pee badly. It was gooey, hanging in a thin string down to the curly black hairs. I knew then that it wasn’t pee.

His testicles were big, his hand rolling them around. He said, “You can touch me if you want, Bobby.” And boy, did I want to! I wrapped my left hand around the warm shaft and my right weighed his balls. “You like?” he asked.

“Yes!” What else could I say, I was in awe.

“I knew you would… I’m going to teach you what to do with it, but first, I want you to take your clothes off.”

I wasn’t sure that I wanted to do that, he saw my hesitation.

“Okay. Maybe I was wrong… you aren’t old enough to learn about sex.” He stood to pull up his pants; his cock looked even bigger from that angle.

“Okay… yes… I am old enough!”

“Then take yer fucking clothes off… or I will!” he said sternly and sat down.

I stood and slowly removed my shirt, socks and jeans. Standing in Scooby-Doo underpants with my thumbs hooked in the waistband, Uncle Jim was rubbing his cock hard staring at my crotch waiting. Down they went and I stepped out of them. He reached and took my penis in his hand. “Nice!” he said with a smile, “Very nice, Bobby… bigger than I thought you would be!”

Some reason, I took pride in that. I recalled my mother once saying that I was going to be hung like my father one day. “Hopefully you’ll be a nicer man than he was.” I never knew my dad, but anytime his name came up; my mom never had anything nice to say about him.

Uncle Jim’s touch felt nice although I was frightened. I sat down beside him and he taught me about masturbation and how I would be doing lots of that over the years. He told me to lie on the sofa and do it once I got an erection, thanks to his touch. He then knelt between my legs and did the same to himself.

“Watch, Bobby!” he suddenly said as cobs of white stuff spewed over my chest and tummy.

I was truly amazed. “Cool!” The stuff that made babies then explained in detail and of course, the vagina that he simplified saying it was like another bum hole. I asked when I will be making sperm, Uncle Jim telling me to practice. He also explained an orgasm and the great feeling it was once reached.

I learned a great deal that night, Uncle Jim promising me more sexual education, complimenting me on being such a good student and another warning to never tell anyone. He said I was ready for to have actual sex in his bed where I would learn what men and boys did in private.

Rather than my nightly bath, Uncle Jim told me I was getting too old for that and we showered together. He also said that I was too old for pyjamas, and to sleep naked… and be sure to practise jerking off!

I awoke during the night needing to pee and ran into my mother in the hallway.  “Why are you naked, Bobby?”

“Dah! Only little kids wear jammies, mom.”

   Unconcerned about being naked, I made my way past her into the bathroom and went back to bed and jerked off… Uncle Jim’s nice cock squirting over me on my mind.

I couldn’t wait for mom to go to work the next night. Jim… told I was too old to call him Uncle Jim any longer, led me by the hand into his bedroom. He knelt before me and took my clothes off. He licked my neck, armpits and then my nipples and belly-button. Jim took off my socks and sucked my toes. All the while telling me how beautiful I was. I was a little weirded out by it, and when he took my penis in his mouth I was really spooked out.

He stood and undressed and placed my hand on his big cock. Tonight’s lesson was mutual hand jobs and oral sex. When he sat on my chest and placed his drooling head at my lips, I puckered up.

Jim was not pleased. “Open your fucking mouth and suck my cock like I showed you, Bobby.” He had in fact shown me, it felt awesome once I got used to the idea that people did such disgusting things, but I wasn’t really keen on giving him a “blowjob,” –as I learned it was called.

I knew Jim was not going to let me off that easy. His hand at the back of my head lifting it to my mouth, I opened and let him invade several inches of cock. He wrapped my hand around the base and told me to masturbate him while I sucked up and down the shaft.

“Oh fuck, yeah, Bobby! You got it, buddy… yer a great cock sucker!”

Once again, I wasn’t so sure why I was proud. Jim rolled off me onto his back and instructed me to get between his legs and carry on. When I had to pause for air, he said I was to lick his balls, then to suck one into my mouth and roll my tongue around it. I was getting the routine down very well. My jaw ached after a long while.

Jim yelled, “I’m gonna cum now; buddy… jerk and suck me harder!”

His hands gently held my head, his cock seemed to get a little thicker and twitched, then I tasted the semen. Snot like in texture, the taste was bitter and salty, but not as bad as I expected. The aftertaste was kinda gross until I brushed my teeth and we showered together. He became hard again, stooped and took it once again.

“Good boy, Bobby! You are now my personal cock sucker.” The water started to turn cold and he took me back to his bed to finish him off. He then asked, “You love giving be blowjobs, right, Bobby?”

I wasn’t really sure about that, but told him what he wanted to hear. “Yes. Jim.”

“Yes, Jim, what?”

“I love giving you blowjobs!” I replied with more enthusiasm.

He grinned, fluffed my hair, and said, “I know you do, sport. And I love ya even more now.”

“I love you, too.” He cuddled me and I felt so safe in his arms. We fell asleep.

