Chapter Six


Chapter 06

Egan lay in his father’s arms in bed. The only man that would ever fuck him took him once again to oblivion. He loved his dad’s cock, in his mouth or up his bum. He never tired of the man. He was his dad’s fag, no one else’s.

Egan had told him the events of the day before, and his business plan. Dave was all for it. Until then, Egan never knew that his father was a member of a boy-love site on the internet, not just anyone could tap into the very clandestine website with well over 40,000 members worldwide. If you were travelling anywhere in the world, you could hook up with a little girl or boy through those same connections. David always thought that North America lacked in providing the same supply and demand.

His son’s business plan made total sense. Breaking into the market would be the problem. Dave knew that there were thousands of men that craved anonymous sex with not only young girls, but boys, as well. Many didn’t care about gender, per se.  He would do his part and advertise boys-for-rent.

The following Friday, he took along Aaron, Kyle, Nicky and Mark to the apartment. In the hallway he had them strip down to their g-strings that his father bought. Mr Miller taught his son about accounting, the man’s purchase was a loan on paper, a debt on the ledger.The other side of the page was profits, yet blank.

The boys had strict instructions to mingle amongst the men, but no sex allowed. He, himself did sales work with the perverts, handed them a business card, another expense listed on the P&L report as an expense paid for by his father. The cards read, “Boys-R-Us” with Egan’s new cell phone number provided by dear old dad.

All was going well with solicitation until Chad and Jason caught on to what he was doing. All five were escorted out by a very large man that Egan had not seen before. The boys retrieved their stashed clothes from the tiny garbage chute room and they were on their way still pulling on clothes.

Egan took all four home for an orgy with his father. Each had told a fib to their parents of where they were crashing that night. Mr. Miller was in his glory like a kid in a candy store. Every age of pubescent development, starting with hairless Nicky, sprouting Mark, blossoming Aaron and Kyle. It was more of a classroom environment, an employee training seminar on the likes and dislikes of men. Mr. Miller put them all through a round of scenarios, from licking ass to sucking cock and balls, to nibbling nipples, all things men enjoy.

They practised on each other under the watchful eye of Mr Miller. Each were told they would get $50 cash for their efforts, and a promise of a whole lot more down the road if they played their cards right. Dave also threw in a $200 finder’s fee for anyone who brought new boys aboard their private enterprise; each was going to be set up with a bank account and a debit card and a maximum daily withdrawal limit as precautionary measure. Nosy mothers might stumble upon large amounts of cash and all hell would break loose with a lot of explaining.

The training went on all night long. Mr. Miller taught each, whether they were seasoned or not, the fine art of pleasing a man. He fucked each one, not cumming, just to feel a man’s cock up their ass, although his son had had them all that way. He was very proud of Egan for scoring so many good looking boys.


Mr. Miller’s efforts on the internet paid off almost immediately. An Arab Diplomat  wanted a boy around twelve. He would be in town on business the following week. The man agreed on $500 for a blow job. Giving a boy a BJ would cost an additional  $100, and if the man was so inclined, a fuck would cost between $800, and $1,000 to do whatever he wanted and keep the kid overnight.

Egan and his dad were overwhelmed at the emails coming in throughout the week from men wanting a boy. Most didn’t care about age, under 14 would do for most. Many also went so far as asking for prepubescent boys, seven or eight years-old. Perhaps Mr. Miller and son would expand the business one day to include tailor made orders.

The Arab was staying at the Sheraton Hotel. Egan chose Kyle for their first sex rendezvous with a client. The man had upgraded his request to an all nighter with a boy. Kyle was outfitted in a in a baseball uniform complete with cap. Mr. Miller’s idea, promote the innocent boy image. They had also shaved off his few pubes as the man requested he be hairless if possible. Kyle wasn’t too happy about that, but business was business.

Suite 2701 took up almost the whole floor. Egan wouldn’t get to see the inside the suite, he would only drop off Kyle, collect the money cash on delivery. To say he and Kyle weren’t nervous knocking on the door would be an understatement. The man was nice looking, around 35. He was clad in only a white satin robe and slippers. Egan was sure the man was naked under the robe, that thought was reinforced when the man eyed Kyle up and down and his cock got hard and peeked out of the folds. He wasn’t large, perhaps average, and cut, The Arab handed an envelope to Egan who beat a hasty retreat only saying that he would return for the boy at 8am.

Egan had never seen a thousand dollars in cash and counted it as soon as he got back to his van. Kyle would get two hundred of it deposited in his bank account, a fortune to a twelve year-old. The boys would never know the prices paid by clients, only their cut of the deal, which varied depending on services performed.

