Chapter 03


Shagging in my Shag Van

Chapter Three

“Oh fuck!” Seth winced and scrambled out of bed and darted for the door with a hand cupped between his legs. It was hilarious watching him squat in a cluster of bushes.

Tim looked at me and said, “Well, ya know the old gay expression, … shit happens sometimes!”

“Yeah, I suppose.” I countered, “Ya literally fucked the shit out of him, didn’t ya!”

Seth wrapped his waist in one of the wet towels that hung from a tree in futile effort to dry, grabbed his toiletry bag and started to make his way to the shower facilities located a quarter-mile down the road. Tim and me agreed that a hot shower was a novel idea, donning our own soggy, heavy towels we cough up to him. We could have drove the short distance, but neither Tim or Seth cared much to have their upholstery subjected to wet asses. A fair number of the campsites along the road had been vacated and we made mental notes of which ones had precious firewood abandoned in their haste to flee the weather, that later, we could collect on our return trip.

Three bathing–suit clad boys of around eleven, were the only other occupants and had engaged themselves in a boisterous towel snapping war in the change room. The looks on their fresh faces as we dropped our towels on a bench and rifled through our toiletries for soap and shampoo sent them into school-girl giggling fits and pointing at our junk.

“You guys have nothing on!” screamed a blond kid, the biggest of the three.

Tim answered, “We were wearing towels, what’s it to ya?”

“Only queers take showers together naked.” he said, and flicked his towel at Tim that caused a melee of towel whippings; them against us! Painful squeals and screams reverberated from the tiled confines. It was all in joint fun and the boys being overpowered, soon admitted to defeat, cowering in a corner.

Not to be outdone and being poor losers, they attacked us from behind in the shower with lightening speed and agility, turning off the cold water taps and scalding us, and running away with us in hot pursuit.

“Little fucking cock-suckers!” Tim screamed. We chased after them but the little brats knew we wouldn’t pursue further than the washroom exit. With that assurance, they kept up their antics re-entering as far as they dared and calling us fags and homos. We only had to fake a menacing step forward, to send them running. Not giving up, they began throwing wet paper towel balls at us, and the last straw was shutting off the lights.

Tim, never one to be duped, hid behind the entry wall and when they stepped in again, he nabbed the instigator and carried him underarm into the showers. Seth joined him and each secured a wrist, stretching the squirming kid’s arms and held him under an ice-cold, needle piercing spray. The other two boys cautiously stood a safe distance away ready to flee at a second’s notice and laughed at their friend’s humiliation.

“We outta strip the little fucker!” Seth idly threatened, causing the kid to squirm even harder. “Let’s hold him down on his knees and make him suck Trevor’s cock!”

Figuring the boy had had enough, Tim and Seth released him to freedom, he turned and cursed, “Fucking fagots!” and ran, shoving his two unsympathetic cohorts out of his way. Seth, Tim and I doubled over in laughter gloating in having gained the upper hand when the kid’s hadn’t returned. Until, that is, we finished our showers and discovered the little fucks had taken out towels!

Still daylight, we would have to run the gauntlet of campers having dinner at picnic tables, readying their fires for the evening’s enjoyment or just chilling in lawn-chairs hoping mother-nature was giving them a temporary reprieve. Couples held hands in leisurely walks of their dogs, children rode their bikes, and all bore witness to three naked teens streaking past their dumbfounded eyes. I swear I seen mothers shielding children, people running to the road to re-enforce their skepticism, pedestrian traffic yielding to give a wide berth and sounding cheers of encouragement or cries of dismay echoing in our wake!

Back inside the musky, humidity laden van catching our breaths, Seth set about preparing several joints for the convenience of having on demand when the mood struck. Tim sat propped against the wall selecting music and I fussed with tidying up.

“Fucking little pukes,” Seth admonished, “We should have gang-banged the little fucker!” I was beginning to wonder if Seth wasn’t just kidding or in fact he was indeed a pedophile!

