Site gone private

Just to let you guys know, I have now taken the site completely off public viewing. If you have already used the password for access to BoyTube page, the main page should not ask you to reenter the well thought out, secret, clandestine code of ????? that military code breakers and hackers from around the world are diligently trying to decipher. My motto in life has always been, “Keep it simple, stupid!” LOL. The sole purpose  of the code is to keep out the random net surfers and idiots and underage from access. Not many of them will request a password and wait for it. Hopefully fans of my stories posted on other public sites will wish to read more Loveboy stories and sign up.

It may be a wild dream, but one day soon I hope my site will become a much needed meeting place for ‘like-minded’ guys to chat without inhibitions and be ourselves to share support and know that we are not alone.  Of course, no porn will be traded within the forum, strictly enforced! Nor will hard-core underage  porn appear on any pic/vid  site pages. The fan of mine who supplied those erotic pics for viewing on my BoyPic page was shut down my Google + as offensive material … and Google and WordPress are in bed together sure as my left nut is larger than my right one. LOL. I was taking no chances and pulled the page after a warning that WordPress was “Cracking down” on content. I am chancing my BoyTube page as non-offencive material , keeping my fingers crossed as I, and many others have relayed, do love those films, and others yet to be found and posted.

*  *  *

Enough about me, I even bore myself.  Would like to welcome a great writer, Danny, who has submitted an exclusive,  well written story now on my Guest Page, “Everyone Has A Secret.” Thank you Danny and others who have contributed their own story.

One thought on “Site gone private

  1. Sorry to hear about the picture removal. I have a large non nude collection I wish to share. Alan

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