Great Cover up


Devils Den- The Woods Home Scandal


By Rob Loveboy

Edited by James FitzHugh

(all copyrights reserved)

Chapter Five

The Great Legal Cover Up: The Laymen vs. the Elitists!

Detective O’Leary was a huge man in his forties, with flaming red hair and just a hint of an Irish accent. His partner was a mousy man in his thirties with thick lenses held by wire rims. Conrad described the basement room with the old mats and named a few of the other men he saw with boys each of the dozen times he was taken down there. Later, during their forensic search, the police would find new condoms, used condoms in a bin,  bottles of lubricant, handcuffs, ropes, and a sling bolted from the ceiling with a small whip laying in the seat. “No”, Conrad had replied when the detective asked him if he had never been subjected to it nor had he seen other boys. In fact, he never knew what it was until the cop told him.

Conrad also told them of two teachers he was having regular sex with. Mr. Williams, a math teacher and Mr. Carlson, his phys-ed teacher. Conrad had always been poor with math and the man offered to give him private lessons in his room at the staff dorms.

“I knew right off that he had other plans besides tutoring me, but he promised passing grades if I gave him blowjobs and he would give me them, too. He never wanted to fuck me. It was strictly BJs. Sometimes another boy would be there, Jimmy Symons, who’s 15, and Williams watched as we had sex, sometimes Jimmy would fuck me while I sucked off Williams.”

The cop asked a few more questions for clarification and then asked about Mr. Carlson.

“He would divide us into several teams to play basketball or volleyball. The losing team would have to blow the winners in the shower. He claimed it gave teams inspiration to play their best. He showered naked with us and then he would take his choice of a couple of losers to his office and have sex with them there.”

The detective asked, “Were you ever taken to Carlson’s office?”

“He seemed to like me more than the other boys for some reason. Sometimes he took me to his office during class and would bend me over his desk to fuck me. The man never used lube, just spit and he had a big cock that hurt every time he hammered my ass. Sometimes instead of playing team sports we’d wrestle in the nude and jerk each other off after. We never ratted on each other if one didn’t get a boner, which didn’t happen too often, because most  times we got to choose who we wrestled with and liked him anyway.”

“And what did Mr. Carlson do in the meantime?”

“We seldom had an even number of boys, Carlson would make up for it sometimes, otherwise the odd boy out was assigned to put away the gym stuff we used.”

“Did you notice anything identifiable like birthmarks or moles on either man’s body?”

“Williams was uncut and he had a small mole on the underside base of his cock. Nothing really stood out on Mr. Carson other than his large cock head curved downwards in an odd way.”

The detective was happy about the mole on Williams. How would the boy know of it unless he saw it. As for Carlson’s bent cock, he could use the excuse that he often showered with the boys. Even as odd as that deformity might be, it wasn’t incriminating evidence. All in all, detective O’Leary needed more boys to come forward and spill the beans. As more and more of the older victims came forward with their stories of abuse, they were already being accused of a conspiracy to sue and collect pain and suffering damages from the Correctional Bureau. Nonetheless, their stories were very similar to Conrad’s with even some of the same players being named as abusers.

Unfortunately, Conrad was still the declared public enemy number one among the inmates. For his safety, it was decided that he was to be transported to a hotel under protective custody but, before that happened, Brett convinced O’Leary to let Conrad stay with him at his parents home. Mom and dad welcomed him back with open arms with mom baking up a storm of goodies all day after she learned she would be having a young guest in the house for an undetermined time.

As the State Police and the State Prosecutors office carried out their investigation, it was decided that the entire staff of Wood’s home was to be suspended with pay, including Brett. The institute was then staffed temporarily by guards and management drawn from of other adult facilities throughout the State, as well as, recent retirees brought back under contract. Soon, it was business as usual at Wood’s Home for Boys. Some of the older boys were finally released while younger ones were processed and integrated into the system.

*  *  *

Brett saw the disapproving look he got from his father when he was taking Conrad to his bed for the night. He wondered if the man knew or suspected that he was planning to take a bubble bath with the boy in the en suite bathroom. Conrad laid between Brett’s legs in the hot water; the man kissing his head resting on his chest. It had been a long day for Conrad.

“I am so proud of you,” said Brett bending down to give Conrad another kiss on the head. “Do you realize that, thanks to you, boys won’t have to walk around in fear of being gang raped in a washroom or dark stairwell any longer?”

“Maybe, but I hated ratting out those men … I liked it, ya know?”

