Chapter Two

Chapter Tw0

Perhaps it was Jason’s learned understanding of the business world getting his Chartered Master Accountant degree that he graduated with flying colours after three years. His only disappointment was having to move back to the hamlet permanently when Abbie flatly refused to move to the city with their two young boys and another child on the way.

In the few years that past, the Jap’s insatiable demand for more semen from the youngest, most potent source brought about the need for home-based, specially designed semen receptacles that flared wide to coddle the head of a penis and released semen into a test tube that had to be immediately sealed with a rubber plug after ejaculation and placed in the family freezer for convenient daily pickup.

The company was well aware that normal boys jerked off twice or more per day and the Jap’s wanted to capitalize on that wasted treasure. So did the fathers who had a vested interest made to realize that money was being left on the table. Then the catch-22 began.

In order to keep the semen at its peak potency required boys to ingest each other’s semen, and at the same time, expected to donate more ejaculate every day. Something had to give. Lesser quantities filled the test-tubes and the Japs were getting anxious and cutting rates paid out. Fathers panicked, their monthly revenues were almost cut in half.

Jason, the educated numbers man, was placed in charge of negotiations on behalf of all the families who all had differing financial arrangements with the Japs. Jason never lost sight of his theory that the Rich Japanese used the semen for medicinal purposes. Cutting them off of their supply would re-open negotiations after they’d sweated for a few weeks. It wasn’t long before the executives appeared from Japan trying to salvage their lucrative business.

They had another trick up their sleeve, -blood! An endless commodity that Jason negotiated a phenomenal price per pint, extracted once per month at the clinic. Jason knew without a doubt that the equally potent blood would be donated into the bodies of the extremely rich. As well, he negotiated a new, higher price for the semen despite the shrinking volume. Money would flow once again and in greater amounts.

Jason was well respected and placed in charge of the communal financial dealings. He turned out to be a financial wizard, even looking ahead into the future as any good bean-counter did. He found that there would be a famine of the most lucrative semen, 11- to 13 year old donors within fifteen years. The hamlet citizens were not producing as many children, namely boys, as they once had. There was a drastic change in gender births, females outnumbered males 4 to 1 if his theory was correct. He summoned the scientist and they came overseas without delay at his beck and call.

Jason showed them his predictions and they were remarkably impressed with his keen business foresight. The scientists deliberated among themselves for a few days, finally approaching Jason with well thought out countermeasures.

-Females must consume the potent boy cum to alter the female oestrogen at conception.

-The company first needed an increase in production of semen to sustain stock for a few months during the transition, which meant that boys would have to concentrate on nothing but filling test tubes even if it meant abstaining from homo sex for a while. Jason had a contingency plan for that event, the boys could still continue to fool around, but their semen be spat into the vials.

Non consumption of the vital foreign semen would eventually reduce the overall potency value, but hopefully, it would be replenished before the Japanese’s rations ran out when it would be business as usual.

The company strongly recommended procreation without delay that could realistically circumvent the very real threat of age disparity in the next 10 or twelve years. They did their own study of population and age factor at the time and agreed with Justin’s wisdom. A financial catastrophe had to be avoided. The plan called for a mass ejaculation to first fill the company’s reservoirs of stock, then commence exposing the semen to the most susceptible hosts, fertile, virgin females aged 10 to 14 years.

Twenty-three year old Jason held a town hall meeting with the scientist present acting as his advisors if needed. He was blunt, if they wanted to reap the financial rewards long term; they had to take immediate desperate measures to secure that. Procreation without delay was the only solution.

Bedlam set in and a three-week long blitz of masturbation ensued. Boys didn’t go to school, nor were they allowed hot baths, (advisement by the company that sperm counts were at risk) they jerked off as many times a day as possible. As an incentive, the company sent brand new Kawasaki mini-bikes for boys that exceeded their quota of four vials per diem, or 28 vials per week. Even younger, dry testicle boys were encouraged to beat off in hopes of reaching sudden paydirt. It was worth a try; although their ejaculates would be small, about the volume of an average man outside the community, and virgin, watery first ejaculates were worth triple that of slightly older donors.

