Chapter 02


Shagging in my Shag Van

Chapter Two

We laid naked side by side in silence smoking weed. Rain drops began to pitter-patter the roof and increased in velocity to a steady shower followed by thunder rumbling in the distance and accompanied by periodic flashes of lightening that illuminated the van’s interior well beyond the battery powered overhead lamp that was rapidly dimming from over use.

“Let’s go swimming!” Seth excitedly broke the monotony of silence and was on his feet with me in pursuit, stopping to haul a stirring and bewildered, Tim to his feet whom we both supported and led the dazed teen down to the beach into the welcome cool water. Tim came alive. playfully joining in to our horse-play and in chest high water attempting a piggy-back with me atop Seth’s shoulders and Tim futilely trying to climb atop me only to result in Seth buckling under the weight and all of us crashing down and surfacing in hysterics.

The rain came down in torrents and the lightening became frequent casting a daylight-like strobe effect as far as the eye could see. Loud overhead cracks of thunder sent us scurrying from the beach and into the protection of the van. Taking turns drying ourselves with the only dry towel that I could find, each ceded his space in the narrow rear confines and assumed a seated position atop the bed taking a vodka-cooler that Tim thoughtfully procured a six pack from the girls personal stash that Tammy made perfectly clear to everyone, wasn’t for guy consumption.

Another joint liberally produced by Seth along with Ecstasy offered to, and eagerly accepted by Tim, we sat in a circle knee to knee. My earlier fantasy of the exact same scenario flashed through my mind except that Mike wasn’t present for the reality version. Tim’s five-inch cock hung between the vee formed crease of his equally long chestnut weighted sack like a ballpark-frank in a bun waiting for mustard and relish. Seth first shotgunned Tim and the sight of the two naked teens in a lip lock exchange of the narcotic made my cock inflate to half-mast as innocent as the transfer necessitated.

Making idle chit-chat or a long while as the rain battered a deafening roar upon the van, we remained in the same position and drank the sweet fruity coolers that my thirst found satisfying. The ceiling light was barely aglow and needed a fresh battery but the steady lightening flares illuminated the interior and its occupants enhancing the serene aphrodisiac like aura that I sensed was unanimous as we frequently groped ourselves to noticeable semi-erections as the conversation waned to a silence.

Seth broke the ice and asked Tim, “So … you going back to your tent to try and make up with Tammy? She’s probably scared of the storm about now and has forgiven whatever it is ya did … wrong.”

“Nah, she’s pissed off at me for drinking too much … but we’ve been on the outs for a few weeks now.” he said sadly, then chuckled pulling on his cock, “Anyway, … as horny as I am, I ain’t gonna get laid, that’s for sure! Think I’ll just crash in my car and listen to some tunes.”

I was being selfish in not readily offering him to stay with Seth and me. Not only that it would have been cramped, but I desperately wanted my first taste of hard cock and savor Seth’s beautifully displayed semi that he was fondling while enticingly stared at me with a cocky look.

“Awful waste of the love-drug, Tim.” Seth remarked, reverting his gaze upon Tim’s crotch and back at mine. “All of us are horny, dude! –Why not stay here with Trevor and me and … help each other out?”

Seth reached both hands forward and shockingly took Tim’s and my cock into the palm of his hands. Tim’s only reaction was to close his eyes and swallow hard, allowing Seth to fondle his quick to respond cock to a full, mouth-watering seven inches of thick Italian sausage complete with the curvature. The blood drained from my face and despite the humidity, a chill shivered my body. It wasn’t another fantasy illusion when I reached to join Seth’s hand and assist him in the manipulation of Tim’s manhood, holding my breath anticipating that at any moment Tim would come to his senses and make a hasty exit. Even when Tim reciprocated and took Seth’s and my cock in hand, I thought the moment would soon end.

The ceiling light finally succumbed and mother nature’s own spectacular fireworks cast a black and white, strobe like slow-motion effect as a tandem effort of joined hands was seen engaged in a three-way fervor of mutual masturbation. Tim’s long meaty cock was so different than Seth’s thinner, five inch, bony erection that, unseen until then, felt much larger when it was up my ass! Not that I was in any way preferring one over the other, both teens held my lustful eye.

