Chapter 3

A Marital Bed with Boys

Chapter 3:

As chance would have it, I saw little Jason walking to school as I was driving to work and gave him a ride.There was something exciting about having your pants open and getting a blowjob from from a ten-year old outside of an elementary school as yellow buses and parents dropped off kids. No one paid any attention to the man sitting in the parked blue Saab, everyone was preoccupied going about their own stressed-out busy lives. The old saying, ‘hiding in plain sight’ could not be truer.

The eager little fucker was on it like bees to honey doing his best considering the uncomfortable position of leaning over stick-shift. Sensing that he was a little confused, I explained what a quicky blowjob was, and not to bother with the added bonuses I had taught him. Hand and mouth in a coordinated effort soon brought me over the edge not having to tell him to suck until the very last drop had been milked.

I had a feeling that Jason would be sucking off many men in the front seat of cars for money when he got older. His eyes lit up when I gave him five-bucks to have lunch at the McD’s down the street, cleaned his face with a my hanky and watched him skip off with his book-bag bouncing on his back to join the other kids entering the school. I had sudden remorse for my actions, and that was forgetting to tell him to bring his little buddy around to the house for a swim after school!

Janet and I spent the evening going through the ‘Forest Lawn Homes for Boys’ catalog trying to decide what we wanted to order. There were so many to choose from, but we finally decided on six candidates, three of each, eleven and twelve years of age to arrange interviews with and determine compatibility. Of course, they all came with a no questions asked, defective return policy with a credit to select another.

Janet and I were fed-up with Chuck-E-Cheese after three consecutive nights of taking two boys out at a time for an evening. It was hard to judge characters and demeanors after only one session, but we opted to chance Egan, eleven, and Troy, twelve, and made arrangements for the second phase, a weekend visitation planned for the following weekend.

Cory was banging Janet almost everyday after school that week. I didn’t mind, Jason was blowing me every morning before school parked in the very same same school drop-off zone. I had even fucked him in the back seat once, that’s why tinted windows were invented. I stripped him naked below the waist and held his legs to his chest. Premeditated, I brought along a bottle of lubricant bought by Janet for my inevitable future boy-fucking, vaseline was messy, she decided.

Jason took it like the little trooper much easier than the first time. He still had pain on entry, but he seemed to relax not long afterwards. If anybody outside cared to notice, I’m sure the car was rocking. With time to spare before we heard the bell ring, I sucked my cum from his ass and sucked his cock, made arrangements with him to bring his friend Trevor over after school the following week strongly advising him to first get Trevor into fooling around together, assuring him that all boys do it!

Friday came around quickly, with anticipation I picked up Egan and Troy at Forest Lawn and brought them home. It was agreed that Janet would spend the night at a motel with Cory and his friend Danny. Janet was on a separate mission, her objective was to get the boys to suck each other off first before the promise of pussy was fulfilled.

Cory was a pawn. Well aware was he of Janet’s kinky male/male fetish, he would have been a fool not to have anticipated that possibility when he agreed to invite Danny along for an orgy with the woman he was fucking. Surely he was torn between wanting to please Janet for his own security, she wanted the three way, his ultimate friendship status of getting buddy laid, and finally, questioning his own sexuality in what he was prepared to do.

Janet had already pried the truth out of Cory that he and Danny jerked off together under the covers a few times, and that since Danny was a year older, twelve at the time, he could ejaculate before Cory. Fascinated, he maturbated his friend on a few occasions when his hand grew tired just to see him cum. However that was the extent of their play, no oral sex performed even though Danny had asked Cory to do that a year ago.

My mission for the night was to seduce the two young boys into sex, a task that would be made easier without female presence, having learned that strategy through Jason’s seduction. The boys took an instant liking to me. A large screen TV and Janet’s recent purchase of an Xbox bought for the occasion that we spent the afternoon playing, mostly it was them showing me how to play, followed by pizza and beer outside and a clear understanding that it was ‘man’s night,’ Janet was going to her mother’s for the night.

