Chapter 2

A Marital Bed with Boys

Chapter 2:

The oral tour continued to the sensitive area between my scrotum and rectum which he would lick down to my rectum with a flutter of the tongue, no different than he had been taught eating Janet’s pussy.

He was reluctant to go there, so in making it perfectly clear that it was not a topic open for debate, I rolled over with my ass in the air and made him eat my hole for a good ten-minutes. A lifetime of not knowing how incredibly wonderful that area of the male anatomy could be exploited for pleasure, Jason was going to learn to love doing it for me. Never would I think Janet could be convinced to go there, my taylormade cock-sucker would. What man wouldn’t want to train someone into giving them the perfect, customized blowjob where the protege knew exactly where optimized pleasure could be bestowed enhancing the basic act of felaccio. Jason would learn to suck my cock for very long periods of time.

He was doing everything perfectly when Janet called us for breakfast, I let him watch me jerk off to expedite orgasm that he cleaned up from my chest and belly with his tongue like the good little boy-slut. Sitting down to eat, not bothering to cover our nudity, Janet noticed the crustiness beginning to form on his face, shook her head at me in mocking displeasure using a washcloth to clean him. I shrugged my shoulders and dug into the pancakes, bacon and eggs.

Afterwards, dressed in his scout uniform, I got a stirring in the groin at the sight of him.Dropping him a safe from scrutiny distance of two blocks from his home, Janet and I proceeded to the Forest Lawn Home for Boys’ open house to check it out.

The virtual smorgasbord of young cock running around, all potential candidates for the “Weekend Family” experience, had Janet and me undressing them with our eyes. Asked what age we preferred, we could barely hold back laughter in the cynicism of the question posed by the matron. We already had a ten-year old and working on a thirteen-year old, so eleven and twelve would complete the succession nicely. `Yes, mam, we’d entertain the thought of opening our home and providing for two boys every weekend!’ Seducing two at the same time could be a challenge that I was all for giving it the effort.

We were given a volume similar to a high school yearbook to take home containing pictures and brief bio’s of the boys housed at Forest Lawn by convenient order of age. Janet and I could study it at our leisure and call the facility to arrange an appointment to meet our selected perspectives. Paperwork was completed, authorization of a precautionary criminal background check signed off, permission to inspect our home granted and personal character references listed, we were on our way home with what I named, the Forest Lawn’s “Pedophile Handbook.

The sound of the lawnmower was music to our ears when we got home early afternoon. Cory was somewhere finishing his preempted task from the day before, probably pacing up and down the lawn with a raging boner. He was just wrapping up the extension-cord when Janet and I walked out onto the patio naked carrying glassware and a pitcher of Long Island Iced-Tea, extra spiked, to ease tensions and inhibitions of all parties concerned. Although the intimacies shown the day before should have reduced much of the fears, there still existed the risky, uncertain process of how to continue where we left of. Our display of nudity exhibited certainly spoke volumes of Janet’s and my willingness by our actions,, however we weren’t sure how to initiate conversation.

I needn’t have worried, I was right about his woody. Janet stood and greeted him with a passionate kiss, running her hand over the front of his cut-offs and giggling like a schoolgirl. She assumed control, not pushing matters, like stripping him naked, when he was comfortable, he would take off his own shorts. He did kick off his shoes before sitting with us at the patio table. His t-shirt soon followed, then his socks. Slowly he was disrobing building his nerve over several glasses of iced-tea to be as brash to join his hosts in casual nudity as we chatted about everything but sex.

I liked Cory. He seemed down to earth. He lived for his little sister that he adored, loved his mom and dad and dog named, Barbie; his sisters idea, was an average student in grade eight; and he was exactly thirteen and-a-half.

When Janet asked if he had a girlfriend or a boyfriend; the blunt `boyfriend’ reference to her question was clear, however he seemed not to react to the insinuation that I feared he would think implied that his sexual prowess with her had been substandard performance leading us to question his sexuality, nor was he insulted, simply taking it as a legitimate year 2,000 openminded question, blushed and replied that he did have his eye on a girl, namely Janet! His forthright response was unexpected and made us laugh. As I hoped, he was infatuated with the provider of his first piece of tail. Things were progressing nicely. Janet acknowledged the compliment, as did I, quickly moving the conversation off the topic back to something mundane, like his favorite foods, our careers and his career goals. He spoke proficiently of his dad’s hardware business, thinking he may assume that one day, or become a firefighter.