Seth went down on Tim and began to perform his magic. Tim laid back supported on his elbows peering down and moaned his pleasure, “It’s been a long time, dude! –Even better than you…” Tim suddenly hesitated and looked over at me, not competing his statement. I wondered if there was a naughty secret between them that he almost divulged. After I thought about it, that would explain Seth’s casual approach and ease in seducing Tim.

Seth paused his attack on Tim’s glistening, saliva covered cock and motioned me forward to join him. Cheek to cheek, Seth aimed the cock to my eager lips. My tongue swiped over the large crown tasting the sweetness of what I knew to be pre-cum that flowed down between the gap of his circumcision. Sucking just the head secured between my lips, the tip of my tongue prodded the wide expanse and source of the ample nectar that my fist eagerly squeezed forth from his shaft. I fucking loved the taste of it and prayed that the mother-lode would be as delectable as the sample. My mind was made up regardless, the erotic thought of inciting another guy’s orgasm was one thing, but then to be rewarded with, and ingest his most valuable masculine commodity was a huge turn on for me.

My mouth took more of the metallic tasting cock and my lips applied pressure to the doughy texture, feeling the cartilage bone encased in his remarkably fat organ. Flesh gathered between the tight confines of my lips and hand that glided in saliva slick unison with my mouth at a steady tempo. I found a comfort level of about five inches stuffed in my mouth using my busy hand as a barrier to prevent gagging myself in excited passion. Pausing occasionally to replenish air and not to waste a moment of my desire, I licked his heavy balls while I caught my breath. Tim’s coarse pubic hair grew sporadic on his sack that certainly wasn’t as appetizing as Seth’s smooth scrotum. The odd strand dislodged that I had to pick off my tongue a few times. A thicker dark trail led into his crack that dissuaded me from treating him to a tongue-fuck.

Seth’s earlier, hands-on tutorial on the fine art of pleasuring another guy certainly benefited my apprenticeship and allowed me to master my own technique. It was as if sucking cock came naturally to me by some kind of mortal instinct, or immoral instinct! Seth may very well have been hiding his homosexual tendencies under the guise of temporary sexual gratification widely and indiscriminately practiced at that all boy-school, but he obviously hadn’t left it at the door on the way out! His enthusiasm as we took turns devouring Tim’s genitals spoke volumes to the contrary; he was as queer as I came to realize I was or he was bisexual, but either way, in denial of his true nature.

Seth positioned himself in a sixty-nine with his slender erect cock pointing into Tim’s armpit who had laid back in comfort with his head resting on his arms enjoying the tandem blow-job with throaty coos and grunts. My gaze never left the scene ahead wondering if Tim would take the blatant hint. He stared at it for a few moments before his left hand crossed his chest pausing to spit in it and proceeded to wrap it around Seth’s cock and jerk him off. I was beyond shock at Tim’s reaction, never in a million years would I have believed it, but my eyes were not deceiving me! Especially what followed next.

Seth laughed and said, “Come on, Timmy, … this time a hand-job ain’t gonna cut it while ya get yer cock sucked!”

The key words that struck me were, “this time,” confirming my suspicions that they had played around in the past. Seth lifted his left leg over Tim’s head and brought his hip forward for easier access. I was frozen with in uncertainty of events. After a brief expression of disgust that turned to fear, he craned his neck to face the challenge, hesitated a moment. Like slow motion, I watched him lift the cock to his lips!

“What the fuck, blame it on the Ex!” he surrendered, “If anyone of you ever tell anyone ’bout this … I swear, I’ll…” Not finishing his idle threat and preposterously lame fear, he closed his eyes tight, opened his mouth, paused to relay another stern condition, “Just don’t cum in my mouth!” and accepted about three inches that he loudly slurped and gagged in good humored exaggeration.

Seth jokingly replied, “Don’t worry, seeing that this is your first blow-job … well, –I’ll be kind and give ya a half-second warning!” The ice was broken as we all giggled. Suddenly we were all on an equal playing-field, absolving us of any potential sober, postmortem blues and humiliation that I had actually considered.