Kyle was dead tired the next morning when Egan collected him. He had been awake all night snorting coke doing everything imaginable with the Arab. The man even had Kyle fuck him. Viagra ensured the night long activity for both. To Egan’s surprise, the man had given Kyle a $100 tip. The kid was then hooked, three-hundred bucks for a night of sucking and fucking and all the cocaine he could want.

A businessman from Chicago was next. An all nighter with a boy as young as possible. Nicky was outfitted in a cub-scout uniform for that encounter at the Radisson Hotel Saturday night. The man was in his 50s, short and chubby. According to Nicky, the man had a “horse” cock that hurt like hell and his jaw ached from sucking it numerous times, as well, the man used Viagra to get his money’s worth. He didn’t tip, however.

Egan had a nice $1,600 in his account for doing very little in one weekend.

The orders for boys were coming in droves. School nights were a problem, restricted to quickies as he didn’t want the boys sneaking out of their homes for an overnighter and end up falling asleep in class. That was Mr. Miller’s advice to his son. “Don’t get greedy at the boys’ expense.”

Aaron had his first trick that week. A Wednesday night blowjob given to a man in his 70’s at his home. Egan had decided on a soccer uniform, the shorts much too small. The wardrobes came from his own closet, the boys all contributed old clothing that now hung in Egan’s closet, including Barney and Spiderman underpants worn mostly by Nicky.

Mark’s first date was a man in his 30s. A movie star that both he and Egan recognized from ‘Star Planet’ when the man opened the door. He was very nice, even invited Egan into his suite for a cocktail which evolved into a three-way, the man getting more for his buck than normal, but who could resist having sex with Tye Jenkins! Mark was late getting home that Tuesday night, but getting in shit was worth it.

Business was booming. Egan needed more boys if he was going to fill all the orders for the next month. Kyle was the obvious choice for recruiting. He and Nicky led a life in the projects housing bordering downtown. Two-hundred dollar finder’s fee for every boy he brought into the operation. His eight year old cousin, Jeff, would be a money maker for sure. Egan would have to shop for a little cowboy get-up for him.

Egan and his dad immensely enjoyed breaking in the newbie’s, usually Kyle participated giving the boys a certain comfort level. Each were given a $200 signup bonus to pique their interest. Six were added; almost all were twelve and each in various phases of puberty. Adding to their training, clients got two boys for the price of one so as Kyle could show them the ropes first hand. The advantage of those boys was that they would hardly be missed at home; all were from single mom, welfare families with many siblings. Two were twin brothers, another bonus selling feature. They had been touching each other since toddlers and over the last several months admitted to sucking each other off most every night in their shared bed. Five inch cut cocks made them especially marketable. Fucking each other was the only real training needed. At their request, they would be made available only as a pair.

Artistic, erotic nude photos were taken of each boy for the web site, not explicit, mostly; their genitals were covered by a toy, or the way they were posed. Mr. Miller claimed that they had to leave something to the imagination of clients, nor did he want the photos to be pornographic, that would only be made available live and in person with the client. He also stipulated strict rules of conduct on the net. NO bondage, S&M, fisting, water sports or sex toys to be used on the boys without prior consent and at an additional charge.

Safety was Dave’s priority and he went so far as invest in panic bracelets like senior citizens wore in case of emergency, placed on a boy’s wrist before delivery and programmed to ring Kyle’s cell phone. Hopefully they would never have to be used. Dave was no fool and being in the private investigation field, did thorough background checks on new clients, and if he was the least bit suspicious, they were denied. Almost all were word of mouth recommendations from clients becoming regulars There would be no other way of finding the web site unless someone stumbled upon it, and the chances of that were very slim, but a threat nonetheless.

Egan really didn’t want to whore out Aaron, he was special and always had been. Only in a pinch did he supply the kid to clients. Mark was the biggest problem of availability with his strict parents monitoring him. However, he was useful for daytime weekend trysts. Over nighters only if scheduled well in advance that he could fib and say he was staying over at a friend’s place. Namely Aaron’s home with the phone number provided to parents and posted on the fridge was actually that of Mr. Miller’s home. That became customary with any boy that might be missed needing an excuse to stay out for the night.

One weekend Egan ran his ass off delivering and picking up boys at all hours of the day and night. He supplied boys to princes, politicians, movie and rock stars, powerful executives and plain hard working men who saved up for the experience of finally making their dreams come true in some seedy motel. Egan’s bank account after two months in business was exceeding $30,000. His father advised him to open accounts at various banks as regular large cash deposits might draw unwanted attention. He bought himself a new used van, fully camperized compete with the extended roof that a person could stand up in.

