Chapter Three


Chapter 03

Kyle was cute, but not as cute as Mark. The naked Chad knelt behind Kyle licking the boy’s ears and kissing his neck sporting a moderate size cut erection that Egan had already seen once before, gliding up and down the kid’s back leaving a trail of shiny slime.

Egan wasn’t foolish enough to think that sex wouldn’t be on the agenda for that night, however he envisioned a bunch of guys sucking back beers talking sports and pussy, and afterward, Jason and Chad having sex with Ari while he watched. Never in his wildest imagination did he think they were going to attend a paedophile picnic! He hoped once again that there were girls in the bedroom to keep things on an even keel; -bisexual, and not a gay soiree, even if most of the guys had homo sex, that would be okay.

Aaron was having the time of his life. He was fed some ecstasy despite Jason’s warning. So many men paying him attention while he danced and was kissed by many. His chin and cheeks were a little sore from whisker-burn, even his balls ached from being groped so many times; some of the men not being very gentle. Several times he had three men kissing his ears and mouth, their hard cocks pressed against his belly and sides, some naked, others skimpily clad. His underwear was removed at some point, fingers went into his ass

When Egan caught another glance of Ari, he was on his knees pulling train to any cock placed near his face. He didn’t see the gang bang when Aaron had been bent over the dining room table, as he was preoccupied taking up Chad’s offer of a private three-way in a bedroom off limits to other guests after he said that Kyle was fresh meat, new to their scene, brought along by an older cousin with an insatiable appetite for coke who supplied many of the boys all wanting to feed their drug habit and willing to do anything to achieve that.

Each man invited, his age preference assured, was required to bring at least $100 worth of cocaine or ecstasy or pot, which the boys were permitted to take the leftovers home the next day or two, depending on how long the sex party went on for. Egan was disappointed when he asked, there were no girls, “Much too dangerous, –boys of all ages were much easier to acquire than girls, and they kept their mouths shut.” Chad relayed, “Besides, what can a girl provide that a boy can’t? And they don’t get knocked-up?”

Egan thought that made sense. He never considered a girl getting knocked-up, however, the age he was going to go for, it was doubtful if they could get pregnant. And even if they did, who gave a fuck! He thought about the middle of the lake, like his dad suggested, and quickly put the thought out of his mind and set his sights on the task at hand.

Chad was not gentle when he tore off Kyle’s tighty-whities in one quick swipe, he could hear a tearing sound as they got hung up at his lower thighs. He held them up to Egan and laughed saying they had dozens of pairs, the required dress code of all boys, and tossed them over his shoulder and went down on the flaccid, three inch, uncut cock and not too unimpressive balls that hung remarkably low and full that Chad was manhandling roughly causing the boy to wince. It took one to know one, Egan was beginning to like Chad even more.

Egan took off his own underwear and straddled the boy’s chest , lifting his head to force his cock into Kyle’s mouth. Unfortunately, the kid knew what was going to be expected of him that night and took the meat without complaint. Egan would have preferred the opposite, like he looked forward to fucking Mark’s mouth for the first time. Kyle allowed Egan to fuck his face, enjoying shoving it too far once in awhile and hearing the kid gag, spittle forming at the sides of his mouth.

He looked back to see Carl lubing up, raise the kid’s legs and plunge. Egan had the foresight to remove his cock before it was bitten off and let the kid scream bloody hell. He watched Kyle’s nice five-inch woody shrivel like a prune in a matter of seconds. He knew from experience over the week of his dad fucking him in role plays that suddenly a numbness cancelled the pain. That’s when he would finish getting his blowjob and give Kyle his first taste of man-cum, if he hadn’t already scored with some dope, but he doubted that, the kid was a newbie, rest assured.

Aaron had taken his fifth cock up his sore bum and preparing for the next when he felt his rectum expel the gathered warm fluid as it poured over his balls. He wished that he was ambidextrous and could lick it up. Many men had come in his mouth and he still craved more. He looked around to see if Egan was watching, but couldn’t find him in the increasingly busy room. He could see the hallway illuminate every time the front door was opened and the form of someone coming in or leaving. His knew his ass was going to be very red and tender by morning. Jason came by every once in awhile and checked on him, fed him another inspirational tablet and was gone again.

Egan and Chad switched places without either one indicting to the other a change of venue. It was like they’d read each other’s minds. Egan didn’t bother with lubricant, his much larger cock would be a whole new experience re-lived by the boy cleaning off Chad’s dick while blowing him. Chad would be the one to christen the boy orally while Egan did the same anally, a minor deviation but with the same end result, nonetheless. If that wasn’t enough, when Chad grew soft in Kyle’s mouth, he let go a stream of piss, -most of which spilled out the near drowning boy’s mouth onto the bed.