We soon were on our sides in a three-way, triangle-like position with Seth sucking me off. I surmised that he wasn’t really enjoying Tim’s, less than enthusiastic, approach judging by his flinches and minor complaints of teeth scrapings that he took in stride. Tim had cock in his mouth and that’s all that really mattered to me, and being pretty certain he was going to be the first to cum and presumably, loose even more desire, I looked forward to finishing off Seth, who was an esprit cock-sucker, but I doubted a third orgasm was in the near future for me. Nonetheless, I learned that orgasm wasn’t the end-all of pleasure, but more of a sad, grand-finale to the great experience!

As predicted, Tim succumbed to my overzealous oral stimulation. The first clear indication was when his body convulsed, followed by his dick that pulsed and released snot-like jism that tasted salty and bitter with a hint of bleach, nothing like his sweet precum. I wasn’t complaining about the unexpected potency that I tried to swallow while applying a vacuum suction with my mouth in motion like a V-8 engine piston, discovering that the two physical acts were next to impossible to achieve and simply letting it gather on the back of my tongue and upper palate that I swear I could smell the odor assaulting my nostrils from within!

Tim’s load was much greater than I expected, based on my own ejaculates. When I was satisfied that I had sucked the last residual drop from the wilting root and being discouraged by his hand on my forehead to forgo my lock on the meat, I came up gasping for air and choked on the accumulated mass that I inadvertently inhaled along with the oxygen! It burned my throat and entered my nasal passages sending me in to a sneezing fit that also burned exiting my nose combined with mucus and flowed down to my lips sending both teens into hysterical laughter!

Facing my slight embarrassment, I stuck out my tongue as far as I could reach and swiped my upper lip and said, “Ummm, good to the last drop!” grossing Tim out in the process, Seth only chuckled under his breath. However, I did get to swallow a good portion that had the same consistency of a raw oyster that my dad dared me to ingest one time with the same basic response! Focusing my sight on Seth’s glistening cock, I crawled atop him and we went at it with Tim looking on with a smile, probably thankful that he was let off the hook.

There was no ball play other than grasping the others nuts in an almost painful but pleasurable stretching. Nor was there a need to use a hand, it was strictly mutual mouth and tongue action, each intent on selfish, animal like ferociousness driving our cocks in and out of sealed mouths in a face fuck that Seth ceded to in short order, spewing his creamy, shockingly sweeter cum into my mouth that fully engulfed to the base with my nose buried between his two testicles that bulged taught and veiny over my thumb and index-finger.

Seth carried on sucking me, but with less vigor that I knew was a futile attempt to re-pay the favor and take me to orgasm. I’d had all the pleasure that a boy could want already, my needs were inconsequential and I rolled off him exhausted. I was positive that we had only just began a sexual relationship, maybe … I mean if he was gay, we could be boyfriends one day. I could easily have fallen in love with him, hell, I thought I was already! I even tried to formulate my coming out speech to my parents. No, not quite yet because it occurred to me that any hope of sleepovers would be thwarted the same as if I wanted a girlfriend to sleep in my bed! I shook my head of the over presumptuous thoughts and laughed at my foolishness.

Laying on backs and staring at the ceiling that daybreak had snuck up and cast a dim, but legible view of the surroundings, Tim’s voice brought me back to reality, “This giving a blow-job thing ain’t all that bad, really!

Seth snickered and replied, “Tim … that wasn’t a blow-job. To be honest, it was like sticking my cock in a meat grinder!”

“Oh really… ?” he countered smugly, “Be that way then, I thought I did a smash up job for my first time.”

Seth laughed, “Yeah, ya do get and ‘A’ for effort, I guess!”

“Fuck that, asshole. An ‘A+’ so sure!”

“Trevor gets an ‘A+’ cuz he made me cum, … fuck-for-brains!”

“Not my fuckin’ fault it takes ya forever to work up a load in those puny balls of yours!”

“Least I didn’t try and drown him in what yer abnormal bull sized balls produce! … And that horse cock…”

“Ya never complained before when I allowed you to fag me off; you lapped it up like a hungry puppy wanting more, or begging me to fuck yer fagot ass with my so called, “horse cock” that made you squeal like the little fucking piggy that you are!”