Seth began to laugh, “Come on, … ya gotta admit it was a brilliant counter attack! No doubt the shits watched us from somewhere and pissed their pants laughing.”

“That was fucking embarrassing. I wouldn’t be surprised if the park-warden shows up any minute now.” I mentioned.

“Fuck! … You two dudes need to chill, lets smoke a dubbie!” Tim made light

So we did, –and the park-warden didn’t! Good thing, because the smoke lingered going nowhere in the hot, dead air even with both rear doors opened wide. I began to regret ever allowing my dad to talk me into the cocoon of carpet that was surely absorbing not only the moist air and body-odor, but also, the pot smoke that I realized was causing the dank, “locker room” stench that Mike so descriptively inferred.

We lazed around and drank beer just shooting the shit. Tim talked about dumping Tammy, Seth talked about finding a girlfriend, Mike offered Tammy, Seth said he’d pass and both agreed that they would like to fuck Marnie. I sat there thinking about Seth. Maybe he would find a girl that would steal his heart and never look back at the homo shit, however his fetish for anal sex may well compel him to always be bisexual. His best hope would be to find an open-minded chick for three-ways with an equally open-minded guy who would fuck him. Like Timmy for instance, who had no qualms about sharing girls for the sake of a jolly good party-time. If he did dump Tammy, he would easily have a new girl within a week. As for the possibility of him being bisexual, I highly doubted it. Tim was just along for the ride that weekend with Seth and me. He would look back at it as just another one of his bizarre, free-spirited interludes with life.

It was soon nightfall. Pulling on shorts we scrounged up wet wood and by the encouragement of gasoline, a nice fire ensued to cook Marnie’s pre-marinated steaks over. Sitting in a light drizzle of rain, holding them by the bone we ate them caveman style and munched on a side of raw veggies. It was the best damn steak I had ever eaten.

“Cheers to Marnie!” Tim made a toast, “That girl really knows how to perk up a piece of meat!” the pun of which didn’t go unnoticed and we laughed.

Of course the night wouldn’t be complete without a dip in the lake. Leaving our shorts on the beach, we swam out in the pitch-dark to the raft and came upon a couple in their late twenties fucking their brains out and not hearing us until we were climbing the ladder. I don’t know who frightened who the most, but we all let out a startling shriek. Apologies from both parties were made yet we were all in the same predicament, stark naked! A heavy accent was detected from both.

She was not overly attractive, maybe plain in facial appearance, brunette, but a nice figure was distinguishable when the man rolled off her. Her small tits were perky, with raisin size nipples surrounded by large brown spheres. A thick forest of dark pubic hair appeared unfeminine to me, unlike Marnie and Tammy’s close-cropped pussies and those that I had seen in porn magazines. He was average looking, dirty blond, medium built man with just a sprinkle of blond hair between well defined pecs. He sported a long slender cock similar to Seth’s, except uncut, with a purplish gleaming knob that was slowly ebbing inside the foreskin.

The woman sat up and wrapped her arms around her tits and crossed her legs, and the guy struggled to lift himself without the use of his hands that were preoccupied shielding his erection. He let his guard down exposing his deflating cock in order to stand, but then made no attempt to protect his modesty. Tim, Seth and I covered our jewels and stood uncomfortably looking away. Suddenly the woman broke out in laughter which eased the tension somewhat. The man introduced himself as Carl, and his girlfriend, Erica.

At that moment, Erica stood up and like Carl, without a hint of modesty, only took her boyfriends hand and smiled. The protocol of handshakes while exchanging names was an uncomfortable moment that Erica picked up on and advised that they were tourists from Sweden where public nudity at beaches was quite common and for us not to be embarrassed.

Carl snickered meekly, “But public fucking isn’t!” he advised, “And that is our only shame right now, –please … forgive us.”

“Chill out, dude.” Tim said with a friendly smile, “It’s not yer fault; … we kinda snuck up on ya! We’re the ones who should be sorry for spoiling it for ya.” then he took on a serious look, “Nude beaches, eh? –I think I”ll move there. Do ya know if they’re looking for help in the sauna factory, or how ’bout the meatball one? I could learn to massage, I guess!” he joked with exaggerated enthusiasm, Carl and Erica laughed at his nescience.

