Loft Wannabe


 LotF Wannabe
All young boys like boys over girls. I think, I found how much I liked boys towards the end of the school year. I was not much of a student or jock. Poor, a little chubby, and wearing only hand me downs, I was also not that popular. Things changed, thanks to a great teacher, and not in the way you think. I do not know if planned or just chance, but he taught me the story, The Lord of The Flies, at the same time the last remake came out in movie theaters. The class went on a field trip and saw the movie. Seeing all the boys in underwear on the big screen, I became a fan of the book and got my only A on the test over the book. After school at night, I also had dreams of Jack and the twins, but did not understand them then.
Summer camp was another step to boys for me. Showing my age, but back then camp was not as PC. Camp became a sort of Lord of The Flies. At the start all us boys went around fully dressed. I found myself being a slow poke when changing to swimsuits or pjs, to catch a peek of boys’ white briefs at that time boxers were not the back in thing. Moms would just stock their sons underwear drawers with bulk packs of white briefs. As the term went on, clothing became less and less. A bunch of young boys alone in the woods, soon did not care about clothes. Why wear clothes, a swimsuit, and pjs, when you can just run around all day and night in briefs and sneakers. My first crush was Adam. He was a dead ringer for Jack from The Lord of The Flies movie. Fit, blond and blue eyes with a golden tan. I found it fun when close to look over his body, I found myself even learning every faint hair on his arms and legs. If I could go back, I would have done more, but back then it was playful grab ass. We played the fun games of mooning, yanking down other’s briefs, and giving wedgies. Fun memories seeing a nice round young boy’s pink butt appear in contrast to the rest of his golden tanned body. The best time came we I was paired up with Adam for life saving class. We covered each other in sun block. It was both a thrill having him touch me and me touch him. I do not think he minded my hands’ extra long time on him. Besides feeling his firm body, my hands had some quick touching of rear and junk. The ultimate was holding him swimming. Adam was playing the victim and was floating with his eyes closed in the water. I had to swim up to him and check him out. With one hand on his butt and my other hand on the back of his head float him back to shore. His briefs were worn and his dick and a ball made an appearance out a leg hole.  During the float back his friend went from flaccid to hard poking up the leg band of his undies. This was my sort of first time with another boy’s hard on. Adam just laid eyes closed in my arms. When we got back to the docks, he quickly stood up in the water and put his friend back in his undies.
My next experience taught me not to judge looks. Back in school I met Toby. Picture a nerdy Harry Potter from the first movie. He was small, dark haired, and wore glasses. Still inside, he was dirty old man. I could not wait to see what he would wear. For example while the rest of us boys wore shorts in PE, he had the first lycra shorts, I had ever seen. While us boys just knew about boxers or briefs, he walked around the locker room in bikini briefs from baby blue to tiger print. He also knew more about girls and sex. I was older, but knew why I liked him, but did not know why he wanted to be my friend. I found out why and much more one weekend. He talked himself into sleeping over at my house. In my hood, there was going to be a cheerleader sleepover. I found myself sneaking out after a younger and smaller boy to hide and spy on girls. I did not find much to excite me, peeping on a bunch of girls in nightshirts, but Toby did. I watched him more then the girls. His hand was in his pants working himself. At the time I did not know what it was but Toby would show me.
When we got back to my tent that was setup in the yard, it was the old trick of the boys “camping” outside mom and dad, and not being two peeping toms, Toby kicked off his black sneakers and black skinny jeans. He lay on his sleeping bag in his black t-shirt and sox.. His red bikini briefs looking more hotter in contrast on him.
Grabbing his crotch, he asked, “Since it’s just us. Mind if I bust a nut?”
Yes, I had health class and saw the film about a boy’s body changes. Also my body had changed and I had those dreams, but I had not wanked and been raised no touching there except to pee. So now I was hot and feeling very guilty, as Toby freed his manhood and pumped up and down. I must have spooked him looking like a dog drooling over a bone.
“Hey don’t be a fag looking at me. Jack off to or get lost!”
