What does your “dream boy” look like

I am bored, so my mind started wandering (happens a lot when you get older) LOL and I wondered if like me some of you have an idea in your head of what your “Dream Boy” looks like?

I mention in my True story about David that when I first saw him he simply ticked all the boxes for me, My IDEAL BOY is about 12/13, Blonde, Blue eyed, quite tall, sporty I like a good firm leg and a pert bum. he has to be able to hold a reasonable conversation, have a nice smile, and of course completely be in love with ME.

Thinking about it and some of the boys I have had the “pleasure” of knowing, funnily enough only 2 or 3 actually fill that criteria? others have been dark haired etc so I suppose when the opportunity arises? who the hell cares what they look like as long as they want you as much as you want them?

Still it would be interesting to find out if others actually have a preference also.

7 thoughts on “What does your “dream boy” look like

  1. Hi….I guess my ideal would be me when I was younger….I was white blonde, athletic tho petite….and from 7 years old a voracious curiosity and appetite…My friends and I played and explored with the older boys at prep school and later….I was the “chicken sandwich” between two much older guys when I was 15 (they were in their late 40’s)…and I loved every minute…(it lasted all night)…oh…and I was smooth then…as I am now…LOL

  2. If I had to name an age, it’d be 13. Twenty years ago, in my mid-twenties, I would have said 16-17, in a desperate bid to be gay rather than bl. And the perfect age slowly lowered until it settled at about 13, give or take. The age of Firsts. First muscular development, first hair, first cum, first hormonally charged randiness (which is so mercurial and hair-trigger). And if you add to that a healthy dash of straight-boy virility, that’ll do me in.

    The gay community has always had quite a thing for very smooth sweet 18 year olds. For fuck’s sake, get a boy already! Nothing sadder than a scrawny 18yo model trying to effect the charms of a younger boy.

  3. I think the ideal boy is 12/13 years old about 5’3 and weighs about 100 lbs. He has pretty eyes and long lashes with a nice button nose. His soft full lips would almost always be smirking showing off his straight white teeth. The boy would have small eye brows that would match his longish swoosh of hair that hung down over his forehead and covered his ears. The build of him would be slender but not boney. On his back side would be a nice round bottom with slim defined hairless legs. Whether he had light skin or olive or tan skin would not matter to me and neither would hair or eye color. More importantly he would have the life energy and sense of humor of a boy, taking on life with a sense of wonderment and awe but also show a playful, adventurous side. Most importantly I would love him.

  4. Here is a YouTube video that might interest you, and hopefully answer your question. Follow this channel and I am sure it will fit your criteria. 

    Link  Day In The Life (Johnny Orlando) | Summer Madness                Day In The Life (Johnny Orlando) | Summer Madness View on http://www.youtube.com Preview by Yahoo    

  5. He-he, my “dream boy” just happens to have tits!

    But seriously, I’ve always liked the androgynous look, men who look like women and women who look like men. I like the long, slim ‘surfer’ boy look you see on most American beaches. (Hint: my entire family looks like that, so it’s probably a familial issue, as I like seeing people who look like what I’m used to.)

    I tend to like small-chested women (in good shape) while I /detest/ the overly muscular he-man, college football player look. I like seeing someone who’s healthy enough to live for a long time and who can have fun, rather than someone who’s dedicated their lives to some esoteric idea of ‘beauty’.

    Thus I like watching young men and women, as at that age, they tend to look more similar than dissimilar (and they don’t age quite as well, putting on too much weight and looking unhealthy overall).

    Rob Loveboy wrote: > WordPress.com > rob loveboy posted: “I am bored, so my mind started wandering (happens > a lot when you get older) LOL and I wondered if like me some of you > have an idea in your head of what your “Dream Boy” looks like?I > mention in my True story about David that when I first saw him he > simply ” >

  6. Right now I, (like you said), would be very happy to be with anyone of the little angels :). But my dream boy is 12/13 , blond, blue eyed, beutiful little delicate nose, soft moist kissable lips, sexy round eyes, skin so soft that you just wanna hold him in your arms and worship his body, does not matter what he has down there cause anything is beautiful , I like a beutiful pert butt (which they all have and is more and more painful each day to see walking by and not sitting on my lap). I just love hearing there delicate little voices, love to hear them giggle, love to listen to them breath, smell there sweet breath, and there boyaroma, feel there delicate hand in mine, and feel there smooth hairless tummy, and there soft supple belly buttons, I haven’t been with a boy since I was a boy and I miss them tremendously, to have that unending and inocent love of a boy is truley the only item on my bucket list 🙂

  7. I think we all vary from our “Idealistic” Adonis wish-list in young lovers and cherry-pick from that. I feel you’ve hit the nail on the head –loves me in return. However, our criteria plays a great role in the selection process. I don’t go for chubbies, blacks, or Asians –not that I am racist, some of my best friends are men of color … the boys simply don’t turn me on. Age is a difficult pre-determined factor. He must be sexual (curious, wiling & able). I’ve met 11 year-old’s whom are not only early bloomers, but more intellectually mature than some 18 year-old’s I’ve met! A man’s greatest virtue is to take a boy to his own level of intellect promoting mature conversation and well thought out decisions, I find it quite humorous watching adult males lowering themselves to to a junior level behaving like kids to impress and making total fools of themselves. The generation gap can only be overcome ( a must for any intergenerational relationship to develop), is the adult as role model, mentor, sounding board, disciplinarian, and finally, lover! Lover being 2% when you come right down to it! hahha. But also important … respecting his boyhood years to be a boy and do as boy’s do … and promote that!

    So to answer the question somewhat of what makes the perfect boy? –THE PERFECT MAN!

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