Dysfunctional Family Secrets


Secrets of a Dysfunctional Family 

By Rob Loveboy

With edits by “Brad Gillespie”


It happened when I was 12½ years old. My name is Robbie. My best friend for many years, Adam, had just turned 13. He had a brother, Brett, 14½, and a stepbrother, Cory, who had recently turned 18. Cory was the result of a previous marriage of their biological mom, who had passed away about 8 years earlier, and the family was being raised by their dad, Charles.

Adam spent so much time at my house that my mom used to refer to him as her “second son.” He’d sleep over most weekends during a school year, and we’d camp out in my backyard tent in the summer. Mom felt sorry for the loss of his mother, and sorta became a surrogate mom to him. He was always polite and well behaved when she was around. Mom didn’t really know Adam’s dad, per se, but she felt compassion for the man trying to raise three motherless kids.

Adam knew things! He actually taught me about the “birds and the bees” in graphic detail, from the scientific names of the female/male anatomy, right down to the slang terms used. He knew about jerking off, cumming, the color, smell, texture and taste of same. I never queried his extensive knowledge, gathered over the years at such a young age, starting at about 7 or 8, perhaps living with older brothers in an all-male household, I thought.

Adam developed into puberty sooner than I. At around 12, he was growing hair down there, and his cock and balls seemed to be getting slightly bigger as days turned into weeks of the transition. I’d seen him naked many, many times. He was never shy about it, either, sleeping in the nude for as long as I’d known him, even while sharing a bed with me! I was much more modest than he, wearing underwear, at the very least. Again, I chalked it up to an all-male household.

As most boys do, we’d jerk off together often. Me, under the covers for privacy; and him, with the covers down around his knees. He didn’t care that I saw him from the very first time he showed me how to do it, without ejaculating capability, to date. I was fascinated when he started to ejaculate real cum! Not just little squirts of what I always believed to be clear pee, but white ropes that shot out at high speed, landing wherever it may! Not a great volume, which he explained happened more as you got older and “did it a lot,” but enough to be very impressive in my books! He grossed me out the first time I saw him lick it off his hand and scoop it off his body and eat it, even offering me a taste, which I graciously declined! He did that every time he jerked off, saying that it saves cleaning up and it tasted “not too bad!”

As things progressed, he asked me a few times to suck on it. It was called a “blow job” and “Lots of guys do it!” He offered to do it for me in return, but I was “being a prude” as he called me, as no way I was going to put another guy’s wiener in my mouth, even if he did promise not to cum in it! Nor was I going to let him put it in my butt! It was called “butt fucking!” That was asked of me also! He was very persistent in his quest to have me do things with him.

Now that I was into puberty myself, and could ejaculate a little, I was having second thoughts about trying things with him, but something nagged at me that it was wrong. I knew what “fags” and queers” were, kids called each other that all the time at school. Adam was the one to define it for me years earlier. He was a wealth of knowledge!

Adam lived down the street in an old “war home” house, which, from the outside, appeared to be well kept. Aluminum siding had been installed several years earlier, the lawn was mowed regularly, by one boy or another, but the inside was a total disaster area. The only other renovation done was another bedroom added to the rear of the house just before their mom died, when the bedroom the three boys shared just became too cramped.

I won’t go into too much detail about the house, other to mention that some of the ceilings were sagging enough to prohibit doors from fully closing, cracked walls and such, not to mention sheer clutter scattered throughout. It certainly lacked a woman’s touch and the nattering of such a woman to her husband to get things done! Charles never recovered from his wife’s death nor remarried, becoming an alcoholic with the kids running rampant, doing what they wanted when they wanted. Mom never saw that aspect of things, though, just a poor man struggling to raise his boys!

I seldom went to Adam’s house, certainly never had any sleepovers there. I assumed it was because he shared his room with Brett, who was only 1½ years older than Adam. One would think that at such a close age they’d be quite close, but each hung around in different circles with different friends. They were friendly enough with each other, though.

Anyways, on with the story — My mom’s dad passed away suddenly, and she was frantically trying to make arrangements to travel the five hundred miles. With her sister coming along, and the fact that they’d need a car upon arrival to do the many things necessary when one is faced with a sudden death, they’d planned to drive the distance, spending at least a week, maybe more.