One day Egan wanted to treat his father for his fiftieth birthday. He didn’t schedule any boys for that particular Saturday night special occasion. Ten naked boys in a mass orgy doing dad and him as well as each other was the ultimate gift the man had ever received. Egan paid each one accordingly.

Egan still had an outstanding debt to Mark and Kyle. Getting them laid by a girl was long overdue and would be a morale booster. One night he loaded the boys, including Aaron, into the van and they went on the prowl for a young girl. Getting cold feet on snatching one off the street, Egan drove to the hooker stroll and circled the block several times until he spotted a whore of about seventeen.

Crystal was a pretty, petite blond girl with large tits. She looked at her perspective, exceptionally young, eager clients huddled gawking at her over the back of Egan’s driver seat and laughed.

“I ain’t no daycare teacher, sunshine!” she remarked. “However you look handsome and fuckable. At least you would have a dick worth fucking!” she laughed snidely.

Money does talk, in no time Egan had negotiated an exorbitant price and she was sitting in the passenger seat shaking her head at the young ages she was going to fuck. Egan drove to behind the Safeway store and parked. He was finally going to lose his virginity, –if he could get it up. Egan remained in his seat.

In the back of the van, a very amused Crystal kicked off her high heels and peeled off her skimpy halter top. All three boys sitting side by side on the bench seat dropped their jaws when she began to playfully mash each one’s red face in her bosom and shake the large jello-like tits that slapped their heads. Next, she removed her black leather mini skirt exposing her manicured muff. She danced very suggestively, fingering herself and massaging her boobs.

Crystal hauled Kyle to his feet to dance with her. The embarrassed boy made a few awkward dance steps and became even more red-faced when she started to undress him on her knees but still dancing. She kissed him full on the lips, her tongue deep in his mouth as she opened his jeans and put her hand inside.

“My, my, you are a big boy.” she gasped, Kyle’s beaming smile said it all.

Crystal lowered his pants and licked her way down his chest and belly finally taking his cock in her mouth. Egan got hard, much to his relief, and moved to sit with the mesmerized boys. Kyle came prematurely, Crystal spat it out and laughed. She then set her sights on Egan. She wasted no time pulling down his pants and engulfing his erection.

“Now that’s a man cock!” she paused to complement. Moments later she sat on Egan’s manhood and fucked him in a seated position. He couldn’t help but think that boys were a tighter, nicer fuck. He was losing his erection and cursed himself. He had an image to uphold, he wasn’t a fag. He needed stimulation and told the boys to strip naked and Kyle to suck off the two very erect boys.

That seemed to turn Crystal on as it did Egan who boned up from a semi and met the girl’s thrusts like a man should, even sucked her tits for good measure. He knew that he wasn’t going to cum anytime soon, her pussy had very little grip enough to stimulate him to orgasm. He faked it. Crystal didn’t seem to question it and lay on the floor where the three boys took turns fucking her even though they came in her mouth being sucked awaiting their turn. Egan always jokingly maintained that boys didn’t have balls, they were actually Duracell battery packs that kept them going and going like the commercials with the mechanical bunny rabbit.

Egan had done his part. Got the boys laid as promised and played his part as a bisexual well. The kids were proud of themselves, high-fiving each other on losing their virginity to an older woman. Egan was horney and initiated a orgy where each boy sat on his cock and rode him one by one, a hard cock in his mouth, totally uncharacteristic for him in public, he wasn’t a fag, even daring to have Kyle fuck him from behind as he fucked Mark at the same time. It was a little awkward at first, but they got into a heated rhythm.

The other boys were working and Egan had to collect a few of them who were spending the night with their trick. His dad insisted that Egan speak to each man afterward to ensure customer satisfaction had been met, he would have preferred to have the boys stand outside the hotel or motel waiting for him. So far, all were very pleased and would be seeking further encounters with the same boy, or try others.

The twelve year old twins were a huge success, $2,500 dollars a night, no quickies, as was eight year-old Jeff, $1.200 for a night, no short term sessions. Jeff was an amazing kid, very likable, always jovial who giggled a lot. He could take the largest of cock up his ass and still keep on giggling. Egan swore that that kid has no nerves in his rectum. He turned out to be a true man-pleaser and had the intuition on how to suck cock. Egan scored well recruiting him. He and dad had taken many boys to for a test ride and rejected many that they felt just wouldn’t fit the organization due to attitude problems. However, the two had a blast interviewing the many boys Kyle brought around, his finder’s fee paramount as motivation.

