Chapter 10

Jill was circling Sheldon’s belly-button with a finger, slowly widening his breadth until he was just barely inside the waistband of the jeans. The boy didn’t flinch a muscle and I took that as a good sign and licked and bit Jill’s left nipple. I knew that Jill wanted to initiate some heavy petting before the end of the third period when all sexual hell would break loose. Let the games begin!

Horny as hell for Jill’s cock and braver in thinking that Sheldon would be a player, I reached down and squeezed the fleshy contents restrained within the thin material. His cock stirred in an instant and grew to its full length and girth that snaked it way from under the elastic waistband and made a spectacular appearance, already leaking it’s venom.

To much for me to bare, fuck the hockey game!  I had the underwear securely down and tucked under his balls, leaned over his belly and was lapping my tongue over every delicious erotic inch of his manhood before consuming a length that surprised even myself, slowly ingesting more until his cock was somewhere in my throat and my nose was planted in his nut sack!

‘Fuck you’re getting good at that, Jacky!’ he complimented. ‘Look at that Shel, he’s got my whole cock buried in his throat for fuck sakes!’ he proudly pointed out.

Unfortunate, but the need to breathe hindered any great duration that I could stay down on him, and besides it was all just to show off my talented cock sucking ability to our guest, and furthermore I didn’t consider deep throating to be as rewarding as a slobbery, tight mouthed, tongue flailing, head bobbing blowjob, anyway!

I paused long enough to inhale and look over to see if Jill had made any progress getting into the boy’s pants just in time to see Jill make an effort to unbutton Sheldon’s jeans, whose reaction was anything but obliging. His hands were quick in preventing Jill from going any further down his pants!

‘I … I … I’ve never done anything … ya know … like this before!’ he stuttered and slurred his words, one vodka cooler over the line. ‘I mean, like I’ve thought about it … ya know … sometimes, mmmaybe ‘cause people have been telling me I’m gggay all my freakin’ life!’

I felt sorry for him but I had bigger fish to fry in my hand and went back down on it with determination. When his hand entered the rear of my undies and his finger found its mark I was like a bitch in heat! I wanted more than his finger up my bum but knew that would have to wait. If I straddled his cock and fucked my brains out on it I would block his view of the hockey game and he wouldn’t be pleased at that! Jill had his priorities.

I found it surreal in the fact that the conversation above me continued. I wanted Sheldon to just shut up and get down with me and worship his deserving hero! I was prepared to share Jill who would be only to gracious at the attention that we could collectively bestow upon him.

Sheldon went on to ramble, ‘It’s not like I’ve never had the opportunity, ya know. My sister’s boyfriend wants to do it. Mark is sixteen and he stays over at our place … well, my room every Friday so he and sis’ can go to the teen dances at the rec centre.

‘See, … he moved across the city a month ago and commutes to school. They got real bad transit service at night … well, anyway they got permission from mom as long as he sleeps in with me, of course!

‘So, like, this started a few weeks ago and the first night he was like, ya know … asking if I’d mind ‘cause he likes to sleep naked. I didn’t care ‘cause he slept on the floor in a sleeping bag anyway, not like, ya know, sharing my bed or anything!

‘I expected him take off his underwear inside the sleeping bag, but no, he strips naked right in front of me, and like … parades around my room looking at my stuff and asking stupid questions about things, … ya know, like he wanted me to look at him! He even posed like a muscle man and asked me if I liked his body, so … well, I really did like it and told him that. He has a really big dick … well, not as big as yours, Jill, but close and bigger than any of the boys and men that I’ve peeked at naked at the pool, ya know?

‘So anyway, he starts getting a boner and tells me how horny he is and that if I wanted to give him a blowjob he wouldn’t tell anyone. So like … I tell him that I don’t do that, ya know. I mean I liked his junk and all, but I’m no fag—oops, sorry Jackie, … I, I didn’t mean it that way!’ he was quick to apologize for his blunder.

I took no offence and never paused for a second to acknowledge his apology, but what other way could he have meant it?

‘Its just that a lot of guys assume that I’ll drop to my knees at the at the sound of a zipper being pulled down. Mostly, its the guys that pick on me and call me a fag and shit when they’re with other guys, but when they’re alone they come up to me all nice and all and ask me … no, they beg me to blow them! … Assholes!

‘A couple of times I’ve told the persistent ones to meet me after school behind the dumpsters. Of course I don’t show up but I laugh when I picture them standing there with their dicks hard in their pants awaiting their first blowjob!’ he slapped his legs and began to laugh, ‘Its a hoot, isn’t it? Dumb fucks that they are!’

I wondered if he would ever shut up! I appreciated that it was nerves that kept his ranting alive. Jill remained silent and I had to wonder if he had simply blocked out the jittery, drunken boy with his focus intent on the hockey game and not to mention the stupendous blowjob I was giving him. He seemed to have given up trying to get into Shelly’s pants, and that scared me! Deep down inside I had a very bad feeling where this night was headed as I took another breath of air, Jill had the proverbial tongue thing happening!

