Chapter Seven


Chapter 07

Egan had put the boys through a few dress rehearsals choreographing his own created dance moves to the famous ‘Stripper’ tune by David Rose. He wanted, but couldn’t locate any tear-away sailor suits in boy sizes for his ‘Chickendales’ revue, the barefooted boys undressing each other dancing suggestively in a synchronized motion worked nicely. Mr Miller thought it was hot as hell when he got to view the routine, especially the final sexy stripping of tightie-whities. One dance partner dropped to his knees mouthing the crotch material of the other as he slowly thumbed the underwear down to mid thigh engulfed the boy’s dick in his mouth before lowering them to the ankles. The aggressor on his knees then swiped down his own briefs and masturbated himself. Erections weren’t necessary, the logistics behind ensuring that added bonus were next to impossible, the erotic visual effect by the audience would suffice.

The live performance on the small, blue and red lit stage didn’t quite go according to plan. Stage fright, stubborn shirt buttons and sticky zippers threw off their synchronization, however the men whistled and cheered despite the performance flaws, the blowjobs followed by the finale of three sets of boys on the floor engaged in a sixty-nine brought the house down.

Afterward, the naked, crimson faced boys were lined up on stage to take a bow. The pairs were introduced by Egan in preparation for that day’s auction, and as expected, applause for the twins was the loudest. A man closed bidding at $4,100 for the first night with the twelve year-old boys, another followed by a final bid of $2,700 for ten year old, prepubescent Nickey. The other three’s combined selling price was $5,000. Almost twelve-grand in one night was more than Egan dreamed of. He was no fool, however, the biddings would weaken as the days went on and the clientele’s appetite waned along with their cheque books, although the twins would probably hold their value.

A late BBQ dinner was enjoyed top deck and the nude boys got to burn off some energy in the swimming pool before his owner became restless and each hauled his illicit purchase to a cabin for the night. The fifteen others would patiently await their turn in due course or pay for nooners the following day. It became very obvious that some more frugal men preferred the option of a quickie to sample all six boys over the week than blow a fortune on one for the night. Egan was also hit on more times than, expected especially when he stripped to join the kids in the pool. He would think about that financial opportunity later.

Egan was elated that Mr. Graves had offered to share his stateroom with him rather than bunk in with the crew for the week. After all, he would be having more sex with his all-time (boyhood) football hero, what huge fan could resist that? It beat the fuck out of an autograph, but without the bragging rights. Egan couldn’t wait to tell his dad who he had slept with. He made a mental note of withholding Aaron from the next auction so as he too could spend a night in the company of their mutual idol.


Aaron’s company was bought for that night by the movie star, Larry Rivera, a nice looking man in his 40’s with the thickest cock he’d ever seen and fuelled by Viagra. The blue enhancer pills were readily available in a candy dish on the bar.

Aaron got the man off rather quickly. No sooner had the door closed when the pressure to his shoulders suggested he get on his knees, open the man’s pants and extract ‘beer-can’ Larry’s cock. He prayed that the man wasn’t a top.

He wasn’t. The actor was into getting his cock sucked while getting fisted up to a disgusted Aaron’s elbow. Hours of it. The teen’s jaw never ached more in his cock-sucking life. Rivera blew him twice while he rested, and thankfully, only finger-fucked Aaron’s hole during those two rather long sessions kindly intent on getting Aaron off.

Mr. Rivera was a very nice man, Aaron thought. Perhaps a bit vain and egotistical talking of his career, strangely, while Aaron was doing him. He learned that the man had been married four times and had four children, two boys Aaron’s age, in fact, who attended a boarding school in England where he was sure they were getting it on with other boys as he, himself, had attended the same school where he learned to love taking it up the ass or down his throat by students and, –a few professors alike. It was one of those men who introduced him to the fisting fetish.

Rivera laughed, “It spoiled me because I could never find a cock big enough to please me as much as that man’s arm did. None of the other boys were into it, –that I knew about, anyway.