The strategy was successful. The company had their stockpile and every boy had a mini-bike. Phase two was to be implemented, feeding fresh semen to the potential young female breeders. Jason did his homework once again and discovered from the scientists that frozen specimens lost 2 parts per 6 in potency level. Ingestion of fresh cum would intensify quality and effect by 1/3rd in the female subjects.

Little did Jason or the scientists know how utter chaos would set in. It was proof that greed superseded all basic morals. Fathers got together with each other and arranged oral sex between their sons and daughters, regardless of age. If the kid could cum or bleed, they were paired. Mostly it was jerking off with the girl at the ready for the boy’s orgasm. In some families, a total lack of ethics seen brothers and sisters engaging in oral sex.

It would only get worse. When the time came that the scientists felt sure that optimum fertility in the young females had been reached, the men folk wasted no time mating their daughters with dozens of stud boys, first-cousins and brothers alike.

The women folk were mortified at the goings on under their roof. Husbands ruled the home, they always had. It was very unnerving to hear sons and daughters going at it in the room next door. Like homo sex, boys didn’t need much encouragement to get their rocks off.

When asked about the incest and its possible side effects, Jason, the honoured mastermind, claimed that all business had risk, and those that dared to take chances were often very successful enterprises. The scientists claimed that a one time incestuous conception may not have any adverse effects as long as the offspring didn’t mate together. Uncles partook, rumours of fathers as well. According to the wise scientists, male babies and toddlers sub-nursed on the end of a young potent cock would have the same basic result as a overly virile boy siring the child.

A baby boom evolved, births of males completely reversed the previous phase, now 4- boys to one girl. Jason had pulled it off. He had even fucked his pretty 12 year old niece on many occasions. Either her 13 year old brother or Jason had impregnated her, it really didn’t matter who the father was, the end result is all that mattered, a fat girl represented dollars!

Abbie was none too pleased sharing Jason with Kelsie. She had almost got used to Jason bringing home young boys to teach them gay-sex in the adjacent bedroom, but another woman, if only 12, was heartbreaking nonetheless. Like more than a few of the young girls, they grew to love cock once they got fucked, they were expected to service boys regularly, and did, but they craved man cock and were not too shy about flirting their desires. Fathers were no exceptions to older brothers taking advantage. The acute libido in young girls soon equalled that of boys, promiscuity was rampant before long, and men being men, weak to their own desires, were taking advantage of the opportunity and fucked girls whenever the opportunity arose. Their whole social system and morality changed almost overnight. To the men folk, what could be better; money galore and all the tight little girls or boys they could want!

At Jason’s badgering, the company set up a prenatal clinic; after all, it was in their best interest to ensure a healthy pregnancy and ensure a healthy male offspring to replenish resources for the not too distant future. The townsmen strongly suggested aborting female embryos, but Jason stood his ground. Judging by the expected birth rate of numerous males, Jason had to be persistent.

Logically, females would be needed as breeders; an all male society would cause another crisis down the road. The men folk couldn’t argue, Jason made sense again.

There would be more than enough males to fill the predicted future void, and Jason knew that the supply and demand for semen was limitless. The more boys the better. As a matter of fact, he approached the men again in a town hall meeting and suggested that they keep the population on the increase, the procreation blitz was a success, but why stop there? Jason calculated that every male child was worth a potential $350,000 between the ages of 11 and thirteen, much less was the compensation at 14 and fifteen, but still lucrative depending on regular testing as no two boys were alike. However, their roles he convinced to be changed to become breeders, leaving the youngster lads to get back to basics; sex with each other. He never told the men the true purpose of the Japanese insatiable appetite for semen that never took the shape of a pill or a facial cream nor was it broken down and inseminated to make thousands of women happy.

Jason cautioned them of the dangers of further incest. The results of that were yet to be seen, however boys and girls were permitted to have sex at their leisure without birth control methods. Enough was enough, who fathered whose child became an issue before long when the first deformed baby was born to Mary-Lou Ramsey. The fuck-fest ceased immediately, the scientists were wrong.

