2-Survivors Guide


Devils Den- The Woods Home Scandal


By Rob Loveboy

Edited by James FitzHugh

(all copyrights reserved)

Chapter Two

A survivors guide to life at Wood’s Home!

Peer pressure


The cafeteria was abuzz with noise as 300 boys chatted, the clanging of utensils on plates only a background to the din. Damion sat with his cell-mates and four other boys from their unit. David, 16; Paul, 14; Chris and Wally, 13. Paul was new to Wood’s Homes as well, Conrad remembered seeing the teen enduring a lye soap scrub-down in the dimly lit tiled room.

Conrad hated wearing the prison garb and standing out in the crowd. He was pantsed twice in the buffet lineup, he had his ass groped several times, and once, his genitals right under his waistband. Lewd comments were made in his ear with offers of meeting in the bathroom for some fun, one even offered to meet in the north fire exit stairwell that Conrad would later learn was a meeting place for anyone who wanted a little anonymous action with boys from other units.

The meatloaf was acceptable, but nowhere near his grandmother’s recipe. He noticed the empty chair where Paul had been seated, his plate of food untouched. Not long after, he felt the hands opening the drawstring, stretch the fabric and a warm hand and breath on his cock. Shocked, he sat there frozen knowing where Paul was and what he was doing for the guys seated at the table. Adrian winked at him with a sly grin as Conrad experienced his first blowjob. He looked around the room and saw an empty chair at many of the round tables seating eight boys. Ten minutes later he succumbed to the hand and mouth stimulation by blowing a healthy load down Paul’s willing throat.

If he learned one thing, it was no wonder the guys wanted BJs. He’d never felt anything so stimulating other than his own hand. When Paul climbed back into his chair his mouth area was covered in slimy cum so he reached out, picked up his napkin and wiped it away. Nobody said a word, everyone was engaged in conversation about sports, girls, marijuana and ecstasy, what he learned was the drug of choice amongst the boys of Wood’s Homes.

Conrad would sample the feel-good designer drug later that night. Justin gave him a pill in the games room while they were playing billiards. Conrad was still shunning away guys asking him to join them in the stairwell. He dared to ask Adrian about what seemed to be a popular gathering place.

Adrian smiled and motioned Conrad to follow. Opening the heavy metal door, it was obvious that the light had been tampered with and darkness immediately overcame him when the door slammed shut but not before he saw boys on the stairs engaged in oral and anal sex. The space smelled like shit and cum and body odor. His eyes adjusted only to confirm what he saw upon entry. There had to be twenty guys, probably more around the corner of the landing leading down. He felt hands on his groin, not one pair, but many. Then his bottoms were taken down and a mouth, no, several mouths on his cock, balls and ass.

Conrad didn’t have time to decide if he like the attention or not, Adrian hauled him out after only a few minutes, Conrad hadn’t even pulled up his bottoms that had gathered at his feet.. “There, you wanted to know” said Adrian, “now you know.”

They made one more stop at the washroom serving their unit. Conrad heard the showers running. He couldn’t help but notice the double occupancy of toilet stalls and boys standing around waiting to use a shitter, even though there were a few unoccupied ones. A peek into the dim, red-lit shower area revealed a dozen boys on their knees sucking, some willingly and some not so willing, the cocks being thrust into their mouths or groups of two and three standing up against the wall jerking each other off.

Once again. Adrian took his arm and guided him out, stopping in his tracks and said, “See? there’s no reason for a guy to be horny and not be able to take care of the problem through the buddy system. We don’t have a choice around here and it doesn’t mean you’re queer.”

Conrad was high on the ecstasy. The sight of guys getting it on in the stairwell and in the shower had a weird effect on him. His cock was hard as a steel pipe  and tenting his pajama bottoms, so much so, that Adrian couldn’t help but notice. He giggled, reached out and squeezed Conrad’s the erection  and said, “Let’s go back to our room … there’s two guys waiting for you there.”

Just then, a bell rang three times signalling that the 9pm curfew was now  in effect. The boys could read or play card and games until 11pm when the timer would shut off the room lights and the maglocks kicked in locking down the boys in their rooms.

