1-Meeting supply/Demand


Boyz 4 Rent

By Rob Loveboy

Edits by James FitzHugh

(all rights reserved)

Chapter One

Meeting Supply and Demand!


Subsidizing a Pension!

Taking early retirement at the young age of fifty-five, Patrick never thought or planned on becoming the ‘King of Kiddie Porn’ on the file-share cloud he had been trading on for a few years, nor had he ever entertained the idea of becoming involved in the flesh-trade. All of it happened by chance, as if fate was guiding his way.

Patrick had divorced at age thirty-five. He had simply come to the conclusion that he had been living a lie long enough. He knew that he was definitely gay. He felt that there was no further need to keep his dear wife tied into a relationship that neither wanted anymore. The separation was amicable and he made sure she wanted for nothing.

A prosperous oil & gas executive, he moved to the lucrative industry’s capital city at a time when it was a boom-town, population 650,000, and growing by the thousands every month. Twenty years later, the city boasted a major metropolis with a population of over 1.9 million and growing so fast that city planners couldn’t keep up with the infrastructure needs.

He was investing his money in revenue properties. Houses were cheap at the time and new construction was steadily increasing the available supply. In these boom times, he knew he couldn’t possibly go wrong. The newcomers would always need a place to live and he rented out the houses at twice what the mortgage payments were. It was probably the only wise thing he ever did in his life besides relocating there when offered the promotion. Patrick wasn’t quite wealthy but he certainly wasn’t dependent when he decided to take his early retirement and get out of the rat race for sanity sake.

Patrick travelled a lot. He visited mostly those countries where he could buy young boys as easily as buying a case of beer. He was like a kid in a candy store. He couldn’t decide what his age preference was so he tried them all. He originally started off with the eight to 15 years-olds but soon found the eleven to 13 year old  age group to his liking and more or less stuck with that. When he was looking to play, he would place his order with almost any older teenage prostitute who all seemed to know where to procure and deliver the entertainment to his hotel for the night for a small finders fee.

Many times he bought two for double the pleasure. He would have one with a little hair, the other without. He was thus able to add to his growing porn collection by taking pictures and videos and downloading them to the cloud site. He was always careful to keep his own face concealed as he sucked, got sucked and fucked them, as well as, the two boys having sex with each other. Rather than post a whole half-hour video, he would cut them in ten minute segments and mix them in with others to appear his collection was larger than what it really was and thus increasing his bargaining power and notoriety on the web. Patrick didn’t know why he was so obsessive-compulsive in collecting and increasing his collection when he could just as easily and often did have the real warm flesh and blood bodies in his bed.

Over the years, the area around one of his houses situated just on the edge of the city center slowly became the boy-stroll. The block between 8th and ninth streets and between 11th and twelfth avenues was home to over fifty young hustlers. The green-space in the middle was a hot bed of sexual activity. After a number of righteous citizens complained, the city cut down the trees as a deterrent but it didn’t stop anything. Under the cover of darkness the pitch black, unlit park with its many fountains and statues paying tribute to war veterans added extra cover should anyone happen to stroll through the area.

Mostly, the sex trade was carried out in vehicles driven to remote, dark parking lots in industrial areas or, if the boy and the client were on foot it took place in either dark alleys or the boys were taken to local hotels, motels or private homes and apartments for sex. On a Friday and Saturday night, vehicles were almost bumper to bumper circling the block looking for the perfect whore-boy because every client had their personal preference. The thud of car doors in the stillness of the night was  a constant confirmation of the steady picking up or dropping off. The surrounding concerned residents complained often about the traffic and noise. The police responded with a presence that would harass the johns and disperse the traffic jam. It would also drive the boys into the darkness of park but as soon as the cops were gone, it went back to being business as usual on the stroll.

Patrick’s house was the only remaining single family dwelling left in the area. Gradually, low-rise apartment buildings replaced the old houses. Patrick had refused all offers to buy him out.The sweet elderly couple that rented the place were living there years before Patrick had decided to purchase the property. He wasn’t about to throw them out onto the street at a boom time when affordable living accommodations were becoming more and more scarce. The construction of new buildings could simply not keep up with the demand.

The old gentleman had been a carpenter all his life and looked after the place like it was his own. When they finally decided to move into a seniors residence, Patrick moved in. He couldn’t resist being a stone’s throw away from the action. The boys on the block were a little older than he liked, 14 and fifteen, but every once in a while a younger one appeared on the scene.

Almost all the boys were runaways. The city known for its relatively mild winters attracted them from across the country. There were all kinds. Some were or would end up being cocksuckers, some would bend over at the flash of money, some would do both and, then, there were the studs, usually older boys in the 16 to 18 range, who needed the money but didn’t suck or get fucked. These might be rare but they had their place and their customers in the marketplace.

