About Me

Gay camp outHello fellow fans of intergenerational gay/bi literature and welcome to my story site. I began writing my own stories a few years ago when I saw the need for more realistic, less far fetched romantic man/boy-love writings. Most of my stories are based on true accounts of mine or others, who I relentlessly badger for the most intimate details until they bare all just to shut me up. I tend to expound more on the emotional aspects; feelings, thoughts, fears and joys, written around the sex scenes. Every true story written or filmed includes a varying degree of fiction –the author’s interpretation of missing pieces, or for pure enhanced readability or viewing.  Also, my sources may include fans or readers; everyone has a story to tell, however, I admit that I take those many requests with a grain of salt, thank you for your confidence in me, but sorry. Many are fantasies that someone wants written (I can easily detect those as false, a good writer knows his topic well), and others are very believable but lack what I seek, an exceptionally provocative nature. My latest, Co-Conspirators is based on a fan’s story. The man is serving time in prison for exactly what the story suggests prostitution of minor males. I determined his credibility to be sincere after a while; the seed for a story was planted and I sat down to write that I inflated with fiction. “A Marital Bed with Boys,” “The Fine Art of Seduction,” “The Nazi’s Boy,” to name a few, are all acquaintances whose stories went far above and beyond the typical intergenerational taboos of society.   Oh, and yes, that’s me in all my splendor above (beauty is is in the eye … fuck off! haha) I am a nudist with no hang ups, just love to have fun, . . . and gay camp-outs are a blast!

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My Support Team

I wish to thank my two long-suffering volunteer editors who turn a sow’s ear into a silk purse. I write, they fix the fuck-ups in their own unique individual ways. I wouldn’t be where I am as an amateur writer without them. They believed in me as a writer, each seeing potential  in a writer that needed a little help with his faults. Canadian, James Fitzhugh; and South African, Len Homber, both masters of the english language. Thank you! You encourage and chastise me, much writing skills have been learned from each of you.

I would also like to thank Vince Berg, self-published author, for helping this ‘techie illiterate’ to develop this site. The patience of Jove, repeating time and again what my brain refused to comprehend (and still does), forever correcting my fuck-up postings without complaint. He made my dream of a website to store and share my stories into a reality. I met Vince quite by happenstance when I was trying to ply my gay writing on a predominantly str8 site with many resident homophobe writers telling me I didn’t belong there. An active str8 member, he convinced me to plug away, ignore the childish antics of others. I took his advice, they (bullies) went away eventually and I found my small niche of fans. It was much later in our online relationship that I astonishingly learned that Vince’s brother was in fact the infamous Copy Berg! Maybe the name is familiar? Copy, a household name at the time, was a gay activist who changed the views of the american military. I hope you will read his bio here, as well as check out Vince’s awesome books.

Wait! Don’t do it!

He wasn't waiting for the sex change any longer, He was born a girl in a boy's body, damn it!Never before has there been the resources available to gay/bi youth as there is today. You are not a freak, nor are you alone. Sure, high schools have their GLTB admin supported after school meetings in room 102. Hell, the PA system announces it every final bell as a reminder along with other school notices. Trouble is, you wouldn’t be caught dead near THAT room, let alone walking into it for fear of being seen. There are alternatives. Most cities have GLTB resource centers that would welcome you with open arms. Meet like minded peers over pop and juice, play board games, read from the extensive gay library. Be YOURSELF for a change. You will see boys holding hands, cuddling, kissing even! Girls are welcome too, every queer boy needs a platonic GF to vent on, support, and love as a best friend. Meet your potential lover there, you’ll be surprised if you see the school sports jock there, not just a bunch of pansies as you may have reckoned. Gay is not restrictive to class or stature, many of the worlds best athletes are gay! Most of the resource centers I have investigated offer medical & psychiatric help, should you need it. But most kids get  support from the peer group sessions offered. No adults involved, simply university and college students volunteer there to head up the group forums and share their own experiences. 24/7 help lines are also available, manned by those same post secondary students doing their homework who would love nothing better than to talk you. They are trained individuals on how to deal with the basics. I will admit, there is a fine line on what they are capable of dealing with, however, they can connect you with the proper help any time of day or night. Or just call them to chit chat, that’s okay, too! Growing up gay is a struggle, this man of 50 + years knows it. Read my bio, “Survival of a High School Freak.” I survived in an era when there wasn’t support as it is today. I still question why I was able to grow into a miserable old man that I am today. hahaha.