They’re friendly sparring banter back and forth was a welcome relief. Nobody was anxious or ashamed by what they did. The taste of what I did still lingered in my mouth. My curiosity got the better of me and I blurted out, “You guys used to fool around?” I asked, in more of a statement than a question.

Tim looked at Seth, “Go ahead, obviously we have nothing to hide from him! I’m going to steal more coolers from the bitch!”

Tim confided that when they were fourteen during his first summer home from the academy he had formed the logical impression that all boys had casual sex, no big deal. Mike, Tim and he had gotten into Mike’s dads’ home make wine still fermenting in plastic garbage cans that I could relate to indulging in. We had often got buzzed on the “white lightening,” as we referred to it, and because our consumption was hardly detectable as missing from the big vats, the chances of getting caught were minimal.

Mike’s basement rumpus room had regularly served as our place to crash in sleeping bags. Anyway, they got drunk and stared at porno mags that Tim had found helping to clean out his dead grandpa’s house and smuggled away the shopping bag full. The topic of blow-jobs naturally arose as well as cocks. Indiscriminate solo masturbation within sleeping bags became evident to Seth who offered his experience to the less fortunate, naive to the buddy system, Mike and Tim.

Mike was aghast at the offer of a blow-job from a guy, whereas Tim, the adventurer, was curious and horny enough to take Seth up on his offer later when Mike fell asleep. According to Seth, he and Tim discretely found opportunities for the next two summers and at some point had escalated to anal sex and being caught in the act by Mike.

Tim hadn’t returned with the pilfered coolers, probably taking a piss that I wasn’t shy about getting up and urinating in the small sink and asking, “He never … like … returned the favor?”

“Nope, he’d only jerk me off, … and once he got a taste of it, … fucked me every chance he got! –After Mike caught us doing it when he woke up one night and went ballistic, well … that was the end. Mike didn’t put any blame on Tim, but lambasted me! –He never mentioned it again, but never treated me the same ever since.” Seth recounted with sorrow just as Tim entered soaking wet with three bottles precariously tucked under each armpit that I relieved him of to dry himself off.

The head of the bed was too narrow for the three of us to sit comfortably, we decided that we would sleep cross-wise when the time came. Our legs might hang over the edge if knees weren’t bent, but it was surely a much more spacious, manly arrangement than the alternative of snuggling together, which I desperately wanted to do with Seth. My mind wandered again. We were embraced with arms each other, hands caressing our backs, face to face, nose to nose. Our eyes locked on the others with just the tips of our tongues extended, playfully teasing each other and giggling like elementary school girls… !

“Holy fuck, it’s hot in here!” Tim cried, “Don’t ya have air conditioning, Trev?” startling me from my happy place.

“No he doesn’t, but we’ll both blow on ya if ya want!” Seth sarcastically proposed.

“Ha-ha, ass wipe!” was the reply. “Let’s go for a dip in the lake again!” he suggested, and without hesitation, we followed his bare ass out the van and ran down to the beach getting soaked from the warm rain well before we dove into the refreshing, invigorating cool water. Time elapsed our consciousness and daybreak suddenly evolved well after we swam out to the raft and got carried away doing cannon-balls or diving to the depths in search of more fresh water clams that Seth discovered, but quickly discarded when we realized that we had no way to transport them back to shore. It was a good idea at the time but we agreed, who the fuck wanted to steam and eat them anyway!

Uninhibited by our nudity, even though a family of two young boys, mother and father, ate breakfast under the protective awning of their motor-home within viewing range, we frolicked carefree wrestling for superiority atop the raft striving to push each other off the edge. In the end, bigger and stronger, Tim, was the winner but not without a valiant effort by Seth and me. He howled and did the chicken dance with his thumbs under his pits that I swear I heard the family audience roaring in laughter at his antics.

