2-Keeping it affordable


Boyz 4 Rent

By Rob Loveboy

Edits by James FitzHugh

(all rights reserved)

Chapter Two

Keeping the trade affordable & profitable & Safer!

(Making men’s dreams come true)


Josh knew that Patrick was being upfront and honest however the man’s words scared him to death. He never really considered how dangerous being a rent boy could be. As if he needed a reinforcement of  that dangerousness, a boy of about fourteen came into Patrick’s bedroom. His eye were swollen almost shut and blood was spattered across his face. Patrick, totally unconcerned about the state of his nudity, got out of bed and went to the kid.

“Another bad trick, eh?” said Patrick wrapping the boy in his arms. It was more of a casual statement than a question, giving Josh the impression that this wasn’t an isolated incident. Patrick stepped back from the boy, turned on the overhead light and inspected the boy’s damaged face. “Your nose isn’t broken, Tony, but your jaw might be.” He said.  “Your teeth have punctured your upper lip. Come on, lets get ya cleaned up.” It wasn’t the first time Patrick had provided first aid to a rent boy; in fact, he kept a very well stocked medicine chest for just such events. Thankfully it wasn’t a regular occurrence. Josh, getting up from the bed and also uncaring about his own nudity followed them to the bathroom.

Tony was on the verge of tears but the streetwise, hardened teen fought off his emotions and said,  “He took me to a motel and there were two other men there waiting.”

“As a safety rule, a boy seldom gets into a vehicle with more than a lone man looking for sex.” Patrick said to no one in particular, however, Josh knew that Patrick was sending him a warning. “But something like this happens occasionally. You never know what you’re walking into when a trick takes you to a motel. Usually it’s too late … they grab you before ya can run away. Then they rape you.”

Josh was a little confused. How, he asked himself, could a guy be raped when he knew all along what he was doing by going to a man’s motel?  Josh would have been naive and thought he would make more money seeing two more tricks. He guessed there was a fine line between sex and getting beaten up during it, especially when the other men weren’t paying for it and doubtless the original trick was going to pay anything. He realized how vulnerable he would be. He knew he had a lot to learn.

Patrick had wrapped himself in a bath towel and had given one to Josh to do likewise. More boys came over to the house to see Tony because word on the street spread fast. Then it occurred to Josh that some of them lived at Patrick’s house, as did Tony. It was 5am by then and the guys talked about their night openly while sitting around the livingroom.


“Fred Flintstone was in town.” 14 year-old Rick said with a laugh as the other guys joined in the private humor. For Josh’s sake a boy clarified, “Fred Flintstone is a very old man who resembles Fred and he only wants to watch us beat off.”

Another boy, Jeremy, added, “And he pays sixty-bucks for it, too!”

“I got lucky tonight,” a red-headed Sean said. “All five of my tricks only wanted to suck me off in their cars!”

“Fuck you, Sean!” Terry, a 15 year-old blond said, “I had to blow every fucking one of mine … my jaw is killing me.” The boys all laughed.

Patrick had made hot dogs for the ten boys. He gave Nick money to go to the nearby 24 hour Burger King ©  and get several bags of fries. When he was late getting back by about half-hour with cold fries he claimed that he gave a trick a BJ in the restaurant washroom and earned himself $50 for his trouble. Everybody groaned.

Josh learned that there was a nearby nightclub named “Cowboys.” His preconceived notion that all tricks were older men was soon clarified. He was told that apparently many young men who didn’t score with the ladies at Cowboys by closing time cruised the boy stroll looking for a cheap blowjob.

After checking and watching him eat a hotdog and some french fries, Patrick established that Tony’s jaw wasn’t broken so there no need for a trip to the hospital. Tony was one of Patrick’s favorites who often slept in the man’s bed and that early morning was no different. Josh’s jaw dropped when he saw Tony’s huge cut cock when he dropped his underwear. He heard other boys occasionally refer to him as the  ‘Italian Sausage’.  Hanging flaccid between the teen’s legs was exactly that, a huge cock with the curvature resembling a large banana. Josh watched Tony preparing to fuck Patrick, the man lay on his back holding his knees to his chest. The swelling of Tony’s eyes had subsided thanks to the ice packs Patrick had provided, but they remained black and blue making him look like a racoon. His upper lip was fat, scabbed and shiny due to the antiseptic cream Patrick had applied.