“You are very nice young men,” Carl complimented, “and I must admit, your presence had me concerned at first.” he said looking at Erica, the insinuation clear.

Tim was quick to reply, “Ya don’t have to worry about Erica, she’s safe enough around me … and those two are homosexuals!” leaning into Carl’s ear, said, “So I’d be more worried about yourself, get my meaning, Carl.” he joked at our expense, but it was funny nonetheless.

Seth punched Tim in the shoulder, “You asshole!”

“Oh, right, … you’re bisexual, –the other one is gay!”

Erica interjected, “Gay is okay, we have many gay people in Sweden and bisexual is normal, as well. Right Carl?” She moved to sit on the edge of the raft with her feet in the water. Carl followed her lead causing us to do the same.

“Yah, it is no big deal like it is in North America. Many guys have casual sex with each other. Especially younger teens before they get a girlfriend.” he told us, Seth was all ears, and I must admit, so was I.

Erica elaborated, “Sex is healthy, … pleasurable. Not restricted to gender. It is even believed that it will make a boy a better lover later on in life!”

Seth spoke up, “See, I told you guys it’s kewl!” He went on to tell them about his private school.

“Perfectly normal for best friends to have regular sex. When boys had a sleep over … well, it was just assumed that they would have sex of some type. Even parents are aware. Mutual masturbation is very common, as well as oral sex.”

“What about anal sex?” I had to ask, intrigued by the nonchalant attitude of Swedes.

Carl paused to collect his thoughts, “There are no boundaries, … it is a matter of personal choice. Some guys enjoy it, others do not. Personally, I did not like to be penetrated, but some of my friend’s did, … I enjoyed penetrating them.”

Seth asked, “So once ya get a girlfriend and have sex … do ya just … ya know, stop?”

“Not necessarily.” Carl replied, “Your girlfriend is not always available when you are … how do you say, horny?” I still enjoy another man to this day, if I find him attractive. My occupation takes me into seclusion with hundreds of other men for three month intervals. It is two very different kinds of sex and it is not considered cheating on your spouse as it is with a woman. There is usually no intimacy such as a man and a woman would share; and of course, gay couples, as well.”

Seth was ecstatic “See, once again, it’s the buddy system … just like I told ya’s!” he exclaimed, as if his theory finally held true, proven by a complete stranger. I believe it also appeased his conscience if he harbored any self doubt regarding his post boys-school compulsions that remained a part of who he was.

Tim, who sat quietly listening. rudely asked, “Do you guys ever have three-ways with other guys?” I read into the motives of that question.

“Sometimes.” Erica answered, “If we are both attracted to him, … and of course, if he is of legal age!” she laughed, setting the record straight and letting him down easy.

“Nice try Timmy!” I teased.

Carl laughed, “You are a very handsome young man and I am very impressed with your … body. Unfortunate for you and I, Erica has no interest in becoming, um … how do you say, a cougar?”

Discovering that they enjoyed hashish, the mainstay drug of choice in their country, we invited them to our camp to smoke marijuana around the fire. Clothing optional for the lady, of course! We parted ways on the raft as they were staying at a cabin renal property abutting our campground. Having given them our camp number and walking directions from the beach, they agreed to meet us for a night cap.

Out of courtesy, we put on our shorts and awaited Carl and Erica’s arrival and the arrival of our Ecstasy high because we weren’t about to share that with anyone. We teased Tim about getting turned down by an older woman and questioning him what he was going to do for Carl, or more to the point, what Carl may request of him, being the top that Carl was.

“Guess I’d blow em while I fucked his girl, I mean that’s part of the deal, right?” he said sincerely, “She sure as fuck ain’t hot enough that I’d take it up my ass to get into her pussy, though!”