They sold their bodies to men for money to buy drugs, a sad end result for most of the estimated 300 homeless kids in the city. Inevitably, as much as they struggled to survive on the streets and swear never to be giving $30 blowjobs or taking it up the ass for fifty, that’s where most of them ended up. It was those fresh ones that Patrick watched for as he sat on his porch most every night studying them.

Patrick developed a friendship with many of the street boys over time. He always had a huge pot of hearty soup on the stove and he allowed a few chosen ones to use his shower and crash on the mattresses with the daily cleaned linen he had placed on his basement floor … or in his bed, gratis of course. Only one rule applied and was strictly enforced; no doing drugs in the house. Patrick abhorred the designer chemical drugs that were at epidemic proportion among youth … drugs made in america in some amateur chemist’s home kitchen with random household chemicals added and sold on the streets, the allurement of youth was the affordability of it.

It was easy picking out the fresh meat. The first time they stood on the sidewalk, they were as nervous as hell. They would have a hard time making eye contact with the drivers and end up with their heads looking down at the sidewalk in shame. Some of the luckier ones had an older boy show them the ropes. It was usually the one who had already taken him in the park and taught him how to suck cock and take it up the ass, if a few other whore-boys hadn’t raped him first. The older teens were very territorial and for good reason; a chicken or new boy was always a trick’s first choice. If the newbies learned anything quickly it was that it was safer to be with a man than stand among the wolves of his peers.

Usually, another boy close in age, perhaps just slightly older, befriends the thirteen or fourteen year-old, new in town runaway. They were easy to spot. They quite often wore large backpacks crammed with clothes and many times, game devices to hard to part from home without. If a guy was lucky, he might hang onto his backpack for a day or two before it was taken from him, as well as, any money he has.

They stood on downtown streets begging for spare change with a keen eye watching out for cops. Their nights were spent in alleyways and dumpster diving. If the kid was lucky, he got to meet somebody, perhaps living in one of the many derelict buildings usually inhabited by many kids. By the third day they were starving, their clothes and bodies were filthy and they blended right in with their peers standing out as a street kid ever the more watchful of the police.

If their new best friend was any kind of friend at all, he would take the newbie with him to a local soup kitchen so the kid had at least something warm in his stomach. Every few days, they might go to a shelter for a one night stay so that they could have a decent shower and wash their clothes. All the while, the best friend would be teaching the newbie the art of sucking cock and bending over to take it up the ass. He would also be suggesting an easy way of making good money and surviving on the streets. After a few more days of roughing it, the newbies either went back home or were working the streets. They hoped every night that a trick who was away from home and lonely for company wanted them to stay over night which usually meant a meal of some kind and a warm bed. These were the  vulnerable boys that Patrick set his sights on.

Male prostitution operates differently from that of the ladies of the evening. Most female street-walkers have pimps who supposedly keep them safe, look after the financial arrangements and provides some form of shelter. The boy trade was mostly unencumbered by pimps.  The vast majority of young males working the streets are free spirit entrepreneurs. They could negotiate a price for sex acts bent over leaning inside the passenger window. Whereas the cost went up significantly for overnighters with a woman, boys often, but not necessarily, tended to sell themselves short, in many cases reducing the price in favor of luxury such as overnight accommodation.

Another pet peeve of older, seasoned teens was that the chickens could undercut the standard benchmark rates and prosper greatly on volume, which was really a fallacy because the crack-heads were known to undercut each other on the slower weeknights often going as low as $10 for a blowjob just so he could score more crack-cocaine or other drug of choice as soon as possible.

Patrick knew the handle names of many of the thousand or so men using the cloud service’s chat room. Eventually he met one man in a private chat room doing serious dealing of fresh new videos. They became chummy and learned they were from the same city. Doggy-dick knew a few others from around the general area as well, who in turn knew others. When all was said and done, there was a total of twelve boy-lovers who were soon chatting with each other, the dirty dozen, as they called themselves.

The first soon to be whore boy that Patrick broke-in was  13 year-old Josh. He saw the blond nervously standing a block away trying to build the courage to proceed any further. He watched the twenty or so older teens standing around or bent over making a deal with a trick. Some got into the cars and sped off to god knows where to do god know what. Josh had never been so afraid in his life, even more so when  the five teens jumped him and stole his backpack and money, taking off his shoes and socks to be sure they weren’t missing any.

