Chapter 9


A Marital Bed with Boys

Chapter Nine

I bought Jason that racecar bed. A formula-one exact replica of Ernie Smiths winner of two Grand Prixs, it even had head and tail lights that acted as nightlights for a boy getting up in the dark for a pee. A steering wheel close to the authentic looking counsel, and protruding wheel-wells gave it the appearance and effect any boy would die for. The number ‘69’ on the side was my added sick sense of humor.

I paid for the bed to be delivered and assembled it that very evening while his mother was at work at the bar. An additional $20 covered the cost of removing the shattered one. She would probably never realize that it wasn’t the same bed, I doubted she was all that perceptive about his room.

Nine year-old ‘Hook-dick’ Kyle was present during the assembly and was the test pilot upon completion. Perhaps influenced by Jason, other than his bucktoothed blowjobs, Kyle showed potential as a worthy butt-boy. With a little more ‘mans-on’ experience, he would prove his value to mankind, his tight little butt-jaws had no teeth.

Jason stood over us and I sucked his cock as he held his friend’s ankles high and wide while the battle began in the dark canyon below. My troop carrier showed no mercy at the resistance force guarding the passage. Several times we retreated, regrouped and forged ahead with renewed vigor, finally penetrating and pushing aside the enemy defences. Not long afterward, victory was won, greener pastures allowed minor contested travel to the DZ where the troops happily unloaded from the confinement of the carrier in glory of freedom.

The unavoidable collateral damage was merely Kyle’s whining, a few tears, verbal abonishment, and language that would shock even a sailor. But he survived. They always do, boys are resilient. Little Jarrod was an eye opener that a 5 year old’s rectum is perfectly capable of accepting a man’s cock which certainly gave me a clear conscience  in being less gentle and more assertive now on. They are not fragile China-dolls. The only thing that can be broken is their spirit, and after that, they know their place as subservient to men.

The race-car bed stood up to a rigorous testing, hardly even a squeak. In the morning I would ask Jason for the lanyard held key around his neck to make a copy for myself while he was at school. Late night and wee hour visits, mom or no mom in the adjoining bedroom, he would be at my leisure, and if Bugs-Bunny Kyle happened to be sleeping over, all the better.

No sneaking out the window fire escape. I left through the apartment front door and walked down the stairs only to meet what had to be his mother coming up with two very attractive young men for what I was sure a three-way. I wondered if she got off watching two guys get it on as much as Janet did. We exchanged nods and passed each other like two ships in the night. How I wanted to to tell the two 19 or twenty year-olds that is unsatisfied inside bedroom door number one, what was behind door number two offered a whole lot more fun.

I arrived home around 1am, quietly undressed and crawled into my marital bed where her 14 year old lover, Danny, slept soundly on the left. At least she had the decency of keeping my habitual side of the bed free and clear of obstructions. The bed smelled of sex. Pussy and boy-body odor. Like a locker room where everyone had been eating a sardine sandwich.

Waking up in the morning to my pee-hard cock being sucked by Danny was a treat. No doubt, Janet had persuaded the pussy-whipped boy into performing the act on me. I would have rather waited for Jason to drain my balls before school, the ten year-old gave much better head, however, Danny had to learn the conditions of sharing my wife while I was around. He’d already been sucking off his best friend Cory to please her, this would be his first time sucking me off, and without reciprocation. Just to add to his ego shattering solo performance, I didn’t plan on cumming any time soon.

A half-hour later, on Janet’s insistence, he was sharing my spunk with her in a French kiss. The least I could do was guide his manly cock into her nest where he seemed to want to reaffirm his masculinity and pound away.

I was a little late picking up Jason. He had already started walking to school when I found him two blocks ahead. I stopped the car just before the crosswalk in the student drop off zone, got out, waved to the elderly crossing guard and got in the back seat. Jason had crawled over the seat.

I stripped him naked, his hard little pecker already excited. Starting from his toes, I licked and sucked my way to his inner thighs, bathed his hole and tight testicles then blew him until the first bell rang. Flipping him onto his belly, I opened my pants, and wanting it rough, I spit on my cock, forced it inside and fucked him. Kyle got out the passenger door tucking in his shirt and pulling up his tie. I followed, tucking in my own shirt and doing up my pants on the sidewalk, I met the crossing guard’s eye, he winked, I smiled and winked back at him, got in my car and drove off. Boy lovers are everywhere.