The school year had just resumed, and with the fact that I really wasn’t close to Granddad, mom didn’t want to pull me out of school. Unlike the family of her sister, who had three young daughters and a husband to watch over them, my dad was no longer a part of our lives, and my mother’s alternative was to have the old lady next door mind me at her home, since I wouldn’t be able to travel to school had I stayed with my uncle, as they lived outside of town.

It so happened that Adam was at my house when mom got the phone call that Thursday evening and was sorting things out. He suggested to her that I stay at his house, he would call for his dad’s consent, who, upon hearing the circumstances and talking with my mom, agreed to the arrangements. Now whether or not he’d remember it the next day was a good question, Adam pronounced to me out of earshot of mom!

Mom packed me a bag, which Adam took home with him that night, and the next day we went directly to his place after school. That’s when I discovered just how bad the place was and his embarrassment compared to my spotless home! There was junk everywhere! The place smelled of garbage, it was nauseating. His room was a clutter of dirty clothes, food plates, and glasses that long since had become a science project in themselves! I remember distinctly thinking my mom would have a heart attack if she only knew where I’d be residing for a while!

It wasn’t a big room. There were two single beds, about three feet apart, unmade of course, a window in the center wall with broken Venetian blinds, and a night table between the beds with a lamp. Numerous shelves held long-discarded toys, books, and board games. There was a space of about six feet between the end of the beds and the wall, with the door dead center. A TV sat on a stand on his side of the room, complete with a video game player attached, and numerous games spread out on the floor. I didn’t even know he had one, and looked forward to playing it. On the other side of the room, Brett’s domain, sat a chest of drawers that had certainly seen better days. As I was surveying the room, he had stripped off his clothes, clad only in his briefs, which he intended to remove, but seemed to have second thoughts. I did the same. As the saying goes, “While in Rome, do as the Romans do!” I’d never walk around in my underwear at home, and made mention of this to him. Of course, he already knew that, and replied “This is a man’s house, we’re all guys here, Robbie!”

After we had a snack of milk and cookies, (I’m not even going to describe the kitchen, guys!) we adjourned back to his room to play video games, and had been doing so for several hours, stopping only to eat a can of spaghetti for dinner. I knew at once my mom’s good cuisine would be sadly missed for a while!

I asked the whereabouts of his father, and he advised that his dad usually went to the pub after work, especially Fridays, when he’d stay out till the pub closed. He didn’t know where his brothers were and didn’t care! I knew Brett had a part-time job bagging groceries, and assumed that’s where he was. Cody, who had dropped out of high school that year, hadn’t secured any employment as yet. Little tidbits of family information were seldom passed on by Adam. He rarely spoke of his family.

About 9 pm, Brett entered the bedroom, acknowledged me, and welcomed me in sharing “his room” as he began removing his uniform. Adam quickly corrected his brother that it was “our room!” The two boys threw insults at each other, but it was just in fun. I chuckled at their bantering and glanced back over my shoulder. Brett was completely naked and smiled, meeting my eyes after I took a long look at his genitals, which he was fondling for whatever reason. All guys scratch their balls, but this seemed more than that. I swear I saw his already long and thick cock, of about 4 inches, grow somewhat! The only other guy I’d seen naked was of course Adam, who had a bigger cock than I did, but nothing compared to Brett. I was impressed, if not transfixed, and stole another glance. He winked at me and smiled again!

We were starting another game, which I didn’t know how to play, when Brett came over and sat down on his haunches behind me, spread wide, his thighs encompassing my hips. I could feel his genitals and pubic hair mashed into my lower back, as he leaned over to show me the controls with both his arms under my armpits. He was moving his hips around during exciting parts of the game, giving me encouragement and instructions.