*  *  *

Justin and Adam were sitting in Justin’s bed playing cards when he and Adrian got back to the room. Both had changed into grey sweat-shorts. Going commando was the norm since underwear was not standard issue. Conrad had slept nude as far back as he could remember. His mother, when she was being a mother, couldn’t get him to keep his PJs on and, finally, gave up trying. He would learn later that most boys slept in the nude while  some wore the prison issued baggy grey shorts that a guys genitals easily escaped just as Justin and Adam’s had. Both boys were oblivious or uncaring of it. He’d rather walk around naked than wear the prison garb during the day.

Conrad stripped and crawled into his lower bunk bed. Thanks to Adrian, he knew he wouldn’t be left alone for too long because Justin was going to fuck him up the bum at some point only to be followed by Adam and Adrian. Justin hadn’t given him another ecstasy pill for nothing. He was determined to be brave, laid on his tummy and awaited the lights out.

Sure enough, once the maglock clicked into place and the lights went out, the three roomies dragged and positioned him on his knees with his torso over the bed. Without even looking over his shoulder, he knew that it was Justin on his knees behind him. He didn’t expect the teen’s hands to be feeling his junk, but it was a welcome side-track that even got him erect. He actually wished he could suck Justin’s beautiful cock. He knew he could do a much better job of it than earlier. But that wasn’t in the cards because Adrian filled the void by crawling on the narrow bed naked, his uncut cock hard and glistening from the hallway lights. He squatted at Conrad’s head.

Conrad needed no encouragement, he held the cock in his hand and fed it to himself just as a sharp burning pain assaulted his ass. Justin used both his hands to hold his hips so tight they hurt and then he began his force entry. If there was anything Justin could say he loved, it was taking cherry and turning young studs into babbling pussy boys. He didn’t care what pain he caused during his conquest because all he wanted to feel was the tightness of his victims ass as he slowly eased his way to the bottom where he would dump his load of babymakers.

Conrad hadn’t felt such excruciating pain since the time when he was ten and showing off to Kimberly Allen just how high he could swing. He went so high that he almost going over the bar when he suddenly slipped from the seat and broke his collarbone. If that wasn’t bad enough, the loose swing had struck the back of his head literally knocking him out cold.

Conrad wasn’t sucking Adrian’s cock for the time being. He had pulled off the cock and instead he was biting the mattress between Adrian’s legs and clawing the bed sheets. He wanted to scream out that what Justin was doing was impossible. He wanted to believe that the teen’s cock was much too large to enter him. But, he was wrong. Once Justin had got the head of his dick wedged into Conrad’s ass and slipped in an inch or two, Justin would pull back an inch and drive himself deeper. Justin was a cherry taking pro and had developed and used this little routine every time. Finally, Conrad felt Justin’s wiry pubes on his skin and knew that he’d bottomed out, Conrad’s ass was definitely full of Justin’s cock but the feeling was more like a fence post had been shoved up his ass.

“Fuck, yer tight!” Justin said now laying along Conrad’s back.

“Fuck yer huge!” exclaimed Conrad, causing everyone a laugh. That gave Conrad fanfare and much-needed bravado. “So! Are ya going to fuck me or not?” he asked. “Cause it your not, get the fuck off and let one of the other guys have a go at it.” Again, a round of laughter erupted. Conrad had scored brownie points with his roommates by using his dry humor; something he was noted for in his other life.

Whether Justin took it as slant or a dare, Conrad took the pounding like a man, actually getting used to it, if not liking it in some kind of perverse way. He also liked sucking Adrian’s cock again which added to the overall erotic excitement that Conrad had never felt before. The day before he would have fought off the abuse with fist and nail because he was no fag. That being said, something told him that his very survival in this place over the next five-years would depend on his being temporarily bisexual. He reasoned that there wasn’t a boy in the institution who hadn’t been subjected to rape by his peers or, worse, one of the guards.