The boys of course knew each other from the home, but weren’t friends per se until that day. Both were polite lads, yet rambunctious at the excitement of our large home. The bannister became a slide, the long kitchen hardwood floors, a skating rink in their sock covered feet running, then sliding one end to the other; the playroom in the basement was equipped with a pool table and an old fashioned pinball machine; home theatre and stereo system that they tuned to some bizarre music station that I ignored the volume of until after they completed what have been a popular dance move, each in sync with the other.

They loved their potential future weekend environment with their potential adoptive home, a competitive factor instilled mentioning that Janet and me were thinking of adopting a kid their age, tossing in that one of them might be our choice.

After eating, I suggested a swim. Both boys informed me that they hadn’t brought swimsuits, Egan suggesting they wear their underwear. My suggestion was that we were all guys and the last one in the pool was a rotten egg. I stripped down in a flash asking the bewildered boys what they were waiting for? Each left a trail of clothing behind in excited haste. Two pairs of underwear discarded on the pool deck completed the path.

The millisecond view of their genitals could not possibly leave any final impressions other than Egan was hairless and Troy was sporting a small patch of growth no longer than a three days growth of my beard, a noteable dark area contrasted by his ivory toned crotch. I was going to enjoy coercing his young nuts to finally give up their nectar to a fluidal debut hoping that he wasn’t already spilling over his hand.

We wrestled and horsed around. The boys took turns riding my shoulders and being tossed into the water. An accidental, on purpose brushing of their jewels led to copping a longer feel that neither of them seemed to care much about. A game of giggling grabsies resulted, my cock becoming the favorite target, the more it grew hard, the keener their interest in it.

Especially Troy, who seemed to have a little more stake in the game when it came to feeling me up, even by balls fell prey to the occasional hand full. I was almost certain that the boys at the home, all in various physical stages of puberty would be made to shower together, satisfying a young boy’s visual need for not only peer group comparison sake, but also seeing the older boys, allowing for a peek of their own physical destiny. It was normal, so was his curiosity about a man.

Fair was fair and I started feeling him up shocked to find him erect. Our eyes met holding each others dick for several moments. Egan was still in a playful state climbing on my back oblivious that Troy and I were having an intimate moment together. I liked what I squeezed and fit perfectly in my fist, about four inches long, cut, the ridge of a mushroom-cap if my sense of touch was correct, and slightly thicker and meatier than Jason. Bedding Troy wasn’t going to be a problem, it was Egan that I had to focus on.

* * *

Meanwhile, Janet had Cory and Danny in the palm of her hand. After a few vodka coolers, Danny loosened up. Cory and her sat on the sofa cuddling and kissing, the boy was definitely showing off in front of his nervous friend, acting much more mature than she’s ever seen him, giving Danny the impression that he had Janet around his little linky, That humored her, and she played into it,

Sight unseen, Janet was not at all disappointed when the boys entered the motel room. Danny was an inch or two taller than his buddy Cory. His dark complexion hinted that he was of Mediterranean descent. white t-shirt fit like a second skin showing off his muscular upper body. The boy reeked sex in her opinion, how any school girl wouldn’t want to see him naked, suck his cock and spread her legs for him, she couldn’t fathom.

She let Cory’s hand go under her sweater taking liberties upon her braless breasts as they passionately kissed, her own hand opened his sweatpants and found his young genitals that she knew the feel and taste of so well by then. He was leaking his sugar-sweet boy juice that he’d only just started producing in volume days before.

Danny watched the live porno scene from a chair four-feet away, the smut flick on the pay-per-view television that Janet had selected soon forgotten when he witnessed the woman pull Cory’s waistband down to his balls and go down on his best friend, not believing his eyes.

Janet summoned the overheated boy to stand in front of her. Before she opened his jeans she could tell that he was a well endowed fourteen-year old. Seven glorious uncut inches as thick as an english-cucumber flopped out that she made a hesitant, but compliant Cory share with her.