He shimmied his shorts down in a seated position, still shy and well hidden under the tabletop, nonetheless, it was a sure sign that he was becoming more comfortable within his surroundings. His eyes often made fleeting contact with Janet’s breasts, but I had to admire his self-control and the fact that he was trying to act mature, manly. Good things cum to those that wait! He was a smart boy, knowing he wasn’t in control, we were. I asked for clarification sake, he got the jist of the question and replied that he had nowhere to go soon. Final exams study time and no school on Monday.

Pushing the pendulum, Janet asked if he was able to stay for dinner and spend the night. Not a problem, he would call home to say he was spending the night at his friend Peter’s, house to study. Parameters established. The mention of his friend perked my interest, but it was too soon to have him recruit a buddy, same as my future motives for Jason and his little friend. All in good time; yes, . . .all in good time!

We truly enjoyed each other’s company and had many laughs. Nature called and going for a piss over the rose garden together wasn’t near as intimidating for Cory compared to the scolding we got from Janet catching us and hollering from the kitchen window that we were not neanderthals and we DID have a bathroom. Ignoring her, I remarked to Cory that women were just jealous because they can’t squat to pee in a rose garden with all those thorns.

I caught his glances at my junk, and I made no effort to pretend that I wasn’t looking at his, telling him I had the right to inspect the cock that my wife was so enamoured with. The effect worked, Cory became nervous, flushed red thinking I was having second thoughts. Putting my hand on his shoulder, I put him in his place as to my allowing him to fuck her and telling him that that privilege was was conditional, that her and I came as pair.

The tone was set, if he wanted to fuck my wife again it was under my terms, as ambiguous as that message would seem to him, it would keep him on his toes to ensure that I decided things. I ruffled his hair in a friendly way and smiled leaving him to realize that he was pissing on his feet. I took an awful chance of scaring him away, but one that had to be made.

Janet set a large pepperoni pizza on the patio table that she had baked from frozen adding toppings of diced cold-cuts and cheese like she always did. Cory devoured most of it, chased back by a glass of white wine, the bottle cracked that chilled in an ice-bucket. He seemed to have put-aside our brief conversation, all eyes on Janet and her tits as we ate. They made googly-eyes at each other, Janet was playing the role of seductress well.

At first, I considered the pool again where, the previous evening, Cory came off as very vulnerable to submission to me. Second thoughts that he may logically reconsider my literal advances in the short time it would take to take him upstairs and spoiling the moment of submissiveness. I wasn’t willing to risk disrupting the continuity of willing participant.

He was tipsy from the wine but not drunk. Janet started flirting with him girlishly sitting on his lap to face him telling how handsome he was, nibbling on his ears, kissing his eyes and nose. Cory was ready when she moved to his lips, initiating a rip roaring necking session complete with heavy breathing and hands up and down caressing whatever part of the others body that a hand could find between their tight embrace.

The time was soon approaching to take our hot and horny stud service boy to our bed, he was primed. His cock would have been rock hard against Janet’s tummy and I didn’t want him getting any ideas of somehow slipping it into her well lubricated pussy from which her scent emanated that I could detect from across the table. She was charged with passion for her young lover and eager to teach him what a boy his age needed to know about women besides sticking his horny teenage dick in them.

Janet held his hand as we led him upstairs, his erection swaying to and fro with each step. The rear view was just as nice, his dimpled bubble ass shook like jello, and when he took the stairs, his low hung scrotum could be seen dangling between his thighs under his tushy. Damn, did we score well with him.Sadly, boys that age are naive to their own beauty.

At either side of Janet, Cory and I each sucked a tit and mutually fingered her twat. Unlike Jason, Cory was naturally curious about the fairer sex and more than willing to explore the mysteries of it. Following my lead, we kissed and licked our way down her body to the treasure he’d been anticipation. Janet bent her knees and spread her thighs to the maximum, the wanton bitch knew that she was in for a treat, the tandem effort of two eager males cheek to cheek and mouth to mouth excavating her pink folds with their tongues as they each had a fingers spreading her wide for the assault.