He met another boy named Phil, who was sympathetic. It was Phil who told him about the boy stroll and how he made good money at it. Josh was appalled at the idea. Phil arranged to meet him at Macdees at 8pm and together they would go to the stroll, however, Phil told Josh that he would be on his own when they got there. Phil never showed up. The smell of the fast food made Josh’s stomach grumble and a very sore pain developed in his gut. He had to eat so he decided to go on his own.

Patrick saw the arrival of the new kid on the block, sized him up and decided to take a leisurely stroll the short distance and began to chat the kid up. He showed the boy $50 and pointed out his house. He offered the kid a steak dinner then turned and began walking back home. The nice looking boy, although skinny as a rake, with beautiful sharp green eyes was never less than five feet behind him. Patrick felt a tingling in his groin knowing that he was going to have sex with the virgin that night.

Patrick was in no rush. Purposely, he stayed sitting on the porch with Josh after giving him a beer and watching him devour a large bag of potato chips. Josh was all eyes on the goings-on across the street, a place he was headed to before being intercepted by the man who seemed nice,

“Don’t look so frightened, Josh.” he smiled. “Relax, the two of us are going to get along famously. You don’t have to go over there tonight if you don’t want to.”

Josh appeared relieved, Patrick heard a slight sigh. “Thank you.” he whispered.

“I’ll introduce you to a few of those guys later tonight, you’ll like them, and it’ll be easier on you if you know people over there.”

“I’m not gay, ya know,” the boy said a little above a whisper. He had a need to tell him that just as they all had at some point.

“Gay for pay, my boy!” said Patrick in reply taking another sip from his beer. “Makes no difference to me or to those guys over there on the other side of the street or the men you’re going to have sex with. You’re the one who seems to have the problem with it.” Patrick said bluntly. He added by way of offering a way out if the boy was still apprehensive, “It’s not too late to change your mind. You can always go back to wherever it is you came from.”

Patrick made it a rule to never ask the boys about their past lives. The least he knew about them the better off he was. From experience he knew that by keeping them at an arm’s length, it made it much easier to fuck them without a conscience.

Josh bitterly said, “I’d rather suck a thousand cocks that go back there!”

“Good, then ya won’t mind starting with this one.” Patrick said as he pulled the waistband of his sweats out and tucked it under his balls. His cock wasn’t overly large but it was a perfect seven slender inches made for fucking boy-ass.

Josh looked at it wide-eyed then looked up at Patrick’s face. “You want me to do it now … right here?” The reality of his new role in life suddenly kicked him right  in the ass.

“Nobody can see through the lattice railing and there isn’t anyone out on their balcony on either side of us. Besides, if they wanna look, let them! They see it around here all the time, anyway.” he said with sarcasm.

Josh was scared. The kid had probably never seen another guy with an erection, let alone being expected to suck it. He looked at it again, and again glared at Patrick as if hoping for a sudden reprieve. Patrick stared back expressionless, only indicating with a downward flick of his eyes as to what was expected of him.

Slowly, Josh’s ass slithered off the chair and onto his knees, even slower, he crawled over to Patrick on his hands and knees. As he was crawling to him, Patrick slid his sweats completely down to his ankles and spread his legs wide for Josh who was finally getting back up on his knees staring down at the menacing looking one-eyed cobra. He held it around the base as if it was poisonous, made several grimaces before closing his eyes and lowering his head.

Just before the cobra’s head slid between his lips and he took the plunge, he asked  “Don’t cum in my mouth.”

“You got it, kid.” Patrick lied.

Experience dictated that once Josh got used to the idea that he had a another guy’s cock in his mouth and the bile subsided from the top of his throat, virtually tasteless and other than a musky odor, he would conclude that it wasn’t all that bad. However, he did find the licking of Patrick’s sweaty balls most humiliating. Patrick gave him a pointers as he slid his cock in and out of the now not so virgin mouth and, in no time at all, Josh was doing a pretty good job giving his first blowjob.

Things were moving along quite nicely. That is until Patrick failed to give Josh warning and held  his head down while he unloaded his thick creamy essence in the boy’s mouth. Josh sputtered and spat and gagged but to no avail. He was forced to endure the bitter, salty snot-like slime to the very last drop. He had thought of biting Patrick’s cock but had decided that wouldn’t be a prudent decision. The moment Patrick released him, he leaped up and bent over the railing coughing and spitting out whatever foul tasting goop was left after swallowing. After a while he settled back into his chair and, thankfully, the lingering aftertaste washed out by the beer.

True to his word, after Josh had settled down, Patrick cooked them a steak and baked potato on the grill, deciding on corn-on-the-cob as an added treat for Josh. Josh was hungry and didn’t bother using cutlery.  He shoveled the food into his mouth with his fingers. Patrick didn’t know what it was like to be literally starving nor did he ever want to find out. He tossed his own corn onto Josh’s plate along with half of his stake. If it wasn’t so sad, the boy’s face smeared in grease, BBQ sauce, flakes of corn and burnt potato skin particles would have been hilarious. And then it was all topped off with a milk mustache, four glasses of which it took wash down his meal.

