My Size by Ryan Smith


  My Size

By Ryan Smith

In this day and age my little tailor and men/boys clothing store has to fight to stay open. If not for the perks, I would have gone out of business long ago. Nothing beats taking little Billy into the backroom to be measured for a pair of dress pants, or school clothes, or lengthen his cub scout shorts due to him having a growth spurt. Once alone in the backroom, I have the boy strip to his underwear. I miss the old days of briefs. After getting the boy’s info, I measure everything with my old tape measure. I get to feel all of their young body. With briefs, I got to see their parts stiffen and then tent the fabric outwards. I would then go tisk  tisk to the young lad. How could I get the clothes to fit with that. I would then get the boy to let me give him a handjob or watch him jerk himself off. The best was when I got to use my mouth to fix the problem. Still with boys now in big old boxers, my hand and tape measure get to go right up the leg opening and rest on covered boy genitals to get the correct measurement.
A monument to briefs is my underwear display. I place the best looking styles out center while going down to plain white briefs to the bottom boxers. On either side is two boy mannequins in nice form fitting fashion briefs. I like to watch from security cameras as a boy checks out my display and wonders about wearing them.  One of the best was Lucas. A couple of times he went pass the display just giving it a I am looking but not looking look. Then he did check out my display in depth. He liked the hi rise scarlet red bikini briefs one of the mannequins was wearing. He found a pair in his size and then checked out the mannequin wearing them. He felt fabric on the side, and then the perv ran his hand over the mannequins rear and crotch. After checking that he was alone, he pulled the brief back and looked to see what the mannequin was packing. After his thrill, he stuck the package under his shirt and made a dash for the dressing rooms.
I found him after switching cameras. The kid had shucked off his clothes and was stuffing himself into the bikini briefs. When done, he modeled infront of the dressing room mirror. He really enjoyed the view. Flexing, and wetting his fingers, he played with his nipples. His hands then worked south. Mr. Left played with the rear. Stroking his backside before going inside the dark tunnel. Mr. Right yanked on his fabric covered balls and rubbed one on fabric covered dick.  When Lucas’ head popped up over the bikini’s waistband, Lucas pulled enough down for his rod to spring free.
Lucas bent down and picked up his checkered boxers off the floor. He put his face into them and took a deep breath. When finished, he wrapped his boxers around his twitching dick. Lucas spread his legs wide and stared deep into his self in the mirror. I watched as he worked his body, till he and his mirror image body blew his load into his boxers. Lucas with after pleasure guilt. quickly dressed keeping on the bikini briefs and trying to act calm flee the store. I stopped the scared boy at the door.
“Let me go mister. I did not do anything.”
“Well  let’s just show this,”  I pulled up higher on Lucas’ waist some scarlet red bikini fabric waistband that was showing,” and the security camera footage.”
“Please no! I will do anything, if you don’t call the cops.”

to be continued …

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One thought on “My Size by Ryan Smith

  1. Great start Ryan, I enjoyed that, always great to have a build up to a story and boy you have done that okay, so come on then whats his Punishment, cant wait.

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