Danny didn’t seem to care which one of them either sucked his cock or licked his large balls. Cory soon left his inhibitions behind and was doing a remarkable job servicing his best friend as Janet left him to it and leaned back to watched on in satisfaction that the night was going as planned. She desperately wanted that big boy-cock inside her wet pussy, however that had to wait until after she orchestrated both boys into a sixty-nine.

* * *

Back at the house, I wasn’t progressing quite as fruitful as Janet was. Eleven-year old Egan was in need of some attention yet. The best way to get his attention was ignoring him and paying more attention to Troy which heightened his envy and competitive nature as a worthy contender to win me over to become a weekend guest with the lucrative possibility of adoption. A play on emotions that I was willing to exploit.

Egan was apprehensive at first when I physically insisted on touching him inappropriately when it was no longer a game anymore. He swam away once in bewildered confusion, my attention reverted back to Troy, hugging him, his legs wrapped around my waist frolicking and bouncing about playfully dunking us. I was falling for Troy, wanting desperately to shove my tongue in his mouth.

Even though I could feel his hard cock on my belly and my middle finger was buried to the first knuckle in his hole. I deemed that kissing might turn him off remembering my own repulsion at the thought of it as the epitome of gaydom the night Jeremy and I fooled around together. Sucking his cock was one thing, almost easy to justify, but the thought of him trying to kiss me back then would have exceeded the boundaries.

Coming to his senses, Egan was back before long. If he wasn’t to be conformed, worst case scenario was putting him in the guest room while Troy and I slept together and replace him next day with one of the other boys on my and Janet’s list. No big deal, as far as I was concerned, they were a dime a dozen at Forest Lawn Home for Boys,

All smiles, Egan jumped on my side to ride my torso with Troy clinging to my neck. I already had the second knuckle planted in Tory searching for the infamous g-spot that came with no real knowledge of what to feel for. When his arms clamped my neck, I knew I had found it. Barely was the little lump conspicuous, I had passed over it several times before I narrowed it down, studied it for future awareness, driving Troy crazy as I explored the sensitive and secreted male erogenous zone in one of the least expected of areas.

Egan would not know that I had a finger up Troy’s ass and that he was enjoying it with his head slumped over my left shoulder flinching as I explored deeper, my wanting only the satisfaction of it before resuming the ticking of his prostrate. He was min

Why bothering to fuck around with Egan, I gripped his goods, the look on my face dead serious, daring him to swim off again. When I took his hand and wrapped it over my hard cock and held it there, he got the message loud and clear that playtime was over. The fear on his face was evident realizing that I wasn’t just fooling around any longer.

I shuffled Troy to my right hip making equal room for Egan to hang off my left side, his head over my shoulder facing Troy, I worked a finger up his tight hole. He squealed once or twice, but soon gave into my taking liberties on him. I was ecstatic supporting two boys above water with a hand under each butt and a finger inside them and initiate each into feel me up.

* * *

Janet had done well. As expected, Cory had sucked his best friend’s huge cock without Janet’s encouragement and had both boys strippped naked on the bed in a sixty-nine, tit-for-tat, Danny was expected to reciprocate and didn’t complain about it. It seemed all the two boys needed was an excuse to let their macho guard down and explore each other sexually. She thought how silly guys were yearning for blowjobs when, if they would only relax their egotistic straight attitudes, and realize the remedy for sexual frustration is right at their fingertips. ‘Interim sex,’ she decided to name it so as not to imply negative labels such as bisexuallity, simply a convienient way to satisfy means when conventional sex isn’t available at the time.

Janet wished that she had moved Cory’s education ahead and introduced him to her double dildo, the thought of watching Danny’s fat cock being stuffed into Troy’s virgin ass was erotically appealing had he first been broken in, something she wasn’t going to convince Cory of attempting at that particular time. Sucking each other off was a huge milestone and turn-on for her in itself. She had to remind the boys not to forget some ball play.

