Welcome new followers!

You guys from every corner of the earth following my blog are awesome! Thanks for making the effort of writing and maintaining a site worth the effort! 121,000 reads since mid-January fucking floors me! The emails of support amazing! New stories and chapters posted lately!

Got a few things on my mind this week. Like how can Big Brother watch you in your backyard via satellite,  yet a huge fucking aircraft (flight 370) drastically veer of course and not be detected on someone’s radar. Maybe I’m nuts, but bells and whistles should have went off SOMEWHERE in the name of national security. Then, they can’t find the jetliner???  I no longer have a good feeling that our airspace is safe after 9/11. That plane could have struck any of many cities before it was even noticed missing!

 Justin Bieber BI? http://huzlers.com/justin-bieber-admits-bi-sexual-caught-making-new-boyfriend-austin-mahone/  

Sure didn’t surprise me when I heard this, I never doubted that he had a few cocks in his mouth over the years.Nothing wrong with that, so have I!  Now turns out now that it was  hoax, the picture of he and Austin  caught kissing was an original pic of them giving a girl a peck on the cheek, photoshop removed the girl. Who knows if it is true and his handlers didn’t freak when Justin tweeted that he was getting it on with the very gorgeous Auston and they placed the girl in the pic for damage control? The thought of those two in a sixty-nine does something for me! I don’t like the Bieb much, but he is cute and I would never toss him out of bed. He’s a fucked up boy on fame and fortune that had better get his life in order very soon, and I pray he does. I guess my point of even mentioning Bieber here is that when I heard the rumors  I thought how positive  an effect that would have on teens struggling with sexuality. Not the best role model is Justin, but the major impact of his coming out even as bi (yeah, right. Bi is a crutch word for some kids as a lesser stigma than gay in many cases) and open the door for kids to be themselves … maybe save a few lives from suicide? So Justin, if you read this, you have a chance on redeeming yourself, an excuse because you have been confused for so long like a few million of your peers (fans)that fuck up trying to escape reality!

This one hits too close to home! I’m appalled.


Don’t get me going on this one, I don’t have the energy to fight for gay youth anymore. Been there, done that. Is this 2014? or is it 1914?  My own provincial gov’t turns down a bill to force schools to insure GSA clubs are allowed? Many other provinces and states have seen fit to lawfully allow kids to form their Gay Straight Alliance clubs without prejudice from school administrators. SHAME on you REDNECK Alberta, Canada, legislators! And double shame on the private and catholic schools who necessitated this bill being drafted in the first place. Hats of to the public school board who encourage GSA clubs in our province.


Finally, I wish to say that my heart goes out to to those many kids stabbed in another nutcase rampage today, this time at a school in Pennsylvania. When will it ever end?

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