Bisexual? Or a facade?

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Vince Berg, accomplish writer friend sent me the following article that I want to share regarding bisexuality and the email I sent back to him regarding my thoughts of the fictitious self-labeling of bisexuality. My opinion only of course, in this weeks “The world according to Rob” blog that will surely provoke James, my editor, into a long winded rebuttal, a self-professed bisexual, himself. I love to get him riled! I would love to hear your thoughts on the topic.
NY Times: The Scientific Quest to Prove Bisexuality Exists
Interesting article, but no scientific clinical conclusions. I won’t bore you with my fascination on sexuality and my amateur research over the years on the subject other to say that I’ve studied the likes of Freud, Kinsey and others including modern social scientists theories. I once met a man online, Dr. David Riegel, Psychologist & Sociologist. He was doing internet research on man/boy relationships (non pedo) looking for volunteers. I opted into his project and we became quite chummy after a while because I was so curious about the topic (trying to reason my own behaviour) and hounded him for information on his findings over years of seeking the truth.
David was not gay, a married man. His university tenor professorship’s later in life objective was to keep innocent men from the overcrowded prison system for the crime of loving a boy and being loved in return. He was also an advocate of youth rights to choose a sexual partner to explore life’s wonders, finding more and more young teens turning to men who are seen as a safe, secure means of exploration, compared to chancing hitting on a buddy where things could go terrible wrong and labeled forever in junior – senior high school environment.
David asked, but was never permitted to do clinical studies of youth, told to drop his passionate compulsion to understand and write his thesis for the American Journal of Medicine and promote how antiquated the laws in this new youth sexuallized america, possibly the latest “Sexual Revolution” on the horizon, and freedom of choice by boys old enough to decide or experiment on their own initiative in a rather harmless way.
The man would not let go.  David wanted the real thing to study, boys 13 to 16. Instead he resorted to men, 18 to 25, who recounted their emotions and feelings involved with men at a younger age. Still, the university (financial backers) didn’t want him delving any farther. He was terminated. Didn’t stop his quest to reduce the ever-growing prison population. After his forced retirement, he turned to internet research. He would never be able to write a paper on it, one worth any recognition, anyway.
There are today, many researchers who followed in David’s steps wishing to be able to interview high school students on sexuality in general. The only questionnaire questions allowed to be asked is “Are you sexually active.” No more, no less, the law of sexual interference over looked by school boards facing increased teen pregnancies … the study done by a conglomerate of condom manufactures who later used the findings as an argument in their self-serving desire to install condom vending machines in school bathrooms.
Other, more liberal countries in Europe, allow scientific study. I don’t have the findings at my finger tips, but a good percentage of boys reported homosexual experiences and classified themselves as bisexual, a small percentage labelled themselves gay.
I think it was Holland who reported 7 of ten boys had at least one homo experience (exactly what that entailed, unknown and perhaps included mutual masturbation in their eyes). 5 claimed multiple experiences and 1 of ten leaned more to homosexual identity.
I for one advocate against the “sitting on the fence” theory. You sway one way or the other with opportunity being the key factor. Take it where you can get it at the moment. Straight guys aren’t so straight after a few drinks and find themselves just as alone as when they came in the bar hoping to score a girl.
I used to hang around a bar under my building at closing time, “Buzzards,” a kind of cowboy type bar. Amazing the many young guys I brought up to my place for sex, some more willing than others to go too far. I didn’t care, I took satisfaction in getting fucked and/or blowing them. It was the challenge I loved. OH, to be ten years younger again. hahaha  Not that I couldn’t score, just that I can’t stay awake that late anymore!  hahahaha
So I don’t think there is a “third” dimension of sexuality, per se.  Kinsey’s sliding scale 1 to 6 is very correct … depending on how horny a guy is at the time … no more, no less. Especially in today’s ever growing tolerance and freedom from inhibitions and self-consciousness.
Have a great week, hug your boy!

2 thoughts on “Bisexual? Or a facade?

  1. wow just started chapter 4 and love Dave taking Danny after the hot chapter below !   Fucking HOT.

    The unsuspecting Danny never saw it coming. He reared his head and looked back to confirm what was happening. Dave smiled at him telling him to relax while, at the same time, he was instructing Davey to push harder. All too soon, his thick four inches of boy cock were buried inside Danny’s inviting hole despite Danny cursing like an enraged sailor.

    Bruce in Seattle

  2. Nice overview, Rob. You summed it up quite well. Unfortunately, I’m not sure whether non-NY Times readers will be able to access the original story.

    Kinsey’s ‘sliding scale’ in a nice way to view this issue, but the conclusions of such a view aren’t as limiting as you make out. According to that view, 3% will fit into either ‘extreme’ (either fervently anti-gay or anti-straight), with a much larger percentage fitting someone on the scale between straight and gay (which this article argues). Thus you’d have many more bisexuals than gays or lesbians.

    However, Kinsey’s ‘sliding scale’ model falls apart on several levels, as the stats have never really held up. There isn’t an equal distribution between gays and straights, and there also seems to be an imbalance between the ‘exclusively gay’ and the huge ‘anti-gay’ movement.

    While this NY TImes article doesn’t actually provide any answers, hopefully it’ll open the discussion a little more. As Rob admitted (via email) the European studies show a much larger concentration of bisexuals than does ANY US study, demonstrating that there really IS an anti-bi bias here.

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