Cherished Memories – by John Overson

John Overson (pseudonym)

True Short Story

Me at young age


RJohn Oversonecently I went on a trip to my hometown with my lover John, and in the course of writing about the trip I found myself once again recalling something you may find worthy of publishing, though I must warn you it is entirely unedited; a first draft as it came to me from memory. While up there I was able to remember quite a few new experiences, including one that happened in a gas station bathroom near the center of town.  We didn’t get into town very often because we lived in a small resort village about 10 miles outside of town.  As a young boy just on the cusp of puberty, I was insatiable in my curiosity to see adult male genitals (absolutely no interest in females).  One place I was quite successful at this endeavor was the local Holiday Gas Station because they had an unusual restroom.  You had to ask for a key to use it but it had one toilet and one urinal.  I would sit on the toilet and leave the door open so men that didn’t know you needed a key would just walk in and there I would be.  I would tell them to come in, that I didn’t mind, and would they please just lock it themselves so nobody else came in.  I remember that usually it would not work, most men would simply say “Thanks.” and walk away, but a couple of times I got amazing views of pissing cocks.

The best thing about sitting on the toilet at age 10 was that I was small and because I was on the toilet, my little blue eyes were right next to the man-meat being displayed as men would pull out their cocks to pee in the urinal.  One guy came in and locked the door behind him, then gave me a look that I knew meant he really liked me.  I don’t blame him.  I had long blonde hair, very creamy white skin, beautiful bright blue eyes, and I sat on the toilet with my little cock hard as a rock hidden between my tightly closed legs.  This guy I recall had a mustache, shoulder-length dark brown hair, and he was wearing a sexy muscle shirt.  I loved his arms; they were hairy, and as he sauntered up to the urinal and unbuckled his belt I just knew he would have lots of hot pubic hair.

He stood in front of the urinal and turned slightly toward me as he unbuckled his belt, then unbuttoned his jeans, unzipped, and pulled out a semi-hard cock so that his balls were just pushed up by the elastic of his tight white underwear.  I was mesmerized as he looked right in my eyes the whole time.  Mine, on the other hand, were focused unrelentingly on what seemed to me like the largest, longest, thickest penis and biggest set of balls I had ever seen!  Even better, he had massive amounts of beautiful wiry black pubic hair.  His balls were completely obscured by what seemed more like fur than any hair I’d seen before; it looked long and soft, meeting in a tuft at the seam of his large purse.  I watched, wide-eyed, as he stepped up to the urinal and within two seconds began to expel a thundering stream of hot piss into the urinal next to me.  As he sprayed the urinal (and me as I was that close) with his rather strong urine, I began to smell it, which only heightened an already lust-filled vibe in the tiny room.  As he finished, he began to shake off the last drops, then I was amazed as I watched his penis grow another three or four inches until it was throbbing and standing almost directly up against his hairy belly.  His fat circumcised cock head (I called it a helmet) was dark purple and substantially larger than the shaft that supported it.  As I watched him openly exposing his huge adult organ, my penis got so hard I thought it would burst so I could not resist reaching down to touch myself, spreading my legs so he could see my hairless little prick and it’s tightly drawn-up nut sac.  I looked up at him, into his brown eyes, then back to his sex.  My little virgin boy mind was spinning with lust, fear, curiosity, and excitement as I realized that the man was going to show me something really sexy and somehow I knew if I spoke a word, or even made a wrong gesture, he might suddenly pull up his jeans and disappear.

I had not been taught how to masturbate or ejaculate yet so I was confused and yet eager as he slowly began to pump the skin on his penis up and down, again and again, his brown eyes on me the whole time.  His pumping began to get rather fast, then frantic, and I worried that he might be doing something to hurt his dick.  Just as I considered asking him if he was alright, he slowed his frantic pumping, began to breathe deeply, then his huge cock began twitching and spurting drops of white sperm all the way to the top of the urinal.  He let go of his cock, turning toward me, as the squirting began to slow to oozing.  As the final spurts slowed, I realized he was standing sideways so that those final drops of white stuff dripped from the end of his softening cock to the floor below him, only six inches from my very wide blue eyes.

Satisfied, his breathing became normal as he suddenly and very quickly tucked his soft but dripping penis in his pants, zipped up, buckled his belt, and stepped out into the bright sunshine without a single word.  Both scared and filled with lust, I sat a few minutes, letting my cock soften so I could leave.  As I buckled my belt, I took a finger and passed it through the watery mess of sperm droplets that had sprayed up on top of the urinal.  It was slippery but cold.  I smelled it, wondering if this was actually the semen that we had only recently learned about in Health class at school.  As I handed the key to the cashier, my hands shook with lusty excitement, and I hastily left so I could call one of my friends to tell them of my amazing experience.



2 thoughts on “Cherished Memories – by John Overson

  1. Great story!
    You are correct David Robb, I certainly thought of it and was infatuated with cocks (still am!) but was too scared to try it. Wish I had the confidence I have now when I was young, pre-pubescent and horny!!

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