1-Pretty Name for an Evil Place


Devils Den- The Woods Home Scandal

By Rob Loveboy

Edited by James FitzHugh

(all copyrights reserved)

Chapter One

Wood’s Home for Boys. A pretty name for an evil place!

Thirteen-year old Conrad Black was a kleptomaniac since the age of seven. He couldn’t walk into a store and not steal something. Junk food mostly in the early years, then later years were valuables that he could peddle on the street or take to the pawn shop. The only problem was, Conrad often got caught by store security.

Youth court Judge Finnigan had seen enough of the cute blond boy in his courtroom over the years, serious measures had to be invoked, no more slaps on the wrist or  stern lectures would suffice to put the fear of God or the law in the boy’s brain now that he was a teenager.

“Master Black, I hereby sentence you to the custody and control of Wood’s Home for Boys until the age of seventeen. You are obviously on your way to becoming an habitual criminal and I hope that your incarceration and the help available there will be positive. At the end of your sentence I hope you will return to society rehabilitated as a productive young man who no longer steals whatever is not nailed down and doesn’t belong to you.” he said angrily.

*  *  *

Connie started shoplifting from grocery stores in order the feed his little brother and sister. His mother was a drug addict and his father was unknown. They lived in a rat and roach infested tenement owned by a slumlord who would sometimes excuse the rent to fuck his mother whenever the urge struck him. He hated his mother for being a whore with a new face at the breakfast table almost every day, either completely naked or in their underwear sipping coffee.

Connie needed more money and found how easy it was to walk out of Wal-Mart with a boxed stereo unit, or a DVD player and, once, even a 26 inch television. He had staked out the store, knew where the back warehouse door was, got to know who the floor walkers were and where they were most active, and the time the employees took lunch. He had planned out his action plan that allowed him a clean escape out the back door. He frequented three major retail outlets and used the same MO at each of them. It was so easy that, over time, he became careless.

*  *  *

Wood’s Home for Boys was a very impressive structure from the outside. Vines clung in mass to the stone and mortar walls. It was a manicured property with trees and well laid out flower beds, swing-sets and slides. There was even a tennis court which gave members of the general public passing by the impression that the U-shaped institution was that of grandeur, perhaps even the equivalent of Eton or Yale, a wonderful place for boys to rehabilitate.

However, if anyone had bothered to observe they would have noticed that no boys were ever seen playing in the playground or enjoying the tennis courts. Nor did outsiders get to see the inside of the grandiose structure beyond the magnificent foyer where press interviews were conducted or from where politicians spoke encouraging citizens to donate to the good cause of the institution and the wonderful work both teachers and administrators were doing converting criminal boys into model citizens.

*  *  *

On Conrad’s first day there he was told to strip naked. A finger went up his bum lingering longer than it would take to find contraband up his arse. Next he was sprayed down with a powerful hose whose jet spray stung his skin. A man in a wet suit scrubbed his body down with a strong nauseating chemical. The man spent far too much time ,without wearing a glove, feeling him up with a finger stroking his butt-hole while, presumably, another anal inspection took place.

When he was finally finished with the shower, he was given a uniform consisting of slippers, baggy red pants and a red pullover shirt. However,  he wasn’t allowed his modesty when taken to the warden’s office. He walked down the halls holding his new attire at his crotch but just before he walked into the office, a man took away his clothes. He was pushed him forward into the room where he saw a bald man sitting behind a large desk who was very obviously scanning his naked body like a new piece of beef.

“Master Black, I am Warden Williams. “ his eyes never seemed to leave Conrad’s crotch. Conrad knew that he was slightly … okay, a good deal larger than other boys his own age, cut and flaccid he hung a good four-inches and thick as a man’s thumb. He appeared to have perpetual semi hard-on. His tuft of pubic hair above the base of his shaft was slightly darker than his blond hair on his head.

“You will get along fine here, Master Black, but only if you learn to conform to our rules and regulations that is. Failure to do so will land you in solitary confinement for the least of infractions.  –Somehow I know that you will soon visit solitary, Mr. Black. Your attitude already pisses me off.”

“Sir … I have done nothing …”

“Shut up Master Black. I have not been warden here for twenty-five years without learning to judge characters in our inhabitants.”

Connie thought it best to keep quiet for his own good.

“Remove your hands from your genitals, Master Black, and put them behind your back. Boys of Wood’s Homes have nothing to hide from the all male populace.”

Connie wanted to call him a fag and refuse to expose himself to the obvious pervert but knew instinctively that it would be a bad idea.

”I’m not kidding, Master Black, I said put your hands behind your hips.” the man said forcefully.

Connie complied, rolling his eyes thinking ‘Get a good look Mr. Warden, you fucking paedophile!’ But he controlled himself, something warned him not to fuck with the powerful man behind the desk.

