Chapter Five


Chapter 05

Egan was pleased that his plan was going well. Get him stoned, get him naked, then go for the kill, . . . have sex with him. “Attaboy, Marky! Told ya the water was nice.”

Egan was indeed happy he was skinny dipping for the first time in his life. He liked the free feeling on his genitals bobbing around. He felt invigorated; so natural that he felt as ‘one-with-nature.’ He heard the birds chirping and crickets clicking. A wonderful aura surrounded him, and he was getting a boner for some strange reason. When Egan stood waist deep, Mark couldn’t help but admire the man’s body. His long cock floated, and seemed quite large. Mark let his inhibitions go, also stood waist deep, thankful that his erection had waned to only a semi state. The water added a touch of privacy, but nonetheless, he found it so cool to be carefree hanging naked with another dude chatting idly about nothing in particular. He felt older than his age of almost thirteen.

Egan feasted his eyes on the boy’s lower extremities. The water marred a clear view, but he could certainly tell the kid was circumcised, no surprise, considering he was part Jewish. The length was about 4 inches. If Mark had any pubic hair was an uncertainty. He was blond and surely were any his pubes that he had might have blend into his pale crotch. Egan took Mark’s hand and led him out of the water not bothering to stop and gather their clothes. Mark was somewhat surprised at that, they should get dressed before going into the van to smoke another joint.

Mark’s inhibitions returned sitting on the floor watching Egan roll a toke. He let left a hand hang nonchalantly over his goods as they smoked.

“Well, guess this is a good a time as any to give ya that blowjob I owe ya!” Egan snickered

Mark was perplexed; surely Egan wasn’t serious when he made that bet. “Nah, that’s okay. I won’t hold ya to it.” he laughed.

“I always pay my debts, –we made a bet and I lost. If you had of lost I would have expected ya to own up to it. A deals a deal!”

Mark never sealed any such deal, and he was glad that he wasn’t the loser after all. He saw Egan play with his big cock, watching it grow before his eyes. He didn’t know what to think, but the expanding cock was truly remarkable as it peaked at about seven inches and almost as thick as his wrist. Mark’s own cock reacted, as much as he tried to look away and think about strangling puppies and slitting kitten’s throats, he couldn’t help but look at the teen/man stroking his meat.

Egan didn’t wait for Mark’s approval. He moved closer, removed the guarding hand with effort and bend bent down to take the five-inch, dill-pickle thick erection in his mouth. His first close up was not disappointing, he knew that the boy was blessed with a nice cock and large balls just by the way they showed prominently in his shorts. Mark did have hair, blond, but was growing sparsely at the base of his dick in variable lengths, another phase of puberty that far exceeded the young Nicky that he had earlier and his brother who was well into a later phase of manhood. He remembered Aaron’s ever changing body blooming before his eyes, and had to laugh that he had ‘all four seasons’ in in different boys in a matter of less than 24 hours.

Mark was taken off guard by Egan’s direct approach in paying off his debt. He was nervous as hell, but had to admit the man’s mouth felt nice as did his hand manipulating his balls. Mark had been jerking off for about a year, only cumming about four months ago. although he enjoyed the self pleasure; dreaming of doing nasty things to chesty Marcie Zimmerman from school, when Egan pushed him to lay down, he began to think about Marcie sucking his cock, a fantasy he had yet to have about the pretty brunette.

Mark was in seventh heaven, Egan not only sucked his cock that beat the hell out of masturbation, he also sucked and licked his tender nuts ever so gently. When he felt the tongue bath going lower, he almost screamed aloud when it prodded his bum hole. Mark grasped the sheets and groaned which encouraged Egan to give the boy one hell of a trip besides the ecstasy that he knew full well was adding to the kid’s horny state of mind.

Egan decided to forego convincing Mark to blow him and move his agenda ahead. He flipped Mark onto his tummy and placed a rolled sleeping bag under his torso. He continued to drive the kid wild with his tongue as he lubed up his cock for a surprise attack. The very relaxed Mark never suspected a thing until he felt the sting. By then Egan had gained a few inches, his arms under the boy’s hips slamming him to meet his cock drilling deeper with every thrust. He ignored Mark’s protest, said something about the boy wearing his pants down his ass begging to be fucked like the cock teaser he was.

None of it made sense to Mark, all he knew is that he was being ripped apart and it hurt like hell. He struggled, but had nowhere to go, Egan’s arms already hurt his hips and the more he squirmed, the more painful they were. He started to cry.