“I always had a thing for young boys. As I got older with desire for it, –and wealthy enough to pay for it, I turned to boys like you to satisfy my itch. But I had to be very cautious. When I was invited onto the ‘Good-Ship-Lollipop’ by my dear friend and ally, Mr. Graves, I jumped at the opportunity of an assured venue for privacy away from the paparazzi, and in the company of allies of men who had the same need for discretion out of the public eye.”

Aaron wasn’t sure why the famous man was telling him all that personal stuff, especially his hopes that his son’s were getting laid regularly, his obvious reason of choice of private school for them. Aaron thought that most fathers would avoid such environment, having lived through it themselves. Aaron had to question that.

Blatantly, he asked, “Why would you, . . . like, want yer kids fucking around with other guys? –And didn’t the school know what was going on?”

Rivera chuckled, and replied, “Because when you are a teenager with raging hormones in an all boy’s school with very little contact, if any, with girls, and would be locked away in frustration for many years to come, the alternatives become very apparent, especially when everyone else is doing it around you. The tradition had manifested itself over many decades at many all-boys schools. It became part of the school’s culture, older boys setting the example for younger freshman; –or ‘“fresh-meat” as they were punningly referred to.” he laughed.

“That, my boy, is where today’s slang-term “Fag” derived.

A fag was a non insulting word, it simply implied a younger lad taken into an older boy’s employ for domestic chores, errands, and of course, by many, sexual favours. The hierarchy would eventually evolve where a fag would become the aggressor and choose his own fag. However, that being the theory, it went far beyond that. Friendships were forged and those close bonds were often taken well beyond primary school and continued to be practised in all-male universities, less the fags. A quasi alumni who into adulthood, homosexuality long forgotten, relied on each other for a much different reason, –the business world. Trusted allies sharing their diverse fields of expertise, even joining in mutual enterprises. The closeness went as far as if one needed a job, look no further than the guy who attended the same institution, or you had sex with before the reality of adulthood, socially acceptable, heterosexuality set in.

“And as far as Hogwarts Academy’s administrations turning a blind eye? They would rather have the boys having sex with each other than fighting each other. It’s rather unusual to beat up a boy whose cock was in your mouth the night before, or shared fags with in an orgy. –There was a distinct harmony among the boys.”

It was as if the man was reliving a grand memory of his youth, eyes closed, cock being serviced and getting fisted ever so slowly, the way he liked it unless Aaron was told to pick up the pace when the man was nearing orgasm, which in his experience with Egan, his father and others had long ago learned the tell tale signs of imminent ejaculation and when to give his utmost attention to it.

The quivering and sometimes spastic body movement followed by an almost momentary, animated state of constricted muscles, breathing heavily and balls constricting in his palm before the cock pulsed, once, twice three times, while a minor epileptic fit followed when they all grasped his head as if he was going to suddenly vacate his duty, their dick’s jettisoning gobs of jism to the back of his throat and tongue. Aaron had learned to swallow as he continued to piston suck, always amused when erection quickly deflated.

The celebrity wasn’t near the point of his third orgasm as he continued. “Sex was as popular as rugby with some. Not everyone had a fag at their disposal, but most had been fags at some point, and they simply did each other for the sheer mutual pleasure of it. We shared four to a room in the dormitory, and casual sex was had every night and morning mutual masturbation in the communal dorm floor showers was a given, –two handed hand jobs, twenty or thirty guys going at it all bunched together getting our morning woody’s serviced just for the hell of it.”

Aaron was very turned on hearing the high points of the man’s juvenile life, somewhat miffed with himself for wishing that he wasn’t attending a private boy’s school. He was Egan’s boy, enjoying his mentor’s attention even when he introduced sex into their relationship, the older boy’s desire always fulfilled without question. Then, many years later, sharing him with his father, and recently added to the rent-boy harem. There was nothing he wouldn’t do for Egan.


The twins put on another 69 show for the fat, bald senator who sat naked in a chair jerking off watching the action. His blubber belly jiggled like jello to the beating of his cock along with his plump breasts. The man was covered in salt & pepper wiry hair front and back. When he first took off his clothes his genitals were hidden under the massive stomach, the man’s stubby dick and hairy balls were only noticeable when he sat down.

