Chapter Four


Chapter 04

Nicky was none too pleased with his two aggressors who rolled off his body to lie on their sides. Egan held his nose and made him swallow the thick sour goop, however a filmy remnant of it lingered that he spat on the blanket as Egan and Kyle laughed at him.

“Fuck off!” he sneered at them, “I wanna go home now –take me home.”

“Take you home?” replied Egan. “Ya haven’t even had the main event yet!” he laughed grasping his withering cock that the young boy couldn’t help but notice the pus leaking from the tip of, the same stuff that he was forced to ingest and could still taste.

Nicky knew exactly what Egan had in mind, the thought of that monster up his bum made his scramble on all fours for the sliding door. Egan hardly moved except to grab the kid’s ankle and haul him back until his head was directly in front of Egan’s crotch. “Clean it off with yer tongue like a good boy and I may not make you clean your brother’s dirty cock.”

Nicky looked at Kyle’s still erect, grease laden dick amazed that it didn’t appear dirty considering where it had been, but the thought still made him nauseous and he opted for the man’s big schlong, the sharp painful pinch to his Achilles tendon sped up his thought process. Like a big lollipop, he licked up and down the sides and over the top until no more juice was seeping from the slit.

Nicky wasn’t entirely innocent. He liked to watch the men in the showers at the YMCA, always curious about their genitals that he discovered came in all shapes and sizes, even wondering how big some of them would grow during an erection. However, never in his wildest imagination did he wish to be so intimately close to one, it was simply a natural boyhood amusement. Nicky also knew about sperm, the same shit he had just swallowed which was again sensed by his tastebuds.

He knew about jerking off and blowjobs from other kids who talked of about it at school, even surmising that the strange sounds coming from the bed next to his was his brother doing the “nasty” under his covers every night and morning. He had to admit that when Kyle sucked him earlier, it felt exciting, as well as the strange sensations when Egan disgustingly licked his hole. The man’s fingers hurt like hell, and his brother’s cock even more so. He feared the larger one in his hand would rip him apart and almost cried knowing his fate, but crying was for sissies, and he was no sissy! Once, the locally bully, Jamie Fullerton, put his arm behind his back with such force that he broke it. Nicky never cried at the excruciating pain which caused Jamie to take things further until an audible snap was heard.

He didn’t cry even then, winning his friends over by his bravery. They all signed his cast; even other kids looked up to him wanting to befriend him. Nicky had gained the notoriety of being a bully himself, lunch monies and personal property was handed over for the asking without violence. At ten years-old, he was the leader of the rather docile ‘Panther’ gang, ten boys strong, who he made steal candy, comic books and dirty magazines from stores. Once, when he wanted a certain bike on display outside a sporting goods store, he ordered two boys armed with bolt cutters to secure it for him.

The three drank more warm beer. Egan made Kyle lick and suck Nicky’s genitals, giving into his own strange temptation to do the same. Egan let it be known that he wasn’t a fag like Kyle was, reminding the slut boy of the many men he serviced at Jason and Chad’s sex party the night before, belittling him would make him all the more submissive, Egan thought.

Egan then realized the potential of a gold mine in drugs he could obtain by providing Nicky’s ass to the paedophile ring. His enterprising brain also thought about supplying both brothers for ‘private’ sessions in hotels and motels if he did his homework and found a client base, small at first, but ever growing by word of mouth that he was sure the like-minded men shared over the internet. Hell, he could even rent Aaron’s ass if supply and demand was enough.

Egan was bone hard as he watched the two brothers fellate each other; Nicky on top with his ass in the air was part of his master plan when he later orchestrated the incestuous sixty-nine for his viewing pleasure. Kyle caved in to another dose of ecstasy, Nicky had to be coerced by the gospel of a double dare imposed that Kyle knew would be irresistibly challenged by the ten year-old.

Egan lubed his cock and settled on his knees behind Nicky. With one arm in a vice-like grip under the boy’s hips, he forced himself into the tight confines. Little did he know that Nicky had mentally prepared himself for the onslaught, determined to not show cowardice. He reared his head back vocalizing profanity, but never resisted or tried to get away.

Egan felt his hanging balls rest on Kyle’s forehead, who would be staring up at the scene of the man’s cock forging deeper into his brother. Damn, the kid was tight.

