03) What A ride!


My Way or the Highway!

Chapter Three

What a Ride it WAS!

The more I thought about it, the surer I became that it was one and in same person. Regretting not having the boys for some afternoon delight, blubber lips was a viable option for a quickie. My cock insisted that I get out of bed, my nuts conquered, and I left the room in search of him.

No longer in the diner, I spotted him in the gift-shop. Nonchalantly making my way towards him, browsing at the tourist junk as he was, finally side by side.

“So, we meet again!” I said with surprise, smiling broadly.

“Oh yeah, … from the diner, right?”

“You shopping for something, or just killing time like the rest of us stranded souls?”

He laughed and rolled his eyes, “Bored to death like everyone else, I guess.”

“I’m Rob.” I offered a hand.

“Alex.” he relayed, “Nice to meet ya.”

We made small talk about our mutual plight. Alex worked for his dad who owned an ice company that supplied the many communities with bagged cubes and blocks. He drove a five ton reefer truck restocking their company owned freezer chests commonly seen outside convenience-stores and gas stations based on a sales commission to the retailers.

Alex took me up on my offer to buy him a beer in the lounge, the only place that wasn’t packed with people, as every other square foot of the large facility seemed to be. When he walked, it was hard not to notice the swaying of his junk in the flimsy shorts.

Taking a small, round table away from the twenty or so patrons, we resumed idle chit-chat. I liked him, polite and intelligent, and having a keen knowledge of the family business that I found very interesting learning the manufacturing process. Personal details divulged that he didn’t have a girlfriend, was shy around them and no time on his hands to find one.

Three beer later, I didn’t beat around the bush.

“I think I’ve seen you before, pretty sure of it, as a matter of fact.”

“Really? –I don’t remember seeing you before.”

“Well, … it wasn’t actually face to face, –and you probably didn’t see me.”

Looking confused, he asked, “So where, then? I don’t understand.”

“It wasn’t actually you, but your foot tattoo that I recognized today after seeing it under the shower curtain of the Husky truck stop yesterday; –ya know, … while you were conserving water with another guy?”

Alex turned crimson, plainly flustered at my blatant accusation and searching for words that only confirmed my shadow of a doubt credence that he was the same cock lover.

Stuttering, he tried to deny his guilty conscience, “I- I don’t know w-what yer taking about!”

“It’s okay, Alex.” I leaned into the table, “I like sucking cock, too!” I confided to relieve his stress.

It was as if the world had been lifted off his shoulders, yet he suddenly regained his defensive stance. I detected a distrust, thinking that maybe I was deceiving him into admission.

I continued, “Matter of fact, that’s why I came looking for ya. I was hoping that we could get it on together!” I reached under the table and fondled him over top of his shorts for emphasis and to prove I wasn’t kidding. His cock was clearly definable from his balls under the thin satiny material that my hand identified, and explored with individual attention.

If anyone in the throngs of people saw his state of arousal on the hurried walk to my room, they didn’t make it known. No sooner had the door been closed and catching me completely off guard, his large mouth was planted on mine threatening to take my whole face, forcing his tongue inside. My t-shirt was forcibly lifted over my head, followed by his hand groping the outside of my shorts and fumbling with the button and zipper.

Not really an enthusiastic kisser of men, I obliged the sexually charged aggression of the half-boy, half-man and returned the lustful embrace and mutual removal of obstructing clothing. Both standing naked with hands exploring wantonly, he dropped to the floor and engulfed my rod three-quarters in length in one gulp. A little overzealous to swallow the whole thing, he sputtered briefly, the undaunted attempt much appreciated, but suffocating himself in the process was not necessary.

He soon found a comfort level marked by his hand. Getting the feeling that he liked it manly and rough, I faced fucked him, he never skipped a beat keeping up the suction, meeting every propulsion head on with vigor and stamina. I stopped and let him mouth me at his own pace when I noticed blood on his upper lip, where his mouth had been pounded against his hand causing a slight tear.

He got me off, taking it like a starving baby on a bottle, looking disappointed that I couldn’t feed him more. At some point, his own slender seven inches had spilled a hefty white puddle onto the blue linoleum floor, Assuming that he was getting on his hands and knees to rise, instead, he bent down and shockingly lapped it up!

