5-Damage Control



Hypocrites with Power

By Rob Loveboy

Edits by James FitzHugh


Len Homber

(all copyrights reserved)


Chapter Five

Going into Damage Control Mode!


Chief of Security Peter Williams wasted no time and at sunrise was parked outside Sam Melrose’s modest home. He was sure that Melrose was Mike Wilson’s accomplice, yet the man hadn’t accompanied Wilson to the mansion in order to put the squeeze on the governor. That fact bothered him. Either Wilson was asking more of a settlement than letting on and screw Melrose or he was an impulsive man who never took time to think things out thoroughly before acting.

Peter walked up the sidewalk to the front door noticing the BMX bicycle on the lawn, attached to it was a wagon. Obviously the two stacks of newspapers secured by wire at the bottom of the driveway indicated Melrose had at least one child, a boy old enough to have a paper route.

A doormat read, “Welcome to our Humble Abode.” The house and lawn was well kept, assorted pretty colored flowers had been planted along the foundation and hung in baskets on the porch. An older model Ford car in the driveway gave Peter the impression that the Melrose’s were indeed humble people. He doubted another car was tucked away in the attached garage. He instinctively knew that if they were anything like him and millions of other families, the garage served as storage for junk that seemed to gather over the years always thinking this, that or the other thing over there might be useful again someday. Human beings were gatherers by nature.

Peter rang the bell once hearing the chimes from within and waited a long time before a pretty woman with messy hair dressed in a pink robe wearing frilly slippers answered the door obviously woken up at the early hour.

“Sorry to disturb you, ma’am.” he said sternly without a hint of meaning it and flashed his Secret Service ID that one would have to look closely at in order to read his status as a retired agent. “I need to talk to your husband on a matter of great urgency.”

Mrs. Melrose was visibly shaken that a Secret Service agent was at her door asking to see her husband. A young teenage boy whisked past them claiming he was late in delivering his papers. He never gave Peter a glance.

A stocky man appeared behind the woman dressed in a white robe and barefoot. Sam didn’t need to see ID, he knew exactly who the man was waking his family so early. His face suddenly drained of blood and his jaw dropped. It wasn’t difficult for Peter to read the man’s guilt; his hands resting on his wife’s shoulders began to tremble.

Sam saw his life flash before his eyes. There could be only one reason for the Governor’s Chief of Security to be there. He ushered his woman inside and stepped out closing the door behind him.

“Wwwhat can I do for you, sir?”  Sam was so frightened that he didn’t realize that the sash on his robe had loosened exposing himself. Needing something to do with his shaking hands, he placed them in the pockets of the robe completing the wardrobe malfunction.

Peter had had a few flings with men over the years and Melrose displayed a nice rack that, at any other place and time, he wouldn’t have hesitated to have sex with the handsome man. Peter liked nothing better than his fetish of sharing his wife with another man in a three way and Julie loved it as well. It kept both partners from straying and their sex lives exciting.

His homosexual side came in handy a few times during his career when gathering undercover information. The public would be shocked at some of the tactics government law enforcement agents used in securing valuable leads having to do with national security.

“Mr. Melrose, I’m investigating an attempt to extort governor Roberts.” he didn’t hold back and confidently went with his assumptions. “Mr. Melrose, if you cooperate with me …. I’ll show you great consideration. You will only have to resign from your career in high-profile security work. Otherwise, you will face a term of 20 years in prison for attempted extortion of a government official.”

Sam lowered his head, only then did he notice his nudity and immediately rectified it. He was not at all that embarrassed. He had more than enough on his mind than to worry about the trivials. It appeared the agent somehow knew everything. How he regretted getting involved with Mike’s plan and not going with his own belief to call the authorities. His hands went back in his robe pockets and once again he was fully exposed much to Peter’s delight. Peter was a pervert par excellence. He knew that he (Peter) would make another request of the scared man some other time. Often he used his position of authority to have sex with straight men who found themselves on the wrong side of the law who didn’t dare deny the chance to stay on Peter’s good side.

“It wasn’t my idea … I wanted to call the cops, but Mike was against it claiming we could easily get rich quick and with little effort.” he began to sob. “Honest, sir, I’ve been awake all night thinking and was going to tell Mike that I’m out of the deal. I couldn’t live with myself if I went ahead with it. I can prove that, I went to see my brother-in-law Randall Cleaver, an attorney, and were going to go to the authorities together.”

It was all  music to Peter’s ears. Sam had all but given a formal statement, not that one would ever be drafted and made public in this case. The whole matter would be swept under the carpet. However, another problem arose. Melrose’s attorney brother-in-law now had to be factored in and the man silenced. He had heard the name before. The man was a very popular advocate for children’s legal rights and had a passion against sexual abuse often going to extremes in convicting offenders. He was well known for usually winning the maximum sentencing. Peter would cross that bridge when he came to it. But, at the moment,he was well aware that he didn’t have a whole lot of time to come up with a solution. The man had the evidence in his hands and, at the crack of dawn on Monday morning, the proverbial shit would surely hit the proverbial fan rocking the nation. CNN and the other media outlets, would be on it like flies on dog shit.

Peter listened as Sam divulged Mike Wilson’s plan in detail. He did not know that Mike was going to hit up the governor that same night but, he  wasn’t surprised having known the man all his life. He knew how impulsive he was. Mike had made the fatal mistake of not taking Sam’s cell phone but the attorney had. And, if the man had extracted the information already, Peter had to get that cell phone back. He instructed Sam to get dressed and head over to Cleaver’s place and retrieve the evidence.