He had the boys fuck each other in various positions as he masturbated the bottom kid and played with the balls of both, later, bobbing frantically on the kids beautiful sleek cock until he was rewarded with the finest tasting boy semen he’d ever had. The senator had had many young boys over the years, 15 and sixteen year-old whores in the Ukraine while on infrequent business trips but never the sweet tender age of twelve. When he first saw the twins he knew that he had to have them at any expense.

Another blowjob to the exact replica cock despite where he had extracted it from with urgency earned him a quick blast of liquid gold as the twin was already close to orgasm. The old man wasn’t sure if his heart could stand anymore excitement, nonetheless, the twins servicing his cock and balls was worth having another heart attack over. If that didn’t kill him, getting fucked by the boys would.


Ten year old Nicky’s date with the famous lawyer whom he knew nothing of the man’s notoriety, but he did know the man had a big cock and it hurt like hell the way the rough bastard was using it. Most men wanted a blowjob for starters however, the barrister skipped the appetizer and went for the main course and was a very impatient man forcing his manhood into Nicky’s tight, little rectum. To date the kid had only been fucked by his brother, Egan and Mr. Miller and none had been so unkind as to not take him gently. Adding to matters was the man’s large frame pinning and crushing him. His face was mashed into the mattress unable to breath.

“Be a good little boy for Uncle Jim and don’t fucking fight me. You’ll love my big cock inside of you fucking you silly. Uncle Jim has never had a boy to fuck before and he’s been waiting a long time for it. I paid a king’s fortune for you and I’m going to get my money’s worth whether you cooperate or not. Don’t make me have to slap ya around, okay?” he threatened, pushing even harder.

Nicky was losing his tough guy, gang leader persona and began to cry. The pain was excruciating. He passed out. When he came to moments later the cock was all the way up him and he could feel the adult’s bristly pubic hair on his cheeks, but at least he had taken the pressure off his body and was kneeling behind holding him around his waist, Nicky slumped over like a rag doll.

The attorney was in his glory. Finally, after so many years of craving a young ass he had his cock deep inside one. He was getting regular blowjobs from his eight year old nephew, near asphyxiated the boy one time getting a little carried away fucking his mouth, and another time teaching him to deep throat. Jim took him camping one weekend where he introduced the kid to pleasuring a man with his hands and mouth. Little Jarrod had lost his father to in a car accident, and Jim kinda became his surrogate dad. Lusting and dreaming about him became unbearable and he decided to make a move on the kid. Sometimes he’d sleep over at the confirmed bachelors place, Jim would lie back and make Jarrod suck cock and lick his balls for hours holding off orgasm. Other times taking him home from an outing he’d pull over and get one.

He wanted desperately to fuck Peter; however he could barely even get a finger up the boy’s ass and was afraid of damaging him enough that his mother would discover that her son had been sodomized. Jim’s career would be shattered. He would wait a couple more years, let him grow some more.

Jim caught his second wind and began fucking Nicky faster and faster, harder and harder. He was back spread eagle on top of the delirious boy. All Nicky could do was grasp the bed sheets and whimper hoping it would be over soon. Little did Nicky know that the man had visited the candy dish and would be getting fucked several more times that night and sucking the man’s cock for long periods of time in between. As with his nephew, Jim had no interest in sucking Nicky’s little dick.


Kyle was enjoying his stay with the youngest of the men, 27 year-old David, a geeky looking man who inherited his grandfather and father’s wealth from a large pharmaceutical company that he became president of. David had never been with a boy before and was rather nervous. Kyle was a great teacher even taking the young man’s virginity. David loved his first taste of cock and the softness of Kyle’s testicles. When the boy came, David commented on how much better the twelve year olds cum tasted compared to his own.

Kyle rode the top executive’s average size cock as the man squirmed in bliss experiencing the joy of intercourse. He’d had a female hooker a few times, but found the boy’s ass so much tighter and pleasurable. He was hooked on boys from that moment on and would later become Kyle’s regular trick; David often visited the city on business planning his trips around spending the weekends. He would buy him nice gifts of clothing and jewellery, cash, a computer and a cell phone. When he discovered Kyle’s single mom was working two jobs to make ends meet, he anonymously prepaid six-months rent in hopes that she could get back on her feet. Little did David know that Kyle had a bank account with over $1,000 dollars. He never questioned Kyle turning tricks; he felt that the boy was doing what he had to do for his family.