Then I felt it. His cock was hard against my back! Adam obviously knew that his brother was naked; strangely, he never commented on the fact, nor the closeness of Brett’s naked body on me. From the angle we sat, he probably wouldn’t notice Brett’s erection standing straight up my back. I remember the heat emanating from it. Its length and girth felt quite large. Oh well, I thought, guys pop hard-ons all the time! But he didn’t seem to give a rat’s ass. He didn’t back off me in embarrassment, he just kept slowly humping my back, his cock sliding up and down a little. Not needing to show me the controls any longer, he placed both hands between my upper thighs, just 2 inches from my genitals. I started getting an erection myself! Why was this turning me on, and was it noticeable? I looked down and saw that it was poking up the material! My concentration on the game was shot, and I lost. At that, Brett stood and moved toward his bed, giving me a view of his ass, as I glanced back, wondering why he moved.

We immediately began another game that required solo play. Adam went first, so that I could watch and learn, glancing to my left occasionally to look at Brett, who now had a sheet over himself. I knew for sure he was slowly jerking off, staring back at me with a slight smile. Something got Adam’s attention, probably me looking back, so he turned his head and noticed what Brett was doing under the sheet and giggled.

“You jerking off, asshole? We’ve got company, in case ya hadn’t noticed!”

“Ya, what’s it to ya, fuck face! Ya wanna come over and help me out with it? Give me a little blow?” At that statement, he removed the sheet! His hand wrapped around his long, fat cock. I remember comparing it to a smoky hot dog. Same length and width, but with a large cock head on it! He then placed a leg over the side of the bed onto the floor. His balls, now fully exposed, hung down resting on the bed. Two walnut sized testes outlined tightly in his hairless sac!

I was mesmerized! I couldn’t believe my eyes! Brett was actually jerking off in front of us! My own cock twitched at the sight before me. I liked it! I liked it a lot! I became aware that I was extremely turned on this time. I wanted to feel his cock and balls. Jerk him off till he came or, shocking myself, give him a blow job like he suggested to Adam! I could not understand what had suddenly come over me. I’d rejected Adam’s blatant suggestions to fool around, but as I mentioned before, I was reconsidering it lately. I’d even thought that maybe, just maybe, I’d go for it the next time he suggested it! Most probably this week.

“What’s the matter, cum breath? Ya used to like doin’ it! Shy because Robbie’s here, are you? Bet you two dudes are getting it on together!” I was floored. Did he mean it, Adam had sucked his cock before? Or was he teasing his brother?

Adam turned back to the game after telling Brett to fuck off. His face was red, which indicated to me that he probably had sucked his brother’s cock!

“How ’bout you, Robbie, wanna give a buddy a hand to get off? I think ya wanna!” He didn’t know how bad I wanted to! I came real close to actually getting up and going over to him, kneeling between his thighs! But my conscious wouldn’t. What would Adam say? He’s been pestering me to suck his cock, now all of a sudden I’m suckin’ his brother off?

I just continued to stare, saying nothing. He began to pump his cock hard for a few moments, then paused a few times, bending it toward me, gesturing with his head and mouthing a silent “come on!”

He finally gave up trying to entice me and proceeded to masturbate vigorously. He groaned loudly as copious amounts of cum flew from his cock. Adam turned to look again as his brother was unloading, smiled and shook his head, then went back to his game.

I was awestruck at the amount that shot out all over his chest and down to his belly button! More so impressed than when I saw Adam first do it! He knew full well that I enjoyed the show, finishing it off by licking it off his hand! He didn’t scoop any off to eat, like Adam does. Instead he produced a small towel from somewhere in his bed and began wiping himself, then covered himself with the blanket, rolled over toward the wall to sleep.

Adam and I wrapped up our game playing around 1 am, both tired and bleary-eyed from looking at the TV screen for so long. Adam stripped off his briefs. I bravely did the same, much to his amazement. My cock was rock hard again thinking about what I witnessed. We lay there in silence for a few minutes. I lightly stroked my cock and asked Adam if he wanted to jerk off together. He was game, and lowered the blanket down to his mid thigh. I did the same. A minute later, I daringly reached over and took his cock in my hand and proceeded to slowly masturbate him. I liked the feel of his larger cock. Intent with an overwhelming desire, I rolled to my side, slithered down, and took him into my mouth. I didn’t really know how to give a blow job, maybe it was just instinct. I asked him if I was doing okay, and he assured me I was. I fondled his soft balls, even sucking on them a few times!

