Chapter 1

A Marital Bed with Boys

Chapter 1:

I was slowly giving it to my wife, Janet. Slowly at first, as we enjoyed talking when we were making love. We talked about our day’s events, mostly. We were both twenty-eight and newlyweds after a very short courtship. There were no secrets among us, she knew of every girl or woman I screwed beginning at the ripe young age of thirteen losing my virginity to my mother’s best friend, thirty-two year old Debra, who secretly taught me all I needed to know about sex, and then some on the many occasions her hubby was out of town.

She seemed to get off having me describe that particular sexual education in great detail. Getting head for the first time, sucking tits, licking pussy, and of course, intercourse. She was quite inquisitive about pubescent development, cock size, discovering masturbation and then orgasm, fantasies in doing so, progressive quantity of ejaculation.

That night was no different, however, she asked me if I had ever had sex with another guy. I hadn’t thought about it in many years, but yes, I confided that my best friend Jeremy and me fooled around one night after getting hammered on his father’s homemade wine when we were twelve.

Both ashamed the next day, we never did it again less talked about it. Jeremy even pretended he didn’t remember anything from the previous evening. Janet wanted to know every detail about what we did that night. How big Jeremy’s cock was, if he had pubic hair, could he orgasm, what his cock and semen tasted like. For some strange reason, it turned me on reflecting on that episode causing my cock to swell just a little harder. Janet felt it as well, clamping me tight.

When Janet asked if I enjoyed it and would have done it again if Jeremy hadn’t gotten cold-feet, without a moment’s hesitation, I spat out that yes, I would have. Her next question I had to think about how honestly honest I could be discussing homosexuality. She pushed the subject a little farther and inquired if I had ever thought about guys since then.

A gut feeling told me she wanted a positive answer, somehow that revelation I thought would make for a great fuck afterward, deciding to capitalize on her apparent infatuation with young boys, I saw no harm in heightening her excitement relaying that I looked at and fantasized about the young boys in the change-room and showers at the YMCA that I frequented several times a week, and truth be known, sweetheart, I thought about them when fucked you!

Our sex turned heated, she had me describe the young smooth bodies and genitals of boys ten to thirteen and came wildly screaming that she wanted to take a young boy’s virginity and watch me do the same. The thought of that three-way blew my mind and my nuts, probably one of the most intense orgasms of my life. I remained erect and we fucked again discussing what we do to our fantasy boy indiscriminate of age that turned into multiple boys seduced in succession of ages ranging from nine to thirteen. It was all harmless fantasy that mother-nature graciously allowed us humans the luxury of.

I was virtually hairless, a tuft between the pecs and a trail from my navel that flourished at my crotch. The following night I shaved it all off in the bathtub, asshole and all. Standing at the mirror, and not overly endowed with a three inch flaccid penis that fully aroused, maxed at six slender inches. I looked like a tall twelve-year old boy all over again. I surprised, and got the best blowjob from Janet that night, who wasn’t normally keen on performing the act for any great length of time. After one year of marriage, she tasted her man’s juice for the first time.

We first rolled played, me as an eleven year old and as my pubes began to grow back in, as did my roll-playing age. We explored many different ways to seduce a meek and mild naive boy into a sexually aggressive teen. Janet bought the coolest silicone double dildo complete with balls. She had to shop around the sex stores to find just the right size replica of boy-cock to play the role of Jeremy or any other neighborhood kid that we eyed and fantasized about. I sucked it, got fucked by it, jerked it off as I took her anally; a concession she made and later learned to enjoy, all the while, one end was planted inside her. Our sex life had never been more frequent or better.

Fantasy turned into joking discussions of finding the real flesh and boned warm body. A neighborhood teen hired to cut the grass was thirteen and drop-dead gorgeous. He must have cherished his cut-off jean shorts that seemed to fray considerably and get smaller up the thighs and tighten on his body from the previous summer when he wore them. His basket was prominently displayed, perhaps three inches of cock slightly bulged the denim on the left side, and prominent orbs inflated the lower right seam. Upon close curious inspection, Janet and I both established that the boy was circumcised, not that we had any preference one way or the other, it really didn’t matter what the candy inside the attractive wrapper looked like, it would taste delicious all the same.

Cory became our dream-boy. Every Saturday afternoon we’d lay by the pool and ogle him. Our imaginary three-ways improvised by me fucking Janet and her simultaneously using the dildo on me as if he was kneeling behind me.