Leading him onto the bed, we talked as our hands lazily caressed each others upper and lower physique. Alex wasn’t long to react; watching as his nice chunk of meat gradually took shape again with a dusting of dried cum salting his crown. Wispy threads of hair garnished the soft, shrink-wrapped walnuts that ebbed upwards toward his groin as his cock demanded more and more of the excess skin.

I was only the fifth man he had ever sucked off in as many weeks, and according to hm, the largest. His first, and subsequent encounters were all at that same truck-stop’s public showers where he liked to loiter about, checking out the nude men. A man, who sensed the kid was horny for it, followed him into the shower stall. The rest was history, learning the silent, subtle invitations thereafter.

That particularly unique hotbed of lonely, horny males without scruples as to how they took care of getting their rocks off, was situated in a small port city at the head of the Great Lakes shipping lanes. Its intersecting highways became a network hub for trucking companies to sort and expedite freight to other mainland points. Truckers from all over Canada and the US constantly flowed in and out every day of the week, at all hours of the day and night.

Exactly how the establishment developed its clandestine reputation commonly know on the highways and byways as the “Dip-and-Dash” diner,” was a mystery. There were many other local venues that catered to the needs of truckers, but the Dip-and-Dash was one-of-a kind with its added advantage; if a man was so inclined. Expressing his frustration that the same tried and true secret rules of engagement didn’t apply at other truck-stops along his route, I enlightened him on a roadside rest-area that held promise just beyond the realm of his father’s monopolized business venture. However, not as interactive as the Dip and Dash, the washroom glory-hole was always manned by local residents with time on their hands. The Department of Highways finally gave up repairing the vandalism to the metal partition-wall that was repeatedly at the mercy of crude cutting tools no sooner than they would leave the acre size lot.

Giving blow-jobs was Alex’s self-confessed fetish, not particularly caring if he got one in return. He had never been fucked, but claimed he was curious about it, however the opportunity never presented itself. No doubt, he would be one hell of a slut in the center of a three-way.

Taking a chance, I asked him if he had any reservations regarding age to feed his hungry aptitude for cock.

“I don’t think I’d like fat men, or very old men.” he replied.

“What about … younger boys?” I cautiously pressed.

Alex thought for a moment, “I got the hots for my cousin, –he’s fifteen.”

Fine tuning my query, “I mean like … thirteen or fourteen.”

“I guess so, I mean a cock is a cock, right?” he reasoned, “Long as they can keep their mouth’s shut, –ya know?”

Not answering, but satisfied with his response, I went down on him wanting to show him what other men had only used him for. His balls recently spent, it would be a while before they could replenish any baby makers giving me ample time to take him to heights unknown. At his insistence, I got on top with my sack looped over his nose and blinding his vision, content with a mouth full of flaccid meat that was inferior to the virility that youth such as he possessed. A standing joke of mine was that teenagers didn’t have testicles, they were actually battery packs!

Branden and Doogan burst through the door stopping dead in their tracks at the sight of clothes strewn on the floor and the two naked men occupying the second bed in an unmanly way. Alex scrambled for the bed-sheet in a panicked state, but pinned under me, there was little he could do with it. Unperturbed by the interruption, I greeted the stunned boys holding Alex’s manhood an inch from my lips. Until that is, I saw a third face appear between Branden and Doogan.

It was a Kodak moment. Three mouths gaped and six eyes lit up, the unfamiliar witness to the live porn scene absorbed the greater impact of the three youths. The blood drained from his face, appearing as if he had seen the devil himself, then it must have surged back, turning into a bright red blush a shade darker than his clusters of acne, all framed by long brown hair in a square-cut.

His age I guessed to be fifteen, a head taller than Branden, wearing only black sneakers and white spandex biking shorts that accentuated his bronze body tone, not to mention nicely compacting his genitals into a halved tennis-ball like bulge. A red muscle-shirt hung from the left waistband, and by the sheerness of it, would have snugly fit the top portion of his hour-glass figure.

It was an uncomfortable moment for everyone but me. What else can a guy do when a stranger happens upon something that no inane excuse could justify the truth of the matter. Rolling off Alex, who immediately protected his modesty with the sheet, I sat up and smiled.

“You guys should learn to knock first.”

