My silent heroes

Ya know, I usually don’t get emotional over much besides little kids being hurt or sick. Nor do I usually put anyone on a pedestal as a true hero.  I cried tonight watching the public interest story air on the latenight news. Actually, it was two stories, one about ‘Ben,’ the nine year old going blind and wanting to SEE everything he can before the rapid disease takes one of his senses. What a brave young man with a wonderful family.

Next is a teenger who took his 95 year old great grandma as  his prom date as decades ago she missed going to her own. Both boys are heros in my tightly guarded book of outstanding people that earned this big ole hard-ass’s respect.

I hope these videos  are legible.



MY hero Ben

2 thoughts on “My silent heroes

  1. Hopefully the litte chap will have a storehouse of memories before the lights go out and as for the young gentleman who took his elderly grandparent to the Prom; he will have a memory to carry through his lifetime.

  2. I hadn’t actually heard about the blind boy, but the US National News reported on the teenager taking his grandma to his prom. I guess good news gets around–especially as it counterbalances the reports of political ineffectiveness and widespread racism and in-your-face defiance of the public’s outrage. It’s nice to see a little humanity mixed in with all the helplessness of the modern age.

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