Scaring the hell out of us, Carl suddenly appeared from the dark announcing, “Guess it is boy’s night out, Erica has a headache and sends her apologies.” He was dressed in white shorts and t-shirt and wearing sandals He scanned the campsite still littered with Tim’s clothes that Tammy tossed out, the soaking wet sleeping-bag, two sagging tents and six Coleman coolers considering there were only three of us.

Tim noticed as well and advised, “Don’t even go there, dude. It’s a long story.”

The beer was going down nicely and quickly. We passed joints around and queried about his country and enlightened him of ours. His job as a paramedic for a mining camp was interesting conversation. Erica and he decided to see America and rented a motorcycle. Mostly tenting, they sometimes took motels and cabins to chill for a few days in comfort during their two month visit. He was thirty-one years old and Erica was twenty-six and they had lived common-law for the past two years in a city I couldn’t pronounce, that when he spelled it, was about a hundred letters with very few vowels!

I liked Carl. I liked Carl a lot. I had the hots for him. He was more handsome than I first thought, a rugged handsomeness with a days growth on his face. I loved his deep throaty accent and articulate English. His mother and father had been teachers and English was a prerequisite, second language of his nation. When he inquired about Seth, Tim and my age, he seemed shocked that I was sixteen and not fifteen that he assumed.

“You have a baby face. –Very cute indeed!” he complimented me, making me blush.

I caught him staring at me often, he’d smile the whitest smile I’d ever seen, and wink. He was coming on to me and I didn’t let doubts cloud my intuition like I had done with Seth. Never having entertained the fantasy of sex with an older man, I wanted Carl who was twice my age, and that confounding factor added to the temptation of returning is flirtation head on. I was boning up thinking about his uncut cock and what the mysterious foreskin would feel like; what his purplish head would taste like. Surely not pussy, he had swam to shore and there couldn’t have been enough time to throw a fuck into his old lady. The vivid memory of him humping Erica was the final surge of blood needed to fill my cock to capacity length. I envisioned him on top of me and fucking my almost virginal, barely broken-in ass!

When Seth asked Carl if he wanted another beer, I was on my feet in a flash to get him one and flagrantly parked my ass beside him, inching over to allow me more space on the long Coleman cooler that substituted as seating to the limited available lawn-chairs. His curly blond hairs tickle my smooth, hairless leg in the closeness sending a chill through me. Immediately, his arm surrounded my waist, his hand rested on my hip, gently kneading the skin, sending chills up my spine and a break out of goose-bumps that he had to have felt. Bravely, having nothing to fear, I placed my arm around him, I had made my anything but subtle move on him, no doubt he was pleased at my forwardness. Nervous as a hen with a fox in the hen house, I was baffled as to how to seduce him further, deciding to leave that to fate.

Knowing looks and smirks on their faces attested to Tim and Seth being wise to the goings-on on the other side of the roaring fire as they comically relayed the events of the day. From the disarray of camp, the two boys we frightened on the beach, to the antics of the three boys in the shower house. Carl laughed heartily, taking advantage of the moments to caress my hip and upper leg. I returned the gesture for a while and then stretching my arm, looped my thumb inside his waistband and toyed with border line pubic hair between his inner thigh and groin area.

Lost in lust, I don’t know how the topic of ownership of the van came up. At some point I heard Seth telling Carl how I single handedly finished the interior and that Carl should ask me to show him my handy-work.

“Well, shall we?” Carl asked, taking me off guard before I could make sense of the tail end of the conversation. “I would very much like to see your craft.”

“Um, yeah, okay!” I sputtered, rising from the cooler and looking at Seth wearing a devious grin and winking at me.

Inside the van that I wished I had made presentable, at least folded the bed had I known, Carl admired it for a moment. Next thing I knew his hand held the nape of my neck and his mouth was locked on mine with his tongue forcing its way into my mouth. My legs felt like jello, my whole body like a rag-doll and fear of the unknown overwhelmed me. I easily surrendered and returned the passion with my arms around his neck. His whiskers chaffed my mouth area but I was certainly not complaining. Actually, it made him even more manly. I knew in my heart that events were going to get more heated when I felt the hardness pressed against my own. My first real probing, lashing, slobber lipped, intimate kiss!