“You should learn to lock the fucking door first!” Branden contended sassy.

“Touche!” I ceded and chuckled, rising to my feet, nudity unhindered other than a scratch of my balls as I walked to the cooler for a couple of beer, passing one to a very embarrassed Alex. “You guys are back early? –And who’s your friend?” I asked walking toward the stunned boy with my hand outstretched.

“He’s J-J-Jordie!” Doogan answered. “We w-w-wanna know if we can hab some money to go to duh arcade wiff him.” he said excitedly, dancing from foot to foot, suddenly oblivious to the awkward aura around him.

Jordie gazed at my offered hand, the same one that had held Alex’s slimy cock to my mouth. Reluctantly, he reached and accepted a quick shake with a fleeting glance at my junk. “Nice to meet ya, Jordie!”

“Jordie wibbs here.” Doogan took the formal initiative of explaining the boys presence. “We met ’em at duh beach.”

Branden peered at me, his eyes wandered down my naked form and back up to meet mine. He was clearly disgusted with me. “So can we?” he asked obstinately.

I met his glare head on for a few moments. When he finally lowered his eyes in defeat, I answered his question. “Sure, … let me get my wallet but be back in an hour and we’ll order a pizza and wings for dinner.”

“Peetcha! –Hooray!” screamed Doogan, jumping up and down and placing a hand on Branden’s shoulder, “We wub peetcha, –wight, Brandy?”

“Jordie can come back for supper, too, –if he wants.” I invited lascivious, rubbernecking his package as I stooped to pick up my shorts from the floor in search of my wallet. Smiling at him on the rebound, he flushed a darker crimson knowing exactly what my eyes had surveyed. Just a hint of a smile was returned, barely noticeable, but the millisecond, transient flash of his eyebrows southward down my body gave me a glimmer of hope.

“Okay, okay!” Doogan exclaimed with heightened enthusiasm, “You wike peetcha, too, Jordie?”

“I guess, … we’ll see, Doogie.” he replied affectionately to the simpleton boy, punching his arm lightly.

Most men would be seriously concerned that a boy such as Jordie might go home and tell his parents everything about the lurid highpoint event of his day, and fret that all hell would break loose at some point in the evening. What Alex and I were caught doing wasn’t against the law, the real threat laid in Branden and Doogan being in my perverted company. Hard to explain away should any unwanted attention knock at the door. I’ve known boys far too long to worry myself; –the ones I was used to didn’t say shit!

The boys had left for the arcade somewhere along the strip, and I finished off Alex. As if the satisfaction of that wasn’t enough, the thought of Jordie spread eagle with his biker shorts gathered at his knees inflamed my libido enough to both, invigorate my attention to please Alex, but also giving him something to feed his cock fetish bringing him to a violent orgasm. He flopped on the bed like a fish out of water, muttered some unintelligible words as if in agony, and screamed bloody murder when his volcano erupted.

My balls were reluctant to cooperate so soon after they had a chance to replenish the fluids necessary to activate another explosion, but the cock-pig’s relentless provocation long after his own orgasm, resulted in a sort of very satisfactory ‘implosion, ‘ that if you haven’t experienced that kind of semi-dry orgasm, actually hurts a bit as it strives to forage the two drought ridden silos for fuel before lift off.

I had never quite encountered anyone with such an insatiable appetite for cock as Alex, besides myself, that is. He comically claimed that a life time of being deprived of it, he was only making up for lost time having the mysterious compulsion since the age of about twelve after witnessing his seventeen year old brother being serviced by his girlfriend as Alex quietly bunkered down in a shared bedroom’s closet, a sort of makeshift playhouse at the time.

I sensed what was on his mind as he laid silent with his head resting on my crotch, fingers toying with my pubes. My alluding to sex with underage boys was all to clear after his embarrassing encounter with Branden and Doogan. He never asked the relationship, and I never divulged it, The implications became clear asking if he’d rather spend the night with “us” instead of in the uncomfortable front seat of his truck. I wanted his virgin ass and told him exactly that. The rest he could only surmise as being invited to a potential, illicit orgy and Alex certainly wasn’t going anywhere that night. We dressed and sat at the table sucking back beer.