‘So … like Mark probably thought that way about me too, ya know, an easy BJ if he teased me into it with his nice naked body and starts begging me for it laying on top of his sleeping bag and stroking it. I liked watching him jerk off, don’t get me wrong, I found it hot! Just like now …  with Jacky giving ya head, its hot to watch him suck your nice dick and like … anyways, I wanted to see Mark cum real bad, ya know. so I told him that I would think about doing him the next week as long as he stuck to his word that he wouldn’t tell. But I just wanted to see him jerk off again I put him off every week telling him that I’m seriously interested, but just not quite yet.’ he laughed once again, ‘God knows I’m not like Jacky, ya know, I just like to watch maybe, but that’s it! Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against gay guys, I’m cool with it.’

Jill had had enough and broke his silence, ‘Sheldon … you are nothing more than a fucking little cock teaser! Now shut the fuck up! I don’t want to hear another word out of your fucking mouth about Jacky, GOT IT!’ he bellowed.

I let go of his cock that was deflating no matter how hard I tried to take his mind off matter’s at hand. All hell was going to break loose and I cringed!

‘So tell me Shelly, why the fuck did you came home with us?’ Jill asked turning away from me to face Sheldon.. ‘Don’t tell me ya didn’t know the reason I invited ya!’

The cocky little fuck didn’t heed any warnings and replied, ‘I was invited to watch the hockey game, not to be molesteraded!’ he slurred, stumbling  over the word.

‘Well, little buddy, ya remember that window you crawled into? … I’m going to toss ya out of it after I strip every shred of clothing off your faggot body, ‘cause you are a faggot my friend, but you’re too fucking paranoid to admit it! Ya should listen to yourself; what you’re saying talking from both sides of your fuckin’ mouth!’

I had full knowledge of Jill’s opinion of cock teasers. Sheldon’s pompous remarks seemed somewhat callous even to me. Yes, he’d drank a lot and through experience I’ve learned that people under the influence of alcohol or drugs do in fact mean exactly what they say, uninhibited emotions raise their ugly heads and are vented forward despite the hurt and pain they inflict. They apologize the next day, if and when sober and blame it on overindulgence and laugh it off.

However, the words have been spoken from the heart, unblemished or watered down, but with Sheldon’ s words I sensed fear through his hypocrisy. A self-protection mode from feelings that he was trying to suppress day after day in convincing himself and others otherwise. Even then, with Jill and I and the open sexual environment unfolding before him, he was still trying to maintain his conceived dominance over the ugly stigma, he hadn’t done it, therefore he wasn’t!

A sense of compassion overcame me and I reasoned with Jill, ‘Come on Jill, we can’t just throw him out, he’s drunk and stoned. He’s a tiny guy, dude! Just maybe he’s reacting this way because he can’t handle it, ya know, the Ex and booze and all. Just let him crash in the corner.’ I didn’t want him to try and make his way home in his condition, clothes or no clothes! I didn’t doubt for a minute that Jill would have held true to his threat.

Don’t get me wrong, I was thoroughly pissed off with Sheldon as well! He spoiled what I wanted to be a terrific night, a love fest with everyone participating in a shared effort of sexual pleasure, giving and receiving in kind.

Jill hopped out of bed and announced that he had to piss. His tone scornful, pissed off. I hoped that he didn’t run into Grandma in his naked state, being only shortly after ten o’clock, her bed time. Nothing she had not seen already, I just didn’t want her reliving the sexual implications of his nudity, no longer the innocent ‘boys will be boys’ interpretation.

I gathered a pillow and blanket for Sheldon to crash in the corner by the window, pretty well out of site of Jill when he would laid in bed. Sheldon was sucking on another cooler, I noticed. I couldn’t resist my own lambasting of his behavior in Jill’s absence.

‘Ya know Shel, you are one fuck of an inconsiderate asshole!’ I said calmly despite my growing anxiety, ‘Jillian saved your little ass this afternoon at great risk to himself. He could easily have went to jail over you, … and who knows,  he might still if they track him down. Those guys were pretty beaten up, hard to hide that fact and someone had to have noticed!’

Damage control was foremost on my Ecstasy fried brain that seemed to be functioning at some other level than its abuse I was accustomed to. ‘You are the only witness who knows who Jill is—they’ll be talking to you. If you rat him out I will … I will kill you, … mark my words!’ I threatened, uncharacteristic of my nature.

I was so sincere in that sudden mind blowing reality that at that very moment I thought him to be a definite threat to Jillian’s well-being. That scared me like I’d never been scared before! I honest to God, and on my Grandma’s life, I stared him in his bloodshot eyes and contemplated the unthinkable; nip it in the bud, take care of it before it blossomed into evil and before he can hurt my Jillian and they take him away from me! That was the last thought that I remember.

It was Jill who took my hands away from Sheldon’s throat, ‘JACKY WHAT THE FUCK ARE YA DOING! LET HIM GO … WHAT THE FUCK’S GOT INTO YOU’ his horrified voice echoed somewhere within my subconscious and brought me back to reality, like waking up to a bad dream when you have to shake your head of the cob webs to determine if it was real or not and where the fuck you are!

to be continued …

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