Back inside the oven-like confines of the van, we soon crashed. The constant patter of rain on the roof was tranquil and despite the in-climate weather, the birds chirped away happily in a constant, repetitious choir. Seth was fast asleep laying between Tim and I with his legs hanging over the bed and feet planted on the floor. Tim turned over facing away from us and was soon breathing heavy in his own deep slumber. It had been the night of my life, an awakening to the rest of my life.

I took the liberty of spreading the sheet on us, a habitual quirk of mine, unable to sleep without a cover. Taking a risky advantage, I rolled on my side and placed my head on Seth’s shoulder and my arm atop his chest with my hand gingerly caressing the nape of his neck and ear, pretending that we were lovers. I had never felt true love before, but I knew without a doubt it was one sided, emotions would never be reciprocated.

The three of us slept well past noon, easy to do because the weather was dark and gloomy with scattered showers and the fact that we had only crashed at daybreak. It was the sound of the van door opening and someone stepping inside that startled me awake. Mike stood at the bedside looking down at the scene with beaming smile and sniffing the air.

“Smells like a fucking locker room in here. Hey, … fuck heads! Are you guys going to sleep the whole day away?” he asked and swiped the sheet off our naked bodies, loosing his smile to a look of bewilderment. “What the … you guys slept naked together?”

Apparently we hadn’t moved a muscle in our several hours of sleep and I wasn’t quick enough removing myself from cuddling Seth, who also pulled away with a look of confusion. Tim cursed Mike for the rude awakening and rolled over to return to his slumber. Mike’s eyes focused on the uncapped bottle of baby-oil laying in the bed and picked it up then scanned our guilty faces that probably concluded his suspicions.

Gazing at me, he accusingly asked, “So … Did you and Timmy gang-bang the boys-school ferry all night? Bet ya got yer cocks sucked, too?”

Seth lowered his head in shame or hurt, perhaps both. That comment got Tim’s attention and he bolted upright. “What the fuck are you talking about, asshole?”

Mike tossed the baby-oil at Tim, “I caught ya once before giving to him, I let it go as just another one of yer stupid moments!” Mike defamed, “But if ya wanna be a fudge-packer…”

Tim dove at Mike and the two teens fell to the floor in a crash with Tim kneeling on Mikes chest and his hands holding him down by the shoulders, screaming at his best friend, “Ya wanna sniff my dick, Mikey? … Do ya? … Come on, do ya?”

“I … I’m sorry, dude! … Okay? Now get off me, asshole!” Mike struggled to get up, but Tim held him in place.

“Remember when we were twelve, Mike? We’d jerk off together and you couldn’t make cum yet, but I could. Remember how you would jerk me off just to see it squirt out? You’d sniff the goo off your fingers? And then all the times after when you could finally cum and we’d jerk off together?” Tim had calmed down to a dull roar, Mike was red as a beat, “Remember the one time we got drunk on yer daddy’s hooch and we laid side by side with out cocks mashed together in our hands and fucked each others hands! Now don’t ya think that was a tad on the queer side, Mikey?” Tim lifted him then shoved his down before rising to his feet.

Mike didn’t know when to shut up and retorted, “That only happened once, and it was your fucking idea. And I wouldn’t do it anymore when you wanted to!”

“Guess what, Mike? Here’s a news flash, I think I’m bisexual! And to answer your earlier question? No, Seth didn’t suck my cock … I sucked his! Satisfied now?”

I couldn’t believe Tim’s candid honesty. I loved him for defending Seth and outing himself as bisexual in the process. That took guts! He never said a word about my sucking his cock, protecting my dignity at his own expense. Mike looked up at Tim astonished and remained speechless.

I had to do something, I couldn’t let Tim take on the burden by himself and sent Mike for another loop when I confessed, “Here’s another shocker for ya!” I fumbled for the words to come out, but there was no taking it back, “I … I’m gay, Mike! I’ve hid it for a long time now.”

“So … so am I, Mike!” Seth outed himself, “I think I swing both ways, maybe even gay, too! The jury’s still out on that one. But I guess either way, it’s not a shocker to you.”

He peered between his knees shaking his head in disbelief and said, “You’ve all gone nuts! My best friends … guess ya never really know someone, do ya?”

Tim laid back down, pulled the sheet over his waist and rolled over, clearly indicating that his conversation with Mike was over.

