4-Threat of Blackmail


Hypocrites with Power

By Rob Loveboy

Edits by James FitzHugh


Len Homber

(all copyrights reserved)


Chapter Four

The Threat of Blackmail

It was far too late to warn Mike to keep everything under wraps. He printed off an 8×10 of his best shot of the governor getting and giving a blowjob engaging with a juvenile male. He drove to the mansion, had no problem getting through security late that night, he had to replace a sensor near the mansion’s front door, or so he claimed. 

Mike was pleased to see there were no vehicles in the driveway other than the governor’s Mercedes, assuring Mike that the man was still in residence. He was scared to death; he’d rehearsed what he was going to say over and over again until he thought he knew his speech by heart. 

The butler answered the door. He didn’t expect that the staff had returned so soon after the governors guests had left. Mike showed his credentials with a shaking hand and said he needed to speak with the governor on an urgent security matter without delay. The butler led him to the same parlor where men had been earlier seen abusing young boys. He waited a good fifteen minutes before the handsome, distinguished looking man walked in wearing a long satin robe and slippers, his hair wet from an obvious shower. 

The governor shook Mike’s hand; his cold steely blue eyes took Mike off guard sending a chill up and down his spine. The man reeked power in every sense of the word. 

“You’ve come to tell me about a security issue I understand?” the governor said with concern. “I usually deal with Dick Holmes on such matters.” Dick Holmes was the owner of the security firm who personally looked after high-profile accounts.

“Yes … bu … but you and I have per … personal matters to discuss.” Mike felt like a fool for stuttering his words, his confident demeanor was shattered. Deciding to shut up, he handed the man the large manila envelope.

The governor looked confused, almost irritated, He opened the envelope and took out the two photographs and turned deathly white. “Where did you get these.” he demanded rather calmly. The folds of his robe had opened slightly exposing just a glimpse of his genitals. Mike thought it ironic.

“I have plenty more, Roberts.” Mike said confidently feeling a sudden sense of empowerment. “I suggest you contact your pervert friends and have another meeting … this time without the boys from St. Vladimir’s Orphanage to play with. The tables have turned, governor, now you’re getting fucked up the ass and not little boys.” Mike loved that line, he was proud of himself for the ad-lib comment.

“What do you want?” Roberts asked, the calmness in his voice unsettled Mike once again.

“A Million dollars … between all of you, that shouldn’t take long to gather. My accomplice has cell phone video as well if you need more proof.” Mike regretted giving that piece of evidence away and sounding so ‘cloak and dagger’ mentioning an “accomplice.”

Mike rose and said, “I’ll be in touch.” and let himself out of the mansion. Every nerve in his body tingled and the fine hairs on the back of his neck stood up as he got into his car and drove off just a little proud of himself that he pulled it off thus far.

*  *  *

Governor Roberts was on the phone in no time. “Peter, it’s me, Jacob. I need to see you immediately … yes, tonight you buffoon! Drop off the kid you’re probably fucking from St. Vladimir’s and get over here!”

Sixty-five year-old Peter Wilson was the governor’s chief of security and if the ever demanding governor meant business, it was then. The two twelve year-old boys would have to wait for another time … well, maybe he would take a few minutes more and cum in the blonde’s mouth who was blowing him. That way, at least the evening wouldn’t be a total loss.

Peter was a retired Secret Service Agent on the presidential protection detail until he left the service and was hired by the governor under contract the very next week. Peter went everywhere with his boss even though the man was protected by government agents while he was out of town.

Peter once walked in on the governor laying naked with a boy of about thirteen between his legs and blowing him in a posh hotel room in Las Vegas. Both men fucked the boy silly that night and a close bond was formed with the two men  knowing each other’s fetish. They would share many more boys over the years.

After the governor detailed his meeting with the extortionist, Peter went to work. It wasn’t hard to track the man down, the security gate records showed Mike Wilson of the Executive Protection Agency arrived at 8:21 pm for the purpose of changing a motion sensor in zone five, the front of the mansion. The gate guard, Walter Jones, recalled an earlier radio conversation of supervisor Mike summoning an officer Sam Melrose for some reason.

“I thought it odd because no one leaves their post for any reason unless Mike relieves the guard for a break.” the gate-guard divulged sensing something serious was afloat and he wanted it on record as being most cooperative. “They’re best friends, have been since kids, I guess. They both live in the east village area.”