Once Justin had dumped his cream inside his new but not so tight pussy, Adrian was next inside him. Adam, waiting for his turn, was just as quick to assume the position for a blowjob.

Meanwhile, Justin laid in his bed and watched the action. He impressed with the newbie cutie. He knew he was gay years before  after an uncle had seduced him at the  age of twelve while on a camping trip … and he enjoyed it. He desperately wanted to suck Connie’s cock, and would do so somewhere in private. Perhaps, he thought as he watched Adam pounding his throat and Adrian going to town on his ass,  he’d take him in one of the washroom cubicles that he often frequented with the like-minded guys sucking their cocks or taking it up his ass in his secret existence. In the mean time, he deliberately and with a sense of self-preservation maintained the facade of a bully having any boy he desired.

*  *  *

Justin actually missed the days of being the one under the table, seven boys, seven cocks to suck providing they signalled the desire by opening their pants. He missed the many nights when his roommates used and abused  him. Hierarchy soon took over his position as butt-boy. Most guys looked forward to the occasion of a newbie assigned to the room so they could reverse the pecking order of abuse.

Justin also had a unit guard he serviced two or three times a week until he got too old for the man’s taste. The guards kept a room in the basement outfitted with wall to wall gym-mats where fifteen to twenty boys and men had sex, even sharing their boy-toys. Justin was never without pot or ecstasy once several guards began taking him from his room for a few hours of carnal pleasure..

*  *  *

Conrad would find out for himself later that night. He needed to pee, putting on his grey shorts he rang the buzzer to alert the guard for an escort to the bathroom. Chuck was a handsome man, mid to late thirties, who opened the door and led him to relieve himself.

Chuck didn’t bother to wait outside. He followed Conrad into the washroom and stood next to him at the urinals undoing his belt and trousers and freeing his impressive 7+ inch erection. The man began stroking it. He never took his eyes off Conrad’s genitals fully displayed over the waistband of his shorts.

“I’ll give you twenty bucks if you blow me.” he stated blatantly.

Conrad remembered Adrian telling him that he might want to find a guard to have sex with and reap the rewards from then on. The man had a nice cut cock, seven inches and fairly thick and Conrad knew he  could use some pocket-money to spend at the prison commissary.

“Make it thirty.” he replied cockidly, “Cash up front.”

The guard did up his pants and at first Conrad thought he’d lost interest or was playing with him. But, instead of turning left to go back to the room, he turned right. Conrad followed closely behind. They walked down four flights of stairs to the basement and walked quite a distance along a dimly lit corridor until they arrived at a door. The man used a key and opened it ushering him inside.

The room was dark, only a red bulb on the ceiling cast enough light to see other men and boys,  all of whom were naked, doing everything imaginable in groups or pairs. Perhaps eight men and twelve boys shared the room.  The smell of body odor and stinky feet assaulted Connie’s nostrils. The room was a steady din of slurps, skin on skin slaps, and moans and groans What appeared to be old torn gym mats took up most of the floor. It was all rather intimidating, Conrad was having second thoughts and was scared. He should have insisted on blowing the man in the bathroom because it was safer there.  It wasn’t as if anyone could or would walk in on them because everyone was safely locked away. The only way out was via the man he was with.

The man quickly took off his uniform and then shoved Conrad’s shorts down to his ankles. That was all the introduction Conrad got before he was then forced to his knees. Conrad went down on the man remembering that he hadn’t collected his agreed fee of $30 yet and somehow doubting he would ever see the cash. All he could think about was getting it over with and being taken back to his room.

Conrad was, however, impressed with the cock in his mouth. Meaty, knowing there had to be a bone center in all that beef which he couldn’t even feel with his hand. It tasted salty, somewhat metallic and the musty smell was not all that unpleasant … rather manly, he thought.

Conrad froze when he felt the hand on his bum as another person began feeling him up. It was then four hands started touching him all over. He wished the man who was slowly fucking his face would hurry up and cum and then they could get the fuck out og there. He looked down to see the heard of a boy, around fifteen or so,  positioning himself on all fours between the man’s legs and taking Conrad’s flaccid cock in his mouth. He didn’t have to question what was behind him rubbing something hard but also spongy and leaky up and down the crack between his cheeks. He definitely knew that he was going to get fucked!