Just then, Jason barged into the room without even knocking with the bowl of goodies, looked at his friend and laughed, “Hey, it’s your bed, –you have to sleep in it, pal!” and left after dropping a few onto the nightstand.

Egan had a good feeling that he and Chad were going to get on famously. As they lay looking at the ceiling with Kyle between them,  he dared tell the young man about his plans for Mark in great detail. Chad’s interest piqued enough to stir his cock back to life and made Kyle nestle between his thighs and suck him off again. Egan went as far as to bashfully tell him about his wish to lose his virginity by finding a young girl to fuck in much the same manner.

Carl looked at Egan and said, “I can get you a thirteen year-old, no problem.”

Egan built up all his courage and confided shyly, “I mean a really young girl, . . . ya know, . . .ten or so?”

Stoned Kyle must have missed the gender clause when he lifted his head from Chad’s cock, said, “I have a nine year old brother I can bring over next time, . . . he’s almost ten!” Out of the mouths of stoners, thought Chad, willing to whore out anyone they can to assure a stoned weekend.

Chad laughed, and countered,, “Sure dude, sounds hot! I’d love to see you suck off your little brother while I fuck him, man!”

Kyle thought about it a moment, shrugged his shoulders, and sheepishly replied, “Okay, –maybe next weekend?”

“Fucking ‘A’ dude! Ya gotta deal.”

Chad sealed the generous offer with a macho fist-to-fist tap, and Kyle went back down to business blowing him. Egan was rock hard at the prospect of being invited and participating in that, and used the unscrupulous cokehead’s bum again with a little more vigour and force trying to impress Chad.

Aaron vaguely recalled being moved from the table to the unfurnished, gym-matt spread, red-room and laid over what appeared to be a long, huge roll of carpet with several other young teens upon it being used at both ends by young and old alike. Another teen about 15, hung in a sling, while others knelt or lay in 69 or getting fucked. Many simply sat against the walls smoking pot or cigarettes contentedly watching the action. Despite the heavy tobacco smoke, the stifling hot room smelled of body odour and shit.

Aaron had had enough. He wanted to go home. His stoned state no longer gave him courage. His whole body felt limp. It was all he could do to keep his mouth secured over cock after cock and let them fuck his face. Aaron didn’t even know if he had one up his ass anymore except for the rocking motion that indicated he was getting fucked again. He knew that he pissed as well as lost a bowel. He was cleaned up with a wet towel by someone, only to endure the rocking all over again. He wanted his lifetime hero to rescue him; like a Knight in shining armour, scoop him up and take him away on his white horse.

His ‘Knight’ was preoccupied in the next room sucking up to Chad trying to weasel his way into an invite to fuck Kyle’s little brother. Suddenly it dawned on him why he needed Chad’s consent, anyway? Befriend Kyle! Which meant be nicer to him. He gave the boy his full attention, rarely applied, blowjob until the kid was pulling at the bed sheet with his fingers and blowing his load that Egan, rarely again, gagged, but swallowed, and like Ari always did, sucked until the last drop was coaxed until the cock went dead. Chad had fallen asleep by then and Egan used the opportunity to his advantage.

“We should get together, Kyle. –You’re a pretty cool guy, I like you. I have tons of Ex at home, my dad buys it for me and my friends, . . . we could party together at my place instead of this fucking dump. I mean the homo shit is okay when a guy is between girlfriends, nothing wrong with that, right?” Egan chuckled, initiating the manly comradery tapping of fists.

“I think yer pretty cool too.” he smiled. “I like girls best, too!”

“Ya ever had one, –I mean a girl?”

“Nope, still a virgin.” he sadly replied.

“Well, –maybe we could fix that real soon. Find one and fuck her together. –Like around 10 or twelve? . . . My favourite ages, I guess. –Would ya do something that young?”

Kyle didn’t hesitate for a second. “Fuckin ya! I would fuck that! I’d fuck anything with a cunt right now!  –“Ya, ya mean you’ve had little girls?”

“Dude, they might not have tits yet, but their pussy’s are FUCKING tight! You’ll see when I get you one.” Egan went for the kill then, “I kinda like guys that way, too, ya know? –I like them young. Like yer little brother, dude! –I never had a guy that young yet!” Egan laughed facetiously, “Maybe we could get good and stoned one day and do him together, . . . until I can get us a girl, ya know? Maybe even watch HIM fuck her, too!”