Peter had no problem tracking down the addresses of the two men; he was still well-connected with the agency. He even had IRS information faxed to his apartment that very early morning hour of 3:30 AM. Bank statements would follow later when the banks opened for business. Not much else to do that night, he went to bed for a few hours sleep. Lucky for the governor, the men behind the plot to extort were inexperienced, and better still, they were greedy and had not yet taken their scandalous information to the media.

The whole affair within the secret service would be called a code 17. That meant it was  a need-to-know-only basis for those directly involved when a VIP got careless and caught dipping his wick where he shouldn’t have. The elitists were human beings with needs and desires just like any other man; the Service was quick to go into damage control mode. Code 17s happened far more often than the public would ever know. Peter was a little worried that these men had actual photographs versus word of mouth that was most often the case, the sources quickly silenced by graft or threats.

There were hotel room service staff, maids, valets, concierge, limo drivers … the list went on all having once witnessed an exclusive story to tell for a few bucks from the rag tabloids. Those maids who found used condoms when changing the beds, waiters delivering meals to VIP suites knowing the woman wasn’t the celebrities wife; VIPs making out and having sex in the back of limos. Some VIP’s were gutsy enough to ask the concierge to arrange a hooker –male or female to their suite.  Peter had seen it all in his day, and dealt with it accordingly, most were minor incidents

Everyone had a skeleton or two  in their closet more times than not. The agency had all the latest technology resources. If there was ever a brush with the law by anyone, it was in some law enforcement agency’s data bank which, since the early 90s, were all linked together nationwide. When dirty laundry was exposed, credibility was soon destroyed. If the threat couldn’t be contained through reverse blackmail, monetary payments were made for silence. Look no farther than pop star idol,  Michael Jackson, where it was proved that money could buy anything, and did.

Mike Wilson and Samuel Melrose names and birth dates were being processed while Peter slept. However, both men had high-level security clearance licenses and well-trained in order to carry firearms. Peter really didn’t anticipate any flaws in the men’s past. He asked for a level two search which would bring up any relative’s wrongdoings. Sometimes those paid off as well to silence people.

*  *  *

Sam Melrose could barely sleep that night, his brother-in-law, Randall Cleaver, had scared the fuck out of him. He didn’t call to warn Mike as Randall suggested, he just wanted to rid his mind of the whole affair and make love to Cathy … if he could get it up, and it wasn’t for a lack of trying, however, his mind was preoccupied.

Meanwhile, Mike was fucking his wife Maggie fast and furious. Maggie had to ask him to be a little gentler; she had never known him so sexually aggressive. Little did she know that she had little to do with his excitement, Mike was on an ego trip feeling that he was on top of the world and soon to be a little wealthier. Maybe he should have asked for two-million?

*  *  *

Jacob Roberts slept soundly. He had been through many such inconveniences long before he became governor. Inconveniences were all they ever amounted to. Being a confirmed bachelor led to much public speculation. Every time he went on a date with a woman the media rumor mills exposed the woman and asked the public the everlasting question if this woman would finally be the one to steal his heart. Most of the women he dated were up and coming movie stars and models that the publicity and limelight could only serve to enhance their careers.

Jacob did fuck women, –often. Once they became even slightly serious, he dropped them. He knew that he had no heart for love, they were all play-toys, including the numerous boys he’d had. All, that is, except for Malcolm.

Malcolm was 12 when Jacob met him. He was the son of one of his housekeepers who lived in the servant’s quarters. He made an exception to his rule of no kids housed in the tiny servant quarters. Malcolm normally lived with his grandparents but Maria Sanchez, the boy’s mother, begged Jacob to allow the boy weekend visits to her room. Maria was one of his best housekeepers; she supervised a crew of four women. Jacob began to take a shine to the cute dirty blond boy with a dark complexion,. He really didn’t care to know his father’s heritage. He played catch with the kid when he was home and free.

Maria approached him again saying she was quitting her job simply because the grandparents were getting too old and feeble to look after Malcolm much longer. She asked the governor for a reference hoping to land a job at another mansion where hired-help’s children were permitted within reason.