After what seemed like ages, he suggested that I masturbate him using my thumb and index finger wrapped tightly around the base as I sucked him. I had a rhythm motion going in no time. Lots of saliva slicked things up nicely, I found.

I found myself wishing that Brett would wake up and watch me suck his brother. I would gladly do him next. Unfortunately, he slept like a log. But the fantasy fueled my very first horny emotions. I didn’t understand it fully, never having experienced hornyness before, but it just felt so right. I somehow knew that I would give Brett a blow job in the very near future!

I continued to blow my best friend even as we heard his dad enter the house. Adam assured me that dad wouldn’t come into the room to check on his boys. He chuckled at the suggestion! A few moments later, without any warning, I tasted his cum as he shot a few volleys into my eager mouth. I hadn’t even tasted my own! I found it to be okay, though, kinda sweet and bitter, I mean I wouldn’t want a glass full, but the little bit he produced, I swallowed willingly.

He was on my cock shortly afterward. The fact was, I’d never experienced a blow job, but there was something about his technique that assured me he had sucked cock before. He even licked a finger and massaged the entrance to my butt! Gross! But I’ll never forget that first time feeling of ecstasy. Everything seemed so right. Two buds making each other feel real nice! I then and there had no more hang-ups about it again. I had the most spectacular orgasm of my young life!

Very early the next morning around 8 am, I was awoken by a horrendous pounding on a wall or something. I heard loud moaning, like someone in severe pain. Adam woke up as well and I asked him what the noises were. He rolled his sleepy eyes back, and in a pissed off tone, told me it was “Beamer the Screamer,” his brother Cody’s boyfriend, who was presently being fucked up the butt by Cody. The banging was a headboard against a wall, the wailing was Jamie Beamer, a fifteen year old who I would recognize from school, according to Adam. Our school housed elementary classes in one wing and junior and senior high in another wing, sharing a common cafeteria, library and gymnasium.

Since we were already awake, we decided to get some breakfast. To my surprise, Adam proceeded naked toward the kitchen. Not being quite at ease, I put on my underwear. His dad was sitting at the table reading a newspaper, coffee in hand. He wore only a pair of boxer shorts and acknowledged my presence in a friendly manner. He did remember I was staying over!

As we ate our cereal, we shared the comic page from his dad’s newspaper. Brett entered the kitchen, naked, and began to fix himself some cereal. I noticed the dried cum on his chest, belly, and cock head. He obviously hadn’t done a very good job cleaning himself the night before, but he was oblivious to the fact. Like he really didn’t give a fuck who saw it! Also oblivious to matters was their dad. Both sons eating breakfast naked at the kitchen table must have been a regular occurrence, as he never batted an eye, even with his one son so obliviously caked with dried cum in various places!

What seemed like on cue, Cody entered the kitchen, naked like his brothers. If I thought Brett had a big cock, Cody took the cake. About an inch longer and thicker. His full balls hung even lower yet, wobbling to and fro as he walked over, pouring two glasses of milk, obviously to take back to his room.

This is where things got hairy and unbelievable, guys! His dad looked up from his paper and scowled at Cody.

“You’re 18 years old now, kid, as I’ve told you before, you could go to jail now for fucking that boy! I’m tired of you so blatantly rubbing it into my face every weekend. I could be charged as an accessory, knowing that you’re fucking a minor! Even the boys know that’s going on in that bedroom of yours! So knock it off or move the fuck out of this house! I’ve had it, Cody! It’s about time you found a girl, since you claim you’re not gay!”

Cody stopped, put the milk glasses on the table, leaned over, stared into Charles’ face and started yelling.

“I don’t need a girlfriend right now, Chucky! Jamie’s mouth and ass suit my needs just fine right now, you two-faced son of a fucking bitch! Same reason you didn’t find a woman after mom died, right, pops? You had the same thing back then!”

Brett piped up, shocking me. “Leave it be, dad! At least he’s leaving me alone now!”

Charles looked at his two sons, and then at Cody, and started yelling. “You son of a bitching faggot! You been touching my boys?” Cody looked over at Brett, anger rising even higher.