Janet was a petite woman looking many years younger than her age. Her rack only complimented her beauty. In a bikini she was a knockout, exactly the attire needed to try and seduce Cory. I wore a pair of undersized Speedos that left nothing to the imagination, not that I thought the boy was queer, it was simply window dressing hoping that we both reeked sexually as we lay on the pool deck and cuddled and kissed getting carried away knowing Cory was within eyesight mowing the lawn.

The thought of fucking my wife right there and then in front of the kid was almost too much to bare. It may have ruined our well thought out and well-rehearsed master-plan of seduction. However, my hard aching cock encased in my shrink-wrap-like swimsuit was part of the scheme and timed perfectly as he pushed the mower within close proximity and I rose nonchalantly to take a dip in the pool. That turned me on so much that I felt my nuts stirring ready to explode when he couldn’t help but notice and gave it a momentary appraisal and secondary gander at Janet sprawled out on the towel, her legs spread wide with her bottoms tightly molded into a camel-tongue appearance and her tits overflowing her top. It couldn’t have been better orchestrated, He knew I caught him as his face flushed red, smiling at him face to face until he picked up his pace to resume cutting the grass. I knew in my heart that Cory was going to go home and would jerk-off that night.

That night, I played the role of Cory pounding his pug in his bed while Janet erotically described his bedroom; Star Trek posters plastering the walls, a racing-car bed, model airplanes hanging from the ceiling; puzzles and game sets and books cluttering shelves, and a crusty cum laden white sock within his reach. I pictured it all in my imagination. I was inside Cory’s body blasting semen to my forehead as jettison after jettison weakened and splattered my neck, chest, stomach and finally dripping off my hand onto my crotch. Memories of that prowess youthful time of my life relived that I tried to explain to Janet who, as I, was astonished at the velocity and distance my cum travelled.

She wiped up the mess with the dildo, stuck her end inside herself and I went down on it with Janet mimicking a boy writhing in ecstasy telling me he was cumming. The taste of my own cum thick and slimy reminded me of Jeremy’s load, a boy of advanced state of puberty, and the only jizz I had ever tasted before my own and not remembering enough to make any comparison. I was bound and determined to taste Cory’s cum thereafter.

Janet wasn’t home one night that week, a real estate agent, she kept odd hours. On the table was a newspaper obviously opened and folded over for my perusal. It was an ad published by ‘Forest Lawn Home For Boys’ pleading for bleeding heart Samaritans to open their homes to orphaned boys aged ten to sixteen, minimal one weekend a month in order to give them a sense of family values while they were housed in limbo awaiting placement in adoptive homes. I never had to guess for a second why the ad was so conveniently left for me to find. She had yellow highlighted the ages ten, eleven and twelve and drawn a happy-face around it. Re-reading the ad, my cock stirred once, twice, three times until I was fully erect at the potential opportunity blatantly staring me in the face.

I had already caught myself staring at youngsters. The YMCA offered day and after-school care. Six, seven and eight year olds running around naked in the locker room without a shred of modesty. That age of total innocence playing grabsies, unencumbered by shyness that was yet to be instilled in their brains by parents.

Being the only male adult around at that time of day, my casual naked presence in the showers didn’t go unnoticed by many young lads, natural boyhood curiosity of the adult genitalia. Some went on along on their merry business, others lingered to gawk. I presumed it was those boys who didn’t have fathers or older brothers, seeing the matured male anatomy for the first time and visibly mesmerized by it. Especially when I prompted an erection to fill their eyes in awe just for the hell of it.

I could never do anything that young beyond enjoying the perverted experience of being an exhibitionist, I convinced myself. It was just funny shit. When I mentioned it to Janet during the short strokes after talking about Cory, she blew me away telling me to take one somewhere private and give him a blowjob and convince him to return the favor. Every day she pestered me during sex asking why I hadn’t taken advantage of opportunity to at least try it with a young boy.

That Friday afternoon, I waited patiently in the shower for one particular boy of about nine. He had been my biggest fan all week, his eyes darting up and down shyly smiling at me when I would meet his eyes. I convinced myself that he wanted me, why else would he not run to play in the pool with his friends? Long brown unruly hair in bad need of a trim. Wide hazel eyes, a pug nose and an unnaturally wide mouth that I had told Janet was made for sucking man cock.