Those fathers that didn’t whore their daughters out to family members sat back and breathed a sigh of relief, meanwhile others sweated it out, especially during the hours after the company’s midwives arrived. Jason was one of those worriers when his niece Jessica went into labour. His nephew Peter was out playing ‘kick-the-can,’ oblivious to it all, while Jason and his brother. Stan, sat with a bottle of whisky half consumed. It was only then when Stan shocked Jason and admitted that he had also fucked his daughter on several occasions, never wanting to toss her into the horny wolf-pack of boys. As morally corrupt as it was, Jason couldn’t blame his brother for keeping it in the family. He felt that he was protecting his daughter the only way he knew how.

The sound of a screaming baby erupted in the silence. A good sign? When his wife handed over the bundle of joy to Stan, another secret came to light. Both Jason and Stan laughed in great relief when they set eyes on the cute cinnamon skinned newborn boy. Jessica had been having intercourse with Toby Washington, a local 11 year-old black boy. Jason had had the boy once, no wonder Jessica had a shine for the very well endowed kid. Even Jason couldn’t resist that fuck-pole being shoved up his ass. He and Stan giggled, both unable to resist a peek at the infant’s genitals. Toby Junior was sure to grow into a virile young producer of very marketable white-gold.

The hamlet got off very lucky. Out of all the simultaneous births, only two babies were stillborn, three had disfigurements, all expendable females, but nonetheless, Jason was furious at the company and its misleading scientists. He, himself had weighed the risks solely on erroneous advice. He felt used and ultimately ashamed for condoning the incest.

Over a hundred babies had been born in a three week span, fathers unknown or at least unsure of identities. Jason cut off the semen and blood trade when the company refused to accept some of the responsibility and pay compensation to the families. He was not surprised when the next day when he heard the very loud roar of a helicopter overhead. A tired gaggle of lawyers and executives couldn’t waste a minute and chartered the transportation after disembarking their private jet.

The executives were jovial, the lawyers pit bulls. Jason refused to meet the conglomerate. He would only talk to the company’s president. The aircraft staff had an unexpected quick turnaround. Time was money; the supply chain had been disrupted. The president abruptly chartered a small jet rather than wait the 17 hours for his own corporate aircraft.

Jason had been wise. He knew the greedy company would be over-selling their limited supply. Like a farmer selling milk from a cow, there was only so much that Bessie could produce in a day. The pressure was always on Jason to increase production, easier said than done, and he took it with a grain of salt.

The company had seen what the boys could produce when the blitz was on, but Jason refused to keep them like chickens laying eggs in a coop. One vial a day was the minimum requirement. The boys had a life to live and even a few greedy fathers had to be shot down and brought back to reality when he refused to accept any more than two vials per boy in the semen bank. He had no control over the blood, that had to be clinically administered. However, lethargic, non-producing or substandard semen of B12 deficient anaemic boys soon taught a valuable lesson that blood was not an expendable commodity above a pint a week.

Jason liked Mr. Suzuki, the president. He was the type of man, whose handshake sealed deals, dismissing his lawyers back home as well as the executives. The man had his meals with Jason’s family and was convinced by Abbie to take the spare bedroom once the proud man caved in. Jason and Abbie both sensed the man’s loneliness. He was married to the corporation, no wife or children and relished playing on the floor with Jason’s children, even gathering them on his lap to tell stories of his own childhood and culture.

The man was 72 years-old. He looked fifty. No doubt the man was dipping into the company’s assets. When Jason chanced offering the man fresh semen from the source, he then knew for sure what the company was doing with the product. Jason solicited the men folk until he learned of the latest early bloomer, Mikey Cooper, 10 years old, and had just started with wet orgasms.

Mr. Suzuki was more than appreciative of the super potent clear fluid, he offered the boy’s father an exclusive offer brokered through Jason. The boy’s cum was to be for his own private use, labelled and shipped separately unfrozen once a week in the regular shipment. Also, the boy be allowed to travel to Japan once every three months on the private jet, accompanied by dad if necessary for reasons Jason could only guesstimate with a chuckle, 100% freshness, a privileged booster shot of the ‘Fountain of Youth.’