Kevin was having about as much fun as Nicky, probably less. He was still very inexperienced with men and the thirteen year-old had had only one trick to his credit, a very old man who only wanted blow and finger him during a two hour rendezvous at a motel. His master for the night was a very handsome, muscular man of around fifty, completely void of hair on his body, with seven or so inches that curved like a banana, but not too thick. Frank owned one of the largest sporting goods manufacturing firms in the world.

As he blew Kevin, he inserted a finger up his rectum, then two, then three roughly reaming the anus and squeezing Kevin’s nuts with his other hand so hard that the boy yelped his ass rose three feet in the air.

“Get used to it, kid. I like it a little rough and you’re a whore so suck it up. It’s what whore boys do, –got it?” he said, biting Kevin’s knob causing him to scream in pain again.

The man’s blowjob was like sticking his cock in a meat grinder, all teeth chewing his way up and down the shaft. His attention to Kevin’s balls wasn’t much better. He sucked in a testis and chomped on it, then the other before going back to the boy’s red looking cock.

When Kevin tried escape, the man slapped his face and grabbed his arm with a jolt that Kevin thought it was pulled from its socket. Kevin wanted to repay the pain when the man made him blow and lick his balls. Frank used the boy’s hair to propel his head up and down calling him names and a barrage of insults.

“You filthy slut, you disgust me. How many men’s cocks have ya sucked and ate their cum cuz you like doing it? I bet that you’ve sucked your own daddy’s cock a few times, swallowed yer little baby brothers and sisters, even. –Now I want you to suck this daddy’s cock down yer throat and show me how much you love it.”

The man let go of Kevin’s hair and lay back against the headboard. The rookie made himself comfortable between the thick thighs and went down on the veiny banana like he was taught by Mr. Miller and Egan.

“No fucking hands, shit face. Use your mouth only to get me off. I’m wise that you little cock suckers jerk a guy off to speed up time. Well, sweet lips, we have all night. –Take it deeper, no hand guard.”

That was exactly how he was shown to give blowjobs. The hand served a dual purpose; to prevent having too much shoved into his throat by an overly excited trick, and a hand job to add pressure above the base, adding or removing fingers according to length; the ‘two-thirds in your mouth’ rule to stimulate a man to orgasm quickly.

Kevin did his best taking at least five inches until he felt his gag reflex react. The sharp curvature upward posed some difficulty, the head grazed his upper palate and when it struck his throat instead of following a downward path, he choked. Kevin wanted to reverse his position, take the cock from another angle by lying on the man, however, in a seated position and fear of asking him to lie down to assume the reverse position, he endured with clenched mouth and sucked up and down until his sunken cheeks ached and he was out of air. Pausing for replenishment, maintaining the phallus intact, licking and sucking balls as he was taught. If Kevin was too long servicing the gonads, a sharp slap to his head indicated his tardiness.

On the next much needed air intake; he remembered something Mr. Miller did while licking his balls. He spread Kevin’s bum and his tongue travelled lower finding his butt hole and toying with it. Kevin loved getting his ass eaten by Mr. Miller who would do that for a long time while Kevin had his ass in the air. He thought it gross then, and even grosser doing it himself, but it might bide some time to allow his sore jaw and cheeks a longer reprieve.

He closed his eyes, placed his hands under the man’s upper most thighs and spread the firm cheeks. His tongue found the only hairy spot on the lawyer’s body and tongue toyed the slight crevasse knowing that he had found it.

“Holy fuck, kid!” Frank laughed; Kevin took that as a good sign, “Yer getting way ahead of me. He rolled onto his belly with his bum in the air. “Eat it slut boy, you obviously want it!”

Kevin gazed to his left and closed his eyes. The puckered pink hole surrounded by black hair was even grosser than he imagined. He felt his stomach churn at what he was about to do, swallowing the bile and spread the man’s hole even wider. Gingerly, he dipped the tip of his tongue in the folds and flicked the raw wound looking slit. Frank groaned, reared his ass into Kevin’s face, his whole mouth suddenly on the man’s most private place. He licked deeper thankful that it appeared and smelled clean.