Patrick did not often engage in anal sex with a boy but he  loved getting fucked by Tony. He loved Tony’s dark skin tone, slight Italian accent and his huge cock. The first time he undressed the fourteen year-old after picking him up across the street he was blown away by the kid’s erection that made himself feel inadequate. The kid’s testicles were the size of ping pong balls. Tony had a full bush of black pubic hair, yet the rest of his body was hairless. Patrick didn’t like hairy legs and arms on his boys so that if Tony had any it was something that would have turned Patrick off. He’d have still gone to bed with him but made him shave first. After they became friends and Tony had moved in, Patrick trimmed and shaved the groin and thigh area assuring Tony that men prefered the little boy look. He even shaved his armpits. The dusting of dark hair on his upper lip was kind of sexy so Patrick left it.

Damn, the boy could cum. Never before or since had Patrick seen the likes of it.. Delicious and copious, ejaculate after ejaculate blasted his mouth and accumulated what had to be a half-ounce of boy-nectar.

One night in an orgy with five or six other boys, Patrick decided to sit on Tony’s cock. The initial pain of penetration turned into pleasure as he sunk deeper until he had all seven hard, thick inches buried deep  inside him. He rode the boy a long time. It was Patrick’s opinion that anyone who claims they can feel their partner’s ejaculation inside their rectums is full of shit. What Patrick did feel was the throbbing of Tony’s cock knowing full well the boy was into his orgasm. The rest was history, Tony became his fuck-boy.

* * *

The next day Patrick checked his email. The ‘Dirty Dozen’ had watched the private link and were congratulating him on scoring his latest conquest, the beautiful young man named  Josh. He reviewed the recording and found it to be poor quality as most were. The webcam was too far away with his own ass too prominent in the actions of sucking or fucking. Fortunately his audience had great imaginations, regardless, and were congratulating him, each commenting that they wished they could find a boy but who wouldn’t dare go to the stroll for fear of getting caught. Many members of the ‘Dirty Dozen’ were family men and/or men of powerful positions in government or commerce.

That’s when Patrick got the idea. He hated the word ‘pimp’. The title of Event Coordinator sounded more plausible and less derogatory. He decided to offer his boys to the Dirty Dozen for $100 a night at a location of their choice, payable to the boy upon satisfaction. He would take 35% off the top from boys as a handling fee. The eleven other members of his paedophile club jumped at the opportunity offered. Each lied through their teeth to get away from home for a night and booked a cheap motel room that Patrick suggested simply because it was a short bus ride from downtown for the boys to get to.

It was easy convincing the whore-boys living in his basement to become call-boys. Six went Friday and five on Saturday with each being given a slip of paper with a room number and a bus ticket provided by Patrick. The Dirty Dozen raved about their lifetime lust and their fantasy coming true night on the cloud chat room. More and more guys were asking if Patrick could arrange for a boy when in town on business or strictly for the pleasure of having a boy in the range of thirteen to fifteen. Many wanted younger boys that Patrick couldn’t provide; however, there were a few he could shave and pass off as 11 or twelve year olds. Fortunately,  many didn’t give a damn about age so long as they were 14 or younger.

Patrick opened a ‘paypal’ account the very next day with the gut feeling that renting boys was going to pay off handsomely. He thought of it as a second income which would be subsidizing his pension and, the good thing was, that it would be tax free. He named his new business ‘Boyz.R.Us’. He opened a new email account with Hushmail, a secure email location to do the illicit transactions. The fee was $100 deposited by the client directly into his paypal account and $100 cash payable to the boy at the door. The rule was very simple. The client could do whatever he wanted short of hurting a boy.