Egan laughed, even little Nicky didn’t cry and took it like a man. It turned him on; he was truly raping a boy at last and showed no mercy, even squeezing Mark’s nuts to make him howl louder, music to his ears. Mark’s body went limp as a rag doll giving up his fight which caused Egan to pound him relentlessly, his own nuts hurt slapping Mark’s underside.

Egan had one of the most powerful orgasms of his life, his balls ached from the demand to produce more semen it seemed. He collapsed atop on the sulky boy when the last of countless ejaculates tapered to a slight pulsation still squeezing out fluid with a mind of its own.

“Damn, that was hot, buddy! You’re a great fuck, the best I’ve ever had.”

“Get off me now.” he whimpered. “Please?”

Egan obliged the request, pulled out and watched his cum drool from Mark’s asshole. He wished Aaron was there, he would make him suck it out. The boy claimed that he loved his cum, never wasted a drop when he blew him.

Egan wasn’t all that merciless; Mark deserved a decent blowjob for being such a good sport. He rolled the boy onto his back and orally stimulated him to erection after a long while. Once Mark got over things, he became a willing player once again. His cream was delightful, sweet as watermelon, thought Egan. His orgasm was also intense; Egan didn’t mind the kid grasping his hair with both hands as he came a surprising load for his age. Even Aaron didn’t come nearly as much.

Egan had a need to qualify that he wasn’t a fag. He asked Mark if he would like to find a girl to fuck with him someday. Mark needed a little mind boost that neither was he a fag, he told Mark about his dream girl, Marcie Zimmerman.

“Maybe we could pick her up and fuck her together, –ya know, rape her.”

“Fuck yeah! That stuck up bitch deserves to be raped. She won’t give me the time of day.”

Egan rolled another joint and they smoked it lying on their sides. He admired Mark’s body once again, his cock and balls hung over his left leg. By then Mark couldn’t care less about his nudity, and suggested another swim as the van was stifling hot. They horsed around, groped each other numerous times. Back in the van, Egan was hard.

“Going to do a buddy a favour?” he asked, wagging his big cock.

Mark was very apprehensive. That pissed Egan off enough to grab the kid’s neck and lower him to his crotch placing his erection at Mark’s lips. “Suck it, –you owe me one!”

Mark’s neck hurt terribly, the teen was becoming mean again and he had no choice but to open his mouth for fear of a beating. Egan released his hold, and lay back and savoured the sight of Mark’s mouth full. Egan took Mark’s hand and showed him what he wanted done, a simultaneous hand job in sinq with his bobbing mouth. Mark caught on quickly. Coming up for air, he vigorously masturbated Egan and then went back down on him.

On one of his air intakes, he asked Egan not to cum in his mouth.

“Sure, pal. I promise.” he lied, holding Mark’s head in place as he unloaded. Egan bolted up and covered Mark’s mouth with his hand and told him to swallow. “If yer going to suck a guy off, ya have to do it right. Cumming in your mouth is non-negotiable, . . . got it?”

Mark shook nodded his head and swallowed.

When all was said and done, Mark asked to be taken home.

“Sure, buddy. –How would you like to make a lot of money?”

Mark’s interest perked, although he felt ashamed of himself. “How much? And what do I have to do?”

“Sucking my cock wasn’t all that bad, right?”

“I, I guess not.”

“And ya liked getting a blowjob, right?”

“Yeah, so what are ya getting at?”

“I know some men that are willing to pay a lot of money for a cute kid like you.” Egan was putting his cart before his horse; he didn’t quite have a client base yet.

“No fucking way, dude!” he blasted, humiliated knowing what Egan was insinuating. “I ain’t no fag, okay?”

“I never said you were, buddy. But a hundred bucks to let some old dude suck your cock, or you suck his, . . . well, –talk about easy money.”

“No way, dude! My parents buy me whatever I want. I ain’t sucking anyone’s cock ever again!”

“Do you know Marty Stevens from school? Egan asked, knowing the answer.

“Yeah, the school bully, who doesn’t know him!”

“Well, what if he found out that you take cock up yer ass and suck them, too?”

“I don’t!” he spat, “You’re the only one, . . . you’re the only guy I did that with.”

“If I told Marty that you did that with me, well, really doesn’t matter how many guys ya did, the point is that ya did it. And trust me, Marty is my neighbour and he’ll believe every word I tell him about you.”

Mark was so scared that he visibly shook. “You wouldn’t, that would be a lie, you forced me to do those things!”

“Ya didn’t have to do anything, you agreed to everything, if memory serves me right.” Egan lied through his teeth. “You fagged me off, even Marty could understand that a blowjob is a blowjob, and to cornhole some guy who allows ya, well, –ya take it where ya can get it. Right?”

