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I wasn’t planning to blog tonight although I am long overdue in keeping you up-to-date on things. However, something happened not to long ago tonight that anyone who knows me will understand.

Three RCMP officers were shot and killed in Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada, by a 24 yr old gunman still at large –but I guarantee, not to long before he’s caught or killed, lets just hope he isn’t holding a family hostage in the neighborhood. I hope he isn’t shot and killed by police and lives to stand trial and spend his days in prison with 100 bubba’s enjoying the young ass.

I suppose what really hits home, not to take away from the tragic deaths of three young officers, is the tragedy happened in  one of the most quaint and peaceful cities in Canada, if some of you remember Mayberry, RFD, and Oppie, you can appreciate the setting  where the biggest crime is lighting a paper bag on fire full of dog shit and ringing the door bell and running way far enough to laugh as someone tries to stamp it out.  Okay, my youth was wasted on such activity in a small community in Quebec, bite me.

My heart goes out to those slain officer’s families and the wrath of God upon the shooter. I pray no innocent people are left in his wake of madness until this tragedy comes to an end one way or the other.

 *  *  *

Going Private

Since I’m here, I may as well carry on. Thanks to you hundreds of followers who joined my site. I said it before snd I’ll say it again for the later joiners. I planned to contact you individually and say thanks for the support, however, the volume of followers has made that personal note virtually impossible for me to keep up with. Thank you! I hope you enjoy the site  and we can make it into a fun place for like minded men to hang out and meet each other for support. YOU ARE NOT ALONE in your feelings.

The question of password is still asked for when I take the site private in order to allow more freedom to do what I dream the site to become. I am still working on the security apps for the site, in no rush and also allowing those that don’t frequent story sites regularly to sign up.  Again, no rush for me in order to go private. When I do, you will get a blog such as this with the passcode. Sit tight and enjoy access at  your leisure.

I have opened the “Guest Writer” page and urge you to contribute and share your first time OR unique true experiences with others. Even if you are not a writer, tell us in your own words, I will try and edit basic stuff. Thanks to Dave for his two provocative stories.

If you are a seasoned or novice writer and wish to post a story that would otherwise be refused on sites like nifty for content, hopefully true, email me it to be posted on “Guest Authors,” page ready for submissions.  I Have an average of 1000 visitors a day, so if you ant more exposure, feel free!

My love/hate relationship for Justin Beiber 

Okay, I don’t like the little prick either other than his looks and voice and that he is a fellow Canadian that made it big (not to proud of that anymore, really). However, his latest media scandal getting way too much attention is him joking around somewhere (not on stage) and changing the lyrics to one of his songs in ill  jest for whatever reason using the “N” word and associating that with the KKK. –HE WAS 14 THEN, GIVE THE GUY a fucking BREAK!  Trust me, I hate to say it because the boy has been out of control far too long, needs a good gang bang and one in his mouth, but he has behaved lately to the best of our knowledge. Why did the media have to dredge that dirt up after all these years. Apparently, his management was well aware of he silly video and trying desperately all these years to keep it secret (where were his handlers back then preventing him from his boyhood prankish antic), harmless, as fr as this man is concerned … kid stuff! Justin is slowly doing himself in as we stand by helplessly watching a talented young man destroy his reputation and himself feeding the paparazzi until they had no more and went looking for it. I’d even bet my left testicle that someone on his management team  was paid a fucking fortune exposing that video clip that should have been destroyed years ago. I guess what pains me is the thought that the boy is a closeted gay … my sense of gaydar has never let me down. Too bad, he could have really make an impression on todays gay youth by coming out … I ven think he would have necome more popular than he is!

One man’s slant on life, take it or leave it, I don’t really give a fuck! The older we get, the more we don’t care anymore. hahaha

Thanks for reading me!

Robert Colt

7 thoughts on “Rob’s World

  1. Does everyone know that when he was here in Australia he did some graffiti on the wall of a hotel where he was staying. Nothing was done to him because of it and I think it might be still there

  2. Justin Bieber is way cute but getting older. I believe he is a typical teen just like any other teen his age, but he simply has more camera exposure than most teens. Also, there are crazy people out there who think they are entitled to own a piece of him and will do anything, trust me I have seen this up front.

    I don’t understand the situation with the “N” word or the KKK because most of his friends are black, and one of his black friends gave him a Lamborghini for his 16 birthday, I wish I had seen him nude at the time, so why would he have a problem with black people. It does’t make any sense.

    Oh well, life goes on and we need many more of your stories :).

    1. Hey, George…re: Justin’s 16th birthday. WHO would you have enjoyed seeing nude? Justin? Or his generous black friend? (Or both …… together?) LOL.

  3. Yes, unfortunately he will fall from grace. He’s getting too old now for the teenie bopper girls who have moved on to other boy stars and is losing credibility and popularity with the older teens. He WILL fall hard and broke, working at Mcdee’s and only whistling his greatest hits flipping burgers. Shame that his dad new on the scene in his life after estrangement doesn’t man up and be a father for once. Imagine living off the shirt-tails of your kid? He’s only along for the ride until it all comes to a grind, and I hate to be morbis, but Justin does himself in.Sad really.

  4. Robert …. Of course Justin is gay. But trying so hard (TOO hard) to cover it up. As only a nerd teenager can do, threatening fans to get into a fistfight with him, by God, knowing the always present bodyguards will “stop” him, “Hold him back.” And God knows that’s what they’re paid for ……. cause if a real live boy-man got his hands on Justin, the poor kid would crap his pants. And Selena Gomez ….. oh, yeah. Wonder how often they fucked. (Hell, I wonder if they ever even kissed!) And who was that black rap “star” with his own (drug-filled) “guest bedroom” at the Palace? Oh, well, I kind of enjoy thinking about Justin speading his white bubble cheeks for the “special” thrill of a BBC!
    But the silly “N” routine ….. forget about it, will pass away quickly. After all, he was such an obvious KID saying a naughty word for his giggling entorage. And AFRICA America is about as removed from his following as you could possibly be!

  5. Yes I also hope the gun man gets caught but I’m thinking dead is better. And do not me started on Justin if I start to rant it will only end with me being lead away in handcuffs.

  6. Well said Rob, I agree wholeheartedly, I have always had thei s”feeling” that Justin was closeted gay, pity he cant just let the world know, maybe encourage others to open up also. Typical of the media though, i always say if they cant see a story? they will pay Mega bucks to get one.
    keep up the great work Rob, definitley the best site for us guys of like minds..

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