Cory didn’t seem to mind our rather intimate closeness on our knees shoulder to shoulder, hip to hip lapping away in shared saliva and pussy juices vying for the sensitive area of her clitoris. I resisted reaching under for his genials, however he did accept my right arm around him softly caressing his right shoulder venturing down his side and over his satiny cheeks where I remained with a hand full of flesh kneading it tenderly.

Janet was into her erotic wailing mode and clawing our heads moaning that she couldn’t wait to next take both her lovers cocks in her mouth at the same time for a joint blowjob. I wasn’t sure how she planned to do that, but had no doubt she’d figure it out. Cory’s lasvascious growl was comical, his first blowjob was on the horizon and within grasp, every teenage boy’s hyped-up, overly obsessive mortal quest that I believe even takes precedence over the desire for intercourse.

Janet and I had purposely reversed the order in sexual progression by most males, get the intercourse out of the way first in order to concentrate on the oral sex. He would have been much too frigid the day before to do much freeminded exploring as we were doing then. He needed time to first, dwell on exactly what unwittingly and unbelievably took place that day. His mind would play it out getting more excited of the possibilities that awaited him, guaranteed, he jerked off several times, and of course, he had fallen in puppy-love with Janet.

True to her word, Cory and I lay prone on our backs with our heads at either end of the bed joined at the crotch, our scrotums mashed together

between our wish-boned legs, his thighs atop mine, numerous pillows under each our heads to allow us to see our cocks mashed together in her hands and licked attentively before she hovered over and worked the mass of meat into her well stretched mouth.

I thought about Jason’s made-to-measure mouth having a much easier time engulfing our combined widths, –the mental note made for the kid’s future use; than Janets smaller one that somehow she managed to take several inches of without much dental abrasion. For a woman who wasn’t high on sucking cock, she was doing a commendable effort. It did become a burden a few minutes later and she resorted to blowing us individually with equal attention, however I knew that she was being unselfish for my sake and really wanted to give full pleasure to Cory which I couldn’t deny her, or especially him and moved up the bed to watch the loving oral rapture she was giving him. Yup, –she loved young cock, and young cock she would have plenty of as long as I got to enjoy them too!

The kid’s face was contorted, eyes squinted almost closed, but not wanting to miss a moment of the visual to be recorded in his memory for life. Cory began bucking his hips trying to meet Janets tempo, and as all guys do, trying to force that lustful extra half-inch of bone hidden beneath the surface. When his hands began to claw the bed sheet, I moved down to grasp his balls and watch Janet take him to orgasm then in a heated kiss, to share with me the warm sweet spill of his baby-makers.

We cuddled and talked about his experience and the pleasures of sex, reminding him how lucky he was that I was sharing my wife with him. When asked if he had told anybody, I already knew the answer to that when he earlier mentioned his friend was covering for him. Meekly, he admitted that he might have mentioned what he had done and was going to do again. I laughed aloud correcting him that he most certainly had gloated to the boy about it, I was no fool.

We learned that Danny was fourteen, and very envious Cory had got laid before he did, Danny actually had a girlfriend that, of course, didn’t put out. Janet, sharp as a tack, told Cory she would be willing to rectify the competitive inequity between the two friends. I followed up that Cory would still have the edge by arranging Danny’s loss of virginity, after all, what were good friends for except to help each other out? Janet had Cory describe his buddy, a difficult task for another boy.

Clearly, he was uncomfortable being quizzed about Danny’s physical attributes and used Janets left tit as a diversion before being pressed into saying that he `guessed Danny was a nice looking guy,’ and yes, he’d seen him naked a few times, and again under pressure timidly admitted that he `guessed’ that Danny had an `okay body, being a sports enthusiast and all.’

I would have loved to have asked if he ever fooled around with Danny, but Cory was very uncomfortable with the third-degree already imposed on him. Besides, if they had or had not fooled around, the chances of them doing so in the very bed he lay in under the careful seduction by Janet and I, would assure that they would eventually. First, we had to work on the matter at hand; Cory’s own cohesion into fooling around with another guy.

Janet pulled his mouth from her tit to kiss him and a hand down below to stimulate him. Boys don’t have testis, they’re actually `Ever Ready batteries for their built in dildos. Janic and Cory’s heavy petting became intense. I joined in for a group hug and met his hand play at Janet’s snatch. With a leg jack-knifed atop her legs, his erection rested a mere few inches from her nicely trimmed bush, the eye of it leaked just a bead of the viscous fluid that indicated to me his renewed readiness for sex. He was in no position to resist my physical examination of it. Still lip-locked with Janet, his eyes widened to stare at me intently silently telling me that I may have finally crossed the proverbial line of acceptable touching.