Unsolicited, but in obvious nervous tension and the need to talk, Alex went on to describe the trials and tribulations of the family business. After summer tourism season, and back for his final year of high-school, he only had to do ‘hot-shot’, emergency deliveries on weekends. He had no life as a typical teenager, but laughed off my sympathy to his plight saying that he would have a lot more time to spend at the Dip and Dash!

The kids were late by an hour. Slightly angry for only a moment, I was more than pleased, but not surprised that Jordie found his way back in their company. He had put on his shirt, and as suspected, it clung to his vee shaped upper torso like a second skin. His midriff exposed, the pencil thin treasure treasure-trail of fur led teasingly from his navel into the confines that assuredly flourished just above the provocative knot that projected at the intersection of his timber solid body.

I didn’t have a clue as to how things would evolve or even how I was going to proceed. My conquests had always been leveraged. An upper handed advantage over the power of persuasion. “My way or the highway” bargaining chips in my favor. Jordie wanted nothing from me, I had no such trump cards to play poker and cheat to steal the ante. I would have to rely on charisma alone to seduce my way into his pants. A new challenge, that seemed to invigorate me, untried and tested before, but one I was headstrong on achieving.

Catching Branden just as he was exiting the bathroom, I asked if Jordie had made any mention of witnessing my and Alex’s romp in the sack. He gave me a shameful eye and confided that Jordie had indeed brought up the embarrassing matter no sooner than they had left the motel room.

Not impressed with having to rehash the matter, Branden shrugged refusing to look me in the eye and said, “He asked if we knew you were gay before we … we walked in on ya. What could I say? –I said no! I didn’t want him to think I was a fucking fag, too!”

“So what did he say?” I persisted.

“He said it was kewl, no big deal cuz he has a faggot uncle that lives in Winnipeg that he likes a lot.” Branden’s eyes rolled back repulsed at the thought of his next statement, “He’s a cop, if ya can picture that!” on that note he scooted past me.

Several times Jordie caught me staring at him causing him to blush with a self-conscious smile. The kids were engaged in some kind of noisy video game that Branden produced from his backpack and hooked up to the TV. They laid on their tummies upon the bed doing battle with each other, three tightly wrapped asses, two in bathing suits, one in spandex that wedged his crack, beautifully molding the clear formation of his cheeks. Kicking off his shoes, his feet were clad in a pair of white ankle socks.

Deciding that liquor might loosen the mood, Alex and I walked to three liquor stores before settling on a case of vodka-coolers. The store shelves were pretty much barren of choice stock as the town’s population had near doubled and everyone else had the same idea to pass away the time. As far as the eye could see, semi-trucks, RVs and various other vehicles packed the parking lots of every business and lined both sides of the main drag.

Stopping at Alex’s truck, he handed over a vial containing several white tablets, “Ecstasy.” he advised. Seeing the dumb look on my face, he explained, “The love drug? –Everyone’s doin’ it nowadays, and it’ll make ya dance your socks off!”

I had heard of it. The latest recreational fad drug among youth. Cheap and plentiful, it induces a euphoric state of mind and also has an aphrodisiac effect. My cousin was chief of security at a large venue, that when wasn’t hosting large trade-shows, offset the overhead costs by renting the six-thousand capacity floor space to concert and rave promoters.

Frank, my cousin, could make a dead-man bone-up describing the events of a dance crazed atmosphere with blatant sexual antics that apparently were also undaunted by sexual orientation. His army of security staff held a perimeter vantage while CCTV cameras above monitored the shoulder-to-shoulder frenzy of teens and young adults, and in dire emergencies only, such as fights and medical situations, his team would infiltrated the wild melee. Sexual activity wasn’t deemed worthy of placing his personnel at risk to barge through the masses of strung out, volatile and unpredictable youth.

Alex, smiled slyly and brought me out of the memory of Frank’s endless tales, “My treat!” he announced, “Consider it my contribution towards the evening.”

Suddenly a plan developed in my unscrupulous mind. Not that I needed it, but the occasional inspiration of the potency drug Viagra came in handy at times. If Alex’s contraband could set the mood, perhaps a little cock stimulator would enhance the passion. Our next stop was a visit to Annabelle, who was probably pissed off at me for having to spend the night alone among her clamorous own kind and not under the stars alongside a peaceful lake with me and some young stud fornicating inside her warm, cozy womb.