Carl’s hand slid into the left side waistband of my shorts and drifted the short journey between our pressed bodies. When his fingers found their destination and explored, he let out an audible sigh but it was no match for my own cry of bliss. His other hand left my neck and caressed down my back leaving me responsible to apply hand pressure to ensure our mouths didn’t somehow lose momentum.

I felt the back of his hand on my belly as he fumbled with his clasp and zipper, then the material landed on my feet. My shorts were targeted next. Wrapped in his hand, cock against cock, he stroked the two and massaged my balls with the other. Our panting breaths intensified emitting muffled moans when as soon as he was naked, I located his satiny, hairless sack and luscious cherry-tomato sized orbs. I hated to break our embrace and drop to my knees, but the impatience to replace his tongue with another, larger wet probe in my mouth was too much.

Licking the juices from his foreign shaped knob and pulling the loose folds of skin forward to entomb my tongue, I was mesmerized by its texture and ease of glide.

“You are a beautiful boy, Trevor. And I am a very fortunate man at this moment.” he exulted.

I took him hole and let my mouth savor the taste a few moments. It was about an inch longer than Seth’s, with a girth slightly less, but not near as meaty as Tim’s. I don’t know why I was making comparisons, however one thing was for sure: God did not create all men alike! Each one even tasted marginally different. Eager to get to the matter at hand and pleasure the man towering above me, I sucked his cock lovingly, unlike I had done with Tim or Seth. I had a gut feeling that he was in no hurry to go anywhere that night.

Carl ushered me up over and onto the bed where we comfortably laid side by side and he tenderly explored my cock and balls with his tongue and lips, and I resumed my oral command over his manhood. I was in my glory experiencing a lover who was not intent on the ‘get it on and get off’ adage. I was a bit confused with his affection displayed, contrary to on the raft when he claimed that homo sex he experienced never included intimacy, much the same as Seth’s learned belief of the practice.

Without the warning of droplets, rain began to pelt the roof and I feared our tenderhearted coupling would be sadly interrupted, if not shelved completely, if Seth and Tim came inside for cover. Carl might be persuaded into group sex, but our attentiveness to each others feelings would surely be lost. My anxiety was put to rest when I heard a car door slam, the guys had taken refuge in one of their cars, Seth’s smirk and winks indicated that he somehow connived expectations of Carl and me to have sex in the van, and had conspired to stay away and allow me continued privacy.

“Please fuck me, Carl!” I blurted, shocking even myself of the lewdness implored.

“I do not ‘”fuck”‘ beautiful boys, … I make love to them, and it would be my pleasure to make love to you!”

I handed him the baby-oil and rolled onto my stomach with my ass high in the air.

“What are you doing?” he asked as if I had done something wrong. “I wish to see your face when I make love to you.”

I complied and lay upon my back but when I saw that he was he reaching for his shorts, I truly thought I had blown it somehow by insulting him. I felt stupid and naive believing that anal sex didn’t necessarily have to be so impersonally performed from the rear as Seth and Tim perhaps silently alluded my preconception. Relieved to see him digging into a pocket and producing two small wrapped packages, I breathed a sigh of relief! Raising myself on my elbows I watch as he used his teeth to tear open, then roll a condom onto himself. The second package was a lubricant.

He saw me looking oddly when he rolled on the rubber, and asked, “How long have you been having sex with guys, Trevor?”

“Let me see,” I joked, “it was on a Friday, that I know; … what time is it now … two o’clock Sunday morning? … Then I’ve been doing it for around twenty-eight hours!”

He looked at me like I was crazy before it dawned on him, “Really? Have you been penetrated as of yet?”

I debated the answer. A “Yes” would be honest, yet a “no” might encourage him to be gentler. “Not really.” I meekly answered.

I swear his cock jumped and flexed, he smiled warmly and assured me, “I will be very gentle, you will see.”

