New ManTalk69 Forum is activated!

IN response to those of you who complained about the old, basic tacky ManTalk forum page, I am happy to announce the new & improved ManTalk69 forum is now up and running with all the features of a modern forum you expected. I admit, I took the easy way out unsure if such a forum would attract members even though the many hundreds of emails I received over the years asking if there was such a place for like-minded men to meet and greet.  I knew of no such places, really, and lately figured, “What the fuck, lets try it!”  David Robb is my over-anxious forum administrator ready to lead the way to provocative conversation now that he has a decent forum format at his disposal! The snowball begins with you to get involved, an avalanche soon develops thereafter! I keep my finger on the pulse and often contribute my two-cents when I find a topic of interest. Please feel free to use it as a means of communication with me on ideas to enhance the site to be an even greater meeting place! Bounce ideas off each other?

Which now leads me to the TeenOnly page. Time will only tell if it is a success or not. I know they ignore the warning and get into the story site, I’ve even chatted with many! What can I do to prevent it? NOTHING! I abide by the rules as they are set out by the do-gooders who don’t have a fucking clue about todays sexuallized youth. It’s a whole new sexual revolution of the times in the making. It’s time society takes their heads out of the sand and realize that it is our very own society that is at fault. TV, movies, music, teen-mags, advertising … all promoting sex, dangling the carrot creating a frustrated modern youth!  –Don’t get me going on this topic, I’ll never shut up about what a hypocritical society we are! So many of you have asked for access to the TeenOnly page, the answer is NO! NEVER! get over it. They need their space and privacy, let’s respect that? If any of you are reading this blog, I need one of you to take the bull by the horns and become the administrator of the page to do as you please (within reason) and build the TeenOnly section –the need exists from what i’m hearing.

MEMBERSHIP:  If you are reading this blog, you are a member in good standing. If you have not received the passcode into the site as yet there has been an oversight. PLEASE email me explaining the unfortunate error to be rectified SAP.

WEBSITE UPGRADE:  We will be upgrading this WordPress site to a safer, enhanced feature domain site remaining here at WordPress in the near future. Please bare with us during the transition, certain areas may be closed in order to be relocated. Don’t panic, short term pain for long term gain will be worth it!

I hope all this effort and stress is worth while and will settle down soon. I miss my greatest pastime, writing! Some days I just want to pull the plug on the bloody website and be done with it. hahahaa

Regards all!

Robert Colt

4 thoughts on “New ManTalk69 Forum is activated!

  1. Hi – if you need someone to administer the teens page, just let me know.



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