If I was hesitant about supplying the Ecstasy to the kids, I need not have had to worry myself. The popularity of the drug extending to rural communities seemed preposterous to me. Jordie’s eyes lit up when Alex produced the mind altering candy and admitted to having experimented with it at a house party, claiming that he “danced till the cows came home!” Branden had heard about, but had never tried the shit. Oblivious Doogan, sensing the hype of his two peers, shared in their excitement.

Soon foregoing the video games, dance they did! Branden found a suitable ‘head-banger’ station on the clock radio, that thankfully, had limited volume control. Daring me to try the drug, I humored them under the condition that they ingested the blue tablets that I explained away as bennies, an amphetamine used by truckers to go the extra miles awake and alert when necessary.

Alex caught on to my ploy after studying one shaped and colored nothing like a bennie. Smiling at me, the excitement shown in his eyes as we exchanged a conspirator’s knowing glance. Only Doogan questioned the reason as to why I wanted them awake because “we’re already awake,” he said confused.

“So we can dance all night long!” Alex interjected, much to my pleasure, ruffling the boy’s hair.

Sweat and thirst were the side affects of their designer drug that I immediately understood. I sat back and watched the four teens dance, one by one removing their sodden shirts and sipping vodka-coolers, but opting later for bottled water.

The truck-stop motel offered porn flicks for a nominal fee. I selected a bisexual featured mood enhancer that I’d seen before. Herero sex led to lesbian scenes, and ultimately, man to man sex. Turning off the light, the glow of the television was sufficient in casting a warm, flickering ambiance in the small room. Young eyes stole glances, snickers and lewd heterosexual comments were made, but it was a minor diversion from their need to dance.

My cock had long since been enticed just watching the four dance in what must have been a popular choreographed dance step among their peers. Even Doogan had the moves perfected to a tee, beaming at me with pride as I cheered him on from the side lines.

The testosterone reeked sex. A hint of body odor scented the humid air, an aphrodisiac assault to my senses never appreciated before then. Three boys I’d had, the fourth being the uncertain piece of the puzzle. If and where he may fit in to complete the orgy picture, I could only hope that luck was still on my side.

Being a good sport and feeling the need to burn off energy not unlike them, they tried to teach me the complex steps and arm movements barely surviving not getting punched in the face a few times. The heat was unbearable. The smell of body odor compared only to that of a hockey arena change room. If you’ve never had the noxious experience, consider yourself lucky! However, at the time I found it intoxicating, masculine and sexy. Bodies beaded and gleamed with the loss of hydration, hair plastered to scalps and faces. Underarms white as ivory were graced with dark patches attesting to the various levels of maturity, or lack of it in Doogan’s case. I wanted to bury my face in each pair and relish in the salty glandular excretion.

As if on cue, the effects of the Viagra began to take its toll. Alex’s long cock stood straight forward and swung to and fro within his loose, thin shorts that didn’t escape notice by all. The erotica set off a chain reaction. Alex and I were transfixed as the elasticized material surrounding Jordie’s hidden treasure as it gave way to the expansion in progress down his left thigh, leaving no doubt of his parents choice of circumcision. A taught basket of balls protruded to the right of the expanded member.

Not exceptionally long, perhaps five inches or so, but fat as an English cucumber. If he was aware of his state of arousal, he didn’t show it, although my guess was that he couldn’t possibly not be, and was taken in by Alex’s nonchalance attitude. That was encouraging

Branden and Doogan’s swim suits tented upward at a ninety-degree angle, Branden’s loosely tied waist band gaped an inch or so forward from his groin that my quick eye caught Jodie casually craning his neck to peek inside. That was also very encouraging.

Alex made the first overture by removing his shorts and twirling them overhead, dancing unencumbered and shameless of his member vacillating like high pressured car-wash hose out of control. I followed his lead unclasping the button, lowering the zipper and hauling my own restrained constituents free to breathe the dank air.

As I stooped to strip off, it took only one glare at Branden to send the message. Off went his suit, Doogan was next in my line of silent persuasion.