Jacob didn’t want to lose Maria; she was dedicated and ran a tight ship within the mansion. He was also very fond of Malcolm and more than just sexually interested in the boy if  the truth be known. At thirteen the boy turned into an Adonis, puberty had done its wonders forming the definable chest, stomach and thighs. The tuft of blond hair under his arms was proof of the fact the boy was into puberty.

Maria and Malcolm were going nowhere as far as the governor was concerned. Jacob offered Maria the room next to hers as the boy’s own. She was ecstatic hugging and kissing the kind man. Little did she know that the governor was already having sex with her son on a regular basis.

It started one night when Jacob and the boy were swimming in the heated pool; Malcolm was a sight to behold in his white Speedo recently purchased for him by Jacob who carefully cut the lining out. The white nylon went almost translucent when wet exposing the boy’s longish cut cock and plump balls Just a hint of their pinkish hue could be seen through the tight thin nylon.

Jacob had been attracted to boys all his life. From the age of ten he was fooling around with 6 and seven year-old boys. Every year that he got older, so had his taste kept up. When he was twelve, he was turned on by ten year-olds, and by sixteen, 12 and thirteen year olds were on the menu where he it ended. As he grew older, his fetish seemed to stay permanently stuck in the rut of the delicious 12 and 13 age range.. By late teens and early adulthood his opportunities for seduction and sex were growing scarce. But, even though his hunting was slowing down, it certainly wasn’t over yet.

At age 19 and twenty, Jacob was employed as a summer camp counselor for troubled youth. He scored well there. Jeff, his same-age cabin mate and co-counselor soon became chummy and sexually involved. Not long after they talked openly of their fetish for younger boys, they plotted together to seduce the likely candidates into bed. They soon discovered that there was no shortage in keeping their summer nights pleasurable. Jacob soon realized that he and Jeff weren’t the only boy lovers among the staff. The camp was rife with sexual deviants and a host of easy prey.

Jacob had behaved himself while at university. He became absorbed in his university studies, having the odd tryst with fellow students who were fuck buddies that kept him satisfied but never completely fulfilled. He craved boys and had no access to them while there. 

He became a lawyer and eventually worked his way up to partnership having his name added to the end of Hoffman, Zimmerman, Welsh, and, finally, Roberts. The rest was history. A political career evolved that he found he enjoyed and had a knack for and there were plenty of backers pushing him forward.

He had many women in his bed, always one on his arm for political events and was voted the most eligible bachelor by Time Magazine three years in a row. Through it all, he fucked women with the thought of young boys on his mind.

He had his urges under control for years until that night with Malcolm. It had been building inside him. The beautiful blond boy made him  go gaga every time he saw him and, every time he saw him, the boy was growing more gorgeous by the day.

Malcolm had full house privileges by then. He could watch television on the large screened TV in the den or play video games on it. If Jacob wasn’t out of town on business, he was sitting on the floor with Malcolm engaged in video combat. One night he found it hard to resist putting his hands on the boy to caress Jacob’s tender thighs. He was soon working his fingers under the boys shorts.

That first few moments of deciding whether or not to pursue matters was even tougher than some decisions he had to make as a first year governor. In that first year, he was treading water carefully in the public eye thanks to his wonderful corps of advisors who wrote every word he said and taught him how to voice his convictions. That fateful night he had no advice. In his heart of hearts he knew  they would only have told him not to go down that road but he took the chance anyway.

His hand was already halfway up the left leg of Malcolm’s shorts when he stretched out his index finger. He (and) almost came in his sweat pants when his finger made contact with what was obviously Malcolm’s balls covered by his tighty whitie underwear. Jacob gently ran his finger up and down between the cleft of Malcolm’s orbs, his cock straining inside his own briefs fearful that he would cum any second.

Malcolm concentrated on his game and, as he did so, he spread his legs wider obviously giving silent approval for Jacob to explore the forbidden fruit he longed for. In no time at all, Jacob had the boy naked and was sucking his beautiful four thick inches. He didn’t hesitate to lick the delicious satin scrotum and even dared to spread the half-moon cheeks and taste the pink hole.

Jacob feared two things, the first of which was getting caught by wandering house staff or, secondly,  pausing his rapture of the boy’s genitals to lead him upstairs to the bedroom without the boy having a change of mind in the few minutes it would take. He gathered up Malcolm’s clothes in one sweep and took the naked boy by the hand resisting the urge to throw him over his shoulder and rushed to his bedroom.