* * *

I decided that I had nothing to lose and no sense in beating around the bush laying on the line my expectations of them on the line. When asked if the boys knew what a blowjob was, they giggled. What a fool I had been not considering the strong possibility that with over a hundred young boys and teens housed together in dormitories, sexual activity would occur. Sure enough, Troy and Egan confided that they had each witnessed oral sex in the bunks at night as well as anal sex in the morning showers, or more daringly, blowjobs under the dinner tables at meal times.

According to their knowledge, many of the “lifers;” –older teens past the age of likely adoption who used weaker-spirited boys of any given age in what was known as “survival sex;” –sexual favours granted their ‘Guardian Angel’  for the assured protection from bullies. However, the “butt-boys;” as they were referred to, were often shared among the general population of lifers if his guardian angel approved it; close friends, poker debts, cigarettes, marijuana, any butt-boy was made available for a price.

One big happy family at Forest Lawn Home for Boys, and if the administrators knew about it, they turned a blind eye. I guessed it kept rapes out of the equation, and the nasty publicity out of the charity-driven institution. A few butt-boys sacrificed, and at their own free wills,  could only calm the raging teenage hormones confined within the walls of Forest Lawn. A good counter plan in my humble opinion. Forest Lawn, . . . rock on!

Neither Troy or Egan were ever forced into becoming butt-boys, they were not bullied in need of a guardian angel so far. I was very happy to hear that, not having to break any bad habits learned, I would initiate my own training. I informed Troy and Egan that they were not only going to be my butt-boys, but each others as well. Another big happy family, a weekend dad and his two sons bonding together. I made it very clear that the door to the left of my bedroom was a spare room, their decision to make a right or left turn when they were sent upstairs while I tidied up downstairs. Something told be that both boys would have made the right choice and I would find them waiting in my bed with a great deal of apprehension and fear.

* * *

Janet didn’t necessarily want Cory and Danny to ejaculate, it wasn’t important in the big picture. What was important was that the boys got a taste of each other’s cock and seemed admirably content servicing each other. Although at first they were awkward, each got the hang of it before long and she believed that the boys were doing it because they wanted to, and not because Janet was insistent about it. Cory and Danny had discovered each other and she was sure that they would have continued to explore if she walked out the door and left them alone. Her husband would be proud of her.

Of course, she wasn’t planning on going anywhere, Danny’s manhood was much too inviting to pass up taking inside her. She never considered size of great importance. She had had a few men of all shapes and sizes before her husband. the fourteen-year old being equal, if not superior in size.

Janet couldn’t stand the eroticy anymore. The boys had earned their just reward and let them uncouple and explore her pussy. Cory, taking pride in his experienced advisor role whispered to his friend pointing out the clitoris and what Janet liked having done with fingers and tongues. Face to face, the two boys pleased her to multiple orgasm.

When she French kissed each lad at her side with equal attention, she could smell herself on their faces. A group French-kiss had Cory and Danny competing for her mouth. Whether they realized it or not, their tongues lapped over Janet’s tongue as well as each others.

Janet desired Danny’s big cock and maneuvered him atop her. Cory took the liberty of directing the floundering, over excited Danny to his target. The fourteen-year old man-sized cock drove into her, she screamed in pain and pleasure at the sudden girth spreading her vulva with selfish urgency that she could not deny his virginal lack of expertise.

She wrapped her legs around his hips and let him have his way. The mass of the boy’s cock felt wonderful entering her. She decided she liked his aggressive roughness taking her, pounding her tight cocoon for supremacy to proudly plant himself to the limit and his futile endeavour to go deeper.

She had Cory sit on her chest in order to suck him off, his hands on the wall supported his effort to fuck the womans face. Janet knew without doubt that most women would never entertain the thought of what she was doing in a motel room with two very young boys. She wondered how many mothers lusted after a son’s virile looking friends and fuck her husband with that fantasy in mind. If only they knew how easy it was. Older women should teach young boys how to make love, what’s the harm in it, really?

Janet began to believe that incestuous relations of sons being educated in their parents bed could only be beneficial in the long run of raising kids in today’s sexualized world. She thought that in the very least, the Godparents named as trustees of children could step up to the responsibility of ensuring the practical sexual education after the schools taught only the basic theoretical aspects of sex that left kids confused and forming false schoolyard scuttlebut rumors of differing interpretations.

