What does your “dream boy” look like correction

This  was meant for ManTalk forum , not as a blog.  David Robb,  In learning as administrator of my ManTalk page  was actually asking the curious question … a good one at that, however not I. But now that it’s out there, how ’bout we share our feelings and have some fun with it! hahah

Just a take opportunity now, membership is growing daily. If YOU HAVE NOT received your passcode, email me robloveboy2@gmail.com  –there were a few hiccups and I assure you no one was denied.


I am bored, so my mind started wandering (happens a lot when you get older) LOL and I wondered if like me some of you have an idea in your head of what your “Dream Boy” looks like?

I mention in my True story about David that when I first saw him he simply ticked all the boxes for me, My IDEAL BOY is about 12/13, Blonde, Blue eyed, quite tall, sporty I like a good firm leg and a pert bum. he has to be able to hold a reasonable conversation, have a nice smile, and of course completely be in love with ME.

Thinking about it and some of the boys I have had the “pleasure” of knowing, funnily enough only 2 or 3 actually fill that criteria? others have been dark haired etc so I suppose when the opportunity arises? who the hell cares what they look like as long as they want you as much as you want them?

Still it would be interesting to find out if others actually have a preference also.

4 thoughts on “What does your “dream boy” look like correction

  1. I wouldn’t know. I don’t live in Victoria. But I’m sure that any boy would tag along if you were generously shopping for him without other motives! They hang around the shopping malls, so there would be a great place to start! hahaha

  2. Lol, too funny! Hey Rob is there any particular place in victoria to pick up a boy for the night or day just to spend the day with at the shops or more if he was interested?

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    1. My dream boy has various appearances. One thing deeper than looks are feelings. I like my boy to be able to express emotions…something that most youth of today have lost the ability to do. He must be able to laugh…to really enjoy whatever it is that tickles his fancy. He must be able to cry… to express sorrow or grief. He must be free to express rage… to be so passionate about an issue or a thing so much it hurts. He must be able to love…With a deep love that exists in the heart of boys. He must be gentle enough to hold a duckling in his hands and to whisper as well as he can shout. He must feel free to display his growing strength and be proud of his accomplishments. And finally he must know that he is lovable and be capable of receiving that love and attention. Because if he is all these things…He will certainly get a lot of attention from me.

      1. Oh Wow that is some boy you want there Dave, BUT I see where you are coming from, I do agree that having a boy who can openly converse with you without “becoming” a giggling kid, someone who can express an opinion etc is important. But I love that feeling of perhaps being in a room with “HIM” and seeing others looking admiring him.

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