I summoned him closer, knelt on one knee basically telling him how bad he wanted to feel my man cock and that I would allow him to do so if he wanted. Like taking candy from a baby, he followed me into the private handicap shower stall. I placed one of his hands on my balls, the other I rapped around my dick leaving him to play at his leisure for a while. He kept looking up at me shyly, but his smile told me that he was enjoying it just as Janet said he would.

I knelt on both knees and shimmied down his wet trunks telling him it was my turn to see and play with his boy-cock. Surprising as hell, he was three inches hard, thick as my thumb, uncut with a foreskin still shielding his glans. He was going to be a lady pleaser one day. I let him know how big and beautiful his cock was, there was a pride displayed on his face learning that, must be a guy thing, I thought.

It was like silk to the touch. His not so small scrotum encased grape-size delicate orbs still prematurely tight to his groin. I tenderly took them both in my mouth to roll my tongue over. I could literally feel the sac expanding and extracting in my mouth, it would be a few years before they finally dropped, but I had to wonder if he wasn’t going to blossom into early phase of puberty at age ten or eleven.

I reluctantly forced my mouth off his cock, time was of the essence fearing he would be missed by the care staff. I stood, propping him up by his underarms onto the high-placed seat. Crotch level, I placed his hands accordingly and pointed my salivating cock at his lips and told him to do to me what I did for him. I was ecstatic when his wide, made to measure mouth opened without further instance for me to slowly bury my modest-size cock to the point where I knew it would choke him if I forced him. Remarkably satisfied with four inches, told to close his mouth around it, teeth an accepted novice sacrifice on my part, I fucked his mouth for exactly thirty-seconds estimated by thrusts.

Like a trooper, as if knowing what was expected of him, he swallowed every drop of what I told him was baby-making man-milk he was tasting and not piss which he seemed to come to terms with and suck me until I freed his head of the obligation. I cleaned up his mouth and slipped on his bathing trunks unable to resist the urge to give his still hard dick a few pulls and a quick suck advising him that lots of older boys and men secretly sucked each other’s cocks and that he was one of the best cock-suckers I ever had. He beamed ear to ear with pride. Asking if he wanted to meet up again the following week for more fun, he eagerly agreed. I learned his name was Jason, and with a pat on his bum, sent him off to find his friends

Janet came home early that evening and I could not wait to tell her I scored. We fucked in the hallway as I detailed the boy’s cock and nuts and what we did. She went into spasms orgasming telling me to find a way to bring him home so as we could take his virginity. Younger than I thought she would want sex with, I had to agree with her that Jason’s cock could very well please a woman if shown how to use it, and it would fit snuggly up my ass. My only concern left to chance then was if he could take my manhood without rectal damage. I agreed to find a way to bring him home.

The next day was Saturday. Three hours of Cory in his short-shorts and mowing our lawn topless, on schedule as usual. Screw the seduction agenda, point blank I told him how obvious it was that he wanted to fuck my wife. Laughing, I and told him that I had no problem with it. I had unplugged the lawn mower gaining his full attention with nothing else to do but stand there or run away scared.

He went ten shades of red, couldn’t look me in the eye and his feet moved in a slow nervous dance.

And scared he was when I took him by the arm and led him to the patio. Janet was lying topless and smiled up at him. I tried to reassure him patting his back, my hand lowering to his ass for a manly squeeze and a wink of the eye giving him permission and courage to go to the women with the outstretched arms inviting him down. The usual flaccid cock to the left was at a ninety-degree angle in his shorts, his balls obviously fell somewhere below or had got sucked into his groin, his erection needing the excess skin that prevents some guys from hanging when fully aroused.

I peeled off her bottoms dragging Cory down to his knees. Legs spread, her lips glistened in the sun wet with anticipation of desire for the young cock that she secretly wanted. I didn’t care about myself, no sense scaring him away if he took my advances poorly. I had a fantasy fulfilled the day before, it was her time to enjoy a a young piece of virginal meat. I wanted nothing other than to see him naked and get his first lay as I had from an older woman. A pussy whipped desire for more visits, Cory might easly be cohersed into bisesuality if Janet encouraged it.

Oh, how the kid was naive. Lying atop Janet, she told him to open his mouth to kiss. As if he was at a dentist office, he opened wide. We laughed at the innocence but not in a condescending way. Janet had him lip locked and sucking tongues in no time.

I took his head away and planted it on her left tit, I took the right nipple. Together we slurped and nibbled, him paying close attention to my expertise. I took the heated opportunity to unsnap his shorts. Not once did he display unease, even when I slid my hand inside to cop an innocent feel and found the tell-tale signs that he had already creamed himself at some point.