Seth piped up, “So I guess that you are going to disown your friends now. Personally, I don’t give a shit about myself cuz ya disowned me a long time ago!”

“I’m really sorry, okay? I mean … it’s a shock. I promise I won’t say a word to anyone.” Mike apologized and and hauled himself to his feet. Chuckling, he said, “Just don’t ask me to take off my clothes and join you guys, okay?” We all laughed at his humor, including Tim. “Who knows, … maybe I’m missing out on something?”

“Well, if ya ever want to try it, just let me know, pal!” Tim joked, his back to everyone.

“What I came to tell ya Tim, the girls want to go home. The radio says this weather is locked in for a few days and both our tents are leaking.”

Tim replied without emotion, “Good riddance! Take Tammy with ya cuz I’m staying here with my friends.”

“That’s already arranged, cuz she doesn’t want to drive home with you anyway! Fuck … is she pissed at you. She threw all your clothes out into the rain!”

“That’s okay, I won’t be needing any clothes this weekend. I’m gonna stay drunk and stoned and fuck my brains out. You’re welcome to stay, ya know. Nobody’s going to rape ya!”

“Nah, I gotta go with Marnie, … she’d get lost and never even find her way out of the campground!”

“She’s an air-head and you’re pussy-whipped and Tammy’s a fucking bitch and they’re both fucking control freaks!” Tim rattled, still not making face contact. “Between Seth, Trev and me, we’ll manage to pack up all the shit and take it home. Leave the food and booze, especially the booze. Don’t let that cunt take it away in spite. She thinks I’m an alcoholic, so she may try to just to piss me off!”

“I’ll leave ya’s mine, too. Ya never know … you guys may come to your senses and find some horny girl to fuck!” Mike sarcastically jested, adding, “Which reminds me, were you really serious last night when you wanted us to share Tammy and Marnie in an orgy? That was a low blow to think that…”

“Hate to be the bearer of bad news, Mikey; but it was Marnie that put that thought in our heads. She groped Seth and me in the lake when you were busy dunking and frolicking with Tammy! I thought we were all horny and in the mood from the Ecstasy.”

I should have minded my own business, but relayed more incriminating slander, “You must be blind or stupid not noticing how she was drooling over Seth when we were sitting on the beach yesterday afternoon!”

“That’s probably because he always thought Seth was gay and didn’t notice … or ignored it.” Tim surmised.

“Fuck off! … She was probably just fooling around then!”

“Ohhh yeah, key words! She wanted to fool around alright, I’d keep a close eye on her if I was you, Mike!” Tim warned.

I thought for sure another physical altercation would erupt. I felt sorry for Mike, it was like we were ganging up on him. However the truth hurts sometimes.

Mike turned and stormed out of the van and scathed, “Hope you guys get fucking aids!”

Tim yelled after him, “If I was you, I’d be more worried about getting the clap from her eventually!”

It was a spiteful roller-coaster of emotions. Hurtful words were exchanged, then a peace treaty seemed to calm the waters, then right back to bitterness. Maybe even irreconcilable hate between the life long buddies! I felt somehow responsible for everything, even fueling the fire towards the end reinforcing Tim’s insinuation that Marnie was a flirt, a cock-teaser! I wasn’t the only one feeling the brunt of it all.

Seth got out of bed and searched for his clothes among mine that were tucked away under the bed and began dressing. Tears rolled down his cheeks and he sobbed. I hated seeing him cry that sent me into a slobbering mess and asking what he was doing.

“I’ve caused enough damage, … I’m leaving, too!”

“Let’s all just go home, then! I agreed.

Tim shot up to see what was happening, “Dudes … like, what are ya doing?”

“It’s all my fault and I’m sorry!” Seth cried.

Tim jumped out of bed and lifted the slighter built teen with ease and tossed him onto the bed and struggled to remove his half-pulled up Jeans, socks and underwear laughing the whole time, finally saying, “You ain’t go’in nowhere, don’t be an idiot! You haven’t done anything wrong so … chill out, dude! I’ll fucking tie ya up if I have to … not that that’s a bad idea, kinda kinky, don’t ya think?”