Giving Melrose his card, he told him to call him as soon as the task was done. With a devilish smile on his face Peter, unable to resist, reached out and squeezed Sam’s long, thick cock and said, “Nice junk, dude … maybe when all this is over we can get together and you can thank me personally for saving your life!” He turned and walked away to his car.

Sam was shocked to say the least by the lurid overture. He wondered if the man somehow knew that, on occasion, he frequented the local bathhouse. Sam was very careful not to use his credit card at the bar or for admission behind the red door once he gained the liquid courage to do so. His preference was for younger men of legal age, nevertheless, older men as appealing as Peter Williams weren’t ignored.

Sam remembered when he and Mike had fooled around once when they were fourteen after they got into Mike’s father’s homemade red wine still fermenting in the Rubbermaid trash-containers. The boys started off by jerking each other off, after which, Sam then dared go down on Mike getting his first taste of cock and somehow knew what to do. Mike pulled out before he came in Sam’s mouth although Sam was fully prepared to sample another guy’s cum besides his own. Mike played dumb the next day when, both boys being hung-over and sick, Mike feigned a lapse in memory. Although the event was clearly remembered by Sam, and no doubt by Mike, it would never be discussed again. Mike was even standoffish toward Sam for a few days.

*  *  *

Mike Wilson was mowing his lawn when he noticed the familiar face emerging from a car that he also knew all too well. At first he was pleased, thinking the governor had sent his henchman to iron out the extortion details. Then suddenly he asked himself, why would the governor involve his chief of security in such a delicate matter? Watching the man approach him, his blood ran cold. Mike kept his poker face, something he was expert at having got himself in other predicaments over the years due to his rash behaviour. In those cases, he had lied through his teeth to save himself.

“Hello, Agent Williams.” Mike said with a warm smile, then turning serious. “Is something wrong at the governor’s mansion?”

Peter admired the basket in the man’s extra tight velour white shorts and well defined hairless chest.  “Kinda.” replied Peter. “Let’s not beat around the bush, Wilson. You know fucking well why I’m here.” Peter was playing the game differently than he had with Sam Melrose. He was fully aware that he was dealing with a snake.

Wilson didn’t look the least bit frazzled. The man turned the gas mower onto its side and began scooping out clumps of grass. As if he was talking to a neighbor, he said, “Trouble with mowing the lawn so early … the dew-wet grass tends to clog up the blade. But I love the smell of fresh cut grass especially when it’s wet. –Here, have a sniff.” Mike said offering a handful to Peter with a smirk on his face.

Peter knew the man was toying with him; he suddenly lashed out and kicked the unsuspecting man in the crotch sending him down to his knees. Standing over him, he angrily said, “You’ve picked the wrong guy to play games with, Wilson.”

After the blow and winding, Mike caught his breath and smiled back and said, “What … are you going to have me charged? He then laughed with a roar. “I don’t think so, Williams. That would only mean publicity … and I’m sure the governor doesn’t want any of that under the circumstances. Fucking little boys is against the law, sir. Much more serious a charge than me simply wanting to cash in on a state secret in order to keep my mouth shut.”

His arrogance peeved Peter, he wanted to boot him again and again to teach him a little respect however, he guessed that the man would laugh over the pain in order to piss Peter off. He said, “The offer still stands … my silence for one-million dollars or I take it to the press.”

Peter gambled that the man hadn’t copied the photos given to the governor. According to Sam Melrose, they had only printed off two grainy but legible prints.

“You have no evidence, Wilson. You’ll be howling in the wind.”

“Oh, but dear, sir, I have an eyewitness and a cell phone full of evidence.” he said smugly.

It was Peter’s turn to laugh a good one. “You mean Melrose and his cell phone? Been there, done that, got the cell phone.” he lied. “Seems Mr. Melrose knows when he’s been beaten and saved his own skin over yours.” Peter couldn’t resist another kick to the man’s ribs. That time Wilson doubled over in pain. There was a good chance a rib was cracked or even broken from that brutal blow.


Mike cursed himself for not taking Sam’s phone, or at least uploading a second copy for himself. He also knew that Sam was weak, could be easily intimidated and probably cracked instead of realizing that he held the winning cards in his hand … the cell phone!

“Get the fuck off my property, Williams.” he said in a hushed voice. It was painful for him to talk which assured Peter he had not only broken a rib, but perhaps a few.

“I’m warning you, Wilson. You’re playing with fire here. Keep your fucking mouth shut … and you may live another day.”

Just then, Mrs. Wilson, a hot looking lady, came out of the house in only a skimpy negligee. She ran over to her downed husband, the hatred in her eyes when they met  Peter’s was eerie. If she had a weapon she would have used it on him. Instead, she cursed him threatening to call the police.

“That wouldn’t be advisable, Mrs. Wilson. Your husband would end up in a pile of shit in the end. I’m just here trying to keep him out of jail.” he chuckled.

The woman was confused looking at the stranger and then back at her husband a few times. “What’s he mean, Mikey?” Mike groaned when she went to hug him.

“Have a nice day, folks. Enjoy the weekend … the weatherman says it’s supposed to be a nice one.” Peter said like a neighbor who happened to stop by when passing. He paused in his steps, turned and said as an afterthought, “Oh, and by the way Mr. Wilson, –you’re fired!” Just for the hell of it, he kicked a ceramic gnome that stood at the edge of the sidewalk and shattered it. He had always hated those creepy little bearded lawn ornaments.

As he was walking back to his car, he saw the elderly neighbor couple across the street on their porch looking with concern. He waved at them with a smile wondering how much they saw and if they had called the police. That would have been an inconvenience; however, his ‘get-out-of-jail-free card would assure damage control.


to be continued …

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