I was blinded by lust. I stripped to my black boxerbriefs, the fanciest underwear I could find for my mom to buy so I could sort of look like Toby. and got next to him. He was interested when I pulled out mine and copied him. While I would like to or could even lie and say it was because my manhood was the size of a third leg, the truth was mine was just bigger and different do to our ages. My fellows had dropped and had a fur coat, Toby was just starting some hair below. As we pumped, it was now Toby looking at me. This maybe an old line, but he brought up other ways to jerk off, humping the mattress and using your hand after it has  fallen asleep. Then what he was working to.
“It’s not gay if a buddy wacks you while you wack him.”
I fought him with all my might, not! It took all I had not to shoot my whole load as Toby took hold of my shaft. Being next together in the tent with his face on my chest, our hands did more exploring then wacking. I do not know how it was for him, but it was fantastic for me. Holding his warm soft and hard friend and even feeling his smooth balls while his hand probed me also. The feeling of the first not your hand touch. This is the truth, I felt him stiffen and pulse with a small load. I think I amazed him when I erupted. He called it grossed and said to warn a fellow next time, but he played with my sperm on his hand and gave it a good look over before wiping it off on me. We fell asleep, with him laying against me. While tops for me for awhile, it was not for Toby. From then on, he would go the opposite way when he would see me in the halls at school.
My next step and first sex act came much later in my life. Also it sounds like from an old porno. After school, it was get a job, earn money to move out and/or go to college. I found the means by being a pool boy, yes a pool boy. Me in old clothes, so no worries from splash back from adding liquid chlorine, had the wonderful job of caring for the kids’ pool at a country club. Keeping the pool clean for the sons and daughters of the rich for pennies and cleaning up after them while being invisible as the hired help. My bright star came when I was offered extra money to help out with kids’ swimteam. I excepted not knowing anything about it. Before then sports were only played with some sort of ball to me. I found I loved this job. Back then all the boys wore speedos, unlike today when it’s just for diving. Having to towel off a group of different aged boys in wet sticking to them small speedos showing off everything they had, the hard work getting every drop of water off their bodies.
Nate was one of the older boys on the team. Not pretty boy good looking, but the charming country boy looking type, which was the opposite of who he was with his father owning car dealerships, he had never farmed in his life. This boy starting the change from adolescent to young man followed me around talking about what car he would get for graduation or what colleges he had applied to. I did not mind because I got to see his buff body, round ass, and stuffed pouch of his speedo. During these times he would ask me to come over to his house for a pre-meet party the boys do. He finally caught me one day without an excuse not to come.
I learned a lot about the rich. To blow off steam before a big meet, Nate folk’s let him use the guest house to hold a big sleepover/party. The younger boys on the team had to be the slave staff. Their uniforms were their speedos and clip on bow ties. The younger boys had to do grunt work like fetch older boys snacks or sodas. The small boys even had to do something called shaving cream wrestling. The older boys shaved their body hair to swim faster, they did it themselves or had a friend do it. They would not trust a little kid to do it. Still the younger boys should not be left out. A plastic pool was set up and two boys in speedos stood in opposite corners. The older boys delighted in covering the younger boys up in shaving cream. When the match started, the winner would be the boy who wiped off the most shaving cream off his rival.
It was late at night and almost everyone was passed out, no one wants to be the first to go to bed at a party. Nate asked if I would help him with something. I followed him to the master bathroom. I felt one could fit my whole tiny apartment in it. He locked the door behind me and pulled out some shaving supplies. He did not even have to ask if I would help him shave his body. He pulled off his polo shirt showing his abs. I do not know if from regular shaving, but he just had some hair on his torso. While he flexed, I shaved under his arms with an electric shaver. I would not call my self an armpit lover but getting close to Nate was wonderful. The only other spot on his torso was a thin line going down his chest to the thicker hairs showing from just above his low sagging button jeans. I grasped myself around the boy with my head on his chest as I slowly removed the hairs down him till I stopped at above his crotch.  Nate, I think with evil glee, very slowly popped each button of his jeans till they fell down his muscled legs and he kicked them to the side of the room. The tease was in ratty old flannel boxers. He would pull up just enough material so I could shave each leg just up to the good part. He said that he guessed we were done, but then had me sit on the toilet.