I let him continue to tittie suck, content as he was, and hauled off his skin-tight shorts with great effort. His milk-white cheeks opened and closed periodically exposing the his pink virgin folds. Rimming had never occurred me before, but I could imagine how pleasurable it would be on a boy and Cory’s puckered hole was begging to be tongue fucked, I made a mental note to give Jason a special treat and take advantage of his gullibility to return the favor so as I could experience the curious sexual act for myself.

Cory groaned when Janet found his cock between their bellies. I clearly remembered being touch for the first time by Jeremy and then more lovingly by Debra. There was just something totally mind-blowing about that first sensation of being fondled by a hand other than your own and Cory was experiencing that historical moment of erotica that would stay with him forever.

I shucked my skimpy swimsuit taking the opportunity to steal a glance between his thighs and saw Janet’s fingers massaging his loose and fluid pink sac, her painted nails only a shade darker tantalizing Cory’s cherry-size testis. However his cock was still a visual mystery to me.

Cory, panting like a dog, began to dry hump Janet. I could see her elbow peeking out from between them vibrating. Obviously, she had grasped his cock to masturbate him giving him something firm to fuck. Cory reared back his head in absolute bliss. I hoped he would hold off long enough for another historical event in his life, the losing of his cherry to a woman twice his age.

I had maintained silence thus far keeping a low profile so as not to possibly intimidate him with my presence. That silence was broken when I leaned into his face and asked him if he was ready to stick his cock in my wife’s cunt and please her. He was trembling in anticipation unable to form words and shook his head. Spittle formed at the corners of his mouth and snot began to leak from his nose. Janet and I had already agreed that I would be the one to position any boy’s cock and watch him slide into her.

If Cory was at all apprehensive when I lifted him onto all fours to hover over Janet who wrapped her legs around the boy’s hips, he never complained even when I manhandled his tool giving it a few strokes before aiming and letting him make the final plunge and lay upon Janet and fuck his brains out. Finally, I got to see the boy’s full package. A sleek five inches of cut cock no thicker than a broomstick, not bad for thirteen years old. It would have been easy to count the pubic hair above his base, some long and curly, others barely breaking the skin. I will admit, I was concerned about the possibility of a boy half my age out sizing my own in self-conscious shame, happy to see that I could maintain a sense of dignity. What man wouldn’t be intimidated by that in front of his wife?

Taking advantage of his lustful state of desire, I chanced reaching under his ass to fondle his nuts keeping a close eye ready for a negative reaction. Just as I thought, in the heat of the moment he could care less that another guy, an adult man nonetheless, was feeling him up.

Janet boosted the kid’s ego screaming over and over how nice his big cock felt inside her. Her nails dug into his ass cheeks and back never being one to hold back vocalizing pleasure or caring who was in the next room to hear it. It was always good for my ego whenever overheard. She was not faking orgasm, I could feel the wetness at the base of Cory’s cock and hear the sloppy sound as he Her fantasy had become a reality.

Most men would be aghast at their wives screwing young boys, but then again most wives would be aghast knowing their husbands desired and molested prepubescent young boys. The perfect marriage, in my humble opinion.

Cory finally succumbed. I had to admire his stamina, although he had already blew a load in his shorts. I watched his ass quiver and felt his nuts retract and tighten ever so slightly. Exhausted, he collapsed with his full weight on Janet. She kissed him passionately despite the snotty mess flowing down his upper lip. The scene added to the reality of his youth.

I permitted him a few more minutes of prowess pride and delight as his cock voided the last remnants of his semen. Pushing him aside, I went down on Janet to savor the mixture of their orgasms. Cory watched on covering his jewels with his hands in post-climatic modesty coming down from his devil-may-care lust and erotica. He was only too happy when Janet forced his head to suck her tits, rolling into her side with his genitals safely hidden from view.

I believe it might have been his first good look at his competition’s genitalia exposed to him longer than it should have taken to bury myself where he left off. Encouraging was the straining of his eyes with a nipple in his mouth

in order to ogle my goods. Whether he was impressed or disgusted was anyone’s guess, time would tell.

After i was spent atop Janet, I convinced the reluctant kid to cool off in the pool with Janet and me. He relented, but remained self-conscious of his nudity. Janet assured him that he had a beautiful body to show off, I concurred that he had nothing to be ashamed of and could put many men to shame. I believe what eased him was when I compared my flaccid cock as not much larger than his own, hell, he even had longer pubic hair, I laughed, mine still growing back. Cory let his guard down, still remaining somewhat timid and joined us for a swim.