Malcolm never said a word as he was guided down the hall to the circular staircase. Standing at the library doorway was Thomas, the night butler not ten-feet away. He looked over the boy and his gaze wandered to Jacobs bulging sweat pants with the large wet stain that needed no explaining. He looked Jacob in the eye and said, “Have a pleasant evening, sir,” and wandered off toward the kitchen. Thomas had seen plenty being in the governor’s employment of over ten-years and knew enough to keep his mouth shut.

When Jacob stripped, the boy’s eyes fell on the man’s large cock. Malcolm had led a very sheltered life. There had been no men in his life other than his aging grampa who never gave him much attention, and certainly never seen him naked! He liked the governor. The man showed a great deal of interest in him when he was in residence, the only man who ever had.

When the man began feeling him up in the den he was definitely scared. He remembered his mother telling him a long time ago never to let anyone touch his private parts no matter who they were. He reasoned that if the governor wanted to touch him down there it was okay. He hadn’t expected his clothes to be pulled off. It was the first time he’d been seen naked by anyone and was shy about it. The man’s warm mouth felt good on his growing dick. He knew what blowjobs were, learning about them in the schoolyard. He also knew what gay was and wondered if the governor was one.

*  *  *

Malcolm often heard his mother saying she was ever thankful and indebted to Mr Roberts because he allowed them to be together He hated living at his grandparents home and missed his mother terribly during the week.

He felt obliged to do whatever the man wanted. Somehow he had the  feeling that if he gave himself to this man, his mother and he would never be destitute again. He remembered all too clearly living in the car with his mom for just over a year and eating McDonald’s value-meals to the point that he had never set foot in the restaurant since.

When his mom landed the job at the governor’s mansion they celebrated and had KFC. It took all the pride Maria could muster to approach the elderly Stinsons and convince her ex-husband’s parents to take in Malcolm for a short time. Mr. and Mrs.Stinson were not eager to do so, however, almost all grandparents have a sense of family ties and responsibility even if they are estranged for years. 

*  *  *

The muscular man stood naked in front of him for what seemed like minutes, but was only seconds.. Malcolm’s eyes should not have been admiring the masculine form,. He knew he should have looked away in shame, but couldn’t. The large penis stood at a ninety-degree angle, the head of which leaked a copious amount of a watery sheen over the glans. His dangling testicles were void of hair where Malcolm assumed hair should be on a grown-up considering the rest of his body had a nice, soft-looking layer of black down, not thick … and manly…was the only word to describe the man’s whole being.

*  *  *

Jacob lay beside the boy encouraging him to touch his manhood as he fondled the beauty beside him happy to see he was erect again. He knew the kid was frightened but, he also knew, the kid would become a willing participant who only needed a little encouragement.

“Relax, Mal. There’s nothing wrong with what we do together.” he said softly. “You be nice to me and I’ll look after you and your mom for a long time to come.”  Slowly he guided Malcolm’s head down without applying any  pressure. It was a silent instruction of what was expected allowing the boy time to build his courage and take the cock in his mouth on his own.

*  *  *

Maria was naive. She saw the generous gifts. The many out of town trips her son took with the governor … and the nights she heard him leaving his room for that of the one in the mansion. She didn’t want to believe the truth, the governor was very good to her as far as wages and little gifts of jewelry for no reason.

Malcolm was happier than she’d ever seen him in his thirteen years … but at what price had she forfeited her son? She became close to Thomas, the butler. They were secret lovers in the servant’s quarters shared by very few others. It was Thomas who finally brought her back to the harsh reality. Naively, she had falsely convinced herself that her son had at long last found a father figure in his life and that the governor had the son he wished he had.

“I once saw them, Maria.” Thomas divulged one night in bed. “The governor is sexually abusing Malcolm! Can’t you see that after all this time?” he was betraying his silence, in love with the woman.

She screamed at Thomas to leave her room and cried for hours. How could she have been so naïve and stupid over the past year? But … what could she do. Maria knew exactly where her son was sleeping at that very moment. She and her son had led a hard life . . . was she going to spoil it all by running to rescue her son from that . . . that pervert whom her son adored? Finally, she cried herself to sleep.

to be continued …

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