I picked up Jason at school to give him back his house key. Being Friday, everyone was anxious to leave for the weekend and in no time at all the place seemed deserted. I chatted up Mr. Kimbel, the crossing guard, while I waited for Jason, who was later than usual.

Wayne was 61 years old and retired, I learned as we sat on the curb. He would get up once in awhile to escort a straggler, Jason being one, whom I told to go wait in the car. I didn’t beat around the bush and asked Kimbel if he wanted to fool around with Jason inside my car. The man was gaga, at a loss for words. I led him to the rear door, ushered him in and climbed him beside him. I motioned for Jason to hop over the seat, placed him on my knee and undressed him. I thought the older man was going to have a heart attack when I exposed the boy’s privates, rock hard, and asked him if he wanted to taste the forbidden fruit. Wayne was like a kid in a candy store, hands and mouth wandered Jason’s body still seated across my legs, his back against the door. He wrapped his ankles around the man’s neck enjoying the blowjob almost as much as the man giving him it. Kimbel was like a rabid dog growling and foaming spittle at his mouth. I didn’t have to ask if it was his first boy, but I did have to break him away from his delight as I had to pick up Egan and Troy at Forest Lawn, and hastened  Jason to give Mr. Kimbel a nice blowjob.

The boy scooted over, undid the man’s belt and pants and hauled out the thick, seven inches of slimy meat. I couldn’t resist the boy’s hole raised and beckoning me. However it seemed puffy, swollen and red. Jason had been fucked recently, very recently, a yellowish slime oozed forth, I didn’t have to guess what it was. That explained his tardiness after school. There was no way in hell I was going to suck another man’s load out of his ass, but it sure eased the way for three fingers, then a fourth inserted to the top knuckles, the closest thing I’d ever been to fisting someone. Damn. Did the rectum not have a breaking point? Like a rubber band would finally exceed its physics and snap? As if I needed more proof that boys could handle a man’s cock, they came with a ‘one-size fits all’ boygina!

Not surprising, Wayne blew before the kid could even get into giving his best. His head reared back, his hips raised off the seat  and instinctively secured Jason’s head with both hands and had what was most probably, the hottest fucking orgasm of his life of fantasizing about the erotica of actually having a boy. It must have been a hefty load as I could hear Jason gulp three times to get it all down. He slurped a few times draining the final dribbles and swallowed one last time before coming up for air and wiping his mouth with his forearm.

Wayne Kimbel couldn’t thank me enough for making a dream come true, and when I told him that I was sure Jason wouldn’t mind hanging around once in awhile after school in the man’s own car, he almost kissed me. I felt fantastic, I had made a man’s day with a gift that would keep on giving.

On the way to Forest Lawn Home for Boys, I asked Jason about his tardiness after school. Just as I suspected, he was kept behind by a teacher. Not Mr. Connors, surprisingly, but his gym teacher, Mr. Adams who told Jason to come to his office after he had changed. Adams wasted no time, closed the door and opened his tennis shorts. Word had certainly travelled among the school’s illicit pedophile ring whose motto must have been share and share alike, each seducing a boy into sex, each having their own style of achieving the common goal. I wondered how many more teachers and boys there were under the roof of Midland Regional Elementary that serviced several communities with a student body of close to 500 children.

Justin claimed that he sucked the man’s cock for a while, then was depanted, bent over a desk, and fucked hard. His reward was a bag of chips and a coke.

12 year-old Troy and Egan, 13, were anxiously awaiting me among other boys waiting to be signed out by weekend foster parents. I introduced the boys and told Justin and Egan got in the back seat, Troy sat upfront with me. Justin’s events of that afternoon had me aroused, and no time like the present, I pulled down my drawers and told Troy to suck his daddy’s cock as we drove home. He wasn’t overly enthusiastic about it, but knew what side his bread was buttered on and complied. Meanwhile, I instructed Justin to blow Egan, and lowered the rear-view mirror to watch the action.

The tone had been set for the weekend, should they have had any misgivings from the previous weekend. Quicker than I wanted, Troy was mopping up the spillage from his mouth with his tongue, a coy ploy on his part to keep from swallowing it had backfired.