“But remember, they were the same men who covered up the rapes by not reporting them. They had boys raped that they didn’t like … you were on the list this morning under the orders of the warden as it turned out. They molested boys and used rape as a threat to keep them quiet. Sex among roommates and other boys became the norm, new boys were introduced to it from the first day. If they didn’t comply, they were raped, and what the hell, if everyone else was doing it, it couldn’t be wrong.

“Why would the warden allow all that. It doesn’t seem he was personally involved.” Conrad asked. It was an excellent question that many were asking, however, it was the older boys that came forward offered the explanation.

“It would appear,” said Brett still cuddling Conrad, “that the Warden had a paedophile prostitution operation going on. He had a  handful of boys of all ages that he rented out to rich and powerful men for private weekend sex parties. No one else has the authority to release a half-dozen or more prisoners on a weekend pass to a chauffeur driving a fancy limousine. The boys were paid well in some cash, drugs and booze with the warden also being paid well in cash. The old coot was subsidizing his income for the day when he would retire. The cops will eventually find where he stashed the money. He probably has some separate bank account, or maybe even a few of them, to hide large deposits from curious revenue agency eyes.”

“What if they can’t get boys to tell they went with rich men?”

“They will be offered early release for their testimony, just like you. That’s my dad’s strategy in getting you out of there besides the chicken shit charges that got you in there in the first place.”

“Do ya really think they will let me out, Brett?” asked Conrad looking up into his lover’s eyes.

“Listen, bud! Ya got the best lawyer in town coming out of retirement to help you. He wasn’t nicknamed “Pitbull Peters” for nothing you know. He was powerful enough to make the shit hit the fan at Wood’s Home, prompting authorities to push their investigation of the place to front and center … and he didn’t even know about that until this morning.

Brett was hard, his cock between the boy’s meaty cheeks laying in him in just the right way. He had never fucked anyone in a bathtub before but when they were finished their little romp, the floor was a sloping, bubbly wet mess. When they got out of the bath, Brett spread numerous towels over the floor that he would gather up in the morning. Meanwhile, a thirteen year old cock was begging for his immediate and undivided  attention and the need was satisfied in the comfort of the bed and swallowed the sweet savory cream to the last drop. Conrad was fast asleep less than two minutes later.

*  *  *

Conrad needed his sleep. The next morning, after he got up and Brett’s mother coerced him into having a nice, belly filling breakfast, his day consisted of more interrogations by police on what he might have seen and didn’t realize at the time. Or, they also wanted to know if he was silently protecting anyone out of fear … or like.  After lunch, it was Brett’s dad who grilled him on his past crimes and motivations leaving the man in no doubt that the kid was only trying to survive and feed his little brother and sister. Yes, he indulged himself with treats from time to time, but not excessively. Mostly he stole canned goods and meat from grocery stores. Conrad told him of how he devised a pair of old baggy jeans with a nylon bag sewn into the crotch that all he had to do was drop the merchandize down his loose-fitting pants. He also told him how he used the deep pockets of his grey kangaroo hoodie to hold the  less heavier cans of tuna and salmon and load up on condiments from the buffet restaurant.

He had been very observant and learned that fast food delivery vehicles often contained other yet to be delivered meals and stole those while the driver was preoccupied at a house collecting money. Pizza, chicken or chinese dinners were all at his disposal if he was silent and quick about it. He would sometimes even score roast beefs from a fine dining restaurant’s dumpster. With his mother suffering from her addition and no time to properly look after her kids, feeding his family was a full-time job.  Okay! Maybe it was a stretch of the truth but, if that’s the approach his attorney wanted to believe and proceed with, then Conrad was willing to play it to the hilt and told the man exactly what he wanted to hear.

Conrad made sure Brett’s father understood that when one is stealing everyday, he tends to get careless because he has gotten away with it so many times before. In two years, he told the lawyer, he was caught five times. Twice he was  caught by a delivery driver, the other times he was caught stealing chocolate bars and chips from small mom & pop stores when he couldn’t outrun the lanky chinese proprietors. He spent many nights in jail with an assortment of law-breakers, all adults, as the police attempted to contact his mother. She was rarely, if ever, home. They usually caught up with her the next day when they knocked on the door and caught her at her best, hung over, but just coherent enough to go to the station and sign him out once again. He would give an undertaking to appear before a judge at some other date and time but never did. A bench warrant would be issued and he was caught,  rearrested for failure to appear along with another shoplifting charge.

By then, social services had became involved. The family worker was Ken Harding, 35 years old,  who was far more interested in fucking Conrad’s mom than the plight of the family. She, of course, obliged him. Ken was probably the first naked adult man Conrad had ever seen. The man often walked around the apartment naked in front of him and his younger siblings. One time he had the mother blow him as the family watched TV in the living room. He even suggested little Marie, 7 years old,  come over and learn how to please a man. Conrad, never a violent lad, lost it and beat the naked man with a baseball bat. That was the last the family saw of good ol’ Kenny and his little dick.