Whoever it was behind him suddenly held a little bottle with a strong chemical smell up to his left nostril while, at the same time,, pressing the right one shut. He had heard about poppers but had never tried the powerful aphrodisiac. He was still feeling the effects of the ecstasy he’d taken earlier. The poppers took very little time to relieve all his inhibitions. He found himself sucking harder while he  boned up in the mouth of the teen underneath him and desperately wanted to get fucked by the unknown source behind him.

As is always the case, The rush of the poppers was short-lived.  Thankfully, the boy between his legs handed up the small bottle. He quickly took another, longer sniff from from the bottle up both nostrils had him delirious with sexual want. The cock knocking at his back door made its way inside him. It was not overly large, the entry was not forceful and it was well lubed.  Given the fact that he’d been fucked by Justin and his other roommates earlier, it slid up him with relative ease and was  hardly painful. Conrad now set his attention on the man’s large, plump nuts by sucking and tongue basting them while he caught his breath before going back down on the cock.

Conrad looked down to watch the older teen sucking his cock with gusto. He was a nice looking young man from what he could tell from his vantage point with straight auburn hair down to his shoulders and parted in the middle. He also saw the hands holding his hips for leverage. The gold wedding band told him that it was a grown man behind him giving him the bone ever so gently with the length of his dick slowly gliding out to the point of almost falling out but then a thrust forward would see the cock retaking his rightful territory. By far, it was the best fuck of his limited experience.

Conrad had a desire to touch the man giving him so much enjoyment. He stretched an arm under his crotch and found the low hanging, hairy sack. He wasn’t sure how he felt about men’s hairy balls because, up until now, every time he licked the ones dangling under his chin he ended up picking hair from his tongue and upper palate. He was also able to feel the cock and balls of the teen blowing him. They were small, but smooth. The boy’s cock was no bigger than the width of Conrad’s palm,  slender, obviously cut and easily established by the fat knob.

If Conrad thought Justin was a gusher, he was nothing compared to the copious amount of cum now spraying over his tongue and into throat. He gagged and sputtered but regained enough of his composure to finish off the guard until the man pulled away due to a sensitive cock.

Somehow Conrad moved onto all fours enabling the teen tucked under him to still suck his cock while the man behind began taking a more aggressive approach in fucking him. There was something very different about the man’s technique. He had a way of using his cock to give ultimate pleasure somewhere lower in his rectum where the head of his cock concentrated on for a few moments before he rammed it deep. The man repeated the process over and over  again until Conrad felt his balls churn and he came in a powerful orgasm as did the man who collapsed atop Conrad’s back causing him to collapse on the teen under him driving his spewing cock deep into the poor kid’s throat.

Once the three bodies became disentangled, Conrad finally got to see the man with the magical cock. He recognized him as the afternoon security guard on his unit. Burt was a man in his sixties with a modest beer belly, balding and hardly attractive. He could have been anybody’s grandfather and probably was with a fetish and appetite for boys that he probably couldn’t quench at home.

It was only during the silent trip back to his room that Conrad was able to read the ID credentials pinned to the shirt of the guard he’d blown. The guard whom he knew was not going to give him his $30. But, he did learn the man’s name was Charles Duncan. When they reached the room, Peter opened the door with his key and Conrad entered. The door was shut and locked behind him.

His roommates were all fast asleep and never would have noticed his absence. Somehow Conrad knew that each of them had come to know Peter and several other guards and, more likely as not, got to see the red-lit room perhaps more than once during their tenor at Wood’s Home for Boys.

*  *  *

Most boys that he knew were horny in the morning and jerked off before getting out of bed to face the day. The bell shrieked obnoxiously at 6am followed by the thud of the maglocks opening the doors. Like zombies the four grabbed their toiletry bags joining the other zombies exiting their rooms, many were naked as was Justin and Adam. Conrad wasn’t as brave so he donned his shorts for the trek to the communal showers. There were fifty boys to a unit and not a peep was heard. Complete silence was the golden rule. The only sound that could be heard was that of bare feet on linoleum.