With his rectal muscles clamped as a subconscious preventive measure. Egan equated it to trying to stuff his cock into the opening of a juice bottle, except only for the fact that the hole was surrendering precious space. Egan would push, then retract, and push again. It was a slow process, nonetheless, utopia was reached when he felt his pubic hair mashed against the kid’s ass cheeks.

He forgave Nicky’s lapse in blowing his brother, but insisted that he masturbate Kyle while he adjusted to the impalement, having to be reminded many times becoming forgetful. He heard Kyle’s slurps, knowing full well that Nicky had gone flaccid and no amount of stimulation could override the pain in keeping his erection.

Once Egan felt Nicky was calm enough, remembering back the many years ago when Aaron claimed a sense of numbness superseded the threshold of pain to a dull ache, he instructed the boy to resume blowing his brother. A slap to the side of his faced was needed to bring him back to reality; the boy might have even passed out temporarily.

Egan took longer strides back and forth increasing the tempo rapidly not caring as to the boys welfare any longer. He had only two things in mind, fucking the kid senseless and watching him do his brother, a hand full of Nicky’s long hair thrusting his head up and down to impatiently remind him once again what was expected. When Kyle heard the gurgling and gasp sounds, he knew that Kyle had cum catching Nicky off guard, yet the boy quickly regained his composure and milked his brother with a hand, and an inch or two remaining in his sucking mouth.

Egan held off as long as he could allowing Kyle to blissfully orgasm before he pulled out and rolled Nicky onto his back using his knees to push him up the boy’s torso and force his cock where he wanted to enjoy his final moment. Egan didn’t have to pinch the kid’s nose; in two loud gulps he swallowed both combined loads with a look of distaste.

It was his turn to be the aggressor when Egan had him fuck his older brother, much to Kyle’s dismay. He needed no encouragement to get even and pounded away while Kyle held his knees to his chest. He was used to much bigger cocks, and had long got over the humility of that, however, his little brother using him was demeaning, to say the least, but he was very surprised when Nicky spasmed, Egan’s finger up the kid’s bum found its mark causing a dry, but intense orgasm.

Egan ruffled the boy’s hair and congratulated him on a job well done. Nicky smiled, not sure if he was pleased with himself, or not. However, he had already established in his own mind that a few of his ‘gang’ members were going to be subjected to sexually pleasing him among other things.


After dropping the boys off at home and getting their phone number, assuring inquisitive Kyle that he was definitely going to get him laid by a girl as promised, he drove to Aarons place and climbed in the window to find him fast asleep. He stripped naked and got into bed holding his young friend close to his chest and fell deep into his own slumber.

They had been avoiding Aaron’s place, preferring the assured privacy of Egan’s room where his mother respected his privacy. Aaron would lie to his parents about whose house he was sleeping overnight at. It was mid afternoon when Mrs. Smyth was concerned enough to barge into her son’s room stopping dead in her tracks taking in the scene of the much older teen cuddling young Aaron, both fast asleep. She tried to resist her temptation, but it became overwhelming. Justified was her baby boy’s well-being at the hands of the legally adult man/boy in her son’s bed. She knew they had maintained a close relationship well after Kyle should have moved on to friends his own age. Moving forward to the edge of the bed, she held her breath hoping she would not find what she had found years earlier. She slowly lifted the covers exposing both naked bodies, Kyle’s leg over Aaron’s left hip, their groins against each others. The sight was no ordinary boy thing as Aaron once professed innocently the last time she found them in bed together naked “No big deal, Mom; –we’re both boys, DAH!”

Mrs. Smyth couldn’t help but notice her son’s flaming-red bum cheeks and the small dark bruises on his back. She was no dumb lady, she confirmed what she had suspected all along, her son was being sexually abused by Kyle Miller! Grabbing the only weapon she found close by, she forced the bed lamp from the electrical socket and began to beat Egan with it screaming like the mad-lady she was.

Egan awoke to the harsh reality and covered his head screaming in pain as the lamp stuck him elsewhere. He scrambled out of bed and held his arms and hands in front of him pleading Mrs. Smyth to back off. His full nudity only caused her more fury and she raced around the bed to beat him, the shade had fallen off and bulb had long since burst leaving shards of glass that cut into Kyle wherever it struck him.