The man continued his speech, “We are one big happy family here at Wood’s Homes for Boys. I suggest you fit in because, frankly, you don’t have a choice. You will bunk with three other boys who will regularly report your behaviour to me. Do as you are told without that cocky attitude of yours, Mr. Black,” he glanced at Conrad’s genitals again, and said with a smile, “and I’m sure that you will be quite popular around here … yes indeed, quite popular.”

The man pressed a button and a guard came in to escort Conrad to his quarters allowing the boy to dress first. The smirk on the guard’s face as he stared at his junk was eerie. Connie could have sworn the man groped himself watching him dress.

Boy’s loitered everywhere in the common area that he passed through before coming to the tiers of rooms. They whistled and made sexual remarks that ultimately scared the fuck out of him. His room was small. It contained two bunk beds that were a mere three feet apart and four full length lockers. No other furniture adorned the three solid sided room with a heavy plexiglass front, the door operated by maglocks.

“Nice place.” he said to no one in particular.

The guard, a handsome man in his thirties, said, “We have a lot nicer accommodations … but ya have to earn it first.”

Cocky mouthed Conrad regretted it the moment it came out of his mouth. “Oh, like earning merit badges in scouts ya mean … or do you mean like earning bonus points shopping at the prison store?”

“A smart guy, eh?” said the guard as he pushed Conrad down to a bed and lifted the boys chin with his baton. “Most boys around here know what side their bread is buttered on and have one of us attendants looking after their well being.” he said  rubbing what was obviously a boner in his grey flannel trousers.

Suddenly, it all made sense to Connie at that moment. The “welcoming”committee with the roaming hands, the warden constantly staring at his junk almost salivating, and now, the guard ready to bust a nut sending a clear, unmistakable, message that boys who sucked cock got preferential treatment.

“Fuck you, faggot!”

The man didn’t hold back. He swung hitting his left temple with the baton so hard that Conrad saw stars. Then he worked the baton between Conrad’s pursed lips while he suggestively held the handle to his crotch ”When you’ve been beaten and raped enough … look me up.”

Just then a teenager walked into the cell. Sixteen year-old Justin was introduced as the room boss. The security man said, “This little fuck is all yours now, Justin. He needs to be taught some Wood’s Home discipline. He hasn’t quite figured out what his mouth is for besides lipping off.” Saying that, the man again reached down and  lifted Conrad’s chin with the baton. The guard smiled at him and said, “Until we meet again … under happier circumstances.”

“Fuck you!” Connie said earning him another blow to his temple.

The man left, Conrad rubbed his temple wishing he had some aspirin. Surely, he would be severely bruised.

“Seems to me like you got on mad Mark’s nerves. That’s not very advisable.” He said holding out his hand, “I’m Justin.”

“Conrad … most people call me Connie.” he said shaking the teen’s hand.

“Well, if I was you, I’d stick to Conrad around here. Connie is much too girly.”

Conrad made a mental note of that piece of advice as he studied the teenager. He was of average height and weight but his arms were humongous, as was his chest given definition by the stretching of the thin material of his red spandex muscle shirt. He was wearing tightish sweat pants and the package at his crotch swayed with every move the teen made. Conrad was staring. It was just a real quick observation. However, the look on Justin’s face when he smiled down at him told him that he’d been caught. Justin didn’t say a word but just smiled at him.

Time to protect his sexuality, he said, “That prick Mark wanted me to suck his cock … like I’m some kind of fag?”

Justin laughed, Conrad detected a cynicism. “Come on, I’ll show you around the place.”

Along the maze of corridors, Conrad asked about Justin’s attire. “You earn it after a while, no more pajamas.” he said.

They had lunch in the cafeteria where he met his two other roommates, Adrian, 14 and Adam, 16. The boys seemed nice enough, however a bit aloof, but they were engaged in conversation with other boys.

Justin leaned into him and pointed. “See the kid under the table over there?”

Conrad surveyed several tables until he saw a figure under the round table seating eight boys. “Yeah, what about it?”

“He sucking cock. He’ll do the whole fuckin table if they want one.” Justin said nonchalantly picking at his food.

Conrad looked over again but, all he saw again was a figure under the table, his white soled shoes the only indication that someone was in fact under the table. He had to ask, “Why the fuck is he doing that?”

Justin shrugged his shoulders and said, “Maybe because he wants to? But I’d say he’s forced to.”

Saying that Justin got up motioning Conrad to follow. The tour continued. The Library, gym, games room and of course, the classroom wing. Conrad would never remember the maze of hallways to get back to his room.

Suddenly, several boys ganged up on another boy and literally dragged him into a washroom. Justin directed Conrad into the washroom where he saw the victim on his knees sucking a boy’s cock. five others stood around stroking their cocks waiting their turn. Another boy appeared with a toilet plunger in hand, two boys pulled the kid’s pajama bottoms down and held the boy in place as the plunger handle was forced into his rectum. The excruciating screams echoed off the tiled room while the boy was face slapped into continue blowing the teen at his mercy.