The man’s visit instilled a renewed sense of trust in Jason. Not only negotiating a higher price by age, even a lower fee for untapped, lesser grade older teen semen that the man agreed was still marketable to the middle class. That was his ace in the whole deal in swaying opinions. As well, Jason insisted that the company’s clinic do DNA tests to determine fatherhood. He dreaded the future potential horrors of offspring mating again with relatives unaware of their lineage

Jason overstepped his boundaries of responsibility after parenthood was established. He proposed early marriage in order to stop the promiscuity that would surely evolve. Let the procreation continue, but under a controlled environment of only one partner.

Jason had two major hurdles to face. One was fathers refusing to give a DNA sample for fear of the worst when daughters were not matched to young boys or brothers. The truth was in the pudding.

Secondly, Jason had major difficulty selling the early marriage deal. He knew it was asking a lot of morals. Yet, a lapse in judgement created the conundrum. In the very least, they would know who was fucking who. Jason persuaded Mr. Suzuki to offer a $50,000 financial dowry to each family to wedlock the children as long as the kids lived as husband and wife under the same roof at either parents home.

Jason’s 12 year old niece married 11 year old Toby and lived at his brother Stan’s place. One of the first newlyweds to set an example. Other fathers couldn’t refuse the offer and married off their children who mostly lived in the brides home if private accommodation permitted.

Imagine married 11 to sixteen year old kids holding hands walking to school together. Before long, many of the girls were showing again. Jason asked Mr. Suzuki to set up a daycare program next to the school. He had the company president’s ear and private phone number, circumventing the chain of command. It certainly went a long way when Jason offered the man exclusive use of his eldest son, Davey, when the boy was ready to become a donor.

Jason was getting his own doses from early pubescent boys, the crème de la crème. He kept the ‘Fountain of Youth’ secret to himself. He had made every village man very rich, they never questioned his method of quality control as long as the huge monthly dividends were coming in.

As anticipated, the IRS were soon poking their noses into the sudden wealth of individuals. The DEA had already completed a thorough investigation of possible illicit drug involvement and found nothing but a few kids and adults with marijuana, hardly criminal activity. Jason was on top of that inevitability from the beginning. He set a front company. The farming that had been the subsistence of the community for generations became a sudden multi-million dollar enterprise with every man, woman and child named as shareholders. He hired farm hands to work the super fertile land and sold the produce to brokers. It hardly generated $10,000 on the open market during the short growing season.

Baseball size tomatoes, to name one commodity, the result of the secret fertilization, sufficed the IRS. What appeared to them was an insatiable Asian appetite. All shipments of semen were listed as a variety of produce encoded to represent the donor’s age potency level. Juicy tomatoes were prime watery ejaculates, 10- or eleven year olds; sweet peas were 11- twelve; cucumber, 12 -thirteen; zucchini, 13 – fourteen, and hot peppers signified older boys that Jason sold Suzuki on accepting the lesser quality, poor-man semen, yet still marketable as the company discovered through the trial process.

The company knew it had something to do with diet, but were never made privy of the fertilizer compounds, nor did Jason know. As powerful as he became in the community, he was never aware other than animal semen as one of the ingredients. The animal semen was an overly potent substance due to the feed and water, which the company wasn’t interested in tapping the resource to make athletic steroids.

Jason never pushed that, if his elders relied on the potent animal semen, then so be it. When the subject of aging bulls and horses came up in a townhall meeting, Jason asked how many more animals were needed to maintain continuity of the precious semen supply due to the aging animals, and growing demand to fertilize the fraudulent farming expansion.

He dispatched a small conglomerate of animal experts to purchase young livestock. The animals would need plenty of time to graze on the luscious, high potency grass and hay and special mulch blend. By the time the older animals had to be put out to pasture, the young ones would be ready for artificial insemination, but more importantly, fertilizer additive, the precious commodity cycle maintained between beast and man alike.

You are what you eat. The debate goes on whether hormone induced animals are causing early puberty in boys and girls. The experts need not look any further for proof of that than in the small hamlet in Middle America where semen has more than one use. No chemical additives, only pure. super enhanced hormonal enrichment of animal meat and vegetables, along with oral ingestion of the magical substance so readily available that layman generations before had figured out and exploited for its god given qualit

The End

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