We were awoken by the ceiling light, my mother stood at the door and told me to go to my own room.

Jim said, “Janet… it’s not what you think.” as I pulled the covers back exposing our nudity. She was horrified and ran to the kitchen crying.

I went to my room and heard her and Uncle Jim. “Janet, we’re both boys! He had a nightmare and came to my room… what the hell do you think I should have done?”

“Men don’t sleep naked with little boys, Jim!”

“I’m sorry, what else was I supposed to do… he came into my bed!”

“He showers with you, too!”

“I go to the YMCA three times a week and shower with lots of boys! –What the fuck is your point?”

“Did you also tell him that big boys sleep naked?”

“He saw me one night… yes, I told him that I slept in the nude… most guys do. He’s simply copying me. He needs a male role model now. Can’t you see that, Janet?”

“I’m sorry, Jim.  I really am. I appreciate what you’ve done for him over the years… I guess maybe I was out of line.”

“So if he feels like coming into my bed for a show of love and a cuddle… you won’t be angry again?”

Jim had set the stage for me to be in his bed every night from then on. Morning blowjobs became routine, he didn’t even have to ask. He sucked me most nights as well, introducing a finger into my bum that I got used to.

“Who’s my whore boy?” he would ask.

“Me!” I would answer and laugh. I had no idea what a whore was, but if Uncle Jim said I was his, then so be it.

He began licking my bum during our nightly sex play. At first I thought it gross, then it felt good… really good! He would do that a very long time the same time he gave me blowjobs. I would hold my legs spread wide.

“One day when you are older, I will make love to you… because you do love me, right?”


“I’m going to put my cock in your bum and fuck ya.” He reached under the bed and brought out a long thing shaped like a penis. Bigger than mine but smaller than his, he explained that it was for training my bum and that I wear it to school to stretch my rectum. I cringed when he inserted into me. “When you feel it in your bum all day you will think of my cock fucking you like a big boy one day.”

That day came one Friday night. I gave him a blowjob on the sofa in the den while he watched a porno over the internet. Boys younger than me were being made love to by men… none looking very pleased about it. I tried to be brave however, the pain was excruciating. Uncle Jim placed his leather wallet in my mouth to bite down on. My head banged the wall repeatedly and his fingers dug painfully into my hips. Thrust, then another, then another, I felt him going deeper into my gullet.

“You’re doing great, Bobby!” he encouraged “Just relax, you know I love you and how bad I’ve wanted us to make love. You do love me… right?”

“Yes.” I gasped on the verge of tears.

“Then you will let me fuck you… if you really love me. okay?”

“Okay.” I whined.

“No, Bobby. I want to hear you say that you want me to fuck you. I need you to say that you want my nice cock up your bum.”

“It just hurts a bit… yes; I want your cock up my bum… really!” I lied.

“That’s my boy!” he said, “Yer going to learn to love getting fucked… it will get easier, trust me.”

Another thrust, it got deeper. Suddenly I didn’t feel anything but a numbness, his wiry pubic hair firm against my cheeks. He rested, reassured me again, then commenced short, powerful pokes that got shallower picking up his pace falling out a few times and ramming it back in.

“I’m almost there, kiddo. When I pull out I want you to turn over and get ready to take my load, okay?”

Gladly, I thought. I just wanted it to end. “Okay.” Not too keen on taking his cock in my mouth considering where it was coming out of.

His breathing intensified as did his thrusts into me, finally he pulled out and I rolled over having his large frame crawled over me and jerked off in my open mouth. I thought I was getting off lucky until he told me to suck every drop from him.

I learned what a virgin was and that I was no longer one. He told me to thank him for being the one to open me. –I did. We showered and went to his bed where I got a blowjob, his wet tongue soothing on my sore bum. I was giving him a blowjob when we heard my mother come home from work. However, she wasn’t alone and went directly to her bedroom without checking in on us.

Jim whispered, “Yer mom’s probably doing the same thing you are to some guy from the bar… carry on.”

I happened to come across the man. He was young, perhaps 18 or nineteen. Naked, as I was, we met in the bathroom.

“Hey, squirt!” he said friendly like. The nightlight was enough to see his body, his cock was semi-hard –by that time I had learned the states of male arousal. He went directly to the sink to wash it while I peed. Like two ships passing in the night, I never saw him again.

When I told Jim about it in the morning, he laughed, saying, “You should have asked him if he wanted a blowjob… yer mom once told me she doesn’t like to suck cock and yer a pro at it!”

to be continued …

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  1. hey that sounds like Mark a nine yr old blond boy i met in the 80s when i was in my mid 20s.he started when he was 7yr with a 13 year old.i humped him on our first meet,and for the next 6yrs after that.even had a few 3somes when he was 14 with another blond Alan 14 yr old, who looked more like an 11yr old.theAlan started when he was nine with a friend of his dads.he was once raped when he was 12, in some bushes on a school playing field by 3 men.they all made love to him.he said one of them had a 9” and had him twice.he said the other two where quite big as well.

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