All eyes were on Jordie. I swear he grew another inch downward from my last scrutiny. The odds were that he would simply ignore the nudity around him, continue to dance pretending to be oblivious of it, or worst case scenario, bolt if the situation had escalated beyond his comfort level. Holding my breath, my cock twitched, feeling the dribbles seep forth as he looped his thumbs inside his shorts and slowly peeled the snug membrane off his hips and down his thighs and legs before they gave into gravity, falling to his ankles.

No underwear to keep the suspense, he stood and kicked the heap aside with his right foot. His milky white tone would easily be construed as another pair of shorts to be extracted from his bronze body had it not been for the cognizant fact that a much darker color pubic region and its extension of sheer masculinity proved his nudity flailing aimlessly above the ever-moving dancing feet encased in tiny white socks.

Dance music slowed to a minimal sashay of hips as we stood in a tight circle. Taking utmost advantage, I fondled Alex to my right and Branden on my left, their hands groped me a moment later. Staring down Jordie who was obviously flustered and probably debating any further involvement, maybe even a final chance to escape the perversity, I took the liberty of exploring him with both hands. Stay and play, or shun and run, the moment of truth was squarely placed on his conscience. I would have bet my life savings and Annabelle that he would excuse himself and leave, however he stood perfectly still allowing me to molest him.

Hairy balls were never much of a turn on for me. Nor was doggy-dick; rogue hair that grew up the shaft well beyond the base. I admit that a few teens were cosmetically perfected under my careful carry out of a freshly extracted Mach3 razor blade. Jordie exhibited such physical traits, although the rest of his body barely showed little more than a darkish downy fur on his arms and legs. Disappointed, however I could live with it.

His rapid heart beat quivered his pectoral muscles sending pulsations through his blood stream to the thick meat in the firm grip of my palm. A slick dab of moisture escaped, prompting me to entice more from his shaft, enough to lubricate so that my hand glided easily. Jordie was mine, hook, line and sinker!

Apprehensive at first when I directed his hands to Branden and Alex, his inhibitions soon faded. Jordie allowed himself to rummage the goods, periodically browsing down at one or the other held in his hand and lifting his head back with a perplexed look and sigh, as if questioning his state of being, trying to wrap his chemically altered head around the whole ordeal.

He needed a little more encouragement and hoping that he’d never been blown before, I dropped to my knees and took him full. Alex wasted no time going down on Branden, even coaxing Doogan closer to service him as well.

No longer having practical use of his hands, Jordie did what every excited male does and placed them on my head. It’s guy thing, we all instinctively do it for the sake of maintaining a semblance of superiority, I think. As anticipated, he thrust forward, his hands held my head tight, grasping my hair as if he thought I was going anywhere soon. Prepared for the onslaught of cock, I met every compression of his groin to my lips, nose buried in his forest and my disregard of the rough, unsavory wispy hair that cropped an inch above the base. My own hands on his cheeks forced his hips forward giving him clear and concise permission to fuck the hell out of my mouth!

My peripheral vision saw Branden and Doogan standing hunched together as Alex slobbered over both erections in his wide-spread mouth that nature designed for such endeavors. I thought it ironic that the two eldest were the submissive players at the mercy of juniors. Confounding the reality of it, I desperately craved Jordie up my ass, something I had not done in a long while.

I knew before he threw his head back and wailed like a cat in heat that he was ready. The spontaneous recess of his scrotum upward was the first indication, followed by the knocking of his knees and the simultaneous need to shove his hips forward with his hands unnecessarily leveraging my head. I didn’t taste a drop, as it missed my palate and tongue, but oddly, the bleach scent of it somehow infiltrated my sinuses internally. It wasn’t a big load, but like a raw oyster, it slithered down my throat.

I had never thought about feeding a young playmate the penis erectile deficiency drug. Forgot I even had them stashed away until that night! It was a novelty item purchase from a fellow trucker, Phil the Pharmacist. I never figured youth needed that kind of influence, as I said, their balls are hidden power packs!

Jodie was the very first that didn’t shrivel up in my mouth after orgasm. Not sure of what his mental status of continued arousal would be after ejaculate, I intended to find out and put his chemically induced stamina to good use! As well as the other three engorged dicks enduring many more hours of usefulness well after their balls had been drained. Another fix of Ecstasy would keep up to the Viagra longevity!

to be continued …

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