“You loved every minute of it, fag! What the fuck are ya saying? You’re the one who begged me for it, dude! you loved it, cock sucker!” He then turned back to spar with Charles, the look of hatred in his eyes. I felt like crawling under the table. No one seemed to notice my presence, or care that I was even there. Adam just continued to read the comics, no emotion showing.

“Yeah, Chucky, like you didn’t know about it? What the fuck did you think when Brett was always sleeping in my bed? That we all of a sudden fell into brotherly love? No, you knew fucking well what was going on, old man! You turned a blind eye to it because I wasn’t doing anything that you hadn’t done to me, your hands were tied!

Charles looked aghast and was then stuttering and shaking visibly. “Shut your mouth, Cody! Go back to your boyfriend, or I might call the cops on you, turn you in! Be done with ya! Once and for all!”

Cody was not backing down, the war was on! “You two-faced, fucking pervert. You’ll be right behind me going to jail. You’ve provoked me far enough, old man! Let’s tell the boys the truth, now, shall we?”

Honestly, I wanted to shrivel up and die. The atmosphere was embarrassing. I felt so sorry for Adam and Brett when Cody went on berating their dad.

“When was it, pop, like 8 years old I was? Sure wasn’t too long after you married my mom and moved us into this dump. Remember? She worked swing shifts, Chucky, you taught me how to suck your cock! Telling me that all boys do it for their dads. Giving you regular blow jobs kept you from beating me! Which you did for the smallest of reasons! Remember?” Cody was red-faced with anger … no, hatred.  “You always despised me. I couldn’t get close to you. You shunned me away when all I wanted was to say I had a real dad! You fucking bastard! I hate you!

When mom died, your mother took the boys off your hands until they were school aged. They didn’t want me, because I wasn’t flesh and blood! I had no one to go to. You were stuck with a ten year old that wasn’t even your own. I guess the consolation was the fact that you would get a blow job from me whenever you wanted, which became more frequent once mom was gone. Remember, Pop, all dressed and ready to go to school, and suddenly you’d have me on my knees sucking your cock before I left? Going to school with the taste of your cum in my mouth! That’s just one example, old man!”

Everyone was silent. Charles had tears in his eyes, sobbing. Begging Cody to shut up. He hadn’t finished quite yet. Oh no, he hadn’t even started till now!

“Remember your army buddy, Chucky? The one who stopped in town to visit you for a couple of days? The guy you wined and dined like royalty, cooking him steak and lobster, while I had a bowl of soup for supper? You slobbered all over him, drunk as a skunk!”

“He saved my life! I owe him for that, mister! You don’t understand that, do you?” Chuck began to cry more visibly at the mention of this army buddy.

“Oh yeah, pop, I heard all that. Even at 10 years old, I was embarrassed for you, the way you carried on about it. Groveling over him, stroking his ego and hugging him. Listening to every word he said, like it was Jesus Christ sitting at the kitchen table. I must admit, I liked him, pop! I was taken in by him as well. Especially the war stories. You remember? I remember the one about the army men not being able to fuck little girls, –it was a court martial if you got caught! But little boys were fair game. No rules about fucking boys,  –any hole or mouth would do ya’s! You guys agreed that it was okay to fuck the enemy boys. You both also agreed that all the army men should have slit the boys’ throats when they were finished with them as there wouldn’t be a problem over there years later had they done that! You are a sick bastard, Chuck!”

“Anyways, army buddy ended up sleeping in my bed, didn’t he, Chuck? I woke up seeing him taking all his clothes off and getting into bed with me. He sure had a big cock, didn’t he, Chuck? Way bigger than yours! You must have noticed when you guys were fucking gook boys together! He wanted a blow job. Told me you said I’d give him one, that I was pretty good at it. Since I liked him, and you told me boys do those things for men, I started giving him one. Fuck! I could barely get the thing in my mouth, pop!

Charles straightened up defending himself by saying since Cody had a double bed, it was only logical that he could share it, and that he had no knowledge of any wrong doing!