As he watched him, Patrick concluded that there was something very little boy-like about Josh. He put on a bravado, tough guy face most of the time but, deeper within, was a scared young man who was definitely out of his element in becoming a rent-boy. When Patrick eventually undressed him, his ribs stuck out and his stomach was shrunken. There was no question in Patrick`s mind that Josh had gone without food long before he ever hit the streets of Oil Town.

He had a lovely uncut cock that hung two inches and as thick as a man’s thumb. There wasn’t but a few tufts of pubic hair that Patrick could have easily counted if he had the notion. It was quite obvious that Josh was barely thirteen by maybe a month or two, even his testicles were still dropping. When Patrick turned Josh around to check out his ass, he was disgusted to see the boy’s back was covered in red welts. Obviously, someone had taken a belt or strap to him with a vengeance, and not too long ago either. But it was none of Patrick’s business.

The kid stunk to high heavens and Patrick made him have a shower. He bagged the boy`s clothing and would wash them the next day. He took off his own clothes, sent an email to the ‘Dirty Dozen’ and positioned his webcam for a live broadcast and waited for Josh to join him. Settled comfortably on his bed, Patrick knew that he was the boy’s first trick who had bought and paid for his company as so many men would from that day forward.

When Josh came out of the bathroom, he walked to the bed, dropped the towel and climbed under the covers. He smelled like Ivory soap, his wet longish blond hair had the scent of baby powder scented shampoo. Patrick snuggled the boy close and groped him, Not too long after Josh became erect doubling in length and thickening somewhat.

“Can you cum?” he boldly asked Josh.

“Yes … but not as much as you.” Patrick wasn’t sure if that response was meant to flatter or debase him for cumming in his mouth.

Patrick loved boy cum. Everything from skim milk-like spurts with only a hint of sweetness to the creamy gusher loads of some slightly older boys. He settled between Josh’s thighs and began to bathe his balls with an exertive effort to reach his anus for a little tantalizing tongue play. Josh would get more of that as a later treat. It was Patrick`s experience that told him that all boys loved it once they got over what they thought was the grossness of it all.

Patrick wasn’t giving up stimulating Josh until the boy laid a coating over his tongue. His jaw and neck ached after an hour, however, ten minutes later he felt Josh quiver and worked all the harder on bringing him to climax. Josh began to literally spasm, his head rocking back and forth with indistinguishable vocals, all indications was that Josh was finally going to cum. His cock swelled and pulsed, once, twice, three times, the taste of him spat over Patrick`s upper tongue. It wasn`t a lot; but it was a sample of puberty’s offering. Nonetheless, it was the nectar of the Gods!

Patrick was rock hard by then, he rolled Josh onto his tummy, lubed himself and the virgin canal he was about to sail into. Josh was scared shitless knowing full well what fate awaited him. He remembered Phil saying that it hurt the first time with  some men being gentle and others not. Regardless, it would be a short term pain for long term gain financially because men usually came very quickly during anal sex.

Phil claimed that most sex happened in a vehicle, the man seldom leaving his seat behind the wheel getting blown and even fucking his young whore who would sit on a man’s cock.

“The best way to do it!” said Phil. “Because then yer in control of how much meat ya take and not getting it rammed up your ass.”

It was quite obvious that Patrick had other plans when he propped Josh’s ass under several pillows. He felt the sharp pain opening him up and it got more painful the deeper it went. At one point the pain was excruciating. Patrick kept telling him to relax his anal muscles.

Patrick had had tighter fucks, younger than Josh by far, and had learned to block out their complaints. Josh never voiced a word of discontent.  He was one brave little fucker. Other than guttural moans and hands slapping the bed then fingers clenching the bed sheet, he tolerated Patrick grinding into him. It was really minor in comparison to what he endured at the hands of his step father.

Patrick humped away and collapsed over Josh’s small body exhausted and spent.”You okay?” he asked Josh.

“I guess … but it hurts bad.”

“You better get used to it … and you will, because men are going to want that and they’ll take it whether you agree or not. Remember, you’re the whore and they’re paying for services. You, my friend, can’t set conditions, you’ll do whatever they want you to do.” Patrick warned, he might as well know what he was getting himself into. “And, ya best get used to swallowing a man’s load. A blowjob should never be finished off with a handjob. And most importantly, know when to get the hell out of Dodge if a man is becoming violent.”

to be continued …

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