“I need you to check one last spot.”
I thought I would have a heart attack. Off came his boxers and pointing at my face was a prime example of man. His whole man area was clean as a baby’s except for just a touch at waist level to give the look he had hair below. He took my hand still holding the electric razor and made that disappear. I have to say at eye level no hair does make the equipment look huge and nice. I was not by much the much older man, but in that bathroom, I was Nate’s plaything. His hard member rubbed against the side of my face, and then across my lips, before I opened my mouth and took in. Being my first blow job, I needed instruction at first, but then gave Nate pleasure.  He grabbed me by my hair, and cussing so loud I thought he would wake the house, he used his hips to push himself deeper and deeper into me. My first taste of a load of fresh boy cum was not perfect. I felt him go off and  sucked harder. The explosion caused me to gag and then cough. Some of Nate’s juice was running downing my face. Nate got down on his knees with his stiffy still leaking some and licked my face clean and deep French kissed me, giving back some of his seed.
“I wanted you to blow me for so long.”
Nate then freed my manhood straining in my clothes and already leaking. Nate was a sex devil, showing me how to please a man. Teasing my shaft licking up and down. Tickling the underside of my helmet with the tip of his tongue. Sampling each of my balls and controlling the rate of mouth sucking while watching the teeth. When he was done with me, I nothing but a deflated balloon. I learned a lot form Nate and as it went from some of his friends. It was not the best rep but I became known around the locker room for giving blow jobs, and was invited to some 69 parties.
Only up to a certain age can one hang around a kiddie pool being a part time worker. Still I kept up with swim team, the staff and members thought it was nice that some times I would come back and cheer the team on at meets.  Years later at one of these meets, I would have my greatest times ever.
I was watching or more like checking out the swimmers, who by now all looked  very young to me, when a strange one came up to me after the days events had ended. The boy just came up to my chest. His body was fit but not toned. He was small but if grew into his long legs, not for much longer. He wore goggles covering pale blue eyes on a lite covered freckled face with matching green swimcap and speedos. Green speedos was not what only set the boy apart, when he pulled of his swimcap he had curly red hair.
“Hello, Sir.”
Now I was feeling very old.
“My name is Chad X.”
Not really X, but for the telling of the story it is. It turns out he was Nate’s younger brother, well younger step brother. It turns out that after Nate grew up and moved on, his father starting to do some of his own roving. This caused a divorce and Nate’s dad married a new trophy wife. So now Nate has brother and his father a new family. Still I would find out that he was very close to his older brother.
Chad had me get close and whispered, “Nate told me to say hello, and ask for some fun, if I found you.”
My heart was pounding and I may have looked redder then Chad’s hair. Chad was done swimming and had permission for his “uncle” to take him back to his private hotel room. I was scared but the increased lump in the restrictive green speedo looked inviting as well as firm moon behind.  Chad gathered up his things and wrapped a towel around his waist. No one even gave us a look with the swim meet going on in town.
When we got to the room, Chad locked the door and lost his towel. The frisky boy helped me off with my shirt and went to work on my nipples. I was entranced by the red heads work, I did not even protest him undoing my pants and feeling in my briefs. I did not want him to stop, but he did. He bent down and removed my shoes and sox. Next came my pants leaving me in my tenting briefs. Chad had lay on the bed, mouthing my manhood causing my briefs to become wet with a mixture of boy saliva and dick juice. Chad pulled my briefs down with me as hard as I had every been. Nate had really taught his brother well. I groped Chad’s green covered speedo crotch and ass as hard as I could so not to come.
Pleading for him not to, he stopped. He got up and peeled off the tight green speedo. He was a perfect hairless little boy statue. He looked like his mother, but had the nice family X’s dick and balls with his brother’s sex drive. The small lad bent over the bed across from me offering his rear and bracing him self.

to be continued …

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