Aaron awoke to the commotion, still very groggy from the drug overdose to see his naked friend being assaulted by his mother. Notwithstanding his own nudity, it took every ounce of energy to crawl out of bed and position himself between the two. Mrs. Smyth took one look at Aaron’s crimson red, sore looking genitals with obvious hickies applied to his groin and thighs and went ballistic all over again shoving Aaron aside. Egan had no choice but to jump out the bedroom window naked and run hearing Mrs. Smyth saying she was calling the cops.

Thankfully, Egan had stored a key under the left front wheel-well of the van, if Mrs. Smyth hadn’t called the police, his nudity in the street kneeling while trying to locate the magnetic box would most assuredly raise the alarm among the neighbours. He had never been more humiliated in his life. Finally he located the device, opened the door and sped off shaking like a leaf. He was more frightened than he’d ever been in his life envisioning going to jail on molestation charges. Egan didn’t go home although he had no clothes he needed to hide out somewhere secluded, his grandfather’s cabin would serve as a safe house until he could figure things out. It occurred to him that kept his Speedo bathing suit in the van, enough to wear to pump gas at his Uncle John’s gas station and put the charges on his dad’s standing account.

Meanwhile, Aaron was having it out with his mom and dad.

“So what if we were naked together!” he screamed, “I was really cold and Egan was trying to warm me up and we fell asleep. YES, he came in through the window, only because you don’t want him around, –MOM! He’s my friend and would never hurt me. These bruises are from gym class playing floor hockey, and the rash I got was from peeing myself and walking around in it all day at school too embarrassed to be excused to go home and change.” he lied, letting the tears flow for emphasis.

Mr Smyth turned to his wife, threw his hands up in the air in an “I told ya so” sort of way, said exactly that and walked away from the situation to enjoy his televised football game mumbling something about boys naturally sleeping naked after a certain age outgrowing pyjamas no different than he slept. He paused and turned for the last word, “You had best hope that the kid doesn’t press charges against YOU for assault, causing bodily harm using that lamp on him!”

His wife screamed back at him, “Normal boys don’t sleep naked with each other, Frank! They wear something out of decency!” she then screamed even louder when he was getting out of earshot. “Especially when one is nineteen and the other fourteen, it’s not natural, Frank!”

The frustrated man wanting the issue dropped, turned on more time to address his drama wife, “I slept naked with my older brother until the day he got married, Joyce! He was twenty-three, I was sixteen. –So put that in your pipe and smoke it, ya stupid bitch.” and for an encore he said, “Egan used to be like a son until you started getting on his case. He’s been like a big brother to Aaron all these years, ya oughta be thankful to him for keeping Aaron on the straight and narrow all these years. –Now, I don’t want to hear another word about it, GOT IT?”

Aaron had never seen his dad stand up to his wife before then. Perhaps he was avoiding the truth that his son might be a fag, Mr. Smyth did give that a fleeting thought at the time, but quickly dismissed it as ridiculous. The polite, decent boy had been nothing but a fine mentor and role model for Aaron, so what if they chose to sleep in the buff with each other. Case closed.

Egan was halfway to his grandfather’s cabin when his cell phone rang. It was Aaron, and he hoped it wasn’t a trick by the police to track him via GPS, he answered. Breathing a deep sigh of relief just when thoughts of suicide entered his mind rather than face the public humiliation as Aaron told him the details that that followed his mother’s rampage.

Egan turned around and went home for clothes and his gym bag for his appointment to join Aaron and his dad for a game of tennis, hopefully Mark would be there as invited the week earlier. Egan forgot all about his near brush with the law and began fantasising about Mark. Seeing the boys expensive, golden coloured BMX locked in the bike rack, he looked around and used his van key to let the air out of the front tire.

He met Aaron and Mr. Smyth in the locker room. The man was all apologetic as to his wife’s behaviour, hugging the boy standing in his underwear a little longer than would be expected, the man’s hand on his left butt cheek. Egan wondered if the heavy set man wasn’t coming on to him in a quasi kind of way.