Business was booming, Patrick couldn’t  keep up with the supply and demand with his limited stock of live-in boys who didn’t have to work the dangerous streets any longer. He kept Josh as his own personal boy-toy and  never sent him out much to the envy of all others. He needed more young boys and offered a finders fee of $100 to any boy who could bring home another runaway fresh chicken and groom him. It wasn’t long before Patrick had thirty boys 13 and fourteen all of which he broke in after the boys had their way. Patrick stuck with that number. There was no floor space left available downstairs or upstairs even with two or three in his bed included. Patrick now insisted on overnight stays for his boys and, although this was to be more expensive for his clientele, no-one seemed to mind. With so many boys to accommodate, there was to be no more by-the-hour rendezvous.

The boys now had more money in hand than they knew what to with including their growing personal bank accounts. They bought designer clothes, gaming devices, had their meals outside the home as Patrick wasn’t about to nor could he feed that many mouths with the exception of,  perhaps, making a huge pot of chili or spaghetti with sauce occasionally.

Many requests came in for boys aged 15 or sixteen. When he received such a request, Patrick simply walked across the street and handed a teenager the name of a hotel and a room number. Even then, Patrick couldn’t possibly fill the requests for ten and eleven year-olds or, or in some cases, as young as 7 or eight. Not that Patrick had any moral standards, he just simply didn’t have the resources for supplying that age group.

That situation, however. all changed months later when  David, a well built and much in demand 15 year old who was living at Patrick’s house, showed up one evening with his little brother, 10 year-old Calvin. He was a very cute boy just like his older brother. David was often overheard talking about his little brother swearing that he would look after him when the time came. Patrick heard him say that a few times to the other boys but, once again, Patrick was not interested in delving into David’s private life. David was great in bed, was in constant demand, and made plenty of money for them both and that’s all that mattered.

The latino youth looked Patrick in the eye and begged, “Please, senor Patrick, may I keep my brudder here just for tonight  … I’ll find somewhere for us to go tomorrow. I promise.”

Patrick admired the boy’s love for his little brother. Something had to have happened at home forcing David’s hand. He said, “Calvin is welcome in my home. Why don’t you guys take the spare bedroom tonight and we can talk about this tomorrow.”

David’s eyes lit up. He’d seen as many as fifteen boys sleeping on the basement floor and more would be coming home soon after a night of sex at one hotel or another. It would accord some privacy for him and Calvin and that was greatly appreciated. Nor would he have to stuff his money in his underwear for safety sake, he was carrying almost two hundred, a good night’s work on the stroll, strictly earned from blowjobs one way or the other. He could have made more if  Calvin hadn’t called him on his cell phone crying. Frank, his mother’s current boyfriend, was drunk again or, more likely,  still drunk from the previous day and had start beating on mom and Calvin again. David planned to kill the son-of-a-bitch  one day.

Patrick possibly could have used his influence and had David and his little brother sleep in his bed that night and initiate a little playful fun. However, he saw how distraught David was over something that had obviously happened at home. None of his business he thought but still, he did have a soft side and had seen the need for the two boys to be alone and that’s why he had offered the spare bedroom.

From the requests being made by his clients, he knew he could use the young boy in his harem and easily get $400 a night for the kid. But Patrick didn’t want to appear greedy. What he’d do is make a different arrangement as he had with the other boys – $300 into his paypal account and $100 at the door with the same 35% split and then share the remaining $200 on a fifty-fifty basis with David. Hell, he knew he could get six-hundred for the two brothers together from some of his wealthier clients. He doubted David would engage in incest with Calvin, it was going to be hard enough to convince him to peddle his brother’s ass, if that could even be done.