As soon as we entered the house the boys were leaving a trail of clothing running for the pool. The pair of sneakers at the door told me Janet was entertaining upstairs. I was somewhat happy to see that it wasn’t the infamous Danny, but the Swedish boy, Sven, humping my wife like a banshee. I retreated back downstairs not wanting to interrupt their tryst, another young boy losing his virginity in progress.

I cleaned up after the boys and dumped their clothes in a heap on the patio, stripped off my own, tossed them all a cold can of beer and joined them in the welcome relief from the stifling heat. A game of joust with Troy on my shoulders and Jason atop Egan was enjoyed. Troy had the advantage of height, however Jason put up a good struggle to bring his opponent down, it was Egan’s knees that gave way, relentlessly, Jason held onto Troy’s waist in a bear hug and brought him down. A tie was declared and a less strenuous game of tag ensued, genitals being the tag point.

Both naked, Janet and Sven exited the house, the blond was every bit as gorgeous as I remembered him the previous evening. Perfectly sculpted hourglass shape, not at all intimidated being naked in front of three strangers, I introduced the kids. Janet jumped in the water and rounded up her two weekend sons in a group hug and kisses and gropes that no other mother would be as intimate, however, Janet wasn’t your average mother. I think Sven was convinced that Troy and Egan were our sons, the boys referred to us as mom and dad.

Janet and I sat poolside and watched the water-logged boys play. Her nephew Michael arrived through the gate and stopped dead in his tracks, then recognizing the Troy and Egan, gave them a friendly wave. Janet rose and ran to him , a prolonged welcome kiss no different than Troy and Egan received while she undressed him. He was a little shy, but allowed her to slide his underwear past his bubble butt until gravity brought them to meet his shorts at his feet. A handful of his genitals for a gentle caress followed. Michael was as beautiful as Sven. I couldn’t possibly say that one stood out over the other. He walked over and shook my hand and bent to kiss my cheek as all his family were brought up to greet loved ones.

The timing couldn’t have been any better, Danny, Cory and Carlo arrived soon after Michael. Not surprisingly, Janet paid a little more attention to welcoming Danny, who looked around at the obvious harem of competition. She must have sensed his disappointment, he could handle his two pals around, one was a fag, anyway, and I was a fixture to be reckoned with, whether he liked it or not. The blowjob he gave me that morning kind of reassured him that I was still in charge of his pussy-whipped, puppy-love lovelife. Wait until his ass is at stake for another concession in getting his rocks off with my wife.

It was going to be one hell of a boy-cock-fest orgy that night. How could one man be so lucky and with such little effort, and so many more fish in the sea. Friends of friends of friends would assure a never ending supply of horny young cock.

Time Goes On

Janet and I did legally adopt Troy and Egan a year later who brought their own friends home from school to meet the ‘rents. Janet fucked every one of them, I got the seconds. Danny, Cory and Carlo grew too old to satisfy our needs. Jason continues to be my favorite and best cock sucker a man could have. He loved men and he had more than he could handle. At last count before Junior High, there were fourteen male teachers, including janitors and a principle involved in the pedophile ring. Every year they recruited new boys to replace the ones moving on. Jason could attest to seeing as many as 40 boys, individually or two or three present servicing a men. The storage room of the gym offered the comfort of blue gymnastic mats, softer red lights replaced the bright white ones. Detentions were plentiful.

I still had the key to Jason’s apartment, but there was no need to sneak in after a while. I was fucking his mother on a regular basis, a long story, but gave me the option of door number one, or door number two. After a while, Anita and I broke it off, but cash here and there allowed me unlimited access to her son’s bed and body.

Last I heard, little Jarrod was fucking his mother on a regular basis even if Charles wasn’t present. Rick was getting blowjobs instead of handjobs in the shower, but refused to have the boy in bed with him and Sheila. He had his morals, I suppose.

My Janet became pregnant. Yes, a miracle child, father unknown until the 6 pound, 3 ounce boy was born. He was the spitting image of 12, almost 13 year old Troy, who had only started squirting a small, pale fluid at the approximate time of conception.

I accepted the baby proud and excited as my very own. We never told Troy that he was the father of his brother, Jordan. I started going down on the kid one day while changing his diapers, he might have been a year old then, a one inch erection. The boys loved their baby brother, too. They got a kick out of sticking their cocks in his mouth. Jordan would vigorously suck like he did his mother’s tit. I must say as well, it was erotic until teething, that is.