Conrad was horrified, almost sick to his stomach. Justin led him out of the washroom and made their way back to their room, Conrad still dumbfounded on what he witnessed followed the teen back through the many passages in a blur. He was no more familiar with the terrain on his return than he was when he and Justin had set out.

Taking him by complete surprise, Justin pushed Conrad onto the bed and began stripping him. Conrad fought back kicking Justin who only got angrier and began punching Conrad in the head. Somehow during the melee the older teen managed to strip himself naked, Conrad saw the menacing looking large cock leaking fluids being brought closer to his face as he was overpowered by the strong older boy.

Conrad thought he was saved when Adrian and Adam, his other roommates, entered their cell. But, he was dead wrong. Adrian & Adam grabbed and  held his shoulders as Justin forced his rapidly growing, very large cock between Conrad’s lips.

“Open up, Connie … don’t make us hurt you. You’ve already seen one guy in the washroom who refused cooperate with his roomies.  Like it or not, you’re our bitch-boy from now on. If you’re good to us, we’ll make sure that  you won’t have to worry about the other guys raping you.”

Conrad knew he had no choice but to comply. He opened his mouth and let Justin’s cock slip in over his dry quivering lips. Somehow, he knew what to do even though he’d never had a thought of doing it before. Adrian and Adam released their painful grip and stood by to watch the action. Soon, their own jeans were at their knees and they were stroking themselves. Conrad knew that Justin wasn’t going to be the only one using his mouth because the sudden memory of that boy in the toilets getting raped by a plunger handle wasn’t an inspiring alternative. Conrad swallowed his pride and did the best he could muster under the circumstances.

Conrad anticipated  it but he didn’t expect the voluminous flow of snot-like fluid that suddenly filled his mouth. His own orgasm was a few squirts that he considered normal. With Justin’s large cockhead at the entrance to his throat, he swallowed what he had to and let the excess goop drool from either sides of his mouth thinking how he was going to murder the teen in his sleep that night. Correction: It would be mass murder because the other two boys used him next and both came in his mouth, as well.

“Fucking faggots!” Conrad said after all was said and done.

“Get used to it, Connie.” Justin said not all that menacingly, “You’re our cell bitch from  now until the day one of us leaves this hell hole and another boy comes in. That’s how it works around here. Everybody goes through it.”

Fourteen year old Adrian took him to the gym to shoot some hoops. He had a lot  to say while they played. They didn’t bother to join up with some other boys for a shinny game, rather, they kept to themselves.

“I was the cell bitch before you.” Adrian said. “Ya get used to it after a while. Tonight Justin will fuck ya up the ass. Don’t fight it, just go with it cuz it’s going to happen no matter what you say. Adam and me will fuck ya, too. It’s just expected, ya know, so don’t take it personally.”

If Conrad wasn’t scared enough, Adrian went on after they tossed a few more hoops. “If you’re smart you won’t go near one of the common area bathrooms. Just stick to the one on our unit. And, I DO mean don’t go near them because if you do they’ll nab ya in the hall, drag you into one and rape you … I mean like 6 or ten of the older guys.”

Conrad had already witness that during his tour with Justin. Adrian only shed some more light on it. Conrad just assumed the victim had done something to slight the other boys who were taking out their revenge. In his naivety, he asked, “Why doesn’t anyone tell a guard, or the warden?”

Adrian laughed. “Do you know what these guys would do to a rat? Rats are the lowest slime in here. Rats are worse than dog shit on the bottom of your sneakers. You’ll wish that they had raped ya instead of some of their other tactics. One night they attacked a boy in his sleep and cut his cock off for ratting out a drug ring.”

“How did they manage to get to him during the night?” the innocent boy asked. “The place is in lockdown after curfew, isn’t it?”

Adrian laughed again, “Dude, the night unit duty guards are just as scared of some of these guys as we are and turn a blind eye to a posse on a midnight mission. They suddenly have to go to the bathroom or just as suddenly have a bad case of the runs … ya know what I mean?”

“Speaking of the guards,” said Adrian lowering his voice, “ya might wanna find one and, ya know, be nice to him with sexual favors. They will smuggle in cigarettes, candy bars, chips … any contraband you want, even dope. You’re a cutie, you’ll have no problem finding one, dude.”

‘Great’, thought Conrad. Not only did he have to put out for his bunk mates, but now he had to find a guard? An adult man? Well, he thought to himself, he didn’t need any contraband anyway. He could do without for the next 4 years. “I’ll pass on that.” he said before running, slapping the ball out of Adrian’s hands and tossing the ball into the net.

“Right.” said Adrian. “We’ll see about that.” he grabbed the ball and dribbled to the net where he also landed a basket.

to be continued …

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