If Patrick was forced to provide a mission statement for his business it would read something along the lines of ‘Keeping boys reasonably priced for the average non-wealthy joe to enjoy.’ He could easily raise his rates based on supply and demand. He had bookings months in advance with clients selecting boys from his online catalogue, all in the nude of course. Inquiries were going through the roof by word of mouth on the cloud site. Although he prefered advanced bookings, if the client wasn’t fussy on age, once again, any one of the boys across the street would suffice for  short notice

*  *  *

Patrick took each of his boys to the bank to open a debit card account where he would deposit their share rather than the client paying them cash at the door. He had forty boys aged 13 to fifteen. He offered the teens a significant finders fee to recruit for him. They converged on the arcades befriending boys offering them a chance to earn mind boggling amounts of money. Patrick soon had another twenty boys in his employ, each personally tested and taught by him and Josh. He didn’t have to worry about room and board, most of those kids had a normal home with a single mom and siblings, often a contributor to household income although mom doesn’t know the truth or origin of the sudden wealth, nor do they question it.

Patrick was looking ahead. Another month and school would be back in session. The availability of those boys would severely impact the supply and demand to weekends only. He would have loved to enroll his live-ins back in school, however, he didn’t have power of attorney over them and registering them would only raise curious  eyebrows.

One day when chatting with one of the dirty-dozen, ‘legalbeaver69.’ he learned the man was a lawyer. He suggested that Patrick apply for a license to operate as a not-for-profit youth hostel for runaway boys and call himself Reverend Patrick. Sure enough, a few weeks later an authentic looking certificate appeared in his email. He had now become the self-Ordained Reverend Patrick Thornton, Church of St. Nicholas, patron saint of children.

Legalbeaver69 expedited the paperwork for him while Patrick hurriedly renovated the basement and spare room by adding three-tier bunk beds and a bathroom with communal shower. The most expensive part of these renovations was the installation of a crash escape door from the basement to allow an escape route should, God forbid, there ever be a fire. The space was still cramped but it passed city ordinances as attested by a certificate from the City Building Inspectors Office, as well as, a social services inspection. He now had his licence to operate under the name “Safe Haven.

Another member of the Dirty-Dozen happened to be a retired teacher specializing in slow-learners. Patrick decided to have an addition built off the rear of the house that served as a classroom with laptop computers being donated by ‘Tech World,’ a major retail electronics outlet, the owner of which, another boy-lover client. The curriculum was basic reading, writing and math, better than nothing at all.  The teacher’s fee agreed was free sex with any boy of his choosing and the lawyer’s fee was taken care of in that manner as well. Food was generously donated by a local wholesaler and clothes for the boys was donated by a very reputable clothing distributor. The Ladies Auxiliary of St. Michael’s parish donated their time to cook for, and even clean Safe Haven. The very Reverend Patrick learned quickly how to use the system and tap the hearts of do-gooders.

The house became a well known drop-in center for runaway youth. Boys were now  coming to him instead of him having to seek them out. First, the older teens would seduce them and train them in the art of cocksucking and being fucked in the butt, then they were invited into Patrick’s bed and before long, more mattresses on the floor were again unsightly clustered, but necessary. Supply was almost meeting demand but never once did Patrick increase his rates keeping with his original business concept of providing affordable boys for rent to the average man who would not have a great disposable income thus fulfilling their wildest fantasies.

Patrick restricted the boys to three hour rendezvous with clients on weeknights except on weekends and never adjusted the price accordingly. Men were still willing to pay $200 even though the boys had a curfew of 10pm because they knew they had class in the morning.

*  *  *

David and Calvin became fixtures in Patricks bed most nights along with Josh and perhaps another boy or two selected for an orgy. Convincing David to share his brother was rather easy. There was no room for freeloaders, it was either that or no more private bedroom and David knew the consequences as winter quickly approached.

On their third week staying in the spare bedroom, Patrick decided to take matters into his own hands. He walked into the room and said, “Come on Cal, lets have a shower.” David was caught by surprise and stared at Patrick who met his eyes in horror. But, Patrick only smiled at him and said, “I’ll be keeping him for night … don’t wait up.”

David looked over at his little brother and said, “Go have a shower with Patrick, you’re beginning to stink.” David struggled to next say, “And do whatever Patrick says, okay?”