Who could argue after that comment, Seth relaxed and Tim did the most wonderful thing. Full of surprises that day, he first held Seth tight in his arms and wiped away the tears from his face in great exaggerated strokes of his tongue! Noticing me sniveling, he grabbed my neck and forced me down, shoving Seth’s and my heads together and grossly licked both our faces followed by wet-willies in our ears that had us laughing and trying to escape his stronger hold.

We heard the three car doors slam and Mike’s car start and peel away, tossing gravel behind in it’s wake. The mood in the van turned solemn again, but Tim was soon to shed a positive light in saying, “Thank God they’re gone, lets have a cocktail and eat something, I’m starved!”

Needing to piss, we stood in the pouring rain at the side of the van and let loose that ended up in a childish sword fight instigated by Tim. A battle of the cocks ensued spraying each other until the last man stood streaming, Tim of course! His fire hose continued to stream as he chased us around the campsite, finally petering out and dropping on is stomach in a mud puddle that was too hard to resist in joining him and wrestling in the muck.

Caked head to toe in slimy grime, we grappled and rolled around and laughed like I had never laughed before. Exhausted, we sprawled out in the mud-sty, catching our breaths. The sight of three teens covered in mud to any passerby who may inadvertently stumble across our semi-secluded haven, wouldn’t even notice our camouflaged nude bodies!

Discussed and mutually agreed, there was only one way to thoroughly cleanse our bodies and that was to run naked to the beach in the reduced visibility, confident that no other campers would venture outside their dwellings in the sudden torrential downpour. We were wrong! Two boys of about nine or ten watched in awe as we ran by them and plunged into the lake. To their imaginative impressions, we were three monsters and they dropped their shovels and pails, screamed, and ran down the beach out of sight. The ironical thing was, they each wore two large green garbage bags that some weird, over protective parent had cut head and arm holes into the makeshift rain-coats and sent the kids out to play!

Each of us noticing that peculiar garb, we howled and pointed, falling over in the sand in hysterics, probably scaring the kids even more! That episode never failed to send us into laughter when one or the other mentioned it over the weekend. I made mention that, “it’s something air-head Marnie would do!” Tim countered, “I’m surprised their mom didn’t add a plastic 7-Eleven bag to keep their heads dry, too!”

I was learning a lot that weekend, like one of the things was not to fry bacon in the nude over the van’s propane stove! Of course, they had fun with my plight as I danced around the floor in circles enduring bee-sting like spatters of grease, but bound and determined to make Tim and Seth a nice breakfast that in the end, was awesomely appreciated. Being three-o’clock in the afternoon we argued that it wasn’t breakfast, nor was it brunch, and settled on naming it lunper, lunch/supper! Appropriate for the occasion, pre-mixed vodka-orange juice complimented the meal and went down smooth and plentiful well after lunper.

We danced on our knees atop the bed to the likes of U-2, Santana, Queen and of course, Elton John, whom we decided was our official ‘patron-saint’ for the long-weekend! “Don’t let your son go down on me” was our official improvised theme song that we sang chorus to while feeling each other up. Tim teased as he searched though my vast music collection asking where my Donna Summer, Madonna, Bette Midler or Cher and show-tune music was and thus, I wasn’t a very good gay boy if I didn’t own any! He got a punch in the arm in retaliation.

Seth insisted that it was illegal to not smoke pot while listening to the tunes of Bob Marley. Who were we to argue with the law and indulged ourselves. Unlike the numerous times before, Seth slipped his tongue in my mouth. My first real kiss that I thought would be brief and hidden from Tim became passionately arousing.

“Get a room!” Tim snickered, “Oh right, … this is your room.”

Seth broke the embrace, peered into my eyes and smiled, “I couldn’t resist, I never kissed anyone before, either!”

“You guys make a nice couple,” Tim said facetiously, “but you’re wasting away that joint and Bob Marley will be pissed … And don’t you dare slip me the tongue next!”

“Don’t worry, your not my type, Timmy.” Seth joked, “I only like younger guys who’s dicks don’t smell like fish!”