Sure enough, they ran into Mark bouncing balls off the wall with his racket outside the court. He was wearing the same small shorts that revealed his buried treasures for nicely, Egan’s manhood stirred at the sight of the cock teaser’s crotch. Mark was pleased to see the group who had invited him for a foursome. Switching off every ten minutes playing doubles, Egan was happy when the flip of a coin matched him and Mark, quality time spent getting to know each other better as they sat out awaiting their next round talking everything from sports and girls during their intervals. Twelve-year old Mark was visibly embarrassed discussing girls, he pawed the ground with his foot as he admitted to liking one particular girl in his class.

Egan was blunt in commenting, “I bet you would like to fuck her silly and ya beat yer meat morning and night thinking about her.”

Mark turned red, giggled an insecure giggle staring at his feet, the conversation evolving in an uncomfortable mode. After the next set, Egan talked about blowjobs.

“They’re the best, dude. Better than sticking your dick in a pussy any day!” When they sat out awaiting their next round, Egan elaborated on the pleasures of a blowjob and how girls, sadly, don’t like doing that for guys. Seconds before their next round, he left Mark wondering if he heard right, “Guys give much better head, anyway!” Egan left the cliff hanger unexplained as he ran onto the court, Mark trailing behind. Egan called Mark over to the net, and in a joking way, suggested that that round winner would get a BJ from the loser.

Losing concentration, Mark’s skills on the court suffered as he reconciled what Egan had said. Egan’s game was intentionally thrown off, wanting to be the loser and paying his debt later in the van driving Mark home with his disabled bike. When they met at the net to shake hands, Egan leaned in and said, “Guess I owe ya one, dude!” and turned to run off the court leaving Mark in a state of bewilderment, not believing his ears, surely Egan hadn’t been serious in his foolish bet.

After the tennis match, Egan told Aaron to catch a ride home with his dad, that he had errands to run and would catch up to him later. He sat in his van and waited for Mark to leave the club. His plan worked like a charm, he had Mark and his bicycle loaded in the van to drive him home.

Except Egan didn’t drive directly home, instead he drove to the secluded beach at the lake and parked. Mark questioned the detour from his directions home; Egan replied that he wanted to show him his secret place first.

Parked a few yards from the lake, Egan asked, “Ya ever smoked weed?” as he began to roll a joint.

“No, — well, ya, kind of. My cousin gave me a puff once and I choked my head off.” he laughed.

“Well, this stuff is smooth, buddy. Not that cheap harsh stuff they grow locally. This is 100% pure Columbian Gold. Fresh off the boat.”

Mark didn’t want to smoke pot; however he was torn between right and wrong in wanting to impress his new older friend. “Great!” he said.

Egan ushered Mark into the back and sat on the floor. Mark sat across from him, his legs crossed like a bowtie. Egan could see a hint of darker skin up the kid’s left leg of his shorts where his smooth, tanned thigh ended and a tan line began. Just as he guessed, Marky wasn’t a big fan of underwear, Egan was certain that it was Mark’s left testicle peeking out. He boned up inside his own loose sweat shorts and didn’t try and hide his long testis hanging out the right side which Mark would have to have been blind not to notice.

Mark was impressed that he hardly coughed smoking the pot. A warm, fuzzy feeling came over him and he knew he was stoned for the first time and commented on it to Egan.

“Wanna try something even better?” He reached into a drawer and pulled out a bag of pills. “Ecstasy! Now, this shit will blow yer mind.”

Mark was no fool, he knew what ecstasy was, his cousin raved about it. However he wasn’t sure that he wanted to try it until Egan pushed it between his lips. The decision was made for him.

“Wanna go for a swim?” asked Egan.

“I don’t have my trunks.”

“Who said anything about trunks, –this place is secluded, buddy. Aaron and I come here all the time to skinny dip.”

Once again, Mark’s decision was made for him when Egan grabbed his arm and hauled him to his feet and out the van. The older teen then ran peeling off his clothes and dove into the lake. Mark stood in place, too embarrassed to take off his clothes in front of anyone.

“Come on, chicken. The water is nice. Or do I have to come over there and strip ya naked?” he laughed.

Somehow Mark believed that wasn’t a joke. Egan would strip him, so he slowly took off his shirt, shoes and socks and with every ounce of courage, dropped his shorts and ran into the water covering his junk with both hands.

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