Arranging my legs knees up, spread wide, and a pillow placed under the small of my back, Carl laid his full weight on me and kissed me passionately once again. He manipulated his cock to my hole and gently pushed. It hurt, but not near the pain Seth had caused me. The difference was that I wanted Carl inside me and expected what was coming and in no way resisted his entry. Hoping that I wasn’t hurting him, I dug my nails into his back. Our kiss ended, clenching my teeth and grimacing as inch by inch he finally paused.

I had no way of knowing how much of his length was inside me, the position we were in certainly prevented full potential. Carl obviously felt no need to drive me deep as Seth had done to me and likewise, Tim had violently done to him.Once satisfied that he was securely lodged, he pumped in slow, gyrating motions. Placing his arms through my pits and securing my shoulders with his hands, he leaned in to kiss me. By then, I was physically and mentally ready to receive him.

Short, slow retractions followed by forward spikes, all in sync to his rotating hips, suddenly had the most profound, spectacular feeling that came over my body. The only way to describe it was … like a constant internal orgasm. My legs straddled and clamped his upper thighs with feet hooked to hold the position as leverage to meet his thrusts and assume an active role. My cock grew hard, painfully mashed at an awkward angle that he must have realized and lifted himself, causing it to spring and lay prone. The feeling of it between our grinding bodies was intense, being masturbated in the oddest way.

Like a well oiled machine, we increased pace in unison, lost in the rapture and screaming out appreciations of the other. A steady kiss became impossible and we settled on the biting of necks and ears. I felt my climax build and finally gush forth, trapped in its confines.

“I wanna taste you, Carl!” I whimpered in tears, “Please … let me have it in my mouth?” I begged.

He crawled up my body and squatted over my chest, working the condom down and off that plopped on my jugular. My cum was splattered from his belly to his bush. He spread his hands firmly against the wall. My hands forced his ass forward for my tongue to lift and direct him into my mouth. Leaning forward, he pumped my tight mouth mercilessly, the only aggression he’d shown and was short lived. The unmistakable, familiar bitter-sweet proof of his final utopia excreted. Carl didn’t even attempt to asphyxiate me by rooting himself, only held a moderate depth and let me siphon the very last ejaculate before he extracted and collapsed hunched over me, lips to mine.

Carl held me as he rolled off onto his back. Breathing hard he continued to hold me, my head tucked under his arm with my cheek resting on his sweaty chest. I didn’t want it to be over, I wanted him to hold me like that until morning when we could wake up refreshed and do it all over again. I was sad when he sat up and announced that he had to go. Watching him dress, I was envious of the one he was going home to.

Feeling a strange sense of modesty in front of the man who ravaged my soul, I put the bed sheet around me and walked with him to the beach. The rain had stopped but a welcomed coolness had resulted. Carl kissed me goodnight.

“Will I see you tomorrow?” I asked.

“Erica and me will be leaving if the weather reports are correct. She suffers from migraines and felt one coming on, so it will also depend on that.” he advised uncertain. Cupping my face in his hands, he said, “You are a beautiful boy. You will find someone and make him very happy Be who you are and hold your head up high. Do not live a lie, Trevor.” He kissed me and turned to walk down the beach. I stood there watching until he disappeared into the darkness, knowing in my heart that I would never see him again, but that he’d had a profound influence that would shape my life from that day forward.

It wasn’t difficult to figure out who’s car they took shelter in. The windows of Tim’s Chevy were fogged up and a happy face had been drawn on the passenger side one. I politely knocked and from somewhere within, a voice told me to get in. The dome light illuminated the two naked teens, their shorts draped over the headrests. Tim had his back to the door and one leg resting on the seat, the other on the floor. Seth was just lifting his upper body and judging by the glossy kielbasa pointing at Tim’s belly-button, was giving him head until I interrupted. They shuffled to allow me a seat where Tim handed me a beer that I guzzled at least half of which to quench my dry mouth and extreme thirst.