“Oh right! … How silly of me, you only like dicks that smell like shit!” Tim scoffed, “So let’s take care of that incidental, bum-boy!”

“Don’t threaten me with a good time, donkey-dick!”

The fun banter ceased and the last of the pot was orally exchanged between Seth and Tim. As Tim fell backward, Seth followed the momentum taking the limp meat in his mouth. I debated whether to assist Seth to stimulate the cock into full erection and readiness for fucking him or face plunge into his tiny pink hole already in position that I could swear was winking at me. How it would ever accept Tim’s rather wide girth member being forced inside the fragile looking wrinkled folds seemed impossible to me, even though I knew that they had done the nasty in the past. The least I could do was prepare it for him, but on the other hand, Tim may expect the same benefit at some point. The memory of his hairy ass-hole made me rethink the idea and instead, I opted to lay with my head insert between Seth’s thighs and suck him.

The uncomfortably tight enclosure limited my ability to do anything more than take it in my mouth and hope that I didn’t gag when he began to slowly face fuck me. However, it was a only temporary arrangement and a few minutes later Seth shuffled over top of me and into a sixty-nine, engulfed my cock. I had a clear view of Tim lubricating and bending over Seth’s back fumbling with his shiny fuck pole to find its mark that I was happy wasn’t seeking entry into my pud!

Not that I thought he needed any help, I relieved him of the effort and guided the acorn-like head to the pinched gateway into Seth’s body that on contact, caused him to shutter with a loud muffled moan that vibrated a keen sensation through my dick. Holding the slick cock, I watched Seth’s lips envelope and accept the intrusion until it had sufficiently planted itself to forge ahead and shifted my hand to the two pairs of testicles swaying and closing the distance between each other and a sight to behold!

Unable to see Seth, I could assume that the release of my cock from his mouth was in order to rear his head to wail the barrage of breathless, guttural profanities. Meanwhile, Tim held Seth’s hips so tight that his knuckles whitened and tendons and veins bulged forth, grunting in boisterous inhalations and exhales ramming the final inches home to a final sigh. Loose flesh had pushed back and gathered at the base of his chubby cock meeting Seth’s stretched and reddened rectum.

Both teens calmed, but heavy respiratory gasps resonated the quiet. Music had long since silenced and the rain subsided to a light ping dripping from the saturated overhead trees. Seth’s cock had deflated to an abnormally small, wrinkled accordion-like prune size and shape that an inch long string of precum dangled from. Turtle-like, the glans expanded and receded from his pubic bone as Tim slowly began to fuck him. Their equally proportioned balls swayed and slapped against the others as Tim’s rhythmic motion increased with passion thrusting into Seth’s ass that was timely met in a unified, ever lengthening, merciless deep plunge forward.

Listening to the druthers of cries, squeals and erotic gasps, and in the oblivious heat of the moment, I lifted and twisted my head to cradle the under side of Tim’s shaft at his scrotum and let it piston over my suctioning mouth and lapping tongue. The pungent odor and slimy taste soon made me regret my eagerness to participate in such an unhygienic manner, rather, I basted the swaying testicles trying to capture one in my mouth.

Seth returned my cock to the cozy warmth of his mouth and never missed a beat abiding the relentless onslaught to his guygina, a descriptive word I came up with that I thought was not only humorous, but appropriately summed up. How he could possibly enjoy what I considered to be borderline abusive treatment by Tim’s malicious ramrodding, my astonishment was compounded ten-fold when I witnessed four pearly white cords eject from the slit of the barely firm dick onto my neck and chin. Seth had cum without the help of hand or mouth on my behalf that I would learn later was sometimes internally induced during anal sex, kind of like a wet dream happens.

Tim took his final plunge and screamed out in orgasmic ecstasy applying shorter strokes as he drained the final ejaculates into Seth’s bowels and immediately dislodge himself and rolled onto his side leaving a gaping black hole surrounded by a cherry-red rash. Seconds later, a tawny colored drool oozed from the gap and down his scrotum that I wanted no further visuals of. Overall, It was a great pornographic performance but the ending sucked and so did my blow-job.

to be continued …

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