Another day in paradise!

Well I fucking hope it’s warm where you live. If so, please invite me. Mother Nature decided to be a bitch again and send us another zinger cold snap ‘a la neige’ on the first day of spring just to rub it in that she is in fact a ‘she’ with serious mood swings. Yes, she’s been on the rag past two days, aircraft are lacing the clouds above with Midol non stop, but to no avail. She’s in serious need of a hysterectomy … or a good fucking? Nah, she hates ‘man’-kind by now, serious case of penis envy lately, if she can’t have one then she’s going to shrivel up ours! She’s not alone in her quest to make our lives miserable, her boss, GOD, has to be a woman, If HE was a man, we’d be able to suck our own cocks! Think about it, what guy supreme being would have added more ribs that ultimately prevent us from being double-jointed?

Chapter 5 of “Foster Parent” should  be on my website by Sunday. I really got into this story, James, my editor says it’s one of my best works and to me , that’s a real compliment coming from him. He has another 5 chapters to edit that he doesn’t know about … so shhh.

Found this rather bizarre film on U-Tube to share with you. I wish I understood the Russian song lyrics. Obviously a slant against Russian stance on gays lately, titled with pun, “Putin Gay Son’s coming out story.” –I don’t recall blond-hair, blue eyed Russians, thought the kid might have been Hitler’s son had he been into dicking women, namely what’s her name he was married to for image reasons. Anyway, I want to burn the kid’s zebra striped shirt to prevent him from putting it on again! Oh well, here it is and don’t shoot the messenger! I cross my fingers and toes that you will actually see the video below if I haven’t fucked up posting it … otherwise too fucking bad!


One thought on “Another day in paradise!

  1. That has to be one of the worse Russian clips I’ve ever seen. Hitlers wife was Eva Braun; they had no children and, to answer your question about blond “Russians”. The boy in that clip was dark haired (as you saw him dueling with his twin).

    The “White Russians” used to define a territory in Old Russia which took up parts of Poland, Ukraine, Belaris and the Eastern area of the old Rus Empire. In fact there are many beautiful natural blonds in the Russian stock that made up this area.

    For your homework, read:


    On 21 March 2014 13:49, Stories by Rob Loveboy

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