Hook, line and sinker, Kyle fell into Egan’s web of deceit as he expected the boy would. After all, he was willing to blow his brother while Chad fucked the kid all for the cause of getting high, perhaps forgetting that he had already made the same deal with Chad, or more likely, doubling his good fortune.

There was no doubt in Egan’s mind that Kyle’s cousin had brought him to the party for the same reasons, trading anyone’s ass for drugs, the paedophile ring proprietors, Jason and Chad, depended on it. He was convinced that’s what it was in fact a paedophile ring. Men of all ages were probably paying substantial dollars for the luxury of fucking young teenage boys, Jason and Chad supplied the stimulant drugs, the rest paid cash! It all made so much fucking sense.

Egan had unwittingly donated Aaron’s ass to the cause and then the carrot was dangled and Egan was lured away to a private bedroom for good reason, so his friend could be used. He laughed at the big charade, already hard from the hot talk about fucking little girls and Kyle’s little brother, he urged Kyle back between his legs after finalizing a Sunday, 1pm rendezvous with the kid and his brother.

Aaron had passed out on a few occasions, waking up from his stupors by his head being lifted by the hair and a cock at his lips. The bitter taste of cum very potent, along with the acidic taste of last pill inserted and dissolving under his tongue. The rocking behind him never ceased its rhythm back and forth, . . . or wa it that other boys spread eagle over the roll of carpet causing the seasick motion?

Egan knew that he would take a long while to cum again, however, he was in no rush. Kyle was actually getting better at it, using his hand at the base gently stroking for added stimulation and pleasure. He had noticed the joint on the night table earlier, lit it and lay back wrapping his legs around Kyle’s back and enjoyed both as sensations took their blissful course.

Egan caught himself looking at sleeping Chad’s nakedness, admiring the young man’s body lying prone with one knee bent upward and to the right. His moderate sized cock slumped over his left thigh while his smallish sack of acorn plump, hairless balls lay hung beneath. Oddly, he thought that if Michelangelo had painted his David in the same position, the two would be remarkably alike. Even his bush was perfect, perhaps manicured. Egan justified his gaze, and they were numerous, as not a sexual attraction, god forbid, but more of an artistic appreciation. Yes, that was it, artistic. He was no queer. No fucking way!

However, he thought it would be fun, just for the hell of it, to have Kyle fondle the goods and hopefully watch Chad come alive, even if it meant losing one hand of Kyle’s unsolicited, added bonus, flirtation of his balls. The boy was a natural man-pleaser, not unlike Ari.

To Egan’s astonishment, Chad’s purplish head peeked through its pink encasement and the bunched, wrinkled skin of his shaft soon stretched to form a sleek bullet shape as his testicles receded closer to his groin. Egan was in awe watching nature’s progress, having to remind himself that he wasn’t gay, simply amused. After all, who wouldn’t be? Chad eventually rolled over onto his right side, but it was cool while it lasted. Egan came.

Aaron came to life once again. It was the warm water over his bent over body and someone behind holding him up by his hips. He was in a shower, his rectum unmistakably stretched and full. The profile of a face pressed against his was Jason’s. Aaron tried to plead for mercy, but no words came out. He was thankful for the cascading water over his body and that was all that mattered, if only he be permitted to lie down in the tub and rest, then men could use him all over again if they wanted. He was the one who wanted it at first and blamed himself.

It was daybreak when like a rag doll, Egan carried and loaded Aaron into the van not bothering to find his friend’s clothes. Getting the kid through the bedroom window wasn’t easy, nonetheless, he managed to place Aaron in his own bed and made a hasty retreat. He had a date with Kyle who he had dropped off first and would return to gather him and his younger brother. Egan had decided that there was no time like the present and convinced Kyle to push their schedule ahead with the promise of more drugs.

Kyle had not disappointed. Egan became excited when he saw the two figures standing on the sidewalk, nor was he disappointed with 10 year-old Nicky. Blond, shoulder length hair, hazel eyes, a pug nose and one of those wide mouths with full lips that Egan thought was designed for sucking cock!

Introductions were made and Egan drove as quickly as legally possible to a secluded lakeside spot that he and Aaron discovered one day on their bicycles and often swam naked in the warm water. However, he had no plans of skinny-dipping that particular morning; naked, yes, but in the back of his van.

Egan was nervous and hard as rock when he moved to the cargo area and sat between Nicky and Kyle on the foam mattress making small talk as he rolled a joint. Nicky was wearing a t-shirt and loose shorts that exposed his upper thigh and a hint of underpants beneath his bent legs that he hugged probably wondering why he was there.