“So, … did the old man take his teeth out and give ya a gum-job?” Tim asked facetiously, then went onto another tangent, “–I think God fucked up when he gave women teeth. But when ya think ’bout it, … God must be a woman, cuz if he was a guy he would have of given us the ability to bend far enough to suck our own cocks!”

“You are so fucking dense, Tim!” Seth piped up, “If God was a woman, she would have ensured we could suck our own cocks so women wouldn’t have to!”

“Yeah, maybe yer right on that one. –Maybe that’s why he invented you fags, too!” the banter ended with a shot to his arm by Seth.

The attention focused on me again. Seth asked, “So do tell us about it … I mean we peaked in the window and watched most of it, but how was gay sex with an old man?”

“You guys peaked? … How fucking childish is that?” I scolded, “And he’s not old or … gay!”

“We had to make sure that the pedophile wasn’t abusing you!” said Tim.

Pedophile. The term was so inappropriate. Technically correct, but a very unfair label when the junior is consenting, if not wanton. It’s my body, my decision, who the fuck has the right to tell me who I could or couldn’t have sex with? I thought of my parents, they’d go nuts and have Carl put in jail in a blink of the eye! Send me for therapy so some shrink could tell me it wasn’t my fault, I was a victim of a horrendous crime, when in fact, non of that was true!

Seth giggled, “We didn’t watch too long. When you guys moved to the bed we couldn’t see any more. Donkey dick, here,…” he fondled Tim, “got all excited watching. –See my knees?” Sure as hell, he had grass stains on his knees. “We listened for a bit until it started to pour rain, then we came in here.”

I wasn’t angry or ashamed. A little flattered that the voyeur straight boy, Tim, got excited by it all. He suggested we go inside the van and get comfortable and after gathering more alcohol, taking a piss without a sword fight because it was too chilly to dilly-dally outside.

Tim was the first one to crawl into the bed. What I wouldn’t have given to have a video camera when he leaped across the bed tossing the used condom that his hand had inattentively come in contact with, crying out, “Fucking gross, dude! … I could of got S-v-edish jism all over my hand!”

Seth had recovered the rubber and held it up gingerly between two fingers staring at, “Not to worry, Timmy, cuz it appears to be empty!”

Both of them looked at me puzzled, I opened my mouth and pointed, “Yum-yum, it went into the other sperm reciprocal!” resulting in them ganging up on me for a play fight, stripping the sheet from my body.

Tim said, “Bet ya it tasted like GeritolViagra, or maybe Poligrip,… that false teeth stuff!”

I reached over and squeezed his nuts, “Tastes better than your fucking alcohol laced cum; … a person could get drunk blowing you!”

“You say’in I drink too much, Tammy?” he laughed. “You’ve heard of a ‘boiler-maker, ‘ I call my shooter a ‘baby-maker!’ Get it … shooter? Double meaning?” driving Seth and me to groan at his stupid joke.

Just then Seth discovered the empty foil wrappers, “Fuck me, look at this! … The guy came packing his own lube, too?” he asked with sarcasm. “He must have been pretty damn sure he was going to get laid.”

“His odds were two-to-one, go figure!” Tim jabbed at Seth and me, “And he picked slut-boy over there to rock the cradle with.”

“Fuck you, ass wipe!”

We got pretty stoned. Me and Seth shared Tim’s meat for a while, our cocks near his face that he actually held in each hand and rotated his head from one to the other sucking just a few inches. I don’t remember who came up with the idea of a three-way fuck session, Stacked with Tim on Seth, Seth on me. It was impossible for the two of them to get a steady rhythm and Seth kept flopping out of me, who was taking the brunt of the weight. We got quite a hoot over the clumsiness and tried it on our sides and that didn’t help much either, so we let Tim pound away while Seth stayed in me. Once Tim was spent, Seth carried on inside me. It was enjoyable, but sadly, Carl had spoiled me with his love making. I came, but it was via Seth’s hand, and not the orgasmic inner sanctum of that G-spot that Carl knew how to stimulate so well.