The shower area was a long hallway of spickets perhaps only five-feet wide. A dim white ceiling light positioned every eight feet barely illuminated the dingy black and white tiled floor and walls. The water was lukewarm but  more so on the verge of being cold and controlled from elsewhere. There were no taps to allow for personal preference. Boys bathed and got the hell out of there as soon as possible as the water got colder.

They lined up to use the toilets and sinks to splash water on their faces and brush their teeth. Some of the older boys shaved because of the zero tolerance for facial hair. Conrad had never seen so many naked bodies in one place at the same time. The towels tossed out by a guard after they showered were too small for most guys to waist-wrap and so they simply kept them around their necks. Conrad tried not to stare at the assortment of genitals on display. Some were turtle dicks shrivelled up inside groins while a few others were jaw-droppingly large. One boy of 17 sported at least seven inches flaccid and as thick as Conrad’s wrist. The teen caught him staring, gave him an inviting wink and jiggled his junk at which Conrad turned away not wanting to attract any more attention … that  horse-cock was never going up his ass or down his throat if he could help it! But, despite Conrad’s thought on the matter, the older teen had already marked Conrad out for future exploitation.

Back in their room they dressed. Conrad hated his uniform because it made him stand out for what he was, a newbie that came with the feeling that he was the desire of many boys … fresh meat!

They lined  up to get their breakfast of scrambled eggs, sausage and cold toast grabbing a few packages of peanut butter and jam along the way. They had joined another four boys, older, that Justin seemed to know. One of the boys was that older teen with the horse cock from the shower and Conrad had seen him leaning in and speaking directly into Justin’s ear. Conrad was only half way through his breakfast when Justin told him to get under the table. He was shocked, beside himself but helpless to do anything about it.

Conrad did as he was instructed, He saw several boys open their jeans and exposing themselves including Mr. Horsecock. Adrian and one of the older teen strangers were the only two not taking the opportunity of a blowjob. He felt belittled and ashamed. He hated Justin then but he wasn’t going to give him the satisfaction of letting him beat his brains out if he refused to do it.

Conrad knew that it was some kind of initiation that all boys who passed through the halls of Wood’s Homes endured. The only way they got out of it was if they were naturally macho and bullyish from the start clearly indicating that they were guys not to be messed with. He lived up to expectations and sucked off the three teenagers starting with the cock in the middle which belonged to Mr. Horsecock. He figured that he’d take care of that big piece of meat and jerk off the other two in hopes of expediting matters to a quick resolve once his mouth took over.

The guys on either side of horsecock were average size once they were erect. Mr. Horsecock and the one on his right were uncut something that Conrad was beginning to develop a preference for. He found the fluidness of their foreskin intriguing wondering how they felt sexually compared to circumcised guys. His tactic seemed to have worked, one teen came during the handjob … he must have been horny and ready. The teen boy with that big cock that had to be at least nine inches he was blowing seemed to be taking his time and Conrad suddenly felt a big hand settle on the back of his head. Mr. Horsecock was deliberately fucking his face driving that big piece of meat deep into his throat. He must have enjoyed Conrad’s effort because suddenly the second-hand joined the first in holding his head tight into the teen’s crotch as he busted his nut shooting his warm, thick cream  directly into Conrad’s throat. The third guy who Conrad had continued jacking lasted only a few seconds after the teen had finished shooting in his mouth. He gave Adam head and deliberately ignored Justin.

The bell rang indicating classes in ten minutes. Conrad came up from under the table, wiped his mouth with a napkin and ignored Justin’s dirty looks as he quickly gobbled down his cold breakfast lacing the toast with peanut butter to eat on the run. As he was just about to pass through the doorway, he was suddenly pulled aside by the teen with the horsecock. The teen backed him into the wall, grabbed Conrad’s hand and placed it on his mound and leaned in to whisper in his ear, “You and me are gonna take this further.”

to be continued …

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