The next social worker was Agnes Duprees. She was a no-nonsense woman who laid it on the line with the mother. In no uncertain terms Agnes delivered the message that she had better straighten up or the kids would be history. Janet did … for a little while anyway. Not that she became a super mom or anything of the kind because mostly she slept day and night. That’s when Conrad was arrested for the final time and not allowed out of custody until he appeared before the judge. The rest was history. Conrad had turned thirteen the week before. He was doomed by a whole new set of rules that applied to teenaged offenders. His crime was that he had stolen a cake right off the counter of a bakery for his brother’s birthday.

*  *  *

Brett had never seen his father so emotional. The tough attorney was wiping his eyes. Brett was sure that the man had seen and heard almost everything in his long career. However, most, if not all, of his clients were adults. The man was professional. He never spoke out to condemn the legal system that allowed one of his peers, a juvenile court judge, to incarcerate a young boy; a boy that was so driven by sheer desperation to try and provide for his family the only way he knew how after social services had let the family down by not providing the help they needed. He swore he would search out a certain Ken Harding and have him investigated based on the statement he would get from Conrad. Peters was on a witch hunt for pedophiles along with his ally, Detective O’Malley.

*  *  *

Conrad had fallen asleep on the sofa, Brett picked him up gently to take him to bed. His father stopped him and said, “I can only hope that you aren’t abusing that poor boy as well.”

Brett thought about the question for a few moments, and replied, “I love this poor boy, dad, and he loves me. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.” He walked off with Conrad wondering if he hadn’t made a grave mistake not denying the accusation but, then again, he hadn’t confirmed it either.

He did love Conrad like he’d never loved anyone or anything before. Learning the boy’s history only rooted that love deeper and he swore to never let another evil thing happen to him ever again.

*  *  *

Three months had passed, Brett was back at work at Wood’s Home as was half the staff who may or may not have known what was going on. Twenty-two men were charged with sexual abuse after boys came forward and told their stories. Another twenty-six boys admitted to being taken to mansions and hotels or motels for sex parties. Some were even able to name the clientele that included three movie stars, several prominent businessmen, six state senators, a governor and a host of other movers and shakers in the corporate world. Those men who were identified were under investigation for a short while. It was the greatest cover up since the Boy’s Town scandal of the 70s’ and it just seemed to replay itself all over again. But, just as suddenly as the investigation began, the inquiries were abruptly dropped. The boys in question were soon transferred to other facilities or even granted early parole.

Retired prosecuting attorney Peters was furious when he was told  in no uncertain terms to drop the matter by a respected supreme court judge. It would appear and was made abundantly clear that the members of the paedophile ring were above the law. They would not be prosecuted. Yet the twenty-two employees of Wood’s Home were to be the scapegoats. Even the warden, referred to as the madame, escaped with lesser charges. In the end, he was terminated for dereliction of duty for not following up on the rapes of his charges. He was punished with full retirement benefits nonetheless.

*  *  *


It was heartbreaking for Brett to put Conrad on the plane for Toronto to reunite with his family. His little brother and sister needed him more than ever by then. Ironically, his newest sentence was an early parenting responsibility in aiding his elderly grandparents by relieving them of much of the burden they were experiencing. It was a responsibility Conrad was only too willing to accept.

Mr. Peters never said it, but Brett highly suspected that a face-saving deal was struck with the powers in charge that hastily pardoned Conrad of his crimes and wished him ‘Godspeed’ as he began his new life.

Little did anyone know that Brett was planning on relocating to Toronto as well. He intended to assume guardianship of Conrad’s two younger siblings and reclaiming his young lover again. His nursing credentials were exemplary so that landing a good job would not be a problem. He was already talking to the grandparents about signing over custody and control to him, a power they would eventually have honored by the courts.



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4 thoughts on “Great Cover up

  1. Yeah, I was living and working around Omaha, I’m from Bellevue, when that covered-up/white-washed scandle broke in the late eighties. Father Flanagan’s Boys Town along with Franklin Credit Union reported to be involved in juvenile sexual acts with the wealthy and influential. Drugs, blackmail, murder, wittiness intimidation, with shady loans(?), fraud, theft, etc., the whole package. Hasn’t every state and large city in the world had such acts and exclusive treatment of the rich and famous? Don’t think to much came of it.
    Liked your story. Please submit more.

  2. Good story and probably more true than not in the juvenile injustice system. Thanks for writing it.

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