“You had a double bed, Chuck, why didn’t he bunk in with you? Or you bunk in with me and let him have your bed! Or the fucking couch! How did he know I was sucking your cock? You told him. And you know what else you did? You supplied him with Vaseline to fuck me, didn’t ya! How would he know where we kept it, Chuck? The utility closet beside the kitchen? No, you gave me to him on a silver platter for sex, Chucky! Cause I was like the gook-boys, wasn’t I? I was the enemy in your fucking eyes!”

Both kids had their mouths open, aghast, staring at Cody. Even Adam, who seemed oblivious to everything so far, was intent on the story. It must have been so traumatic for the boys to learn that their father was a perverted pedophile. I’d hoped it had ended then, but Cody went on with one more startling revelation.

“At least he sucked my little cock, Chuck. You never did. He also put his tongue in my ass hole! That felt so good, let me tell you! But fuck, did it hurt when he was shoving it into me. I thought I was being torn apart. It was excruciating pain. I was screaming, you had to have heard me, Chuck! Finally, I just let it happen. I was powerless to stop him, and just lay there on my tummy, pillows tucked under me!”

“The next morning he had me give him a blow job. I wanted to please him that way so bad, to prevent him from fucking me again, that I sucked him like I’d never sucked you before, pop! He had it so far down my throat that I was gagging, couldn’t breathe! But I persevered, giving him whatever he wanted!”

Charles had laid his head in his arms on the table. He was a broken man. Deep sobs emanating from somewhere within.

“He fucked me again that night, only that time it didn’t hurt as much. It still hurt, don’t get me wrong, just not as badly. Although you claim to have no knowledge, pop, suddenly the next day you started fucking me too! Your buddy broke me in for ya, didn’t he? Your cock was easy to take, though, a cake walk compared to him. So get off your high fucking horse. I’m not leaving this house until I’m damn good and ready!”

Charles arose and retreated into his bedroom. Nothing more being said. Shortly afterward, he was dressed and leaving for the pub — to get good and drunk, I guess.

Brett, Adam, and I played video games. Both boys remained naked. They seemed to have gotten over the startling revelations from Cody. We heard him fuck Jamie again that afternoon. I wanted to see his big cock hard now. I was turned on, thinking about Brett sucking Cody’s cock and being fucked by him. I glanced many, many times at both their cocks, and had a visible hard-on poking up in my briefs, which didn’t go unnoticed by Brett.

“Looks like someone’s excited, Adam! You guys wanna fool around a little? I’m game!” He then put his hand under my briefs and was feeling me. He pushed me down, removed my briefs, and started sucking and licking both my cock and my balls. Adam straddled my face and I sucked his cock. Brett worked a finger into my bum, it hurt at first, but suddenly it felt nice, for some strange reason. My walking, talking sexual encyclopedia, Adam, enlightened me on the virtues of the prostate massage, so I did the same for him as I blew him. A little while later, Brett had his cock in my face, Adam took Brett’s place sucking me. Brett turned downward and took Adam into his mouth. We were all sucking cock! It was the most erotic experience of my life to date. Brett filled my mouth with his cum. I loved every drop and didn’t stop until I had every drop. Adam and I got into position and sucked each other to orgasm, while Brett finger fucked us both!

After the sex, Brett and I lay naked on his bed and Adam on his. It just felt so natural, being naked with these boys! So free. I couldn’t keep my hands off Brett’s genitals. I thought they were beautiful. Not that I didn’t think Adam’s manhood wasn’t nice, just that Brett’s were more manly.

It was Brett that brought up the earlier confrontation between Charles and Cody. Both boys agreed that they never had any respect for Charles to begin with, but the fact that he raped little boys in the army was alarming to both!

My curiosity got the better of me, so I asked Brett how things all started with Cody.

Both boys looked up to their older stepbrother, but he resented them, as Charles showed definite favoritism toward Brett, his first born, and then Adam, his second born. Cody always played third fiddle. He had way too much responsibility placed on him by Charles to look after the boys, when they returned back home to live at school age. He did it in order to avoid the beatings inflicted on him by Charles.