I didn’t mind in the least when he and Janet flirted, kissed and touched each other. I wanted him to feel comfortable about it all and keep him coming back for more. Unfortunately, Cory had to leave. His parents were going out for dinner and he had to look after his little sister but would return the next day to finish mowing the lawn said with a sparkle in his eye. In a group hug, he and I took turns kissing Janet passionately. At one point our faces were pressed together with our tongues competing for hers. I dared running a hand down his back as Janet had done to squeeze his cheek, his cock was hard again felt brushing my left thigh. I pushed his ass into my side to feel it mashed against my leg. Not a moment of reluctance displayed as he and I were all but literally kissing each other as we kissed Janet. My seduction of Cory was moving along quicker than expected. He was definitely warming up to me. He had to if he wanted Janet.

Janet had a sudden house-showing appointment for six-thirty. I opened a bottle of wine and sat naked on the patio enjoying the warm evening when the doorbell interrupted my solitude. Wrapping a towel around my waist, I went to see who it was. I almost keeled over when there stood Jason dressed in a scout uniform. He was selling chocolate bars for his troop’s fundraiser and just as stunned to see me as I was him. I invited him inside for a coke telling him I would buy the whole box. On second thought, I winked at him and slyly asked if he would prefer to share a bottle of wine man-to-man if he didn’t tell anyone.

Of course he was elated at being treated much older and sat with me like a little man as I asked questions about him. I learned that he didn’t live very far away, didn’t have a father, as I suspected, and that his mother worked as a waitress at a local pub I had noticed but never stopped into. I couldn’t believe that she left him alone at night until two or three; to his own defence, I learned he was actually ten-years old as of three days ago, he was certainly small for his age.

The thought of slowly stripping his cute little scout uniform from his body and kissing and picking every part of him had me rock hard. I lifted the towel and showed him how happy I was to see him again asking if he was equally pleased seeing me, as well. He was quick on his feet when I asked him if he wanted to come over and suck me off again. In a standing position, he leaned the short distance holding my cock upright to his oddly shaped wide mouth and went down. Slouching on the deckchair with my legs spread to allow him full access and having time on my side to properly teach him the fine art of sucking man-cock and added attentive oral ball-play into the equation. Jason was a quick learner, much more eager than I would have guessed any ten-year old would be.

He was destined to be a cock-sucker the rest of his life. Without an ounce of guilt, I had merely shown him the way and given him an early start. No different than Cory’s sexual education, he was only doing it sooner than later, and if he played his cards right, he would never have to beg and grovel to a girlfriend, actually, he would become a better lover for it to some lucky girl one day. Janet and I were doing a service providing for sexually charged boys. Giving them a taste of both sexes to decide for their own sexual identity and destiny.

Standing him before he, I lowered his leather woggle down his kerchief far enough to remove it from around neck. His cap had long since fallen off giving me head. Removing his sash, I asked about the various badges and pins that had been earned, proudly he named each one’s purpose. He laughed when I told him I was going to find a badge for excellence in cock-sucking.

Unbuttoning his shirt, I nuzzled and sucked each dark penny-size sphere impressed to find him capable of stimulation to raisin size nipples. I was rough with them between my teeth and fingers, he flinched several times but never uttered complaint. I resisted leaving hickies on his neck, I so desperately wanted to see him covered in them all the down to his crotch where I would chance leaving my ‘brand’ before the night was done, unlikely that anyone would see his genitals and question the love bites.

Off his shoulders the shirt fell to his waist, the tails still tucked into his short-pants. His hairless armpits were targeted next for oral exploration, he giggled. It occurred to me that I hadn’t noticed or checked to see if Cory had underarm hair as yet. Although I would soon devour his body, too, getting to know it better than he knew it himself.

I tongued and sucked Jason’s belly-button while I unsnapped his shorts and lowered his zipper, already detecting though the material that he was erect, and grateful that he was indeed enjoying the session letting me do whatever I wished with his complete trust and silent permission. I knew in my heart that he would be my boy-lover for a very long time to come, and watch him develop through puberty and one day enticing his testicles to finally release their nectar.