Surely, a sexually satisfied teen-boy’s instilled self-confidence would rise making him a better person and student in the end. Janet thought of her sister’s son, Mikey, and how at his ripe age of twelve, almost thirteen, could benefit from her and her husband’s mentorship. She had never thought of Mikey sexually until that moment. He didn’t live very far away and often came over to use the swimming pool. Mind you, her sister would never entertain the thought of her baby having sex with her, never mind an introduction to gay sex by her husband to keep the boy’s options open later in life.

Danny was giving it to her, sucking on her tits like a thirsty infant, his head being pummeled by Cory’s ass barely inches away. Danny hooted like an owl cumming, his thick cock felt pulsating the nerves of her vaginal walls. Cory came next feeding her, amazed once again at how powerful young boys ejaculated.

Over the course of a sleepless night, Janet was boy fucked seven times, twice she initiated anal, having both young cocks inside her. She would be very sore after Danny used her backdoor, but at least she relate to the experience when she had him fuck Cory and her husband at some later date.

* * *

Nothing could be finer than having two boys sucking your cock and balls. I was nervous going upstairs, a shadow of doubt came over me that both boys would have opted for the spare room. They were neck deep under the covers when I walked in. Two cute faces watched as I pulled down the covers off them in one quick sweep and climbed from the foot of the bed to meet and kiss their lips. Both boys were flaccid, however I didn’t care at the time, my needs would be satisfied first.

Troy and Egan were persuaded easily to shuffle down my body, each straddling a leg and first studying my swelling manhood and testicles. Twelve year old Troy took the initiative, his mouth gingerly taking the head building up the courage to inch his way down the shaft. Egan had to be told to play with and lick my balls, a second, more stern request prodded him.

I swear guys know the instinctive basics of sucking cock. Troy was doing a remarkable job with very little correction, He would learn to fine-tune his skills over time. Egan, on the other hand, was clumsy handling my nuts. Squeezing too tight and not getting the idea. I told Troy to give a little tug on Egan’s sack, the boy yelped, learning quickly how to handle another guys balls.

His tongue was smooth, licking my scrotum like an icecream-cone, up and down and side to side. Good enough; he would learn to gently take a testicle in his mouth and suck it some other time. Troy instructed him how to suck my cock as best he knew. I ignored the scraping of teeth giving him credit for effort taking me deep in every down stroke of his tight lips breathing heavily through his nose. Egan was determined to please me, and that’s all that really mattered. Once again, Troy impressed me in his effort of servicing my balls. I flinched a few times, but he corrected the errors of his ways and each testicle was mouthed as delicate as an egg with his tongue rolling over the orb. Troy would be an excellent butt-boy at Forest Lawn should he ever need to resort to the protection of a guardian angel.

I initiated a fun game of Russian-roulette blowjob. Not looking at who was on my cock at any given time, each boy counted aloud one to ten, shifting turns competing to get me off using hands and mouth. There was no reward or prize, only the sheer competitive nature of boys prevailed as I knew it would. My only involvement was holding down the head of the winner as I ejaculated. Egan took first place, getting a taste of cum for the first time. The game was a great ice breaker to relieve their tensions.

Pleased to see that the boys were sporting erections, I stretched them out in front of me to admire their smooth, sleek bodies. Egan, hairless, his three inches bullet shaped, and testicles tiny yet, but descending nicely in the first phase of puberty. Troy was into the second phase, his cock had started to define itself nicely, dill pickle size and girth, cut, as I knew already. His balls were fully sagged from his groin, not much different than Egan’s cherries, really, only his sac was longer and wider. I loved his seedling pubes, like grass barely reaching out of the earth for the sun. I expected his groin to be beard-like, bristly. Instead, the small patch was smooth as velvet.