Brett suspected something was going on between Charles and Cody, often seeing him naked in his father’s bed. Neither he nor Adam ever slept in their dad’s bed. It wasn’t the nakedness of his father and Cody: nudity was a way of life for them. It was the noises coming from dad’s bedroom. Like they were jumping up and down on the bed, headboard slamming into the wall. He figured it out when Cody initiated him into sexual acts at 8 years old. Cody, of course being 12, mimicked Charles.

Cody had Brett sleep in his bed often, performing blow jobs at first; then shortly afterward he was fucking him. Brett never resisted Cody’s behavior. He was his older brother, who suddenly was paying attention to him, and since dad was obviously doing those things with Cody, it must be okay. Brett admitted that he liked it up his bum after a while, and still, to that day, desired Cody fucking him.

Adam was also introduced to oral sex by Cody, sucking his cock when Brett wasn’t around, but he never fucked him for some reason. Then Cody had the two boys blowing each other, many times while Cody fucked Brett at the same time. Cody never sucked the boys off, though!

Charles had to have known what was going on, maybe well after it started, but as Cody accused, he turned a blind eye to it. Cody had something on his stepdad as leverage, preventing beatings. Brett figured that his dad must have quit having sex with Cody when he was about 13 or so, as Cody stopped sleeping in dad’s bed about then. Also, that’s when the friction between the two started. Arguments, but no physical fights. Cody did whatever he wanted, when he wanted, often telling Charles to fuck off!

It was actually Brett that started fucking Adam regularly, who also claimed to enjoy it to that day. Neither boy showed any sign of shame or guilt resulting in their sexual activity. It was fun!

I asked about Jamie Beamer’s role with Cody and I learned that he was originally a friend of Brett’s. Jamie was a year older than Brett, but flunked a grade and was in his class. They became chummy. Not like best friends, though.

It was Brett’s 14th birthday party, which he threw for himself, inviting numerous boys and girls to his house. The party was held in the back yard, with plenty of booze, which Cody procured for them for a small handling fee. I remember that party. I think it was the first time I had liquor and got tipsy. Adam and I were sleeping out in my tent, so getting caught by my mom was remote.

Anyways, Jamie attended the party, and like everyone else, was drinking. He and Cody apparently hit it off, spending a great deal of the evening talking to each other. At some point that night Jamie was missing. He didn’t say goodbye to anyone, so Brett thought that he just left to go home not saying anything.

After everyone left for the night, around 2 am, Brett was quite drunk and horny. Adam was at my place, so he went to Cody’s room hoping for a little fun. Cody’s room didn’t have a door, just hanging beads. When he looked in the room he saw his stepbrother and Jamie naked on the bed blowing each other. Cody was actually sucking a cock!

Not wanting to expose his sexual behavior to a classmate, although that classmate was himself engaging, he went to his own room and passed out. Jamie became a frequent visitor to Cody’s room ever since.

Brett awoke at around noon, hearing what he knew from experience was Cody’s headboard banging the wall. Jamie was screaming in delight, obviously, getting fucked by Cody. That’s how he got the nickname, “Beamer the Screamer!” The boy was very vocal in bed!

Brett was eating in the kitchen when Cody and Jamie entered to get something to eat. Okay, I had to ask it! “Were they naked?” I had no doubt that Brett was but I didn’t know why I even asked about the other two boys. The answer was yes!

Brett assured Jamie that his secret was safe. He told me that he joined them for a three-way later that day, having discarded his inhibitions about Jamie knowing such things about him. He’d joined them a few times since.

Adam confided that he had told Brett about my sudden sexual discovery with him the night before. They had conspired to seduce me into a threesome.

That night, Adam fucked me first. It hurt. But when Brett took his turn, it was excruciating! I wished that I had just continued sucking him off instead of asking him to fuck me! It got easier for me after a while, though, and like them, I learned to like it very much.

So that’s my unbelievable, bizarre introduction into gay sex. I enjoyed many more sexual encounters with Adam, and occasionally, Brett! It went on for a couple of years until they both had steady girlfriends and we grew apart. I embraced my sexual orientation and came out just after high school. I am now with my lover of 10 years! He is the one that urged me to write and share this story.

 The End

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