The scout-shirt fell to the floor from his loosed waistband before the shorts gathered beside at his ankles. His excitement that tented his blue briefs could wait while I lifted each foot to remove sneakers and white ankle socks. He looked confused, maybe even disappointed when I gathered up his clothing and instructed him to follow me. From the front door, down the hall and up the stairs I left a trail of clothing for Janet. Imagine, leaving a trail of blatant boyish related evidence leaving no doubt as to what you were doing with him upstairs.

In our marital bed I removed the final barrier to complete his nakedness and went to work on his short fat cock that appeared somewhat larger and firmer than it did at the YMCA, perhaps his comfort level being fully aware of what we were going to be doing together, little did he know that we would have female company and was going to learn about sex well beyond his tender age.

I tasted his rectum, wishing my tongue was many inches longer to explore his depth as deep as my index finger had penetrated. Jason squealed at the sudden painful intrusion. I didn’t know much about young boys. Did they have a prostate love-button, or was that an advanced phase at puberty age? I was about to explore and find out when I heard Janet enter the house.

Moments later she walked into our bedroom with her arms loaded with Jason’s clothes to see a boy with his ass high in the air as if praying to Allah and me face deep between his cheeks slobbering away. Jason was shocked and frightened by the sudden appearance of a woman. He tried to scoot forward perhaps to cover himself and hope she hadn’t seen what we were doing. That reaction instilled in me that Jason would be trustworthy, he knew bloody well that what we did together was taboo to anyone else.

I introduced Janet to Jason. She smiled reassuringly at the dumbfounded lad watching her undress, eyes the size of silver-dollars and swallowing hard. It wasn’t long before she was able to convince his to warm up to her. Lying naked beside us, Jason in the middle, she stroked his hair asking about scouts, his school and friends as if we were sitting around the dinner table having a family discussion about nothing in particular. I left her to it, caressing his upper body slowly working lower winning his trust through motherly words until they were giggling about something to do with doting mothers.

He let her fondle his soft penis and immature testis as they talked. Even spreading his knees to allow both Janet and me to arouse him, her giggling, commenting that in her opinion, he was every bit a man as the big lug taking up space to the right of him.

What we agreed upon and avoided with Cory was her performing oral sex on him so as not to spoil him. Intercourse being enough to stimulate his curiosity to explore other sexual acts later. There were no such strategic provisions in place with Jason. Hard to explain, but having sex with me was one thing, he seemed to relate to that. However, sex with an adult female would be a foreign territory and less appealing to him. He wasn’t yet sexual in that nature as say Cory was.

Janet went down on him. Nothing that he hadn’t experienced before, just from a different perspective. One thing he was familiar with was my cock at his lips, head forced to the left of his prone position. He wrapped his hand around it, still in training, but not at all unwilling to practise what he learned. How or why I found Jason and then his sudden appearance at my home was truly miraculous. Meant to be relationship. Perhaps the Good Lord Himself decided the boy needed a man in his life, a challenge imposed on me to nurture and show him love well beyond sex, that was just God’s way of showing His gratitude to me! What a bunch of rubbish . . . I stumbled upon a lucky break, no more, no less, no divine intervention unless there happened to be a ‘Guardian-Saint’ of pedohiles; surely the Catholic Church had a few of those I would imagine.

It was time for Jason to lose one of his virginities. As I did with Cory, only a little more instruction, he was propped to delve into his first pussy at my count. One … Two … Three … GO! A game I thought necessary to intrigue him into fucking Janet.

He did well pounding away as instructed but not really knowing what he was doing. I stopped him. He needed to learn about vaginas and I had him kneel between Janet’s legs and I spread her folds showing him the tiny penis that girls had and to lick it as he did my much bigger one. Janet went nuts as I knew she would. A ten year old boy eating her pussy caused her to cum. I held Jason’s head in place with strict orders to continue sucking her ‘dick.’

His face was saturated when I let him up telling him what a good job he’d done pleasing Janet, who panted and agreed young Jason had done a superb job. I hauled him into me and forced his mouth open with my tongue teaching him another sexual attribute that after minimal instruction, he caught onto, but would need more tutoring to allow himself to suck a tongue.

Janet got up to use the bathroom and came back with a jar of Vaseline, handing it to me with the most evil smile telling me it was my well-deserved turn to take Jason’s second and last virginal entity. She held him atop her like a mother would hold her child. I licked his hole for a long while as Janet talked to him face to face about baseball, kissing his mouth intimately once in a while. The boy was totally relaxed as I spread the jelly around his outer rectum and then well applied over my cock, he was clueless what fate was in-store, a new sexual act to be introduced, one he may not enjoy at first, but one that he would learn to love sooner or later as a man-pleaser.