Business boomed. Word of mouth and internet advertising in the right discrete places had more clientele than they could supply boys for. One man wanted five boys for a whole week aboard his yacht to entertain his guests. Mr. Miller managed to push the man’s itinerary a few weeks ahead when school would be out for the summer. The man couldn’t have been more sympathetic for the reasons and agreed to the last week in June. He tossed in another boy for the man’s convenience. All the boys told parents or guardians that they were going on a camping trip with an underprivileged youth organization. The Reverend David Miller was used as a contact should any adult need verification: –not one did.

$50,000 in cash for six boys was a basement bargain deal, however a boat load of paedophiles could only bring in future customers, Egan reasoned. Kyle, Nicky, Aaron and the twins as well as one of the promising new boys, Kevin, were going on a sex cruise and were excited about it. Egan was going as well. His dad told the man in charge that the boys needed a chaperone to ensure their safety and keep them in line. The man accepted the deal.

“WOW!” the boys exclaimed in unison seeing the yacht tied to pier 31. Mr. Miller was envious of the kids going on a cruise aboard the luxurious yacht  and watched as his son led his pack of whores, aged between 10 – thirteen up the gangway like goslings following the mother goose. Each had a small matching Elmo backpack that Egan had purchased containing personal items, but he doubted the change of underwear and socks would be necessary. Nor would their cute little sailor suits before long, come to think of it. He had to hand it to his son, he never failed to come up with appropriate costumes to accentuate youth.

Dave couldn’t wait around any longer, he had two boys to pick up and deliver to the Radisson Hotel for the night where a man from Greece was treating his sixteen year old nephew for his birthday. Both boys looked foolish barefoot and dressed in togas passing through the lobby, but Egan had insisted upon it.


Egan and the boys were met shipboard by a butler and directed to a stateroom to await orders. They were fed hot-dogs and burgers, a vat of pop and beer chilled in the corner. The beer was a nice nerve calmer, although he didn’t allow the boys to over indulge. He corrected shirt-tails hanging out, sagging white socks and re-tied shoelaces. A dusting of blush on their cheeks brought out their youthful appearance.

The owner of the mini ‘Queen Mary.’ christened, “Urchin of the Sea,” and host for the week stopped by for a visit and welcomed them aboard the ship. Egan recognized the handsome man immediately, none other than the famous football star, Peter Graves! Egan was gaga, the big man laughed and ruffled his hair knowing that he was recognized, put his finger to his lips good naturedly indicating anonymity.

“Hot damn! You are a cute one, Egor!”

“E, Egan, sir.”

“Egor, Aden, Egan, –whatever! I’ll be seeing a lot of you this week.” the man said suggestively and walked out of the room.

Egan was astounded; Peter Graves thought he was nice looking. Out of the six younger boys in the room, he flirted with Egan. Egan had a gut feeling about where he was going to spend his nights. He even resigned himself that he would be a fag for the week and do whatever Mr. Graves wanted him to do. Even Aaron noticed the undertones and punched his big buddy in the arm.

Two hours later, they felt the ship get under way and the shoreline passing by the porthole. Although none of the boys ever had to make a quick exit from a hotel if things went sour, thankfully that never happened, they knew they would be trapped with nowhere to go aboard ship. They had yet to even meet their tricks aside from Mr. Graves, who appeared as a nice man smitten on Egan. They kept their thoughts to themselves.

What seemed like forever, and no land in sight, the butler appeared and led the troop of sailor boys down the long gangway into a grand  salon of oak and smoked mirrors and fine furniture. Egan noticed the bar, four shelves stocked with every conceivable brand of liquor. Twenty men fell silent when the boys were paraded in, then a round of applause ensued and the boys were whisked away to sit at tables with groups of four of five men and the din of conversation started once again as if the lads weren’t even present.

Egan sat at the bar, the shepherd watching his flock. He heard men talk of acquisitions, hostile takeovers, puppet governments and politics. He knew without a doubt that the men were movers and shakers in a global economy. He recognized two senators from TV, a very popular lawyer who defended JJ Sampson, the famous ball player who was accused of murdering his wife, and an actor who played in a weekly series, ‘Destination Mars’. Peter Graves sat down next to him and Egan forgot about picking out any more famous people.

“You look like a fish out of water.” Graves giggled. “Don’t worry, your boys are safe with these men.” He swiped a hand around the room, “See, –they are so preoccupied with business each trying to impress the other that the gorgeous cherubs in their midst are only secondary at the moment.”

“Are they all your friends?” Egan asked.

Peter laughed and leaned into Egan’s face, “Let’s just say that they are all powerful men best kept on your good side who have a certain . . . fetish for children, –girls and boys alike.”