The remainder of the weekend was a blast, The weather improved and we spent much time on the beach tossing a football or Frisbee and swimming. The sex was enjoyed frequently and equally. I tried to get Seth to fuck face to face but he wouldn’t here of it, apologizing, no offense, but that position was gay and the buddy system was strict to the rule, no eye contact, kissing, cuddling or whispering sweet nothings. Tim concurred. As foolish as it seemed, I respected their wishes if it gave them a sense of guarded masculinity. Surprising, I did let Tim do me and found his cock rather agreeable, once again, the girth was thick and frightful to the naked eye but after his bulbous head passed the pearly gates of hell, it was filling, but smooth. Nor was he rough as Seth enjoyed the ride.

As expected, I didn’t see Carl again. Tim found another girl and never looked back on the weekend, if he did, he never mentioned it. Seth and me got together many times for camp-outs that summer. The buddy system rules were bent when we were alone. Light kissing and cuddles were ceded to, the missionary position granted. However he was always aloof, refusing to let himself go with the flow. I was in love with him and he knew it, Looking back, I believe he was in love with me, as well, and that scared him. By mid August he was clearly avoiding me.

Mike got over his shock that I was gay. Probably more happy that his best friend Tim wasn’t bisexual, Just crazy Timmy doing crazy things on a whim. Mike kept on seeing Marnie, even when he caught her blowing another guy from school in the teen’s car one lunch hour the following school year. Tim and me believe it was Tammy who tipped him off. She had her sights on Mike soon after Tim broke off with her.

As for me? Any gay high school kid can tell you that it’s a lonely life. One full of self-loathing, not belonging and jerking off til your cock is raw. II met one guy at a house party, I barely knew him from school. We got drunk and he asked to sleep it off in my van with me. He was cute, a year younger and I was horny for some cock to suck. He stripped down to his boxer shorts and put his hand inside saying how horny he was. With all the courage I could muster, I said something idiotic like, “me too! I’m so fucking horny I could suck your cock!” Depending on his reaction, I could simply laugh it off as a joke. He pulled down his shorts, laid down on the bench and said, “go for it!”

He had the tiniest cut dick you’d ever want to see, I swear it was no longer or thicker than my thumb, with the teeniest, marble sized balls! It was as if he stopped sexual development at eleven years old. I felt sorry for him, fifteen years old and hung like a hamster. Kind of Kewl was taking all of his junk in my mouth with room to spare. Anyway, I got him off not expecting much, a few pellets that had he not advised me he was cumming, I wouldn’t have noticed.

I have no idea why, but noodle-dick started telling people at school that he passed out and woke up to find me giving him a blow-job. Word spread quickly through the grapevine. Mike and Tim asked me if it was true and I told them the whole story. Mike, being very popular with students of all grades, reversed the story that it was the kid who came onto me. Nobody ever doubted Mike’s word and and his version was gospel. The kid was soon the target of bullies and ridicule. I felt bad for him. Two days later, a couple of guys jumped him from behind, bagged his head to keep their identity secret, stripped him totally naked, shaved off his pubic hair and tied him to a tree in front of the school. I would imagine that every time he heard a dismissal bell from that day forward was a sad reminder of his humility! Quite the police investigation ensued, but mysteriously, no one saw a thing. When I confronted Tim as to his possible, most likely involvement, he only grinned, and said, “Who, me?”

I got a job after school stocking shelves at a retail grocery store. The assistant manager, thirty-five year old Kyle, began a subtle flirt with me and one day invited me to his place after work. Events happened swiftly and I spent the night in his bed and many others thereafter. When I turned eighteen I came out to my parents and moved in with Kyle. We have been together ever since, the love of my life.

Older men are much better lovers, they are caring and selfless, and if you are underage and closeted you can be rest assured of two things, anonymity, and they don’t suffer the post-cum blues of shame and guilt!

Feed back always loved and cherished, it’s what keeps us amateurs motivated to write and continue to make fools of ourselves by bastardizing the English language!

to be continued …

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