By the time Jordan was 4, Troy and Egan, 16 and 17, were fucking their little brother in tandem, anally and orally. I fucked him for the first time in an orgy with Troy and Egan when he was 5 years-old, although he had been giving me regular blowjobs starting 2 years earlier. He watched me and his brothers fuck each other as well as his mother many times. He lost his virginity to his mother at 6 years old. We had a gala party to mark the occasion, Jordan thought it was his birthday again.

We were a normal, everyday family with trials and tribulations.The boys got into trouble for a lax in keeping their room clean, lawn work, taking the garbage out, bad report cards, but at least once a week was family night in mom and dad’s bed, even when both had girlfriends. Janet and I both permitted the boys to take girls to bed. One or the other would bunk in with Jordan or us to allow privacy of the other.

Once, they fucked the same girl together picking her up at a party, Janet was away for the weekend at her mother’s place, not that that would have mattered, but the boys invited me to fuck the 15 year old drunken girl right along side them. I initiated a sandwich fuck, one son in her twat, the other in her ass. Condoms were insisted upon when they fucked any female other than mom, who became pregnant again with another miracle baby. Boy cum was potent shit. Their spermies could swim the English Channel.

Jordan had developed in some areas where it counted. Another ‘Janet’ pleaser, she couldn’t get enough of Jordan, 11 years old, who had a decent sized cock and could shoot a wad of thick white cream as tasty as whipped-cream, yet he had no pubic hair. A woman knows such things as timing, Jordan was the father. Another baby, this time a girl was born, Melyssa. Who knew that lightning would strike twice. Troy became a grandfather at age 21, but would never know it.

I digress. I caught Jordan licking the 9 month old baby girl’s tiny slit one day. I didn’t get angry, he had been licking his mother for years. He was startled, thinking he was in trouble. An open jar of vaseline and his exposed erection suggested he had far greater intentions. I calmly explained to him that girls were different than boys, knowing full well that he was sucking off and fingering the 3 year old boy next door that he minded a few times a week.

We brought our boys up to be upfront and honest about such things and Jordan had not long ago approached me and asked  if it was okay to play around with the toddler. Hell, he was played with at the same age, therefore who was I to be a hypocrite and deny his lust, warning him to keep it oral, both ways if he wanted, but, no fucking the kid.

He had been fucked by his brothers and me for years, it was his turn to be the aggressor. Jordan was going to do it eventually regardless of what I said. So I caved in and told him to bring Mathew over the next day, a controlled environment, under dad’s supervision.

I knew that getting him nude wouldn’t be an issue, boys that age had no modesty and especially poolside where Jordan and I set the tone by first removing our clothes. Matthew was uncut, not a surprise, most kids were nowadays, but I swear boys were born with longer, thicker cocklettes than ever before. Almost four, he sported a gherkin pickle sized dick in it’s flaccid state, when aroused it grew an inch longer, his foreskin pulled taught. I could see why Jordan was intrigued by the kid, but I didn’t want any part of having sex with him.

I was confident just by observing that Jordan would be gentle and caring, he was brought up that way. My only contribution before I left them alone was telling Matthew that Jordan was going to teach him big-boy things, and how lucky he was to have a big buddy to do secret things with.

That night, my boys, or I stand corrected, young men, celebrated Jarod’s first time taking a cherry. He would have a little fuck buddy for years to come. Troy and Egan slept with their mother that night, I bunked in with Jarod, the exact style race-car bed I bought for Jason many years ago. It was time he started bringing other boys home, and we needed to talk about that, it was his duty in keeping the family tradition.

Janet and I grew older and watched the boys marry off and have children of their own. Only Jordan and his daughter, Melissa, the apple of my eye who was growing into a beautiful young teenager, remained at home. The occasion of her thirteenth birthday was marked by Jordan, 25, taking her virginity in Janet and my marital bed. I was next.

Melissa would become very popular with the local boys, but she only had an eye for her brother (father), Jordan. She became pregnant at 14, gave birth to a boy, Jeremy, who suffered from A,D.D., but otherwise healthy. He loved his father and grandfather’s cock, lost his first virginity at age four to Jordan: the man still liked them young, and his other virginity to his grandmother at age eight. Both events were celebrated in the usual family tradition, a gala party with Egan and Troy in attendance on both occasions, less the wives. What they were doing at home with their sons was sadly kept private from moms. Janet and I truly enjoyed babysitting our grandkids.

The End

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