Egan dared ask, “And how did you know these men had . . . those tendencies?”

“In order to survive in this world, especially when your career as an athlete is in its final stage, and you will retire a millionaire, a man needs to invest his money wisely. And finding trustworthy men to invest with is a challenge. I decided to test the waters and dangle a carrot. Any man is vulnerable to the allurement of youth if dropped on their lap. You do your homework. Some like girls, others like boys, or some like both. Either way, I know their most intimate secrets and they would never screw me around. Knowledge is power, young man, –keep your friends close and your enemy even closer.”

“So you don’t get off on boys, yourself?”

“I get off on boys, as well as  young men your age. I don’t think many of the men here would pass up an opportunity to bed you, either. You’re very hot looking. I’ve bought and paid for every one of them, but I would be more than willing to pay an additional price for a go with you, too!”

Egan was blown away. One of his biggest idols was coming on to him in no uncertain terms. Other than his dad, Egan had never been interested in older men, until then. “No -no charge necessary sir.” he managed to say looking down at his feet. “Hell, I’d be honoured!”

Peter Graves stateroom was huge, above deck with picture windows. Egan wasn’t a big fan on kissing guys; after all, he wasn’t a fag. However, Peter’s tongue rapture of his mouth, he found himself returning the intimacy as he was being stripped by the hunky man. Peter tossed him onto the bed to remove the downed jeans, shoes and socks and began to strip himself naked.

Egan had a preconceived image of his sports hero being very well endowed to match his macho image. When the man pulled down his boxers and stepped out of them exposing his fully nude muscular body, he was somewhat disillusioned seeing the man’s genitalia. A slender four-inch erect cut dick and tiny balls inconsistently deceived his masculine aura,some of the boys had bigger dicks than that. However the manly man didn’t seem concerned that he was well below average.

Egan was shaking his head in disbelief watching as the super hero went down on him with a gusto reserved for cock lovers, and Peter was certainly one of those, and very pleased with what Egan had to offer. A short while later, not bothering to lube Egan’s large cock, Graves impaled himself on it and rode him, his tiny cock bouncing to and fro like a spring door-stop and began to spurt cum over Egan’s chest and belly without the man even touching himself. When Egan told him he was ready to cum, as requested by Peter, he was back down on him in an instant milking the teenager’s hefty load with his mouth.

The two chatted afterward, “Egan asked, “Are you gay Mr. Graves?”

Peter advised Egan that there were plenty of sports celebrities into kinky sex with guys. “When ya spend ¾ of yer life with the guys on the road, –well, nights get lonely sometimes and roommates get it on. It’s all very discrete. Sex is a great stress reliever. Coaches and owners are very strict on players fucking around with women on road trips, but turn a blind eye to the guys getting it on together.” he paused and chuckled, “Ya oughta see some of our rookie hazing tactics! –But to answer your question, I guess I like cock more than pussy, and I’ve had my fair share of each.”

Egan learned that Graves didn’t own the ship, that the team owners did and made it available to players and their guests complete with a discrete skeleton crew and a chef.

“When in international waters, there are no laws about sex with kids. No -one- particular country has legal jurisdiction. The key is discretion on home soil, compete secrecy; even their wives and secretaries don’t know where they are. Strict rules are: –no sex until open waters and all sex play beneath deck for fear of spy satellites. We don’t worry much about nudity around the swimming pool, though.”

“Are there many sex cruises going on?”

“Mostly, the entertainment is adult whores, however, last year I was invited for a sex cruise with girls as young as twelve supplied by a guy in Thailand who’s in the business just like you. –Except I hate wearing rubbers, at least boys don’t get pregnant!” he laughed. “That’s where I got the idea for a boy cruise, and having home grown, all American boys, –or girls, is very unique, if not unheard of. Asian countries are notorious suppliers in the child-sex market.  Play your cards right and stay under the radar with boys, and you’ll be a very wealthy young man, Egan.”

Egan had absolutely no plans of adding girls to his growing enterprise, anyway. Not only that he wouldn’t know where to begin recruiting them, but as Gravers confirmed, girls were much riskier than boys and would be very high maintenance, as well.

It was getting late in the afternoon and Egan had a strip and sex show to put on and then auction off the boys, the highest bidder got a night with his boy. That was the deal Peter Graves struck with his dad to offset his own expenses. They would split anything in excess of the $50,000 already paid. Every day they would hold a new auction. It was also agreed that after displaying the boys fully naked, they would remain that way the entire time as eye candy. Nooners could be arranged for a fee, as well. Each man would have a boy{s} based on his affordability.

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