When his older brother told him to toke the joint he gagged and coughed but as it was passed around a few more times he was taking it without much difficulty. Nicky became more relaxed and chatty. An ecstasy tablet soon followed washed down by warm beer that Egan had stashed away and almost forgotten about.

The heat in the van was intense with the morning sun beating down on it. Egan peeled off his shirt encouraging the brothers to do the same. Taking off his shoes and socks, it was as if Nicky wanted to be in groove of the older boys and followed Egan and his brothers lead.

Egan couldn’t resist putting his hand up the boy’s shorts. Nicky froze in shock as he felt his balls being touched through his underwear. Egan only had to make eye gesture for Kyle to insert a hand and feel up his brother as well. Egan slid his fingers under the briefs and toyed with the soft, uncut cocktail wiener size dick.

“Take his shorts off!” he ordered Kyle. The older brother hesitated but complied.

Nicky began to freak and squirm grasping to keep his shorts on. Kyle told him to quit fighting and relax, which much to Egan’s surprise, the kid gave up and allowed his brother to strip him naked. Meanwhile, Egan lifted his ass and swiped off his jeans spreading his legs wide to allow the boy a full view of his erection and low hanging balls. He was surprised to see that Kyle was also boned-up when he stripped off his own jeans, obviously helping in the rape of his little brother was a turn on for him.

Egan went down taking in Nicky’s cock and balls in his mouth rolling his tongue over the smooth goods that he hadn’t had a taste of since Aaron was prepubescent. Experience taught him how to get a young boy aroused and sure enough, Nicky sprouted and maxed at a good 3 ½ slender, finger-like inches. His balls receded close to disappearing completely into his cavity.

Egan had never even licked Aaron’s hole, the thought of it was revolting, he wasn’t queer, yet that strange urge came over him. He let his tongue slide down what was left of Nicky’s nuts and found the folds. Gingerly at first, he dabbed with the tip of his tongue. Not smelling or tasting anything foul, he swiped, then swiped again, finally sliding the sitting boy down to a reclined position and burying his face.

Egan wasn’t going to allow Kyle the advantage of watching and not being humiliated himself, Egan told him to suck his brother’s dick. Kyle appeared perplexed, but didn’t have to be told a second time, Egan’s glare said it all. Like a baby on a dummy, Egan watched from a matter of a few inches as Kyle obediently complied while he was preoccupied in sudden kink of stuffing his tongue up Nicky’s boygina; –where his cock was soon going to spread the pink flesh wider and penetrate deeper than his tongue, but not before introducing it to Nicky’s large lips and made-to-measure, man pleaser mouth.

The ten year-old didn’t openly say one way or the other if he was enjoying the sexual attention, however, how could he not. The boy was probably nervous as hell and would relax soon enough. Tensing up when the thickly lubed finger pried its way inside him followed by a second, Nicky had to be restrained when he tried to escape what Egan was preparing for the older brother’s cock to violate and take his virginity as well as the purpose of loosening him up for Egan’s much larger one.

Egan also had another motive in mind; ensuring that the 14 year-old shared in the rape of his brother would quell any possible future repercussions of the kid ratting them out, Kyle’s participation would ensure that his little brother remained silent. Egan laughed to himself at the thought of the two of them getting it on together regularly once Kyle got a taste of it. Just like himself with Aaron, Kyle would not have to resort to years of jerking himself off considering his brother was accessible in the next bed anytime he wanted to get off. He would plant that seed in Kyle’s mind later, in the meantime, he would set the stage.

Egan lubed Kyle’s dick and held Nicky’s legs in the air. The ecstasy had kicked in and Kyle was eager to fuck his brother as he had been fucked many times himself for drugs or money. The drug had also caused Nicky to be somewhat docile, although he squirmed when his overzealous brother entered him not-so gently, he gave up the futile attempt realizing he was going nowhere with Egan pinning him down. His begging and pleading fell on the deaf ears of his older brother who was intent on having his way and enjoying every second of it.

Egan thought it the perfect time to fill the boy’s mouth with man-meat. Sitting on his chest with a hand supporting Nicky’s head upright, he held his manhood to the luscious lips with clear instructions and warnings as to what to do and not do. Nicky gave in and let the cock fill his mouth. After a little more instruction, Kyle was once again reminded how naturally instinctive guys adapted to cock-sucking, even when forced to do so.

Egan heard the tell-tale vocals of Kyle’s imminent orgasm and looked over his shoulder to see the teen’s face red and contorted as he shuddered and shook unloading into Nicky’s ass. It was a sight to behold and Egan was soon giving Nicky his first taste of cum.

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