Once Patrick had David’s blessings, regardless of the older boy`s manipulated feeling of debt, David knew he could do nothing but watch as Patrick led his baby brother away. Yes, David knew that he could pack their things up and take his little brother to live on the streets but those memories were all too fresh and ugly even when he had only himself to worry about. Now, there were two of them. David was no fool. He knew that eventually Calvin would be expected to earn his keep. He accepted it as simply the way things were. Calvin did not know what the boys of the house did to earn their keep, only that they looked at a huge white-board weekly calendar hung in the basement, found their names and scrolled a finger over the days of the week studying the information which made little sense to him other than a bunch of numbers.

Little would anyone know the digits represented a hotel, motel, room number, the client only known by another series numbers and of course, the appointed times. The code worked well once the boys caught on to it, all of the encoded script confined to memory.

Patrick sat on the toilet seat and undressed the shy young boy who said nothing but was clearly uncomfortable and swallowing hard. Pulling down his blue briefs  David smiled. An uncut penis the size of his pinky finger dangled. He fondled it well by using two fingers to massage the immature satiny testicles secured to his groin. He couldn’t resist his index finger from wandering lower to toy with the crevice of the boy’s anus.  It had been a few years since he fucked a boy so young. It was in Brazil, Rio de Janeiro to be exact, he remembered. Street kids by the hundreds scurrying around like rats. And to make matters even worse, they were treated like rats by the police who constantly chased them from tourist areas. Yes! He remembered Micca, a beautiful boy with long curly brown hair. who Patrick ran into late one night on his way home from a bar. The boy knew his way around a man’s body. It was the only source of income they had not unlike the boys living in his house ten years later.

Patrick stood and stripped himself naked making his hard cock the object of Calvin’s wide-eyed attention. Patrick started the shower adjusting the water to a nice warm temperature and, taking the boy by the hand, they both stepped inside. Patrick was more than pleased to see Calvin trying to hide his little three-inch erection, a purplish head slightly peeking out from the foreskin. He moved Calvin’s hands and placed them on his own genitlals. He silently instructed the boy to gently masturbate him and fondle his balls. Calvin looked up and nervously smiled at Patrick.

Patrick moved the shower curtain and sat on the bathtub. The shower cascaded over him and Calvin while he sucked the kid’s cock using his lips to pull back the foreskin and gently lick the knob.

Josh came home early from his date with the lawyer who drove him home. They had arranged to meet at the cheap motel earlier that evening.  Patrick’s bedroom became his own over time. His clothes hung in the closet and room was made in the chest of drawers.

He walked into the room, smiled and giggled at seeing the cute young boy between Patrick’s legs. He quickly stripped naked and joined the duo sharing Patrick’s cock with Calvin. Josh led by example. He showed the newbie the basic technique on pleasing a man, not in a condescending way but  more in a big brother approach. Calvin was certainly more relaxed than before Josh had arrived on the scene. The fact that the older boy seemed to enjoy the man’s cock in his mouth relieved his anxiety and sense of wrong-doing. Patrick could just lay there in bliss as Josh taught  Calvin the fine art of sucking cock. Josh had always been a master in the teaching of new boys into what men liked. He made it seem like fun somehow; often referring to Patrick as the “horny old pervert” in a fun way.

Josh sensed from experience that Patrick was close, he knew the early signs. He lifted Calvin’s face from licking Patrick’s balls and held the cock to the boy’s lips. Josh telling him to take the cock firmly in his mouth and to bob fast. Patrick screamed out in orgasm, Calvin tasting man juice for the first time with Josh telling him not to stop the great effort and vigorously jerk the shaft. A lecture on the birds and the bees followed explaining semen and its virtues jokingly assuring Calvin that he wouldn’t get pregnant.

Calvin lay beside them and got to watch Josh fuck Patrick. It was a whole new visual learning experience for the young eyes of the boy who would eventually be subjected to it before too long and who would have his body sold on the internet for a handsome price.

to be continued …

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