“OH, whore boy, –you ARE good! Bury that tongue in my man hole and suck it.”

Kevin began to think he had won the man over and did exactly as instructed. He lapped and sucked, saliva was running down his chin. Frank told him to reach under and jerk him off, spreading his own cheeks for easier access. Kevin knew without a doubt that he was performing to satisfaction hearing the man’s guttural purring and under breath curses. He pumped the cock as fast as his hand could muster and getting so sore that he changed hands. He delved as far as he could, each time making Frank squeal.

Ten minutes later, he felt the cock throb in his palm, Frank sighed, his cock swelled slightly thicker and Kevin didn’t have to be told to flip onto his back and pull the cock down between Frank’s legs, and suck him to orgasm. Kevin squeezed the last dribble of cum into his mouth from the shrivelling dick; another taught lesson as a gratis finale to a blowjob for clients.

When Frank told him to keep his cock in his mouth, that he needed a piss and Kevin was to gulp it down and not let it flow out of his mouth and soil the sheets, he became forlorn in that he had not scored any points with the man. He’d reached his limit, dropping the soft cock from his mouth and scrambled to rise. Frank dragged him to the shower forcing him down to his knees and commenced to pee on his head. Normally a happy-go-lucky, joking boy saw hate for the first time. Frank grabbed him by the hair, lifted his head in order to piss on his face, Kevin’s lips and eyes closed tight. Once he was finished, Frank turned on the cold shower over Kevin’s body telling him to clean himself up and come back to bed.

Kevin continued to kneel letting the ice cold water engulf him, he was numb, without feeling. He heard Frank call for him several times but ignored him. It wasn’t too much later the man pulled back the shower curtain and hauled Kevin to his feet dragging him to slump him over the table where he fucked him violently.


Egan had a nice time in bed with Peter Graves. The man was gentle and caring and certainly knew his was around another man’s body. He had a small dick, but he knew how to use it. Egan was amazed, and very satisfied how Graves used his bubble head to graze his love button; gentle, easy strides concentrating on a man’s most vulnerable gspot, his own pleasure secondary. Egan held his legs and stared up at his hero hovering a few feet above him supported by his muscular arms watching Egan’s blissful state. Peter knew how to please both men and women with his cock, both sexes had the same feel-good button, it was only a matter of finding it by careful study of his sex partners, as he was doing with Egan. His satisfaction came from that alone; he could cum watching their faces and their body movements. He might have been a hard ass looking man, but deep down he had a tender soul.

Peter Graves was well aware that he didn’t measure up to standard, –hell, he was reminded of it every day in the school gym showers and even into adulthood including locker rooms of the various teams he played for over the years. He had a favourite uncle and at age thirteen the man seduced him in to bed and never made fun of him. On the contrary, Uncle Will taught him how to use his shortcomings, even going as far as to hire a very patient female prostitute to show him how to please a woman. Peter had many girls in high school, the envy of other boys who weren’t getting anything. He had a few women who he sensed were disappointed at first sight, some even laughed at him. However, they weren’t laughing when all was said and done.

His uncle taught him how to suck cock and take it up the ass, claiming that one day he may have to use that skill to get ahead in the sports world. Peter thought his uncle daft at the time, but when at seventeen, a scout for an underdog professional football team came onto him in an interview in the man’s hotel room with his parents waiting in the lobby; Peter realized that his uncle wasn’t full of shit. Over the years that followed, he had sex with football club owners and coaches alike but being drafted by one of the finest teams in the league due to his skills, not sleeping with anyone, his career took off. However he never lost sight of the fact that he slept his way to the top.

Egan came without touching himself, Peter kept pulling his eager hand away as he slowly fucked him, soon pinning his arms to prevent the urge and smiling down on him. “Let me take care of that. –No need for you to do a thing but lie there and enjoy, okay?”

Egan gave Peter a blowjob the next morning. Still star struck not believing that he had ‘The’ Peter Graves cock and balls in his mouth, the same man that he fucked and got fucked by in return, and certainly the best fuck he’d ever had.

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