Mark was on the verge of tears. You wouldn’t start that rumour about me, would ya?”

“Not if you attend a party next Friday. I’ll pick you up around seven. Be clean. Oh, and wear something sexy, like those tiny white shorts you wear cutting yer lawn.”

Mark thought about that, he wore those old shorts rather than his designer stuff, and how the fuck would Egan know?

“So do I tell Marty that yer a fag, or are you willing to come to that party with me?”

“What do I have to do there, exactly?”

“Whatever the men want, –usually. The price goes up accordingly.

But I just want to show you off. Get their attention. I promise no one will touch you. Consider yourself as window dressing for a business I want to start up. Not to say that you won’t be having sex with men eventually, but it will be private, not like the orgy party, no worries.”

“I, I, I, can’t believe this!”

“Well little buddy, believe it. I’ll cut you in as a partner, open you a bank account so that you don’t have a lot of cash at home for your parents to find and question. You’ll have plenty of money to tale take Marcie out on a date, even buy her nice gifts. You’ll get into her panties before ya know it!” he laughed. “In the meantime, I’ll get ya laid by a chick, she’ll teach ya how to treat a woman so when the time is right, you lay Marcie, or any other girl ya set your eyes on. Ya gotta trust me, though.”

Egan had no idea how he was going to fulfil that promise; however, he would work that out later. Kidnapping and raping that Marcie girl was out of the question, she could identify Marky. He’d find another one for both him and Egan, someone older, as he said, to show the boys the ropes on woman pleasing. Hell, he himself could stand to lose his other virginity at his ripe old age of almost twenty.

“Guess I have no choice, do I”

“Not really, dude! –I own you now, get used to it. Matter of fact, your first customer waits you, . . . a very important one to me, –my father.”

Mark looked at Egan like he had a scary eye in the middle of his forehead. “What?”

“I want you to have sex with my father. It will be good experience for you. You’ll have to learn how to be a man-pleaser, and I can’t think of a better way than with my dad. He’ll be gentle on you, show you what men want from ya.”

Egan hadn’t even discussed his business prospect with his dad yet. The whole concept of it was less than 12 hours old, but a lot of thought process went into it and Egan thought it well thought out. Getting his dad a young boy to play with would be a welcome surprise.

Egan didn’t give Mark a chance to deliberate; the van was on the road in the direction of his house. He Mark complained that he had to get home and cut the grass, Egan ignored it. He would have to learn to tell a few fibs about his whereabouts, might as well start fresh. Egan promised to have him home by supper time.

Mr. Miller was watching a recorded hockey game that he’d missed. The man was a sports fanatic when it came to hockey, football and baseball. Even though he knew the end result, he watched the recorded game play. Egan never shared his father’s passion, other than hockey, he liked hockey. The two would hoot and holler, jump up and down at good plays and goals of their favourite teams.

Egan introduced Mark. Mr. Miller was already familiar with the object of his son’s desire. Egan talked of the Adonis boy, and his description was not far off the mark. The kid was gorgeous!

Mark asked to use the bathroom and Egan took the opportunity to fill his dad in on his afternoon with the boy, and he reason for bringing him home. Dave, Mr. Miller, was hard in an instant at the gift his son brought home to him. He couldn’t wait to unwrap it like a xmas present, knowing what’s inside, but not the make and model left for surprise.

Egan wasted no time. He unzipped his dad’s pants and hauled out his eight inch meat and went down on it. When Mark walked back into the room, Egan grabbed his arm and brought him down to his knees forcing his head down onto the large cock. Egan began to strip Mark. Once the kid was naked, he left the two alone and went to lie down. He was exhausted, having only two hours sleep before Aaron’s mother put a started beating on him. The ecstasy that he consumed all night and day keeping him alert had worn off.

Egan woke up at 8pm, found his dad naked in his chair watching a football game. Naked himself, he plopped down on his dad’s lap like a five-year old and cuddled him. Egan never grew out of that warmth and secure feeling. He wasn’t a fag, what he and his dad did together was manly shit, so was curling up with the man, he knew he was too old for that, but he loved it.

“Your little friend was a lot of fun, hot looking boy!”

“Ya had him, obviously.”

“Yup, got a blowjob and blew him. I drove him home in your van because his bike was in there. –Good job, by way, you took your old man’s advice and disabled his bike.” Dave laughed snuggling his boy closer.

“Ya didn’t fuck him?”

“Nah, he was scared enough when I took him into my bedroom. We just blew each other. The kid sure can cum!”

Egan laughed, “Don’t I know it! –Listen, dad. I have a business idea that I want to talk to you about.”

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