Not mincing words, I whispered in his ear that my wife was ready to be fucked hard by his beautiful cock in any position of his choosing, if he was up to the manly deed, giving his cock a squeeze for emphasis and somewhat dissuading his fear that I was coming onto him, perhaps he justified all my intimate liberties as some sort of harmless, macho, male camaraderie in sharing a women.

I left him to his own thoughts and devices and laid with my back against the headboard. Cory became aggressive with a need to display his masculinity to Janet, and impress me. Janet had remained silent all the while perceiving that I had motive. He climbed atop her opting for the only way that he familiar with, missionary style, and felt around to position his own cock ready to plunged into her. Janet closed her legs.

She held her infatuated lover’s bewildered face in her hands and smiled at him asking if he was open-minded to her needs for kinky sex. He shook his head wildly not knowing exactly what she had in mind, as if fucking a much older woman wasn’t kinky enough in his mind. Cory was very impatient humping her closed thighs and returning to suck her tits. She asked him how badly he wanted her, his mouth landing on hers to express his mad desire to fuck her.

She gave into his passionate kiss, running her hands over his body in heated lust wanting to allow him inside her inside her and and make love with the young boy so eager to please her. She told him how badly she wanted his virile young cock to fuck her and hinting again that she first desired something that would make her open her legs for him. She was driving him crazy, the kid willing to do anything by then.

Janet dropped the bombshell and told Cory that nothing was more erotic and turned her on more than watching guys getting it on together and wanted him to suck me off while he fucked her, otherwise he could get dressed and go home because she and I came as a package deal.

Further, she added that men were two-faced expecting a woman to perform an act that men found disgusting and weren’t willing to do themselves, as well, they loved the idea of two women getting it on, a double standard as far as she was concerned, and would have no use for a chauvinistic lover.

Cory looked like he had been hit with a shovel and knocked senseless. He knew that he owed me favors, hoping maybe to make it out in lawn-care trade. He also knew that he had a damn good thing going with Janet considering his age. The taste of pussy would be a hard thing to leave behind. He looked over his shoulder to find me smiling back at him, if he was hoping to find an ally, he was dead wrong, his eyes glanced down to see me stroking his nemesis, the deal maker, . . . or the deal breaker!

He didn’t have to verbalize his decision, a roll of his eyes in defeat said it all. I told Janet to open the vault, Cory had decided to make a deposit, and I helped him inside before laying on my side with my crotch at their heads and my head below their hips to watch the action. Janet was kind by bending her head to take me into her mouth first, minutes later another warm mouth covered my crown, encouraged by Janet, he took more length.

Not bad for a novice cock-sucker, his excitement fucking Janet along with her as an advocate vocalizing the cause, could only have inspired his please me in order to please her.

I figured that I had better cum in his mouth while he was enthusiastic before he purged inside Janet. He was close, I nutted. Whether he was too engrossed with his own building orgasm to realize it, or assumed that eating cum came with the territory, I soon came to realize that he was storing it to pass on to Janet who must have whispered her next expectation of him. Minutes later, he pulled off my cock and strained his head to his back to enjoy his own blissful state and drooling my cum like a rabid dog. Ironically, it appeared that he was cumming from his mouth instead of his cock.

The moment was ruined when Janet pulled his head down to her mouth, the splashing of their tongues was erotic knowing it was my load being expelled into her mouth as quick as he could to void the pungent viscous fluid. Little did he know that the taste would linger long afterwards.

Early morning, I gave him a blowjob while Janet sucked his balls. It was all about him and his pleasure, a reward for being so compliant and to assure him that I, too, sucked cock with zeal hoping that I was outperforming Janet. Cory’s was my first real taste of cum direct from the source, I was hooked on it thereafter.

I showered and went off to work leaving the two of them to do whatever they wanted, I couldn’t blame Cory, who all but handed me my briefcase on my way out the door, happy to see me gone. Janet didn’t have a house showing until three o’clock, it would allow her plenty of time alone to fuck him and, as we agreed, talk him into bringing his friend over some day.

to be continued . . .

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