I didn’t need to ask Troy if he jerked off, the little red welt mid-shaft from friction burn spoke for itself. A bit disappointed was I when he confirmed he could cum, narrowed down, I discovered it was a watery few squirts. Egan admitted to pounding his pug, but never orgasmed and didn’t see what the hoopla was that other boys attested to. I assured him that we’d coax his “spermies” into action before long.


Manipulating the boys onto their sides head to cock, their new-found oral talents were soon being applied to each other. Never being one to get another erection so soon after orgasm, I was rock hard watching the action finding myself leaking profusely. The sound of babies suckling on a soother along with small gasps for air and nasal snorts was all that could be heard. I knelt at Egan’s rump and played with the testis directly under each boy’s nose.

Lubricated left and right index-fingers soon penetrated the shallow distance to rub their mysterious g-spots, that I was still miffed to actually locate by touch, with very little resistance other than the natural rectal tightness. Both boys, having been fingered in the pool showed little reaction to my wanting to intrude them again, other than a few initial grunts while forcing their trap doors open.

The small, but noticeable tensing of rectal muscles indicated that I had found their hidden ‘treasure of pleasure’ zones. I could see Troy’s eyes roll back in obvious bliss sucking Egan’s cock with just a little more enthusiasm. He was ready to void and I was determined to watch it happen.

Disengaging Egan’s mouth, I masturbated Troy using my thumb and two fingers, moments later, he ceded to orgasm spurting skim-milk-like fluid that on impact, the three volleys splattered every which way off Egan’s nose before weakening to dribbles forced from his pink swollen slit that drooled and dangled a thin one-inch string of what could only be considered as cum yet to be thickened and whitened generated from his maturing testis.I couldn’t resist leaning in to sample the sweet tasting fluid on my tongue, then a wet-vac of whatever nectar stubbornly oozed from his shaft.

I used the same sneaky approach that I used on ten-year old Jason. Egan’s ass high in the air I licked and prodded his rectum until he was submissive and let his puckered hole relax enjoying the strange sensation. The eleven-year old screamed aloud when my greased cock spread him wide and forged ahead. Well aware that he would try to scramble ahead, his hips would later be bruised in clear definition of where my fingers held him in place.

Troy looked on wide eyed. I could read his thoughts how thankful he was that it wasn’t him being fucked spread flat like a ragdoll, Egan’s small body barely visible under the large man’s frame. I informed Troy that although Egan was to be our official butt-boy, his own time would come soon enough to experience not only myself, but boys of my choosing to fuck him. His gloating appearance quickly turned sullen.

Egan’s begging to take my cock out of his ass went on deaf ears. He would get used to it as Jason had in the backseat of my car after only his second fucking. Jason would beg me for it next time, the ten-year old loved man-cock any way he could get it. I actually worried that he would be brass enough to offer a blowjob to some man that he liked, a teacher, coach, or scout leader, thinking it was normal. I would see him again on Monday in the backseat of my car and made a mental note to explain to him that he was free to do so if he felt compelled, but never tell anyone about me if he got in trouble for naively barking up the wrong tree. I would have to teach him how to mildly seduce men first and wait for their reaction.

I had noticed a man of around fifty at the YMCA who appeared to have an eye for young boys as well, if I read him correctly. I would do the honor of pointing Jason in the right direction in order to make the man’s fantasy a reality as I had done for myself without anyone’s help. The man would be in for a treat meeting Jason.My testicles ached after draining the smaller amount the factory had managed to reproduce in order to christian his insides, no longer a virgin to men. On my order, Troy would fuck him next, on his back holding his own knees to his chest. Egan certainly appreciated the smaller cock pounding his boygina, his masculine spirit had been broken. He was still masculine in every way and I let him know that taking a buddy’s cock up his ass only made him manlier. He ate up that senseless jargon, he needed to justify things in his own mind.

I slept peacefully with my two new weekend ‘sons’ snuggled under each arm. I thanked the Patron Saint of peodophies, who ever he was, for my good fortune. The morning would bring more erotica of a three-way blowjob; me on Egan, him on Troy, who was blowing me, and soon was to get his first taste of cum compliments of his part-time new ‘daddy!’

to be continued . . .

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