I was at least two inches buried before he reacted. No cunt I ever fucked was as tight. Jason’s reaction was to shimmy forward to try and escape the onslaught of his boygina that had already passed beyond his hymen-like sphincter. Janet held him in place, kissing him, telling him to relax and take it like a man that he was. He settled down, I seen Janet licking the tears from his face.

It was like stuffing my cock inside a bratwurst sausage, careful not to tear the casing while stuffing the meat inside. Damn, he was tight. My cock ached to the point where I could have settled and fucked him shallow, the urge to cum was already pressure cooking, the need to bury inside him was overpowering, my first boy-fuck wasn’t going to be compromised by a whiny kid. I pummeled and pummeled until I felt my crotch against his his tailbone, Satisfied, I came.

Jason had been broken in for future use, a role he had no choice in, really. Janet lovingly explained his new purpose in life as a man pleaser. Getting fucked by a man, she explained without sugaring up words, or giving men blowjobs, another new slang word learned, was perfectly normal and how lucky he was to have a fine man like me willing to teach him masculine stuff that boys his age should know. Damn, she was good. She took him to the bathroom and cleaned him up. When he returned he lay beside me looking me in the eye and thanked me for fucking him. Janet had a smug look and devilish smile, the crafty bitch had instructed him to say that.

It was approaching eleven o’clock. I told him I would drive him home before his mom got home from work. Jason asked if he could stay overnight, that his mother would think he was sleeping at his friend Trevor’s house. Quite obviously, he harbored no resentment and wanted to stay with us. The thought of having our ten-year old lover sleep the night in our bed between us was more than we could ever hope for.

Janet told him that would be nice because she wanted her two men to fuck her. It took me only minutes to orally get him aroused again. It was a fine opportunity to teach him about jerking off as all boys do. We watched on as he beat his beautiful boy cock, it was erotic and he was really into it. I wished he could cum and wondered if he could be brought to dry orgasm at least.

Janet sat on his cock and rode him. I placed both his hands on her bouncing tits and showed him how to tweak her nipples. Janet had always maintained that size didn’t matter in pleasuring a woman. She manipulated her pussy so that Jason’s smaller cock rubbed just the right place and howled like a cat in heat. I ventured a rear view peak to see his young cock fucking my wife, his balls were wet from her cumming over them multiple times. I met Jason’s eyes and gave him the thumbs-up sign telling him that he was officially a man. The proud smile was priceless.

I couldn’t resist a leaning over and kissing him, he had learned that lesson well, rolling his tongue over mine. It was difficult to keep the momentum as the kid was being jostled as Janet fucked him vigorously. His cock would be raw by the time he finished fucking me next.

I didn’t lube him wanting to feel some pain in the process. We had brought out his self-sexual awareness, his hands immediately went for my erection without being told. The boy loved cock over titties, no two ways about it. He repeatedly dabbed a finger in my precome and sucked it off. I asked him if he wanted to suck it when I was ready to cum after he fucked me. His eyes and grin said it all, he wanted me to cum in his mouth like I had done at the YMCA. It occurred to be that he hadn’t even seen man-cum yet! He was in for a double treat.

Like Janet, I found my own erogenous spot to use his cock for a controlled stimulation of. She was right, size didn’t matter, at least not when you were on top and in control of your pleasure. Jason’s was the first cock to enter me and doubled his pride when Janet thoughtfully explained virginity and told him that he was actually taking my second virginity as she and I had each taken his. It became quite apparent to me the responsibility and obligation of detailed sexual education Janet and I faced taking on such an innocent young and naive lover.

Unable to hold back the intense pleasure Jason was giving me, I pulled off and using my knees, shimmied up his body just in time to lift his head by his hair from the pillow and from a foot away begin ejaculation that hit him square in the face. Once he realized what was happening and fascinated by it, much to Janet’s amusement, he tried to catch each shot in his mouth until I rewarded him by shoving my cock in his mouth to allow him to help unload the rest.

Getting a morning blowjob while Janet prepared breakfast, Jason’s lesson continued. He was instructed that when he needed to stop sucking to replenish his lungs, the idle time should be put to use licking my balls. His wide mouth easy accommodated a testicle, that after repeated practise, he mastered without causing me pain.


to be continued . . .

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